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FETO: Advanced Tactics, Need To Step Your Game Up?
Nohrian Lord S-IX
post Jun 29 2012, 12:06 PM
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First off, if you haven't been here this guide is not for you.
Brought to you by Aless & Speedy~

Common Terminology:
  • Greats = A ranked weapons
  • Mithrils = B ranked weapons
  • Silvers = C ranked weapons
  • Steels = D ranked weapons
  • Irons = Non-bronze E ranked weapons
  • Gambler = A great weapon forged with "Gambler" Trait.
  • Toys = Weapons with 1-2 range
  • H/R = Hit and Run
  • FS = First Strike
  • OHKOable = One Hit can kill (usually barring crits).
  • ORKOable = Unit can be defeated in one round of combat.
Why the Hell You Should Be Listening to Us~: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
The creators of this guide are Shadow/Aless and myself (Speedy - IX). We've been playing FETO for a while now and have gained a lot of experience in the process. We've; created new meta unit builds, contributed new dancing strategies and brought about new ways to use weapons during battles. According to other players we are two of some of the top players currently in FETO...

QUOTE(kaishin no chikara @ Jul 7 2013, 02:49 AM) *
I tried to put as many people as I thought were important. Hit me up with a PM if you want to be on.

I thought I would make something so that everyone would know their general standing. This is obviously biased since it's only from the perspective of two people, but I'll be as impartial as I can be. Note that someone else is working with me on this, so they've helped me determine your place if I don't know it. That means don't strangle me about your rank. D=

This includes anybody who's anybody (that's still around or is still talked about), even those who don't still play the game. I might have missed some. I noted this above.

- Inan/Inanimateness/Ghost of FETO Past: Dude is a robot created for the sole purpose at winning at FETO. He has 8 gold trophies and while his builds aren't top, he is (was) extremely good at dancing. Created (or at least made famous) the Yagokoro (Yagobitch) unit, the first non-lord glassy hit and run sniper. Somewhat notorious for his bad luck.
- Shad or Aless/Shadow/007: I'd seem like a suck-up if he was highest rank, lol. He's the best current user with superior builds and dancing. He is hugely inclined to strike as soon as an opponent is even slightly vulnerable.
- Mint/-/Misha: I hate her but no denying that she had the best builds and was adept at coming up with new and unusual teams. Good dancer too. She wrote the newbie guide.
- Mike/Mikevgraf/MostPope: I don't think I've ever beaten him in a match (I haven't really fought him much either). He is placed below the three above him is because he doesn't have as many gold trophies.
- Shio/Shiori/Miranda Lawson: Shiori has always been hard to defeat and she has been playing for a while. And if the gold trophy isn't an indication of why she's here, I don't know what it is. Superior builds and dancing, etc etc etc.
- SaS/SwordsAreShiney/Ellis: He made the game and has quite a few gold trophies. According to unlisted source somewhere in this topic, he only fought with some sort of gimmick like fielding high amounts of fliers on certain terrain maps. I don't know what's worse, the fact that he would pick units like that, or the fact that he thought of it before me.
- Nolan/Nolan Kryptonite/-: "I'm a winner! I totally win at life!" Superior builds and dancing. Knows what works and what doesn't. STILL A SILENCE USING ASSHOLE THOUGH. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif) He has a better win/loss than Speeds. He's the one that has me campaigning for reforms for the impale skill with his anti-pegmage impalemads. Fuck those things.
- Speeds/Speedy/Blade Lord S-IX: He was originally going to post character sheets for all of FETO, but never got around to it. THAT LAZY FUCKER. Dunno too much about builds, he gets them to work. He dances extremely well and doesn't let any opening slip by. He does not seem to drop his guard, even in the skype chat.
- Hitsu or Hitsugaya/Zack Strife/§ Hitsugaya §: Probably should just call him Hitsugaya instead of Zack Strife. He was definitely C-rank material 3 or 4 years ago, but if that win/loss ratio is any indication, he has gotten a lot better. He must be doing something right, at least (unless he's pulling another silently). Well-thought out teams, by his dancing isn't as good as those above him so he drops.

UNIT BUILDS: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Unit Builds: (for more info visit Stat Archetypes)

When Building units: You want some units to have one shot potential, meaning that they have the capability of taking out a unit by themselves. Usually it takes 2 units to down one, however if you can ORKO a unit this helps tremendously.

