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They said it'd never happen, that I was crazy to keep on believing. Well I proved them wrong, the glory of Golden Sun has returned!
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31 Mar 2013
So...uh, yeah. Not quite sure what to say after leaving a year and a half ago.

I guess there's no escaping FEP when you come down to it. I spent three years of my life here, I met my wonderful wife here, and I had fantastic friends here.

I'm in the process of developing a new RP for FEP, hopefully something that will live up to the size and fame of the previous RPs of old like Radiance Lost and Skylessia. All and all, I look forward to being around here again.
2 Jul 2011
Well...I guess I'm going to go all out with a farewell thread, this deserves some appropriate mood music lol.


I came here to FEPlanet through a Google search after having recently lost contact with the first person I had ever started roleplaying with. I was sad, a little heartbroken, and yearning to find a new place where I could come up with character ideas and write about all sorts of interesting plot ideas that I had. I gave Skylessia a try but it didn't really stick for me. But then I heard of some people getting together who wanted to start up a roleplay based on the Fire Emblem 9 and 10 games. It sounded interesting, and I did love Radiant Dawn so I thought 'Hey, I'll give a Laguz character a shot, maybe I'll even enjoy it.'

Three years and five characters later, I'd have to say it was one of the most thrilling things I had ever been able to write about.

But Radiance Lost and FEPlanet were more then just a little place on the net I could post all these silly little ideas I had in. I was able to join a community of fellow writers whose skill and mastery for telling a good story was surpassed only by the kindness, friendship, and respect they showed me. I befriended many, butted heads with a few, but all and all the whole experience was a wonderful part of my life. I got to meet people from around the world and different cultures, share ideas with them, learn from them, and just generally have a good time with them when things in my personal life were less then perfect.

So...it's with a heavy heart that I must admit the time has come for me to move on. With the end of the roleplay that kept me coming back time and time again in sight, I realize that it's an opportunity to make some changes. A chance to find a new roleplay setting, to meet and befriend more people, to become a member of a new community that hopefully has people as incredible as the ones I met here.

I'll probably poke my head in here every now and then to see how things are going, but I think for the most part I'll be away from FEPlanet for a good while. I'll still be on AIM though, forever on the same screen name, so if anyone wants to pay me a visit and chat you are more then welcome to. And you know what, who knows? Maybe one day in the distant future I'll be looking for another roleplay setting that takes place in a Fire Emblem universe and I'll come looking for it here again just as I did years ago.

In the meanwhile though, I'm afraid that this is farewell my dear friends. I want you to know that roleplaying in Radiance Lost with all of you has been a pleasure and I'm hard pressed to think of a community I enjoyed spending time with as much as I enjoyed spending my time with everyone here. I hope the new setting for Radiance Lost's replacement goes off without a hitch and it becomes the same source of fun its predecessor was for me.

As for me I'll be off, searching the internet again for a new setting and hoping that somewhere, there's a roleplay leader thinking to him or herself 'You know, if only we had more Herons...'


Spirit Adept, retired moderator of Radiance Lost
24 May 2011
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So, I've kind of realized that a lot of what's going on in Serenes I haven't really written down for everyone to know about. I'm kind of bad about showing my work, and especially bad about showing it in an RP. So to make up for it, here's a little story that talks about everything, or at least everything I could remember off the top of my head, that's happened lately in Serenes Forest. If you notice something that I forgot to add, send me a PM or IM and I'll fix it.

It's come to my attention lately that some of the scribes in Serenes Forest have gotten a little lazy lately and haven't finished detailing some of the stuff that's happened over the past few years. I'm getting the feeling that they are just doing all the work in their heads and they just expect people to be born knowing about history. Okay, maybe I'm being a little too harsh. It's not so much the doing of some scribes as it is one Heron in the church who's been asked to write stuff down in his free time when he gets a chance. Still though, I think some mistakes are being made and I decided to take a crack at this history recording stuff myself. So with no further ado, I present...

