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Cave Johnson
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RPing, video games, drawing sometimes, forums.
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21 Nov 2012
Here it is people, the Thing has returned to the Deadzone and is directly commanding the demonic hordes. Alimond has been struggling with being under siege for a long while and the valiant forces as well as a large detachment from the order of Zwi have been pushed back into the Kaflar region. All survivors have been prepped for one last push against a seemingly unstoppable foe, but as the situation seems darkest, heroes old and new will rise to heed the call of the sons of Kraid. The only questions are will you be there? and will be still be standing at the end?
15 Jul 2012
Name:Avalon Price
Title: N/A
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ilia
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Ilia, Ilian Mercenaries.

Class: Archer
Level: 20
Weapon Levels: Bow: B
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Height: 5'6" - 167.6 cm
Build: Fit
Appearance:Avalon isn't the most of attractive of women. She most certainly isn't ugly but nor could she be described as beautiful. Her hair is perhaps the most notable feature she possesses. It is a deep purple, kept long, but either braided or tied back to keep it out of her way. Her eyes are a deep blue though more often than not they are half way obscured by a bored half-lidded gaze.

Her clothing is simple and functional. Standard issue Ilian pants and shirt, both in a tan color. She wears little armor, a single metal plate covers her heart, affixed in place by a pair of thick leather straps. She wears a matching set of leather braces on both forearms. Her boots are also made of serviceable, practical brown leather. Both the bracers and the boots are colored slightly darker than her clothing.

If the occasion calls for it she has a long brown leather jacket that falls to just below her knees. It isn't practical when shooting a standard bow so if the archer has to apply her trade she is quick to remove the article.

Overview: Avalon Price is one of the more dangerous soldiers in the Ilian military. She is bored with her current way of living, having tired of the mercenary life long ago. She also lacks the motivation to change her situation so she stays where she is, quietly seething all the while. She doesn't let her anger show, instead she hides it behind half closed eyes and a sometimes vacant stare.
She's fairly detached from the world at large and doesn't mind it. She has no desire to command a squad, or even train new recruits. She seeks the thrill of traveling to new places while hating the existence of being cannon fodder for every skirmish the rest of the world thoughtlessly engages in. She isn't thrilled with putting her life on the line but at least it's a living.

Biography: Avalon Price was an unimportant daughter born to an unimportant man in an unimportant town in Ilia. She wasn't rich, but her family didn't consider themselves poor either. Instead they relied on each other and what they could glean form their surroundings to survive.

Her father was a huntsman, pursuing game into the wild. From what he brought home they were fed and clothed, it also brought enough money into their household for them to buy would they couldn't make.

Her mother was a mercenary, always out of the house fighting other people's wars. Her father didn't much enjoy his wife's occupation, but she was already a soldier when they had met and he wasn't about to ask her to retire. Instead he took on the task of raising his three children.

Margaret was the oldest and she helped with the household duties. His son Jeremy was the youngest and was supposed to learn his father's trade. Unfortunately he was a sickly child and died before he reached the age of five. Avalon shouldered the burden of going out with her father. Enduring the cold and the wind, all in the name of survival.

The time with her father taught her much. She first learned to shoot when she was eight and after a few months of practice she managed to shoot her first rabbit. She learned to track things not only by their footprints on the ground but by the marks they left in the world around her. She knew how to lay traps to kill or maim, but the bow was her tool of choice. When she killed her first deer her father helped her skin it and taught her how to work the hide into hard leather. He made her her first set of bracers but made them too big for her at the time, promising the girl that she would eventually grow into them.

The years past and life never changed. Avalon grew bored of the routine her life had become. At the age of fourteen she left her father a note and left her home to join her mother in the glorious task of being a professional mercenary. At first it went well. Her time hunting placed her in advanced archery classes, moving her through basic training with remarkable speed.

The gravity of her situation didn't really hit her until her first battle. So much death surrounded her and all she could do was load, aim, and fire. She hadn't tried to make friends so she was detached from the proceedings afterwards. People finding their dead friends or family in order to give them their last rights. Avalon simply drifted through battle after battle. She was good at what she did and that was all she really needed.

She rapidly grew bored with military life but had nowhere else to go. She had left herself with no real reason to go back home, despite the fact that she sent her father and sister money from her pay. So in the interest of doing something she stayed with the military, secretly hoping that something big would happen.

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Replacing Iris.

9 Jul 2012
Haylen Taalar watched the airship slowly fade off into the distance. It had dropped its cargo and was making a stop in the Northern Territories to pick up several groups of Alimond Mercenaries who had been stranded there since the High General had sounded the recall. Now only special operations teams were allowed the use of airships outside of Alimond. Hell, only special teams were allowed outside of Alimond.

Haylen's group was one such team. She had been assigned a team including a healer and an earth mage. Also included in the group was her new right hand Darcune and a morph swordswoman Leare. The group touched down and the Hero adjusted the straps on her supplies.

"Form up and perform an equipment check." She ordered. They were supposed to be met by a member of the Wind Shaikh's guard but the mercenary saw nobody. It didn't bode well for the mission if it deviated already.

"We head northeast when everyone is ready." She added.
7 Jun 2012
Aleph looked across the Alimondi landscape. Honestly several place in the country could be called beautiful and this place probably fit the description at one point or another. Unfortunately a fog was slowly but steadily creeping towards their position. The more magically inclined among the group would be able to feel the taint of dark energy emanating from the weather phenomenon. Aleph herself could see the throb and pulse of dark magic as she gathered as much information as she could from this distance.

She had been given command of a small force and told to hold the pass. Unfortunately many of the men and women were green. She did have a contingent of newly arrived Zwiist troops as well as a group of skilled magic users from most of Alimond's camps. Still, it was going to be difficult to win. They had prepared the battlefield in advance, placing wards and other traps in an attempt to slow the for or stop it all together. If it hit their location the battle was lost.

She cast one last look at the haze. She could see creatures moving around in it. Numerous shapes, some small, others large. The took shelter in the dark magic, unaffected by the energy sapping field. They were in for one hell of a night. The morph alighted from her perch and moved to check on the men and women. She was thankful for the presence of Skanzel Montro of all people. She knew that at least he could hold his own.
4 Jun 2012
Alimond has dispatched Haylen Taalar and her team to assist the dragons in the wind shaikh. Of course there is an ulterior motive for their aide. The team has ulterior motives of course. Rumor has it that the cursed blade Regalian is located in the vaults hidden in the dragon territories.

In addition to being a powerful sword it has the power to raise the undead in service of its wielder. High General Kaflar believes that by using this blade and other powerful from legend he can turn the tide of this invasion. Haylen has been ordered to aid the dragons, find the vault, retrieve the sword, and leave. Sounds easy enough, but when has anything ever gone smoothly for Bad Luck Taalar.

Haylen Taalar

I am looking for two more people. I would prefer that they be higher leveled due to the nature of the RP.
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