An example is of two lords:
One is a nihil user
While the other is an Aurora Lord

They both survive 2 hits, likely to die from 3, but one has much more KO potential
The aurora lord has the ability to take a unit out in one shot which is vital especially if given a strong first strike.

When making glassies try build to survive a brave weapon when you can. An example is Void. As a glassy druid, he still retains his key stats, 30 speed and power but sacrifices a bit of skill for more def. allowing him to survive a brave axe (and by extension all the other braves since axe is the strongest).
When making lords, even glassy lords, I'd strongly recommend building them to survive all braves.

Avoid building units that are killed in one hit (doesn't include braves, unless percent is high/ aurora, counter, crits) or a unit that can be ORKOed by pursuit.
These units can cause a big problem because they are easy to kill and will make dancing harder, and even first striking because a OHKOable unit can make it easier to take out 3 on a counter.

Magic Numbers (numbers made to ensure the survival of your units):

For Fliers:
56 (or more) totaled when adding defense and hp for pegs in order to not be OHKO'd by Great Bow Heavy.
60hp/25def needed survive great bow sharp crits, 28 defense survives gamblers and rienfleche crits. (note: you must be at full HP to survive)

Foot Units(this also applies to res for mounted units):
For Lords try to go for 50 plus hp otherwise too easy to kill. Even for glassy units.
60 /22 /22 to survive all crits (at least once).
60 /20 /20 in def or res whichever one preferred to survive gambler crits.
60 /19 /19 survives 2 hvy greats (not crits).
60 /18 /18 takes 3 hits to kill barring crits, when making nihil builds aim towards this(doesn't work if it on horse or flying).
*21 Def for horses to survive horseslayers
**Add 1 to either def or res for lance/anima users to survive axes/dark
***When talking about surviving crits, full hp is needed

Surviving Braves
To survive a brave axe: 39 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave lance/bow: 38 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave sword: 37 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave bow for flying units: 42 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
*WTA 1,2 ,3 adds on 1,2,3 more damage onto this base.
**The builds posted above apply only to promoted units.

Skills Realize that you have 2 skills, be able to switch them during a battle and while dancing, can be very important while dancing to push someone back or make them not attack


Usually go for the highest stats and assign skills to that, however I don't think that is the best choice. Anyway here's some info on skills and which to use and etc.

Impale: This skill I would put on units like Valiants, and sometimes snipers, use bow users only and even then, sparingly.
Example Unit: Aurora is main, but then no useful secondary except for impale

Wrath: I'd say an overrated skill, luck dependent. I'd personally never use this as a skill unless the unit is a crit master.
Example Unit: in this case pursuit is primary skill, and note that the SKL stat is the second highest stat, not including power because impale wouldn't be good on him(not a bow user). Now I have an option for aurora/counter however that is highly situational and most times won't activate. Wrath seems like an obvious choice but Nihil I think would be better in almost all cases, and can protect me from some counters, and pursuit from peg mages.

Pursuit: Great skill. Allows you do more damage than normal and with sharp weapons you can do pursuit crits for even higher amounts of damage. The drawback is that counter/aurora will hurt you if the correct one activates against you. Also when attacking an enemy unit, have your units with pursuit atk first, mainly due to the fact that if they don't kill the target via pursuit crits, you can have another unit come in and finish the target off damage free, seeing as pursuit allow the enemy to atk you back in between your attacks. In short, only the pursuiter is at risk of getting counter attacked.

Insight: Great skill, provides 20 more accuracy, good skill to have, recommend on avoid tanks (high speed/lck units) or just on units with high lck in general. Used most effectively by units with 26+ lck, 24lck being the lowest lck to have if you're going to insight as a secondary skill.

Counter & Aurora
: Should know how this and aurora work in general. Use a shield/ward staff to further increase the accuracy of counter/aurora.

Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Before Ward Buff


After Ward Buff, notice how it has more accuracy now.

Nihil: I personally don't like this skill. If a unit is able to be 2 shotted, I would definitely not use this skill except as a backup to the primary. The only time this skill to me is viable is when it makes the unit in question take 3 hits to down. With this skill you can lower the investment on speed and skill. If you can build a unit to take 3 hits without nihil I'd suggest using that over the nihil unit 99% of time.

