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9 Jun 2012
It was supposed to have been a safe passage from the village of Cartool to the town of Middlemount. At worst, the caravon should have encountered bandits or the occasional demon, but its guards were well-armed and well-trained, and so it should have been no problem.

So how was it, Keris wondered, that he now found himself amidst heights he could not scale, separated from the rest of the company bar one girl? An avalanche, he surmised, from the boulders that lay scattered about him. It had been a miracle they'd survived at all, though judging from some of the split rocks, someone must have thrown some magic in to protect them.

Was it the girl? He wasn't sure. She looked exhausted, and the caster couldn't decide if it was due to the arduous uphill march or what had just befallen them.

"Will you be all right?" he asked, eyes on the sky. From the sun's position, at least two bells must have passed since the avalanche had come down. "It looks like we were separated from the others."

Keris wondered about their options. From the way they had fallen, he guessed that it'd take too long to backtrack and climb up the mountain pass again. They wouldn't have enough food to last them both for that long, and he wasn't too keen on travelling a popular merchant's road with just the two of them.
22 Dec 2011
Okay, so I kinda want to RP now that hols are coming up and all. I've written a new character for it, which no doubt will give cause for concern, and I have some idea of what I want the storyline to do.

Where: Azgarth
What: Mostly social, some combat, stalking around town, talking to people, beating up baddies. To be precise: a package belonging to the Vousse family has been stolen. We're going around to retrieve it.
Who: One or two other people, preferably people who don't mind introducing some elements themselves. If not, I'll take what I can get.
1 Aug 2011
So right. I've been hankering for RP for a month now, and it seems clear to me that I'm not going to get it satisfied by sitting here, twiddling my thumbs in an exercise of futility while dreaming dreams of Mega Man Legends 3. (screw you Capcom ;_; )

Thus I decide to do the crazy thing and go for a thread run again. Despite my drop rate being like, 7/9. It's impressive enough to make me cower in shame and think my right to any reasonable cast forfeit as I tend to forfeit the thread before they have a chance to dump me or complain it's too damn boring to even stick around for.

Regardless, I return anew with dreams of roleplay, of frolicking little faeries aspiring to grand heights from whereupon they cannot even see where they began, etcetera.

In a bid for "craziest threadrunner ever", I want to try this thing where you take a character, look at their background, and try to conceive a plot that weaves into it... it's madness, I know. Because of this, I'd like to take on no more than two people beside myself, so I won't have ten people whose histories need to be fine-combed for a point of interest that can be used to connect the events at hand to the random passersby who happen to meet and join up. Etcetera.

Doc expressed interest on AIM so I have like, ONE SLOT. FREE OF CHARGE. Etc.

Doc, Rock and Bard RP here etc.
12 Jan 2011
Lofty RP title is go.

RP topic for a fourth. Aiming for one or two other characters to join. Follow up to Banner of Peace, but prior knowledge is not necessary. Marcelli Empire again.

Lewis is travelling because he has to. So he ends up in a village with the most atrocious sense of aesthetics ever. He winds up lost and stumbles into a meeting between one or more PCs, as well as the mayor, his son and a girl who happened to be travelling there by fortune and assists the mayor for the time being. Lewis is mistaken for another of the "mercenaries", or more just hired hands to reconcile peace between the two warring factions in town: peace between the youth and the elders, who are divided over how best to put their creative and carpenterish juices to work.

But the village mayor is willing to see reason and, after long discussions with his council and the traveller girl, they've agreed to see to some of the youth faction's "demands", and grant them more freedom in where to use their energy for. The problem is that the leader of the youth faction stalwartly refuses to speak with the mayor, and due to their forces being ARMED, the mayor is also not to keen on visiting them.

That's where the PCs come in: meet on neutral terrain and try to convince them to go to the diplomacy table.

The PCs do this, and upon success return to tell of the good news! The mayor is delighted and the PCs sleep on it for a night. The next day they accompany the mayor in the negotiations, where the youth faction agrees to cooperate with the elder faction once again on one condition: they need to chase someone out of town!

Those who remain loyal to her will defend her to death, while the PCs must drive her out. After the battle, there is celebration and peace!

I'll be using Lewis, level 1 Curate extra-ordinaire. So you can get ouchies in.

Despite my own low level (or due to it), it'd be nice to have people a liiiiitle higher leveled than level 3 join up, because the enemies won't be just weaklings.

Right, sign ups start now.
3 Jan 2011
In continuing our successful swath of love and justice (and various other components not applicable to Senen), we now continue to advertise ourselves as the West Araducian Army!

The following RP contains elements that are unsuitable for do-gooders, people with qualms about killing people who don't bear arms and generally nice folks who you'd befriend in a heartbeat. On the other hand, the dutiful who'd do their job and do it well should most certainly apply and apply with gusto. Or something.

Regular soldiers may also apply, but mercenary types are preferred.

Beating logic to the curb, we'll assume anyone who's in this RP has somehow convinced the employers that they will be able to hold their tongue or something!

The RP is a simple one. Our PCs are decked out in Araducian armour, specifically bearing the crest of the western Alacian lands. They also have a matching banner, a small contingent of like-minded individuals (read: a small army) and enough justice on their side.

We approach a central Araducian village. We encounter their defence force who must of course be killed for no reason other than that they live. Lots of waving banners and "FOR THE GLORY OF PRINCE RAO" will be had. The next step is to gather all the villagers, and then once they are gathered in the square it is time for wholesale slaughter! Yes! Death to all ahahahahahahahhaha. We let a few people escape, they go crying to their prince that baaawwwwwww Rao attacked us.

PCs get the hell out, sit back, prepare for war.



This is Step 1 of a series of RPs meant to instigate a war in Araducia with the ultimate goal of CLEANSING the country of its internal conflict. The goal is just and honest, the methods are downright deplorable.

There won't be a whole lot of battle in the RP, actually. The defence force is fought alongside an army of NPCs, so we get a few rounds of that, and then the rest of the RP is mostly social and going choo choo on the villagers' arses and send them back to their makers.

I'd be happy if I got two or three people to join. 8D

Senen, Pegasus
Sheri, Shaman

DO NOTE: I'd prefer you don't ditch halfway the RP so make sure your character would be totally okay with the events described above. If there is a reasonable rejection from your PC of the above, then this is not for you.

I'd also love if you'd be available for a follow-up which deals with further instigating the conflict until conflict breaks out and we push Araducia into real war.
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