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Levels, Classes and stuff
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Skylessia Characters

Every playable character, regardless of class, has a level assigned to them. For both first tiers and second tiers, the minimum level is 1 whereas the maximum level is 20. Your level is by no means an absolute statistic that decides anything by itself; rather, it is a relative number that, when compared to the level of a different character, tells you the difference in the combat capabilities of the two characters.

Example 1: Elizabeth
Class: Archer.
Level: 15.

Example 2: Sam
Class: Nomad.
Level: 10

In the case of Elizabeth and Sam, Elizabeth is the more combat capable warrior by five levels. While this isn't enforced by hard stats and calculations, common sense dictates that Elizabeth would be able to defeat an enemy that would be too much for Sam to handle.

You choose your starting level upon creating your character: Either level 1, level 10, or level 10/1. Levels are awarded by moderators for completing and submitting roleplaying threads, depending on the quality of your writing. On ocassion, it will also be possible to win levels in contests.

Perhaps the most defining trait of a roleplaying character in Ylisse, and the trait that many people build their character around, is their class. Like starting level, you choose your character's class upon creation. However, unlike starting level, your class cannot change with time- once chosen, your class is set. The Second Seal item from the game does not exist in the roleplay.

Your class decides what types of weapons you can use, whether or not you can ride a mount into battle and what kind of mount that would be, and your general strengths and weaknesses. For example, let's take another look at Sam and Elizabeth. Sam is a Nomad and Elizabeth an Archer. Both classes are capable of using bows, but nothing else. The big difference between the two classes lies in the fact that the Nomad is capable of mounted archery. While there is nothing stopping Elizabeth from owning and riding a horse, Sam is the only one who can effectively shoot from its back in battle.

We make the distinction between the basic First Tier classes and the more advanced and powerful Second Tier classes.

First Tiers
First tiers are basic classes which usually have access to a single weapon type- Archers can use bows, Mercenaries can use swords, and Clerics can use staves, but nothing else. If you create a character at level 1 or level 10, you'll have to choose your class from the First Tier list below. Levels for first tiers are simply written down as they are: We speak of a level 10 Mage or a level 2 Cavalier.
First Tiers: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Special Classes
These classes are special cases as far as class selection goes. While characters using any other class can be graded by any member of the mod team, Special Classes are graded exclusively by Blonde Panther. Lords are closely involved in the Ylisse side of the plot and will work closely together with the mod team on developing the government's reactions to circumstances, whereas Tacticians are very powerful characters, having access to both physical and magical weaponry at first tier.

For these reasons, Blonde Panther employs a far stricter grading process for these classes than for any other, and it is advised to put a good deal of thought into the profile. Profiles made on a whim will often be recognized for what they are and rejected.

Weapons: Choice of one weight class of Swords/or/Lances/or/Axes/or/Bows, or Magic, or Staves.
Promotes into: Great Lord
This class is exclusively available to characters from the Halidom of Ylisse.
Lords are the governors of Ylisse, the nobly-born men and women who have held land and sworn fealty to the Ylissian Royal Family. A Lord’s title is passed on from parent to child, but the class is reserved for only those children who exhibit talent in the martial arts. Their talents vary from arms to the magical arts, and each has great potential to become mighty generals regardless of their chosen field, either through nature or through resources.

Weapons: Choice of one weight class of Swords/or/Lances/or/Axes/or/Bows, and Magic.
Promotes into: Grandmaster
Aspiring scholars of battlefield tactics and wartime strategy that have taken both physical and magical arms up to increase their value to potential sponsors, Tacticians are able to switch between standard melee combat and the arcane arts by focusing intensely. Their presence on the battlefield can tip the scales in moments of truth.

Infantry Classes

Weapons: Bows.
Promotes into: Sniper or Bow Knight.
Archers are infantrymen who wield sizable longbows to shoot arrows at targets located either nearby or far across a battlefield. Archers sacrifice the use of standard melee weaponry and more effective armor for the sake of being light on their feet and able to position themselves for a good shot at any location.