FORGING TIPS: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Forges: Take into consideration weapons such as steel, bronze, etc. before forging. Different weapons need different forges. Example: Great weapons should never be slim. Same power as a Mithril reliable

Reliable: The all purpose forge. Extremely useful. (Optional on greats,if you do not have the respective s rank for it)
Sharp: On greats, then b ranks, not recommended going lower.
Slim: Use this trait on: E ranks, specifically bronzes, d ranks, and b ranks, on toys is optional (not for greats)
Heavy: Seldom used however if there is room in the inventory. Mainly useful for greats for max dmg.
Lethal: Situational, (due to the -2MT) best used by 15+ Crit units in order to hit/crit dodgier opponents.
Gambler: Can usually kill what great sharp can't with crits (strictly for greats).

Don't think that forges are always the best option though, there are many unbuyables that surpass them.

Viable Teams:
Viable teams usually have a good degree of WTA control, and at least 2 mounts and healers. If you have a structure similar to this and it is still not working, then you might want to consult your units' builds. Once unit builds have been optimized and you still find that your teams aren't working, you might have to remake the team in a different combination, one that allows each unit to cover weaknesses another may have.

A Few examples of viable teams:

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

DANCING TIPS & TECHS (IN DEPTH): Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
A useful tactic is to unequip unit sometimes.
As an offensive player I've had to utilize this technique a decent amount of times. Firstly to unequip a unit you "equip" a weapon that the unit cannot fight with. So if I want to unequip my sword master, I could use my shaman and trade him a dark tome. However you have to use the "move up" command to bring it to the top, you cannot click on the weapon to "equip" it. For staffers, they can due it at all times due to item cache and can just "equip their staves" The use of this is too avoid mainly counter and aurora. Especially for a pursuit unit, you can avoid the after effects of those two skills. Useful when dancing and trying to push. You can reduce the amount of OHKOables which helps. The goal when dancing is too minimize deaths even if you can't counter, also after a first strike you want to keep units alive.

The reason to unequip a unit is to avoid aurora/counter or WTA. This can be used to gain ground and force an opponent back because although you can't counter, they lose their chance at a good FS, kill wise.
It is also advisable to unequip even after a successful first strike. The reason being is that the key is to keep units alive, as much as possible. Ex. After a 2 kill FS, you want your opponent to only be able to take 2 units at max out, meaning its 4-4 but you have first move again, which likely means you win. Even at the cost of not countering an atk, if you can preserve an extra unit, it is almost always worth it.

Equip bows right: Look at a units move. I can't count the number of times I've seen a sniper, hawk, or a bow user having their toy equipped, especially when at their current position only an opposing toy or 2 range can hit them. In this scenario the best weapon to equip would not be a toy but another 2 range weapon. You can pick and choose depending on what you want, maybe put a brave to intimidate an attacker, or a killer. You can also go an S rank for raw power and accuracy and in all cases the toy would be the least reliable and powerful weapon.

Equip correct weapons based on accuracy.

When dancing read foot units as units with an additional step. This is due to shoving.

When dancing you can read mounted movements and range as it is. They cannot gain any extra MOV w/o quicken/haste staves, shouldn't be taken in account in most cases. Most don't use or have them.
However take into account the cons of the foot soldiers before granting them another step because some units have abnormally high con and can't be shoved easily. Also take in to account how many units can shove, sometimes only one unit can shove a specific one.

Last dancing tip: When dancing sometimes it is hard to actually dance against someone of high skill without making it seem like a stalemate where no one can go forward. When dancing, aim for the weak side of a formation. An example is of a Diagonal line position, if you atk the top or bottom area the other units in the formation are too far away to atk. While you are in prime position to strike. I'd usually set up an h/r in this case especially if it is not a mount, gives me a threatening presence that will make the opponent re position or face a death. Their units also cannot give an adequate first strike, so re organizing is the only option left.

Dancing Example:

Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

This shows my current formation. His formation is concentrated in the middle, hard to dance in the that area without being pushed back.


Because of this I atk the weak side of the formation, the druid (the dracoside would also work but the druid is easier to kill, so I decided to atk that side). I've positioned my units in a way that he can't attack with full force, and the units in range would take 3 hits to down making it a ill advisable first strike for my opp. But allowing me to be in a threatening position with a strong FS as well as an h/r on the druid. This will always force an opponent to attack or regroup.


[FETO Skype] Chain: Baiting, sending a (preferably tanky) unit(s) into enemy range allowing your opponent to kill it/them, while keeping the rest of your units just out of range. If done correctly this will leave your opponent with multiple wounded units that you will be able to kill off the next turn. Watch out for hit and runs though. This defensive strategy may give you an edge if you can't find an opening to attack, it may prove to be ineffective against more experienced players however.

