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Antonello Giustino
post Aug 22 2007, 04:07 PM
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Name: Antonello Giustino
Nation: Devlan
Age: 28
Affinity: Lightning
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 171 lbs.

Appearance: Having never been blessed with the best in any facet of his life, Antonello in his past would often continue that tradition with his ragged appearance and torn clothing. In current days, he actually seems to bear no link to his past hard life, which is quite true at least with regard to his lifestyle and actions these days. In most of his formal dealings and when in public he now wears a fine oft-pressed suit of a deep onyx color, an immaculate white shirt beneath it, with fine off-white buttons in the center, matched by similarly pressed and formal pants and dark, shined shoes.

When he expects to be needed to fight or in an extremely informal setting, he wears a different outfit that is strikingly similar, only more comfortable. Onyx pants cover his legs, but they are made of a stretchy material that conforms to the skin near the ankles, almost like sweatpants. They are met at the ankles by shoes more suitable to running, jumping and other forms of physical activity, and offset further up by a loose off-white garment resembling a mixture of a robe and a vest with a white undershirt beneath. His sword hangs in the belt that keeps the lower ends of the garment held together.

Standing at a height just below the accepted average and packing a rather normal amount of muscle on his frame, Antonello is by no means intimidating, but he gives off an odd air in his manner that makes many a person hesitant upon their first meeting with him. His walk is cool and composed, but his stance has slightly slouched shoulders, perhaps the only part of his manner and appearance that give any hint to what lies underneath. Continuing is overall-clean appearance is his face, which is so perfectly shaven that he looks like just a boy, his neat chestnut hair and clear hazel eyes.

Personality: Resentful by nature, Antonello Giustino's constant displays around others completely belie his true self. His life of poverty forced an inferiority complex upon him; regardless, he does not run from conversation or intimacy with others, constantly presenting a facade of unique sangfroid and mature complacency. When at rest, he is lazy and uncooperative, yet few ever see that side of him, and all who he has met will say he is anything but uncooperative. To all others Antonello, who can be referred to as Antony, seems understanding, easy to get along with and acutely determined. For whatever reason, perhaps the masked resentfulness, he enjoys killing when he is placed in a fighting scenario, but will not go out of his way looking for a victim.

He is intelligent, and this is another thing that people will notice about him, though under the surface he is more cunning than he is genuinely smart. Overly calculating, he will never jump into a situation, though he often retains unique opinions on many of them. He is hard to truly provoke, and this is in upkeeping with his gentleman-businessman image. He does have documented anger problems from long ago, however, and will vent on others both physically and verbally when he is pushed too far (although hardly remains in the company of a specific person or group long enough for that to happen).

The two things most guaranteed to piss him off are being spoken to condescendingly and being at a loss. This is due to the fact that, as his air of confidence suggests, he views himself in a rather good light and does not take kindly to anything that demeans or belittles him, or, more importantly, his image of himself. His smooth manner of speech and cool demeanor, not to mention his clean and handsome appearance, make him a ladies man, but he interacts with them the same as he does other people, meaning that he has left many with one good night and a long broken heart.

Biography: Igor, Devlan, on the far western side of Armad, produced from its decrepit and homeless-filled streets a baby whose horridly poor parents gave the name Antonello. Igor was a sad place, a once humble and fully-functioning community that fell victim to a sudden depression and degenerated to a large slum before the advent of Makalov Sromvoski's fascist reign; the aftermath of that event simply made it even worse. The father of baby Antony had been a locksmith who catered to about half of the town, but as the entire town's fortunes took a fall and more and more people could not afford homes and businesses, his work became less and less important. The same went for the mother, a waitress whose restaurant found little business once the residents could not afford food, much less restaurant food. The poor family lost their home when Antonello was three, migrating to a town square where many of the homeless lived in support of each other under the harsh environment permeated by propaganda.