Weapons: Light Axes, Mediumweight Axes.
Promotes into: Berserker or Warrior.
Strong, well-built men and women, Barbarians carry axes into battle. They are strong enough to wield these relatively light axes with one hand, and they can be frightening when proper training or enough practice has been had. Using only one hand to wield their axe, Barbarians have their other hand free for other tasks, such as grabbing and tossing their enemy, or other such wild feats matching their fighting styles.

Weapons: Heavy Axes, Mediumweight Axes.
Promotes into: Warrior or Hero.
One of the physically most powerful kind of warriors, Fighters are mostly bulky men and women carrying large, heavy axes into battle that even they have to wield with two hands. This gives them immense power to deal out devastating blows to everything their weapon connects to, but it slows them down and they are often left wide open. So as not to further slow themselves down, Fighters wear no armor, relying solely on their physique to withstand incoming blows.

Weapons: Heavy Lances, Mediumweight Lances.
Promotes into: General or Great Knight.
Also called living walls, Knights are the most defensive of warriors. They sacrifice swiftness by wearing incredibly heavy armor, which protects them from the majority of physical attacks. The downside is that their armor does not protect them from magic, and its weight makes it virtually impossible to dodge incoming spells. Knights bear basic and heavy lances into battle to deal harsh blows to all who challenge them.

Weapons: Mediumweight Swords, Heavy Swords.
Promotes into: Hero or Bow Knight.
Mercenaries are a varied people, but all are balanced swordsmen fighting on foot. Some wear armor, some do not. They are both capable of delivering solid blows and withstanding them. Some Mercenaries, instead of balancing their abilities, choose to train themselves to be physically stronger than others, their defenses suffering somewhat but their strength setting them apart from their colleagues. The odds of two Mercenaries being the same aren’t very high, but all can adapt to any given situation on the fly no matter their chosen style.

Weapons: Mediumweight Swords, Lightweight Swords.
Promotes into: Swordmaster or Assassin.
Swift, agile swordsmen, Myrmidons set themselves apart from other swordsmen with not strength but accuracy and speed. More than others, they are capable of delivering blows to weak spots in the enemy’s armor or physique. However, if their sword fails to connect with a vulnerable target area, the results are less than impressive. Myrmidons are also either lightly armored or unarmored, and their swiftness costs them their bulkiness, so they're best off avoiding taking hits. Fortunately they are very adept at this, sometimes performing outright acrobatic feats on the battlefield.

Weapons: Lightweight Lances, Mediumweight Lances.
Promotes into: Halberdier or Captain.
Soldiers are lightly armored lance-wielders who fight on foot. Though average in all regards, this weakness can also be a soldier’s strength, as they are able to adapt and switch their strategies to match almost any situation. The Soldier's excellent mobility also allows them to quickly redeploy defensively in any given area.

Weapons: Lightweight Swords.
Promotes into: Assassin or Trickster.
Shunning the use of all but the lightest of weapons available, Thieves are incredibly nimble but lack real power, making them relatively inefficient in combat when compared to other kinds of people. However, Thieves have other skills that make up for their lack of capability to fight in direct combat. Some Thieves are adept at gathering information, while others’ swift and light fingers are perfectly suitable for stealing the enemy’s possessions. Others yet are great spies, infiltrating enemy camps and striking from within, and lastly, there are those who can brew toxins to kill without having to hit hard.

Cavalry Classes

Weapons: Medium-weight Swords, medium-weight Lances.
Promotes into: Paladin or Great Knight.
Men and women who take advantage of the extra speed and power a trained horse adds to their arsenal are known as Cavaliers. Cavaliers are more versatile than most, capable of wielding both lances and swords in combat, as long as the weight of such a weapon is suitable to the horse and the rider. Cavaliers can vary in standing, but most are richer than footmen because a horse is not cheap in maintenance.

Weapons: Bows.
Promotes into: Nomadic Trooper or Nomdic Trapper.
This class is exclusively available to characters from Ragna Ferox.
Nomadic Feroxians who fire quick volleys of shortbow arrows from horseback to confuse and quickly barrage their enemies. The nomads are unique to the tundric plains of Ragna Ferox, where small clans and tribes are scattered throughout the north, using their quick shots and fast steeds to hunt their prey.

