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Just because I can.
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Blonde Panther
Groundbound Pegasus Knight
27 years old
Dem Netherlands
Born Feb-17-1993
Creative writing in general, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon, horseback riding.
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7 Oct 2013
Hello, all. Some old-timers may recognise me, but I'm sure the vast majority of you have no clue who I am. My name is Blonde Panther (as far as you know, anyway) and I have been a member of FEP for a number of years- however, with the start of the downfall of the old RPing boards I cut my losses and left the site. However, due to reasons that may become clear soon, I am back!

I should note that I'm a friend/pet/fodder of Velyoukai's (exact relationship varies with the day of the week, the phase of the moon, and how strong the morning coffee was), and he, I, and a few others I can't yet name have something big in the works that we'd like to put on FEP. We're still negotiating it with the other Root Administrators, so I can't say too much about it yet, but we will bring with us new members and new content!

Until we get that sorted out though, I will only be semi-active on FETO. Should you want to fight me there, make sure to drop me a line first- I'm not always available, after all.

EDIT: Ahhh, I see we still have a spambot problem. Good to see that some things have NOT changed on here.
26 Feb 2012
In Search of Stones and Fiends

Yllithia landed, her front leg buckling under her own weight. She ignored it and turned around, roaring loudly at her pursuers. She'd gotten quite the horde of Demons chasing her around, and for Undead, they were pretty damn fast, too. Her roar didn't intimidate them in the slightest and the swiftest ones started hacking away at her already injured leg again.

She swiped with her good leg, a mistake as the bad one buckled again. A Skeleton tried to prod at her eyes, but a heavy sigh and the ensuing cloud of acid got its half-dead mind off of that while Yllithia got back up. Things were not looking good. She was bigger, tougher, and more powerful, but these things had the advantage of enormous numbers (she had lost count of the number of Undead she had killed already and there were more still coming) and they simply did not get tired, nor were they intimidated.

She reared her head back, inhaling very deeply, before spewing a torrent of heavy, thick, liquid acid over the horde before her. It seared away what rotting flesh remained on the Revenants and burnt holes into the Skeletons. However, just before her breath attack had hit, a Bone Mage had let loss a spell that now hit her in the eyes.

Yllithia fell back to the ground with a deafening roar, shaking the ground as she landed. The survivors of her pursuers scuttled closer to her writhing form.
16 Jan 2012
Note: As agreed with Satori, Tania replaces Raisa.

Name: Tania.
Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Place of Birth: Sacae.
Nation/Group of Allegiance:

Class: Shaman
Level: 5
Weapon Levels: Dark Magic {D}
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Intermediate Spell: Wasting and Weakening
Tania raises her dominant hand and gathers mana in it, forming it into a smooth, reflective ball resembling glass which she throws at an enemy. When the ball hits home, it scatters and the target is stunned by the impact. It takes a while to recover from this, and even after recovering from the stun, enemies will find they have trouble resisting blows from Tania's allies, as well as landing significant blows of their own.

Dark Hand
Simple Spell: Close Range
Easily the simplest spell Tania has at her disposal, as well as the swiftest to cast, the least manaconsuming and the weakest. When using Dark Hand, Tania simply enchants her hand like an artificer would a weapon or a piece of armor, and then proceeds to slap enemies that are too close to her. While this is a simple self-defensive spell that normally only hurts a bit more than a normal slap, if Tania hits her enemy in the right place serious brain damage can occur due to the nature of Dark magic.

Creeping Shadows
Intermediate Spell: Charged and Shade.
Tania's shadow splits off into two, one half staying behind as her shadow (albeit a lot smaller than it was), and the other half swiftly creeping over the ground towards a target chosen by Tania upon preparing her cast. Once it reaches its target, the shadow pops up, usually behind it, and if the target is wearing armour, it will seek out an opening in it. Then, the shadow rears back and then lunges into the target. Unfortunately, the shadow being a part of Tania's own means her movement is somewhat restricted while it is separated from her.

Intermediate Spell: Area of Effect and Pulsate
A simple concept enlarged and elaborated. Tania chooses an area where a magic circle appears. As soon as this magic circle has appeared, anyone standing in it will not get the chance to run away before they are struck by flames of dark magic. As the pain from the first strike ebbs away, a second, more powerful flare follows. After this second blow has struck everyone in the circle, the circle disappears from the area and cannot be re-cast for a little while. Strangely enough, any flammable materials in the designated area, such as grass, are left completely unharmed by the dark flames.