An Unbiased and Completely Truthful Retelling of Recent Serenes History, by Selena Garetson

Now, there's been a lot that's happened in what a Heron considers recent history. The massacre, the rebirth, the Begnion companies coming in and setting up camp to cut down trees, me doing my best to stop that. Let's focus on the past two years though right now, the stuff no history book has in it yet. This all starts in the spring of 746 with the Serenes royal family, or most of it at least. Prince Reyson, Princess Leanne, and King Lorazieh. Now for the past century or so they've been running around trying to figure out where the rest of the Heron race is located at. Trying to rally support from our own to get together and take the forest back by having everyone kindly ask for their homes back. Not exactly Prince Reyson's (or my) first choice for how to get their homes back, but the Heron king is a Heron through and through and he's not about to start a war to take back a place dedicated to peace. You know, it's that whole "Can't start a war or else the Dark God will awaken" thing again. Sure the forest was being cut down one log at a time, sure the entire remnants of the Heron civilization were at risk of being lost, but it is our goddess given duty to protect Lehran's Medallion and beyond that nothing really matters. So, I guess, maybe, King Lorazieh was justified in not unleashing the dogs of war the second someone so much as scratched of our trees.

Of course, that all changed when an announcement by the logging company in Serenes Forest said that they now had official permission to cut down the forest. A Heron by the name of Baelheit had stepped up and deemed himself the king of Serenes and gave the company permission to do as they pleased. You're probably curious why a Heron would do something that traitorous, right? Well it turns out, Baelheit was a Seid Heron and he was looking for Lehran's Medallion which Prince Reyson and Princess Leanne had sealed away in an unknown altar in the forest. The place was hidden and sealed up by some of the strongest Galdr magic imaginable, so he figured that if the forest got cut down someone would bump into the thing and the deforestation would weaken the magic protecting the medallion. And why did he want the medallion that had the Dark God sealed inside of it?

To take over the world! Of course!

...actually I have no idea. Piers does, the high priest of the Serenes Forest church and my cousin, but he hasn't told anyone yet. He kind of doesn't like to talk about that much really, believe me I tried and I couldn't get a word out of him about it. Maybe one day he'll tell us.

Anyways, I'm getting off topic here a little bit. Spring, 746, evil Seid Heron and evil logging company threaten to take Lehran's Medallion. As mentioned before that's the real important thing that the Heron royal family cares about, so it was time to take off the gloves and throw some real punches for once. King Lorazieh manages to gather the leaders of Crimea, Begnion, Gallia, Kilvas, and Phoenicis together in one room sometime during the fall of 746. He also manages to get his estranged son Ladekahn who was off doing something somewhere else and Piers, who was working with the Laguz Liberators to...well, liberate Laguz slave. King Lorazieh told everyone about how this was a matter of world security and he needed help getting his home back. And surprisingly enough, everyone agreed to lend some help. The Apostle Takara, King Ahearn, Gallia's ambassador Maddox, King Ansel, and Queen Wynne all sent their own troops and the Laguz nation leaders all showed up themselves to pitch in. It's nice to know the Herons have a few friends still.

So the plan was we were going to take everyone's forces and attack on two fronts. One front takes on the bulk of the mercenaries and others that were hired by the logging company to protect themselves, while everyone else who could fly would drop in behind enemy lines and wreck some havoc. The attack would be on Baelheit's coronation, when everyone would be liquored up and too distracted to keep a full guard up. All things considered, the battle for Serenes Forest went pretty smoothly. We lost some guys, they lost a whole lot more, and Baelheit got run through before he could make use of Lehran's Medallion. There was a lot of behind the scenes help too going on, a few friends of mine and I snuck in and killed off a few mercs before the could cause trouble for example.