Advanced baiting is done with a mount. The mount can be in H/R range of the opponent but must be able to H/R at the current position. This forces opponent to back off, attack only one unit, or dance somewhere else. If they don't move it's an H/R.

H/R Done Right: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Silenced Wraith: (IMG:http://i47.tinypic.com/2wn4ncw.jpg)

IN this battle it shows that the wraith is silenced, most people would retreat and regroup because of this. A unit is virtually taken out of the game because of silence, can't attack, however, Marissa is a wraith, a mount unit and this makes all the difference. The opposing unit, the guardian is in perfect h/r range, a 3-5 step which gives ample space to retreat even if the h/r fails and if it succeeds the game is practically over.


Doesn't look like much can be done, but the sniper has a one shot on the enemy guardian, can reach through a double shove and mount in perfect h/r position(as seen in the following pic).


This shows the likely hood of success. The chance to take out the unit would be around 30+% which is good because, even if it fails the opponent can't retaliate with a good atk.

Sniper can't reach the defender on its own.

Sage shoves sniper

Leftenant shoves sniper

(IMG:http://i47.tinypic.com/w2hdsy.jpg) [The Hit phase]

Shows how the sniper couldn't reach the defender before, but due to a double shove he can , and now able to take out the defender.

(IMG:http://i49.tinypic.com/nccj1v.jpg) [The Run phase]

After the sniper attacks, send the mounted unit to go rescue it (in this case the Wraith).

Once the Wraith gets back, have the other mounted unit (in this case the Dracolord) take and drop the sniper.

Draco moves back to previous position and because the bishop didn't shove the sniper, she can heal it if it got damaged.

Another H/R Example: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Sniper(the hitter) is capable of killing the enemy sage in one hit via critical.

Bishop shoves sniper

Druid shoves sniper

(IMG:http://i47.tinypic.com/15xbi9.jpg) [Hit Phase]
Sniper can now reach the enemy sage.

(IMG:http://i50.tinypic.com/ke6w4n.jpg) [Run Phase]
After the sniper attacks have the runner (mounted unit in position to rescue) go and rescue the hitter

Bring the sniper back to the rest of your units (or at least far away from enemy units)

Paladin takes and drops the sniper

Valkyrie heals the sniper if it was damaged

Paladin then retreats to a safe position

Don't always H/R:
Sometimes a unit is in h/r range, the optimal range is 4 moves for the mount or less. The opposing mount is exactly on the fringe, on the 4 count rule. However, there may be no possible way for you to kill the unit, or only possible with absurd luck while if you fail there is a good chance for you to be h/red in return. In this case the best option is too not h/r and change unit positions.

Sometimes h/r's leaves you in vulnerable position to a great counter atk if it fails. H/ring though is extremely deadly when it works, if there is a possibility of taking out a unit, a high chance, go for it. Reason being, killing one unit in a 6 man, or even 8 man is deadly. It reduces the enemy's dancing and attacking power. Your units can now advance farther and take bigger risks. Even a 2 kill FS could easily have them still lose because of the one unit loss. Also a successful h/r may force them to make a bad attack on you where you can retaliate, or force them to keep dancing but at a severe disadvantage.

H/rs can be done with the mount going any amount of distance, going 4 spaces or less is recommended however. Most effective @ this amount, lets you retreat a good amount.

5/3 movement h/r is also viable however, and even 6/2/, 7/1 based on the positioning of your opponents units. For these h/rs however, you need to make your own judgement and call whether or not it is a good choice to h/r. going over 4 steps with a mount and knowing when to requires experience, but if it succeeds, you are one step closer to winning.

H/r pros:
Kills unit(huge advantage)
Forces them into a bad FS.

There aren't any for a successful one.

SHOVING: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Know what shoving is, know how to do a standing as well as moving shove.

In order to shove a unit, the "shover" must have at least 2 less (or more) con than the unit being shoved(however, units that have 3 or more con than the "shover" cannot be shoved by it).


Standing shove: This is where unit does not advance with the unit being shoved, it just shoves the unit ahead, should be used almost exclusively when performing H/R otherwise the unit will be left behind when engaging in combat.
Moving shove: The unit that is going to be shoved moves to designated area, unit behind goes behind or on top/bottom and shoves the unit forward. Lets your foot soldiers gain one additional move which can lead to an attack. This is a skill that is imperative you learn.