Pegasus Knight
Weapons: Lightweight Lances.
Promotes into: Falcoknight or Dark Flier.
This class is exclusively available to female characters.
Pegasus Knights are women who wield lances and ride Pegasi into battle. Pegasi are mystical creatures, appearing as otherwise mundane horses with large, feathered wings. They are swift creatures, adept at dodging enemy blows rather than being capable of taking hits. Be it because of the Pegasus’ own mysterious origins or a side effect of the bond between Pegasus and mistress, Pegasi seem to be resilient to magic. However, they are extremely vulnerable to missile weapons.

Wyvern Rider
Weapons: Medium axes, heavy axes.
Promotes into: Wyvern Lord or Griffon Rider.
Wyvern Riders are daring, physically powerful men and women who wield heavy, powerful poleaxes and ride the fearsome Wyverns. Wyverns are the fiercest predators of the heavens; large, scaly creatures resembling the dragons of legend that soar through the skies using leathery, bat-like wings. They are weapons in their own right, attacking with sharp claws and maws full of teeth. The only things capable of stopping a Wyvern in its path are magic and bowfire.

Magic-wielding Classes

Magic: Staves.
Promotes into: War Monk or Sage.
Wielding Staves and using magic capable of healing and strengthening allies, as well as hindering enemies, Clerics are valued allies and hated foes. They need protection from stronger allies as they do not stand up against attacks well and are unable of fighting for themselves. However, they are capable of resisting most magical assault.

Dark Mage
Weapons: Magic, Dark Magic.
Promotes into: Sorcerer or Dark Knight.
This class is exclusively available to characters from Plegia.
Dark Mages wield both the power of the Magic of Truth and that of Dark Magic, making them amongst the most powerful magic wielders on the continent. They are an oddity amongst magic users however, as they are very well capable of resisting physical attacks. On the flipside, they are very weak against enemy magic.

Weapons: Magic.
Promotes into: Sage or Dark Knight.
Wielders of the Magic of Truth known as Mages can be found all over Ylisse and Ragna Ferox. They are fearsome foes, capable of resisting the magic of others and one of the few warriors who pose a threat to heavily armored foes. However, they themselves are extremely weak to physical attacks.

Weapons: Staves.
Promotes into: Valkyrie or War Monk.
Troubadour is a title given to men and women who wield staves from horseback. Their steeds give them great mobility to cover more of the battlefield compared to the slower Cleric, however the horse can also be a liability in bad terrain. They are unable to defend themselves in combat and do not stand up well against physical assault, but are rather resilient against magic.

Second Tiers
From a certain level onwards, it's possible for a First Tier class to change into one of its respective Second Tier classes. This promotion is the only form of class change allowed, and it's a normal and expected process. If your starting level is 10/1, then you will begin as a Second Tier. Second Tiers are more powerful and have access to more weapon types than First Tiers. For example, a Wyvern Rider promoting into a Wyvern Lord will gain the ability to wield lances, in addition to the axes they could already wield.

Level notation for Second Tiers is preferably done as X/Y, with X being the First Tier level at which the promotion occurred, and Y being your Second Tier level. Once you promote, only your Second Tier level can be increased- a Soldier who promotes at level 15 can never become a level 20/20 Halberdier, only level 15/20 at the most.
Second Tiers: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Special Second Tiers
These are the promoted forms of the special first tier classes. Special Classes only get one promotion each, but a mod will not have to grade the worthiness of your character a second time.

Great Lord
Weapons: Starting weapon + one weight class of the remaining weapon types OR all weight classes of your starting weapons.
Promoted from: Lord
In addition to a new weapon, Great Lords have the option to take a mount. Horses are available to everyone, while Wyverns can only be taken if the Great Lord takes two physical weapons, and Pegasi are restricted to female Great Lords.
This class is exclusively available to characters from the Halidom of Ylisse.