That's pretty much the most exciting part of all of this. Well, for everyone else that is, I kind of got knocked up around that time, charmed a beach side house and a job as a covert ops teacher out of King Ansel, and had my mate Lendore move in with me before I gave birth, but that's a different story. For Serenes, a good large portion of the fighting was over with and now came all the boring bureaucracy crap that happens when you need to rebuild a nation. First off, most of the forest was fixed up, again, by Prince Reyson and Princess Leanne. I say most and not all because two important changes had been made. When Serenes was returned to the Herons, we were left with this perfectly intact Beorc town named Lodur that was just near the border and all. South of that there were a bunch of farms being set up to feed everyone. Most of the people fled when they realized the Herons were in charge again, but a lot of them stayed behind for various reasons. Rather then kick them out though, my extremely soft hearted cousin convinced the royal family to leave these things as they were. It would be a tiny scratch on Serenes Forest that would allow for a non Heron community to blossom and grow within the nation so that some other Laguz and Beorc could live there. Now to me, that sounds exactly like what an infection is but that's just me. What do I know, I've only traveled the world and saw what happens when you give stupid humans and inch and they take a mile.

I'm ranting, ignore that little outburst.

Where was I? Right! Late Fall, 746, Serenes is being rebuilt. Here's what happened in the months immediately after the battle for Serenes Forest. The loggers got kicked out/ran away, but we left their farms and town standing. The rest of the forest was fixed up. A bunch of Piers's friends from the Laguz Liberators decided to retire in the forest, so Piers asked them if they would be willing to act as a sort of border patrol and they all happily agreed to it. And then the most amazing thing yet happened, some Herons started to come home! For a while everyone was worried that this had all been for naught, but little by little some of the survivors of our race returned. Emphasis on the 'some' part, there's only about fifty or sixty Herons that returned. Is that everyone? Of course not...but it doesn't really speak favorably about how many Herons really are left in the world. Better then nothing though, between the Herons, those living in Lodur and other fringe settlements, and the border patrol, we could actually...well more technically, be called a nation again. Proud times for the Herons I say.

Now, some of you history buffs out there probably want to go and say "But Selena, you devilish seductress of the common language, where in the world is Prince Rafiel? King Lorazieh is supposed to have four living children still." Well the short answer is, no one knows. Long answer, he's up in Hatari hanging out with Queen Naliah but no one knows where exactly. Prince Reyson and Princess Leanne were thinking the same thing and they decided to do something about it. After the new year started, things in Serenes looked to be settling down, and after King Lorazieh's health was starting to go downhill, the two of them decided to go looking for their brother together so he could return and become king. No one around here has really ever rebuilt a nation before so they though that Piers and the king should be able to handle it. To give them credit, we are only talking about around a thousand people here and a bunch of easy going Herons. And Piers did already have experience leading a group of people back in the desert town Lalivero. So that's what they did and as it turns out, there ended up being a few problems with that. Let me explain why exactly.

For starters, they asked Piers if he'd be able to handle all the work he'd have to do and they believed him when he said yes. Now, I love my cousin very much but I have to admit he's a little nuts. Yes that's right, Selena Garetson is calling someone a little nuts, this should already be a red flag for you. Piers is a great guy, a hard worker, and dedicated to doing what he was born to do, but you have to understand he's a little...for the lack of a better word, broken. This is a Heron who lived through the death of his race and nation and was forced into slavery for a good long time. When that happens to you, you break a little bit on the inside. Piers's method of coping with this is work, he will work and work and work until he forgets about what makes him want to cry. He's a workaholic, he is literally addicted to work.

Is he more productive then someone who turns to drugs or alcohol? Oh you bet he is.

Is it more healthy then drugs or alcohol? Hell no.

An addiction is an addiction, and you know what happened when the royal family offered the chance to do more work then he could ever hope to accomplish between three of himself? It was like they walked up to an alcoholic and said "Here is the deed to a brewery that will magically make more beer for you overnight and never run out. Don't do anything stupid, alright?" Of course Piers said yes to a job he couldn't possibly do, he's an addict!