Double Shove: More advanced shoving. Requires more offensive unit positioning instead of safe. Although that is not always the case evidenced by (example) Advantages are the use of surprise, extremely deadly, always watch for.
Shoving can be done when the unit shoving has more con than the unit being shoved or ONLY 2 or fewer cons than the shoved unit. Any more than 2 con differential and shoving is not possible.
When looking at foot soldiers you should always grant an extra step, however look at the opposing units cons first. Some units have too high of a con
When choosing a nature if the result, stat wise is the same such as (example is of 2 lefty lords) then choose the one that reduces con. The brute one would be impossible for most units to shove while lighter has chance. For high con units try to go -con nature and low con units try to go +con nature

Moving shove:
In FETO the mechanics are different than canon FE, a turn doesn't end until you atk, rescue, drop a unit, use canto (feature of mounted units) or shove. The most important thing is that you can move a unit to a specific coordinate and not have its turn ended even while you leave it there and move a second/third/fourth/fifth unit/etc. This is important because in FETO this allows you to do moving shoves. You can move a unit to designated area, move a unit behind to shove, and have the shoved unit attack. This allows a lot more offensive attacks, and puts pressure on an enemy defense.
This technique is also Extremely vital in first strikes. Even if you gain a successful first strike, but your units are stuck behind shoving this causes major problems and can undermine a successful attack. An example would be a 2 kill first strike done on the opponent, now its 6-4 advantage in your favor, however your 2 shover units will not be able to reach next turn making the battle actually able to be lost.

Remember what was said about con and what know what unit can shove what when doing shoves, or looking at opponent's ranges. This is why for dark/axe users I'd recommend con lowering natures when you can because they are one of the few classes that can still cap power with a - power nature. Example: Rogue nature.

MISC. TIPS: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
If hit with a 2 kill first strike, YOU must be able to retaliate with at least 3 or your likely to lose

Rescuing - never rescue a unit if you cant drop it unless you are out of enemy reach.

Mounted Movement: Mounted units can move somewhere, be buffed and moved again (if they have mov leftover).

Mounts can trade/cache and move again unlike other units:
Accessing your item cache or trading causes that unit to be stuck in its position, which could be bad for a foot unit if done wrong, this does not apply to mounted units if they still have move remaining.

A 30POW Ward buff also grants +21 status staff avoid,

CREDITS: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


The Guide Itself

Battle Pics:

Units Used in Examples

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post Jun 29 2012, 12:50 PM
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Skylessia Characters
Radiance of Elibe Characters

Wow. Great job everyone! (Who made this) It helped me quite a bit. And will definetly help some newbies. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/smugnod.gif)
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LeaderR Elliot
post Jun 29 2012, 08:25 PM
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Leader of Raid
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I really loved reading through the guide!!! there were many things that I ignored until now like things that I have to aim when doing my builds and surviving braves!!! especially I that I am starting in promo battles.

I would like to see more miscellaneous tips in a more organized way (who knows can be like fun facts or something!!!)

Dancing tips was pretty good by reading and easily understandable though. I liked the H/R part

If this were gamefaqs I would request a sticky because I feel this should get sticky

ONLY detail I feel is missing is advanced strategy for unpromo battles even when some people dont take them seriously
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post Jun 29 2012, 09:38 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Sharp: On greats, then b ranks, not recommended going lower.

I beg to differ here.

For newer people or people who don't have a lot of Killer weapons, Sharp Silver is a decent filler-in. Basically a poor man's Killer.

But I feel anything under that isn't worth having, IMO.
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post Jun 29 2012, 10:33 PM
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The Kobe System
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Sharp silvers have too low power, and like you said, a poor man's killer. A mithril sharp trades 5 hit for 5 crit, you can call that a wash, but it sacrifices 3 power which is hugee. The only advantage is acitvating wrath easier. This can be used when leveling up, but if the unit is S rank, C sharps are really not worth a slot.
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I just c/p'd the weapons part from my topic and cleaned it up so it's not a wall...

