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20 May 2012
This is the redirection thread for the banners in this thread, so that people being redirected aren't completely confused out of their minds. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/konata.gif)

What is FETO?

FETO is an online fire emblem game, you create your characters, using one of the many base classes, then choosing a nature... please, don't use normal, anything but normal... Adding 6 base points, and 40% growth points, then using them.
Groups also usually have 1 lord unit (You can only have 1 lord unit in any given battle.), which is exactly the same as a normal unit, except that it gets 8 base points and 70% growth.
Once you make all your characters, you can battle, which takes place like a normal fire emblem battle, you're moving your units with your mouse, and deciding which weapons to attack with! (Make sure you click on someone, then click on the person you intend to attack with them before moving them and pressing 'a' and clicking on the person you want to attack, because you need to know how well the unit would do against them first.)

You may have some trouble winning if you don't read this thread. (It explains the basic tactics for PvP fire emblem, and no, I crushed several fe games on some of the hardest difficulties, and I would have had some trouble if I hadn't have read that guide.)

(Also, make sure you using useful character builds, check this thread for what you should start with, I didn't and that's why I got a reset.)

(It would be remiss of me to not direct you to this, as it's the common mistakes that a newbie makes.)

How do I play?

Well first you have to make an account on FEPlanet, otherwise you characters experience etc. couldn't be saved, so make an account here.

You'll quickly notice that your e-mail never received that validation e-mail, this is because the site has a few issues,
So what you need to do next is create a thread titled something like 'validation please' in here.

The currect moderators of this site have a lot on their hands, so they don't always validate you immediately, but you shouldn't need to wait more than a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

I'm validated, now what?

Now you can play! click on the link to FETO that should be at the top right hand side of the page, create your characters, (Make SURE you read the FAQ.) find a battle with a time limit you find acceptable, and has level limits which aren't to big for you (Don't join anything which has level limit max of 3 or above initially.) and ta-da! You're now playing FETO. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/proudbow.gif)
(Level **/1 means promoted level 1, so make sure there AREN'T any stars in the level limits of a game you join initially, until you have promos.)

And to the members of this site: thoughts? improvements? things I missed?
18 Mar 2012
How do you, effectively, create a War medic/Valkyrie/Holy Kn. that has 34 luck...
What I'm saying is, how can you create a troubadour upgrade with enough luck to always insight, and yet doesn't have some major weak point? (Without making it a lord)
Considering the low HP, Res and Def scores of a troubadour, they can't become tanky enough to not be OHKO'd unless you spend a large amount on all those stats, which, if you still have the 34 luck, you don't have enough left to make its attack worth having the insight in the first place.
Therefore you have to instead raise the speed to 27 to eradicate the possibility of pursuit, of course we aren't counting pegi-mages in that, which, although they have 5 less attack, are, well, impossible to stop pursuiting you.
They deal 5 less damage though, so we can count 10 less total damage from pursuit, which means that we would still have to raise the HP of the character. This, again, locks us in not having enough points to put up the luck to 34.
So, how do you, without making your character a lord, make your troubadour upgrade a reliable insighter? (emphasis on the 'reliable')
13 Mar 2012

I think the title says it all?
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