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20 Jun 2007
Name: Lucien Masgol Akaur-Sagodu
Age: 18
Homecountry: Azgarth
Affinity: Lightning
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140 lbs

Personality: Lucien is a shy boy but he's very curious and he enjoys to read. He's always a follower, he's not a leader. He's sometimes selfcentered but he doesn't speak out about it he just thinks about it. He likes the dark rather than the light because light hurts his eys for some reason.

Appearance: Lucien's black hair is stringy and greasy, falling in his face. It's short and it sticks up in the back. His face is a porcelain white. His eyes are lined with circles. On his body he wears light armor of leather. It covers his body, but it's slightly light but decorated with shrunken skulls and bones corroded with black magic. His gauntlets are decorated in the same way with bones. From the armor trails a wispy veil that's white and is made to look like a spider web. Under his armor is a small shirt of chain mail covering his breast. Over his legs is a long skirt. There's a horn hanging on a belt and a pouch for tomes and concealed on his hip is a hunting knife. His body is skinny and bony. He is lips are thin.

Based on: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/631674...h+age_scale%3A5

Bio: Lucien never knew his mother and father. He was never even told about them. It was rather depressing for him, but he tried to live with it. The young boy grew up in an orphanage in a city in Azgarth, but could never fit in, even though he was never fat or skinny.

They thought he was pretty geeky because he spent his time doing the chores that the other kids didn't want to do; sometimes this was hard labor and that would explain his stocky build. He used to train with a sword hoping to be a swordsman some day. He never really found himself to be strong enough to do this, however.

Lucien's greatest joy was when he was adopted by an old man, who was a summoner, and had a lot of books on the dark arts. Lucien would study them and he started getting fascinated with dark magic. This was good because it got him interested. He would study for days on end, and was tutored by his adoptive father in dark magic. When he got older he went out on his own to further his studies.

Class: Shaman
Level: 2 (http://www.fe-planet.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1786)

Weapons: Flux, Wrack, Whip
Weapon Levels: Dark - (0/?)

Additional Notes/Comments:
8 Jun 2007
Can someone make a mug like that? He's skinny and its a male.
8 May 2007
Echidona: Axe
Echidona: Sword
4 May 2007
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Can I have a sprite for Creida? She wears pants but maybe base of Echidna. Creida's in my Dark of Night clicky
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