Great Lords are those nobles of Ylisse who have proven themselves invaluable to the Royal Family, either through martial prowess, diplomatic means, or otherwise. They are amongst if not the finest warriors that the Halidom possesses, true masters of the combat arts. Some Great Lords choose to ridea horse, Wyvern, or Pegasus into battle, but equally as many choose not to- there is no sort of warrior so varied as the Great Lords of Ylisse.

Weapons: All weight classes of your chosen weapon, and Magic.
Promoted from: Tactician
Grandmasters are by far the most sought-after and wisest of Tacticians. They retain their skill in the magical arts and improve greatly upon their chosen physical weapon, but are special beyond this versatility and their mastery of combat strategy. Grandmasters have mastered the special ability to half-cast a spell to imbue it into their weapon, set to unleash fully when that weapon next makes contact with an enemy.

Infantry Second Tiers

Weapons: Lightweight Swords, mediumweight swords, Bows.
Promoted from: Thief, Myrmidon.
Stories speak of Assassins, dark-clad men and women who stalk the shadows, kill without warning and retreat to those same shadows, making a swift getaway before anyone can ever catch them. They are often nicknamed killers-for-hire, murdering anyone you like- for a price. In addition to their swordplay, Assassins take up bows in order to eliminate especially risky targets from afar. Assassinship may sound attractive as a lucrative job, but only the swiftest-thinking, best-trained or coldest-hearted make the cut. Without the element of surprise and the first strike, Assassins are much less of a threat in combat.

Weapons: Axe mastery.
Promoted from: Barbarian.
Berserkers are true masters of the axe, forgoing all knowledge of any other sort of weapon in order to specialize themselves in their chosen arm. They are devastating foes, very likely to crush the bones of whatever their axe so much as touches. However, they stand up very poorly against enemy assault, having to rely on their speed and strength to destroy before they are destroyed.

Weapons: Lightweight Lances, Medium Lances, Bows.
Promoted from: Soldier.
Lightly armored Soldiers who complement their lancefighting with archery to gain versatility. They are skilled in both fields, and are commonly placed in leadership positions. Captains are very common amongst most armies on the continent, most notably in Ylisse.

Weapons: Heavy Lances, Mediumweight Lances, Heavy Axes, Mediumweight Axes.
Promoted from: Knight.
The finest of Knights become Generals, and are amongst the most specialized of warriors. Although still helpless against magical assault, Generals are almost completely impervious to physical means of attack, protected by plate armor the likes of which most men could not lift. However, Generals are strong enough to not only wear this armor, but also move in it, and deliver crippling blows by means of both lance and axe.

Weapons: Lance Mastery.
Promoted from: Soldier.
Fully devoting themselves to the mastery of the lance, Halberdiers do not learn to wield any other sort of weapons or magic and are specialist troops. They are average in strength, swiftness, and defensive capability, but their skill with the lance is second to none, and they are amongst the most reliable of warriors in that respect.

Weapons: Mediumweight Swords, Heavy Swords, Mediumweight Axes, Heavy Axes.
Promoted from: Fighter or Mercenary.
Heroes are swordsmen of incredible skill who take up axes to add some brute strength to their arsenal. However, this doesn’t compromise their swiftness or defenses. Heroes are easily some of the most balanced, adaptable warriors on the continent, although some will in fact choose brute strength more than others. As hired swords, Heroes are the most sought after of all, having a reputation for loyalty and dedication.

Weapons: Bow Mastery.
Promoted from: Archer.
Rather than spreading their skills and trying to compensate for their weakness in direct combat, Snipers are entirely dedicated to the art of archery. They are the finest bowmen known to man, capable of landing a killing shot over a distance far greater than any other archer can.

Weapons: Sword Mastery.
Promoted from: Myrmidon.
Much as their name implies, Swordmasters have fully mastered the art of swordplay. Regardless of weight or size, they can wield any sword given to them with great ease and elegance, cutting up their enemies swifter than an untrained swordsman can understand, let alone mimic. They are quite deadly adversaries and are still amongst the most agile dodgers, but are still not very resilient.