He had no home, no new clothes, but Antony (as he grew older) did find solace in the fact that Igor's people were kind at heart, and the town as a whole rationed the food they had between themselves, as well as in the fact that several other boys relatively his age were stranded in the square as well, and they grew up as moderately good friends. In their early years, they would play games in the space available, chasing each other past boxes and other worn items used to hold the people's few remaining belongings.

Regardless, the hopeless, embarrassing, heartbreaking situation thrust upon them bored into their hearts, and as they grew older still, mischief quickly warped into crime. Antonello and his circle of five friends resolved to provide for themselves and their families by becoming pickpockets, but there were no wealthy residents left in the town. The richest people remaining in Igor were still below the average citizen in Armad twenty miles away, which said absolutely nothing. There was no money nor valuable items to be taken. At age 16 he said his goodbyes to his parents, whom his life had made him grateful for yet not very connected to, and left with those five other boys for Armad, convinced he would make enough money to forge a better life.

The laws were tight in Armad, as the government was dedicated to rooting out all opposition to it. Still, this left more law enforcement to spy on and apprehend conspirators, leaving simple thieves with a bit more leverage. Antony made a life for the next five years stealing things and pawning them off, just managing to stay below the radar of the oppressive regime, whose enemies had much larger profiles. When he was 23, he and his friends pulled off their first big heist of their new lives; however, the resulting spectacle drove them from the capital, looking to take refuge and avoid the long arm of the law for a while. For nearly two years they remained away from Armad, improving their lives through the money they had made.

That money provided them with a bit of breathing room as far as expenses went, and so Antonello bought himself a sword, which he had taken to wielding lately. It was ideal for him, whose fit and slightly smaller body put strength styles of fighting out of the question—and he was quickly realizing that fighting would eventually become a necessity in his life. After those two years, the band of six returned, finding themselves relatively forgotten as more propaganda and conspiracy-catching activities had distracted the government. Immediately, the funds they had acquired began to run short, as the pressures of low-profile crime in the capital city of the world's most powerful nation began to take their toll.

So they began to plan.

When he was 27 years old, the six men selected the biggest and wealthiest factory they could find in Armad that was not too heavily fortified and armed to handle them easily. It was a production factory, without much security, but because it had a small link to the government, it had a vast supply of wealth. As luck would have it, the place was hardly guarded on the particular night they had chosen, and even though guards were present, they managed to sneak in with moderate quiet. Modern alarm systems had not been installed in the place, so all was well at first. After loading up all the money and goods that would fetch money that they could, they made their escape. Unfortunately, the most active guard happened to find them. Just as he was about to call the other guards and sound the alarm, one of the six panicked. He felt cornered, and he saw the end of their lives as they knew it. He suddenly attacked the guard and killed him, slicing deeply into his abdomen and chest with his axe.

The band of six got away and ran, ran as far as they could, for days stretching into two months until they had gotten safely away from Armad. They had been spotted, but not caught, which came with a downside and an up—the up, that they found themselves able to support themselves easily; the down, that all six were now wanted for three counts of grand larceny and the man specifically for voluntary manslaughter.

Immediately after, they split the money and split themselves, their original goal accomplished. Antonello was by far the smartest of the group, and while the others either got themselves caught or lost their newly acquired fortune, he laid very low for a while, putting away some of his money and eventually finding success as a businessman.

In recent days he has begun taking killing jobs on the side, the only crack leaking through his perfect facade of a gentleman, showing the way through to his darker past. This is known only in the underworld, though, and to all others, Antony Giustino is simply a wealthy, finely dressed ladies man with a proclivity for travel, making his living in Olivan but departing often to further his growing business.

Myrmidon 10

Weapon Levels: Swords - C

Weapon: Killing Edge

Additional Notes/Comments:
• The Pickaxe is a farmer's tool, and it reminds him of being poor, but it's also an ideal weapon for a Brigand.
• He's wanted by the Devlani government for multiple counts of grand larceny, though it's up to the RP mods just how high up on the list. He has, though, for the most part, been forgotten.
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