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 145 lbs. (66 kilos)
Build: Slender, athletic.
Skin tone: Fair.
Cup size: C.
For a magic user, Tania is not as frail as one would expect. She has been raised riding horses and hunting with her tribe, so while she has a very slender build, she certainly has meat on her bones and she's physically strong enough to take care of herself. Her using magic seems more of a conscious choice than a result of physical frailty, at any rate. Tania sports a pair of lustrous golden eyes and long, dark purple hair she ties up.

Unlike many of her profession, Tania doesn't wear heavy, dark robes obscuring most if not all of her form. Instead, she opts for a simple, strapless black dress and riding boots without heels. Her red sleeves are detached from her dress, but somewhat wide. On her waist, Tania has a few pouches with medicinal herbs, even though she doesn't know a lot about those, and one for money. There seem to be no scrolls or tomes on her personage- instead, Tania uses an ornately carved staff as a catalyst for her spells.

Her father a once respected commander and her mother a well-known swordswoman and archer of the remnants of the Taifah tribe, Tania used to be rather spoilt. She was perfectly well aware of her parents' standing in the tribe and to this day tends to demand respect. However, if Tania gets that respect, whether it be for her looks, her former status, or her magic, she is a very pleasant young woman to be around.

What Tania lacks in physical capability, she makes up for in character. She has a good head on her shoulders, which she considers to be an absolute prerequisite for the magic she practices, a healthy amount of bravery and an unwavering loyalty towards her friends, family, and tribe. Like many Sacaens, Tania is prideful and has immense issues with lying to anyone, even enemies. The near-destruction of the Taifah, now reduced to whatever few men, women, perhaps families, had managed to escape the Kutolah's wrath, is an extremely sensitive subject to Tania, as she and her parents had never wanted anything to do with it.

It should be noted that Tania, being raised by Sacaens, is completely illiterate and therefore has extremely little if any use whatsoever for tomes. Much like the fate of her tribe, this is a touchy subject for the Shamaness and she quickly takes any mention of it whatsoever as a personal insult.

Tania was not born to the Sacaen Nomads of the Taifah tribe, but was taken in by two of their high-standing members as their daughter. They were the ones who gave the Shamaness-to-be her name, and effectively everything she has ever had, as she had nothing of her real family on her when she was found.

It was never of any concern, as aside from a few members, the tribe accepted her and as she grew up, Tania reaped respect from her tribesmen. She always knew she was different from others, due to her much darker hair and strange eyes, neither of which she shared with her parents, but it never really bothered her until she was about twelve. She knew her tribe knew nothing about her true origins, and for a few years, the family was stuck with an extremely frustrated and rebellious Tania. It was during one of her temper tantrums, at the age of fourteen, that she had a little accident- a strange, purplish gaseous-seeming substance escaped her hand and wounded one of the horses nearby.

She immediately forgot she was throwing a tantrum and prioritized ensuring the horse would recover before she would listen to anyone who could explain to her what it had been. She had seen Shamans and Druids in action before, but had never suspected that she herself would have been gifted with magic. Her parents suddenly understood more about why their adoptive daughter had been abandoned- it was very well possible that some mage in the vicinity of her true family had seen Dark magic flowing through the girl's veins.

It was common knowledge that most countries other than Sacae had a petty, senseless aversion against practitioners of the dark arts. If that was the case, then Tania had been fortunate to be abandoned and found rather than murdered.

Rather than using this information to scout out the surrounding countries, however, Tania allowed herself to be taken under the wing of an aunt who knew something of the Dark Arts herself so she could learn her magic properly. It soon turned out that Tania was a rather slow learner, that she found it difficult to master the power within herself and was afraid to damage her mind or soul with it. It took her three years to fully get over that fear and have faith in herself.

She had scarcely gotten practical spellcasting in for a year when the majority of the Taifah spontaneously started rebelling against the Kutolah. Tania's family, or at least she herself, had not been notified about this, and she only barely escaped the punishment the Kutolah imposed on the tribe. Nowadays, she and her parents live alone on the plains and Tania is to this day afraid Kutolah will find her and know she is a Taifah.

She has continued her practice of magic over the past year, improving only slowly, but managing to stay calm, knowing the danger that lurks in losing one's temper when dealing with Dark Magic. However, between fear, curiosity, the war with Lycia, and wanderlust, Tania is growing less and less fond of her life on the plains and is preparing to leave her parents so she can travel to Lycia, Bern, and maybe Etruria.