This is not helped by the fact that Piers just walked away from a divorce. See, back in the Laguz Liberators when pretty much everyone gave up hope on there ever being a Serenes nation again, Piers married a Beorc woman named Isabella. Thank the goddess they didn't have kids... Anyways, turns out Serenes did become a nation again and that immediately caused a problem for Piers. You don't get elected high priest, you because the high priest of the Serenes church because you are part of the bloodline. Piers is the only remaining heir of said bloodline, so he has a duty to claim his rightful place in the church and lead the Herons in our religious needs. Also means he needs to produce an heir of his own. Isabella didn't want to go to Serenes Forest though, she wanted to stay behind in Lalivero and keep helping slaves escape slavery. Nothing was going to work so they broke off the marriage and went their separate ways. So now not only is Piers still dealing with his post traumatic event(s) stress, he's emotionally torn up. I'm 100% loyal to the Serenes royal family but...not your brightest move ever guys to leave him in charge.

There's more problems then just this too. Remember when I said Herons are easy going? Well we are, when stuff is going our way. Turns out when you don't do things the way Herons have done them for thousands of years they get a little cranky. Imagine that, long lived people having the inability to change. I think Goldoa wrote a book about that...oh wait, no they didn't. Because this is Goldoa: they do not move. Well actually they do now, I'll get to that in a little bit.

Anyways, there was and still is a major problem in Serenes with a lot of Herons not liking way things are being run. Now that Piers was in charge, he was bound and determined to change things he didn't like in Serenes. His goal was to make it so that Serenes would never be burned down to the ground again by making friends with other nations and setting up some form of self defense for the nation. And he wanted the nation to become a bit more multiracial so we Herons didn't come across as a bunch of xenophobic freaks. A good idea in theory, but it meant compromising a lot of traditions in Serenes and some of the older Herons didn't like that. Especially the elders, Herons who have been around long before the goddess vanished from the world. But like any good little Galdr Heron, they wouldn't beat Piers to a pulp like what would happen in any other Laguz nation in the world. No their plan has been to nag Piers into submission and tell him just how wrong he is. And I'm starting to believe it might be working because is really really starting to get stressed out. Like, I'm-going-to-stab-someone-like-Selena-does stressed out. Keep in mind, this started at the start of 747. It's the spring of 748 now.

They did used to have a little bit of justification for their actions too. For a while, Piers was only the high priest because there was no one else who could possibly do it. Way long ago before he was enslaved, Piers was just a lowly monk waiting to enter the priesthood of the church. He jumped from not-even-a-priest-yet monk to the most powerful position in the church over night, more then a few Herons had an issue with that. It wasn't until the spring of 747 that Piers was able to finish the testing required to become a priest and was able to be official deemed the high priest. The extra authority helped but not a whole lot.

In case you're wondering what the king has to say about all of this, well it's not a whole lot. King Lorazieh is old..really really old. Able to give the former king of Goldoa a run for his money old. And in addition to that, he got to watch his nation die along with his wife, one of his daughters be dragged of and killed, one of his sons falling from grace, slipped into a coma for a long while, and then did a lot more travel then a old Heron should do too. King Lorazieh is bedridden at this point with some really bad health issues, we all think his time on Tellius is short. And not Heron short either, Beorc short. He just doesn't have the energy to do much but eat and sleep lately. It's kind of why Prince Rafiel needs to get his butt home and take over for his dad soon.

So in between the battle of Serenes Forest and now Piers has instituted new laws for Serenes, adopted a new daughter, organized a relief effort for Goldoa, created homes for newcomers to the forest, had the four Heron temples fixed up, fought off random terrorist attacks from a crazy Seid Heron named Ravane, hid Lehran's Medallion somewhere no one will find it, organized burials for everyone who died in the battle, organized the church and started training for new monks and older priests and priestesses, organized and commanded the border patrol, personally traveled around the forest to make sure the enchantments of Serenes Forest are working properly, began a trade effort between Serenes and Begnion, started dating a Hawk named Kezryn, and a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Oh! And he's been putting up with me and my wackiness. You know...after writing all this I realize I should have probably given Piers less of a hard time...I'm sure having his last remaining family member get frustrated with him doesn't help things.

