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Physical Attributes
post Apr 5 2008, 03:20 PM
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Physical Attributes:

Characters will have three "stats" that primarily function as a means to compare between one person to another. The three stats are Strength, Endurance, and Agility. These will help determine who will have advantages when in a fight, but certainly won't determine the outcome all on their own. This only covers the basics.

Strength: Pretty straight forward. Strength is how much power your character has, how much they can lift, how hard they can hit, how much stopping force they have.
At 1: Lol, dead.
At 10: Pitiful, someone this low would likely snap in two at a touch.
At 20: Almost skeletal. This person is far weaker than they should be, and are lucky if they can stand unaided.
At 30: Weak, even for a Taala, this person has very poorly developed muscle mass.
At 40: Average human that doesn't exercise.
At 50: Think of a fairly strong human that exercises often.
At 60: A human that trains regularly and keeps in shape.
At 70: Only the strongest of humans could ever get this high, and well trained Ruuans can achieve 70 easily.
At 80: The strongest, largest of Ruuans can get into this range with a stable training schedule.
At 90: Super human - something beyond pure physical strength is affectivey someone to get this high.
At 100: Godly - only Deities can become this powerful.
This same basic scaling should apply to Endurance and Agility as well.
Endurance: Endurance is how long someone can last under stress or strenuous activity. The more endurance the longer you last before getting tired, and the more abuse you can take in combat.
Agility: Agility is how well someone is at moving their body, be it in the realm of reflexes, or jumping, or sprinting. The more agility the lighter their body feels to them and the more things they can do with it in return.

They run on a scale of 1-100, however most will fall between 40 and 70, with exceptions going upwards towards 90 and down to 20. Anything more extreme than that is likely to never occur amongst normal characters.

This stat is determined largely by your character's race, and some by your individual character in comparison to the average member of your race.

Averages are as follow:
Strength: 50-60
Endurance: 50-60
Agility: 50-60

Strength: 45-55
Endurance: 45-55
Agility: 50-60

Strength: 60-70
Endurance: 60-70
Agility: 55-65

Strength: 40-50
Endurance: 45-55
Agility: 60-70

For Hybrids; (Hybrids are extremely uncommon and must have approval before submission.)
Ruuman: (A Human/Ruuan Cross)
Strength: 55-65
Endurance: 55-65
Agility: 53-63

Kjurran: (A Kjur/Ruuan Cross)
Strength: 52-62
Endurance: 52-62
Agility: 52-62

From there you can tweak them at your own personal judgment based on your character's own traits, and a mod will decide if they are appropriate before approving a profile.
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