Tania is perfectly well aware of the prejudice against her kind of spellcasters in those countries, but she wouldn't be prideful Tania if she let that stop her.

Approved by Darth. I am a little curious if the "no tomes" thing will fly, though. Make sure to check with Satori.
Fixed that.
20 Nov 2011
Morphs and Dragons
Ashuram Academy- Intelligence quarters
Early morning

"Do you understand the mission, Esmeralda? Please rebrief us so we can ascertain."

Esmeralda's expression was even blanker than usual as she gazed at the two highly-ranked members of Ashuram's intelligence. She blinked, and then started. "Increasing Demonic activity has been registered outside of the Deadzone, where it would be expected. As this is a worrying observation, it is imperative that we take pre-emptive measures to Demonkind breaking out and overwhelming mankind." It was something that had been going on for a while now. Now came the specifics. "There are strong hints that Dragonkind knows something about the incredible Holy magic that goes by the name of Narga. My assignment is to seek out Dragonkind and inquire, in the process attempting to obtain this power. I will be going there with Troy Cholass and Ishal Arkaid. Due to the lack of physical support in this group, should I decide to hire one or two mercenaries, Ashuram will provide the funding for those."

"Very well. You are setting out for the Deadzone, on the border of which Dragons are confirmed to still exist, as soon as possible. You may leave to get ready."

Eastern Araducia
Intersecting borders- Acid Shaikh's domain, Deadzone, Eastern Araducia
Early afternoon

Esmeralda looked at her map. Not that it was really necessary- she had already printed all the info into her head, checking the map was more of a formality here. "We head east from here. Troy, Ishal, are the two of you ready for this?" It did worry her that they had no physical backup. But she found that the legendary spell Narga was not something everyone should know about. Was she overestimating herself? Perhaps. But Troy and Ishal had both proven themselves to be decent mages, and the fact that Ashuram itself had decided to send her on an S-rank mission meant they, too, had faith in her. She was a little troubled by the fact that neither Annette nor Freedman were here, but on the other hand, the lack of Annette's summons and the distraction that was Freedman would do her good.

She had taken quite a while with her preparations, stocking up on Quintessence for herself, Elixirs for her companions and torches in case there would be fog up there in those mountains. Not to mention some thicker robes- the higher up in the mountains one got, the further the temperatures dropped. "Once we go up there, that'll be it. I will not turn back for anything. So if there is anything on your mind, say it now."
18 Nov 2011
In the mountains of Central Araducia, a Necromancer has been very busy recently, building a special army of undead mounted on undead Pegasi. As if that wasn't bad enough in its own right, his highest-ranked death knight has been given a very special sword with which to wipe out... whatever it is they have to wipe out. And the stationed watchwomen are very concerned that the target is humans.

When Natasha Gaines Bezelheim discovers the reports sent to her superior, she becomes enraged at the disgrace of Demons riding Pegasi who aren't allowed to rest, armors up and takes her own Pegasus in hopes of setting things straight.

Unfortunately for the necromancer, Natasha is not THAT naive. Before she leaves for central Araducia, she gathers a few skilled allies to help her. because this RP will take place largely if not entirely in the mountains, being capable of flight would -really- help. (However, due to my personal tastes this will still not help you if you're applying with a male Pegasus Knight- don't shoot me, Natasha doesn't like them either.) For every Pegasus/Wyvern we can get, we can probably have one groundbound person, but I recommend against it.

Having some sort of history with Natasha or at least knowing to piece her name with her face would really help, but unlike with Esmeralda's RP for Narga, it's not mandatory. As long as you can provide me with a way to know what's going on in Araducia, I should consider you. The number of slots I list here is by no means the number of slots available.

1. Natasha Gaines Bezelheim (Falcoknight, focus on Swords) (Blonde Panther)
2. Red Antelope Wading the Sea (Conjurer) (Sui-kun)
3. Misora (Pegasus Rider) (Yuki Artolia Artwaltz)
4. Callad Bolge Dekku (Mercenary) (Knight of G)
5. Silas C. Sothington (Bishop) (Bro Pun)

UPDATE DECEMBER 8: Okay, since apparently I went ahead and recruited all the people that AREN'T going to post, I am wiping out the current cast (except for Callad, since G is the exception to confirm the rule) and re-opening the signups on Monday unless a miracle happens. Help a sister out here, people. Natasha can't get Sieglinde if I don't get any active posters.
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