I believe that covers everything current event wise for Serenes Forest. I'm probably forgetting a thing or two, if I remember anything I'll add to the end of this. Now if you'll excuse me, my one year old daughter is getting fussy and wants to go on a walk with mommy, so I must be off.

This has been An Unbiased and Completely Truthful Retelling of Recent Serenes History, by Selena Garetson.
11 May 2011
So I'm browsing Youtube like I normally do and happen upon some songs I'm a fan of. After listening them for a while I started to get a few ideas. What if I switched up some of the lyrics and made then work for stuff going on in Radiance Lost? And thus, this insane thread was born.

I challenge any and all out there to come up with your own RL specific versions of songs.

I'll Make a Hawk Out of You - From Walt Disney's Mulan
Sung while Phoenicis is preparing for war against Daein

Let's get down to business--to defeat the Daeins.
Did they send me Herons when I asked for Hawks?
You're the saddest bunch I ever met
But you can bet before we're through
Mister, I'll make a Hawk out of you

Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
You are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a Hawk out of you!

I'm never gonna catch my breath

Say good-bye to those who knew me

Boy I was a fool in school for cutting gym

This guy's got 'em scared to death

Hope he doesn't see right through me

Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!

(To Be a Hawk)
We must be swift as the coursing river
(To Be a Hawk)
With all the force of a great typhoon
(To Be a Hawk)
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Time is racing toward us till the Daeins arrive
Heed my every order and you might survive
You're unsuited for the rage of war
So pack up, go home, you're through
How could I make a Hawk out of you?


Chorus again

Heron Nursery Rhyme - I'm a Little Teapot

I'm a little Heron
Short and petite
These are my wings
And here is my beak
11 Apr 2011
Begnion 748
Port Ribahn, Mid Winter

"Hehe, oh Laurence..."

While Sandrin was a patient man, he did not like to wait. It was one thing to be able to wait for his ship to sail from one port to another, where he could do some work and accomplish something. No sense of worrying about something when you didn't have the power to make it happen. A ship would sail as fast as it could and it wasn't going to go any faster past that.

"You make sailing here worthwhile Leslie, I can't wait till our next meeting."

It was a completely different thing, however, when he had to wait on something that wasn't helping or doing anything. Something stupid and inane that was slowing the whole process of getting out to sea down. Something like having to fetch his younger brother from the doorstep of his local fling so the ship could leave with its whole crew.

"Tell me you won't be gone long, it's so lonely here without you. When will you be back?"

"Never if he keeps up this pace." Whatever answer Laurence was going to give, as well as the romantic moment itself, was interrupted by Sandrin's blunt statement. The blonde haired busty girl known as Leslie pouted immediately with a roll of her eyes, but the tall, dark, and charmingly handsome sailor in front of her simply smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lips.

"I best do what the captain says. Until next time Leslie." Laurence bounded down the half dozen stairs with ease to walk away with his brother, sparing one last glance at his sweetheart before she was out of sight. Alone with Sandrin now in the streets of Port Ribahn, he gave a tired sigh and stared at Sandrin with an annoyed smirk.

"You know, I had another hour with her. You said it was alright and everything."

"Yes, yes I did. And that hour was up nearly twenty minutes ago."

"Was it? Huh...and here I thought that wouldn't happen. Leslie's a chronomancer you know, when I'm with her she makes it feel like time itself is slowing down." The description was delivered with an over the top flowery voice, done so to elicit a groan from his brother.

"Let's just get back to the ship already, so I can figure out what I'm going to do with you..."
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