Bronze = those infinite use weapons
Iron = E rank (Fire, Flux, Lightning)
Steel = D Rank
Silver = C Rank
Mithril = B rank
Great = A rank
Toy 1 = D rank 1~2 range weapons (not magic)
Toy 2 = C rank "
Toy 3 = B rank "

Bronze (Reliable)
Toy 1 (Reliable)
Steel (Slim)

Nihil, Impale, Pursuit, Counter, Aurora:
Silver (Reliable)
Great (Slim)
Great (Reliable)

Toy 3 (Sharp)
Silver (Sharp/Gambler)
Mithril (Sharp)
Great (Sharp/Gambler)

Toy 3 (Heavy)
Silver (Heavy)
Great (Slim)
Great (Heavy)

More infoz:
Mages don't need Toys.
It is not impossible to crit with 0 Wt weapons, but it is so unreliable it isn't worth it (also Worm Sharp OHKOs can be lulzy).
Mithril (Sharps) are used for their hit rates over Greats and their power over killers.
If you are a hit dump unit, you may want to consider investing in all Slims and a Great (Reliable).
Hitmasters may consider Gamblers or Sharps as well for lucky~ crits.
Critmasters may consider Reliables, Slims, or Lethals for higher hit rates.
Iron (Reliable) and Steel (Slim) has a difference of 1 Mt, some Crit, and 1 Wt.
For Insight, Iron (Heavy) may replace Steel (Slim), and Toy 1 can be Heavy instead of Reliable.
Twins can be useful for Counter/Aurora/Pursuit.
Remaining slots can be used for: Parity, Slayers, Reavers, Longbow, Status Tomes, Seiges, S-ranks, more toys, etc.

Example for physical offensive unit:
Bronze (Reliable)
Steel (Slim)
Silver (Reliable)
Mithril (Sharp)
Great (Gambler)
Great (Heavy)

Example for magical hit dump unit:
Wind (Slim)
Thunder (Reliable)
Tornado (Reliable)
Bolganone (Reliable)
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post Jun 29 2012, 11:17 PM
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE(Aless @ Jun 29 2012, 11:33 PM) *
Sharp silvers have too low power, and like you said, a poor man's killer. A mithril sharp trades 5 hit for 5 crit, you can call that a wash, but it sacrifices 3 power which is hugee. The only advantage is acitvating wrath easier. This can be used when leveling up, but if the unit is S rank, C sharps are really not worth a slot.

You noted the difference, and that really helps a whole lot. 1 less Wt is the difference between activating and not activating the skill. Unless, of course, you'd rather use a mithril than a killer.
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post Jun 30 2012, 01:12 AM
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Great job guys. Its really helpful and I really liked the magic numbers section (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/smugnod.gif)
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Sweet guide it helped my in some point but the part that really helped is the equiping bows right (wish i had known this earlier)
Overall great guide
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post Jul 4 2012, 03:33 AM
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From: Is it really important?
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I found this rather helpful, especially the shoving section. (Most importantly the move then shove bit.)
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post Jul 9 2012, 11:20 PM
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Nice job Aless, Speedy, and everyone who put in the effort to make this!

Sorry it took me so long to finish reading all of it. If you have time, might be helpful for a second person to go through and re-word a few things, a few of the sentences can be a little confusing, or some ideas expanded upon. Most of this guide explains what to do, but not why to do it, especially the farther one keeps reading (especially forges).

I'm sure this will help a lot of people though, definitely helped me with the unequipped stuff, I always wondered how people did that and kept forgetting to ask lol.
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post Jul 10 2012, 10:58 AM
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Nice work!
I'm sure that took a while to do, I'd just like to thank everyone who helped make this!
It was very informative! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
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post Jul 13 2012, 04:05 PM
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The Kobe System
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Thanks Hammy, Kyre, Meneil, Leaden, Eli for the feedback. I'll clarify more when we can.
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post Sep 3 2012, 05:04 PM
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Wow, thanks for posting this, it was great! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)

One thing though. I don't really agree with never rescuing a unit if you can't drop it out of enemy range. It is possible to benefit from forcing your opponent to have to kill the unit holding the rescued unit first before being able to get to the unit being held. For example, if you have a mage and a tank left, while your opponent has one unit remaining with more HP than your 2 units can deal with in 1 turn and is likely to be able to kill your tank once your mage is out of the way even with low HP, you can have the tank rescue your mage. Then, your opponent has to kill your tank first before he can attack the mage, and in the process your tank should be dealing damage back to your opponent as well. Unless the enemy unit is a bow/magic user or finishes your tank off with a toy (which means he would have to be lucky to have the 2nd-to-last hit reducing your tank's HP to low enough to be finished off with a toy, or purposely hold back), when your mage appears the opponent unit would be holding a melee-only weapon, making it a total of 2 free hits from your mage (including the one from the turn where you rescue the mage), and it's quite likely that those 2 free hits plus whatever your tank dealt will finish off the enemy unit.
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post Sep 3 2012, 09:55 PM
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Desolate Soul
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There is also the rescue glitch as well... If your rescuing unit dies on your turn, the rescued unit can attack.
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