Weapons: Lightweight Swords, Staves
Promoted from: Thief.
While many thieves work alone, there are those who operate in groups or even aid armies directly in combat. Some of these thieves become Tricksters, learning the art of supportive magic and taking up staves to aid their allies. However, they still do so from safety, rather than at the frontlines, and their actual combat capability is only little improved over that of normal thieves.

Weapons: All Axes, Bows
Promoted from: Fighter or Barbarian.
Warriors are armored, burly men and women who primarily wield heavy axes with two hands. However, keeping one’s distance from them is not necessarily the best way to escape their immense strength. In addition to their axes, Warriors have taken up bows, attacking fleeing enemies from afar. However, the weight of both their armor and their weapons weighs them down ever so slightly, slowing them.

Cavalry Second Tiers

Bow Knight
Weapons: Bows, Mediumweight Swords, Heavy Swords.
Promoted from: Archer or Mercenary.
Mounted on horseback, Bow Knights are both swordsmen and archers of reliable skill. They are versatile, capable of facing foes both near and far, and have good mobility thanks to their faithful steeds. Their only limitation is that they cannot learn magic, and their defenses are just the same as those of any other warrior.

Dark Flier
Weapons: Lightweight Lances, Magic.
Promoted from: Pegasus Knight.
Riding the magically extremely resilient Pegasi are women who were not only chosen by their mount, but have also learned to use magic. These women have a much easier time spellcasting than some other mounted warriors do. After all, Pegasi themselves are rather unusual creatures and are much less fearful of their own mistress’ spells. Their mounts also have an even better resilience to hostile magic than normal Pegasi do.

Weapons: Lightweight Lances, mediumweight Lances, Staves.
Promoted from: Pegasus Knight.
The most skilled of Pegasus Knights become Falcoknights, and add healing magic to their arsenal. Their Pegasi are sometimes armored but always slightly more powerful than those of normal Pegasus Knights. While not precisely actively seeking out battle, these animals can and will dish out mean kicks and bites when threatened. In addition, their armor is never so heavy that it makes it difficult to keep up their reputation of being excellent dodgers.

Great Knight
Weapons: Mediumweight Swords, Mediumweight Lances, Heavy Lances, Mediumweight Axes.
Promoted from: Cavalier or Knight.
Some Cavaliers choose to walk the path of brute strength, becoming Great Knights. These horsemen clad themselves and sometimes their horse in heavy plate armor, taking up heavy weapons in addition to those they mastered in the past. It speaks for itself that the horses ridden by Great Knights are mighty, enormous animals, strong enough to carry their master, his armor, his weapons, and their own armor. While carrying all this, these horses still have the strength leftover to trample anything in their path, even armored foes.

Griffon Rider
Weapons: Mediumweight axes, Heavy Axes.
Promoted from: Wyvern Rider.
More balanced than their Wyvern Lord colleagues are the Griffon Riders. Riding a feathered variety of Wyverns rather than the scaly kind, they gain swiftness and are not quite as vulnerable to magic as they have once been. However, they're not the most defensive warriors on the field and they do not hit quite as hard as Wyvern Lords either.

Nomadic Trapper
Weapons: Bows, Magic.
Promoted from: Nomad.
This class is exclusively available to characters from Ragna Ferox.
Nomadic Trappers are the last thing many generals want to see on the field of war. They are Nomads who have learned to cast magic, making them incredibly mobile warriors with good range and decent versatility. There's not much that is safe from the wrath of a Nomadic Trapper, especially if that Nomadic Trapper chooses not to show himself until the last moment.

Nomadic Trooper
Weapons: Bows, Lightweight and Mediumweight class of Axes, Swords, or Lances.
Promoted from: Nomad.
This class is exclusively available to characters from Ragna Ferox.
When a Nomad learns the art of swordplay, lance- or axefighting, they become known as a Nomadic Trooper. Now that they are no longer helpless in close combat, the Nomadic Trooper is a valuable ally, striking both from afar and from close up, and capable of bringing themselves within the desired range quickly.

Weapons: Lightweight Lances, Mediumweight Lances, Lightweight Swords, Mediumweight Swords.
Promoted from: Cavalier.
Paladins are the world’s most skilled horsemen, capable of dashing through enemy lines and strike down ranks of foes without mercy. Their horses are swift, swifter than any other steeds, and many were bred or selected solely for the purpose of carrying a Paladin to battle. Paladins can usually be found at the front of cavalry ranks, and if not, it will not take long before they are there.

Wyvern Lord
Weapons: Mediumweight Axes, Heavy Axes, Mediumweight Lances, Heavy Lances.
Promoted from: Wyvern Rider.
Some Wyverns are bulkier than others. Men and women riding these bulky, somewhat slower, reptiles commonly become Wyvern Lords. They’re amongst the most frightening troops the sky can hold, not only tearing apart anything they attack with poleaxe and Wyvern, but adding to their skills with lances, covering more ground in combat. They are still very weak to enemy mages, although their Wyverns seem to become a little less vulnerable to bowfire than they once were.

Magic-Wielding Second Tiers

Weapons: Magic, Dark Magic.
Promoted from: Dark Mage.
This class is exclusively available to characters from Plegia.
By far the most devastatingly powerful users of magic to roam the continent are Sorcerers. They have devoted themselves to studying the Magic of Truth as well as Dark Magic, giving them power beyond that of a Sage or Dark Knight. They continue to be the physically most resilient magic users, but they also retain their inherent weakness to enemy magic.

Dark Knight
Weapons: Magic, one weight class of Swords, Dark Magic (If promoted from Dark Mage).
Promoted from: Mage or Dark Mage.
Mages and Dark Mages who choose to take up swords to defend themselves physically and ride horses into combat. Dark Knights are often feared as enemies and sought as allies for their versatility and their power, combined with their good mobility. Their defensive options are quite balanced, being about equally resilient against physical and magical assault.

Weapons: Magic, Staves.
Promoted from: Mage or Cleric.
Scholars of the mainstream schools of magic, Sages utilize both Staves and the Magic of Truth to aid allies and wound enemies. They are often the most educated people on a battlefield, and amongst the most powerful users of magic. However, their desirability is slightly lessened by their lack of defensive options.

War Cleric/War Monk
Weapons: Staves, one weight class of Axes.
Promoted from: Cleric or Troubadour.
Troubadours promoting into this class lose their ability to fight from horseback.
Sometimes healers are needed at the forefront of the battle. This is a very dangerous place for staff wielders to be, so usually it’s a War Cleric or War Monk who volunteers for this dangerous task. While still not wearing any armor, War Monks have learned to wield axes, thus being able to protect themselves should it be necessary. They are not the most dangerous enemies to face, but are still extremely valuable allies.

Weapons: Staves, Magic.
Promoted from: Troubadour.
Some Troubadours have such mastery over their staves that they can afford to take up the Magic of Truth in addition. These men and women are amongst the finest magically-oriented shock troops available to an army, capable of riding in quickly, devastate the enemy, and retreat, healing any damage done to their allies as they go. However, they're fairly weak physically.

Promotion is the process of turning a First Tier class into a Second Tier class. Every First Tier, barring the Special Classes, has two Second Tiers associated with it. A Mage, for example, can choose to become a Sage or a Dark Knight, but not a Valkyrie.

A character can promote from level 10 onwards. There is no elaborate plot or Master Seal or other promotional item required to promote, although obviously there is nothing stopping you from using one. As soon as a character has reached level 10, or whatever level between 10 and 20 at which you desire to promote, you can post in this thread saying from which First Tier you're promoting into which Second Tier. This is purely for the purpose of keeping us informed, and you don't have to wait for our permission.

The class and level can be changed between roleplays and the change doesn't have to be addressed in the next thread the character participates in. However, if you are in two threads at a time, and the level gains from the first let you promote your character, we ask that you finish the second thread as were they still their First Tier class, to avoid discrepancies.
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