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Need something FIX'D? 8D
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29 years old
Shepherdsville, KY
Born Sep-11-1990
I really really love music. It's my (unreasonable) dream to be a professional drummer for a successful band someday, but as mentioned, I know that's not easily attainable nor a wise forefront pursuit. So, I keep at it as a hobby and instead work on my other passion: linguistics. Grammar has always intrigued me; my family has always called me "the human dictionary" and are constantly picking on me about correcting their grammar.

My passions aside, I like to play video games. =P Yeah, that's why I'm here. =P A fusion of my passion for linguistics and my love of video games drives me to these roleplaying fansites, where I'll be seen in and out until the end of my time.
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1 Mar 2010
Hey doods! I'm currently in th process of moving to a land 14 hours ahead of my current location, and doing all the necessary preparations that come with that. Needless to say I'm pretty busy at the moment, so I won't be able to post much at all, I'm afraid. I'm only involved in two RPs at the moment, one is extremely dead and the other is slowly active, but I notified its participants already.

I look forward tro returning once I get my internet up and running at my new place. The internet deal might actually take longer than expected since I'll have to effectively get a translator to do everything for me. =P But I would expect everything to be up and running by March 18 at the furthest.

I enjoyed my time here and, as I already said, I really look forward to returning. ^_^
28 Jan 2010
Name: Atul Bhadrak
Age: 19
Homecountry: Erimate
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Build: Mildly muscular.

Class: Viking
Level: 4

Weapons: Hand Axe (E), Iron Axe (E), and a Hatchet (F)
Weapon Levels: Axes (3/4)

Green, verdant hair covers Atul's head along with a kind of bandana. His small green eyes are dark and, combined with his winning smile, can outmaneuver and penetrate any defense. His sly, cunning glance remains in your memory for weeks; his playful smirk and enigmatic posture leaving you only to wonder what might be happening in his head.

Typically he walks adorned in loose, comfortable grey pants and worn black slipper-shoes with a tattered green vest, always open to attract very wanted attention. A focused individual, he is never seen chatting up the tavern or asking out the ladies, saving his firm, smooth voice for tales of victories past or victories future.

In battle he switches his vest for a pair of pauldrons, one blue and one metallic grey, for added protection in the heat of battle without the heavy, restricting armour some prefer. His smooth demeanor switched for a cold, focused glare, his shouts of fury startle his enemies as he strikes at their weak spots, using more skill than strength for a fluid performance.

Atul is a clever mind, constantly thinking of something productive: someway to manipulate something, somehow to find a job, somewhere to move on to next. Due to the constant workings on the inside, he doesn't say much on the outside, leaving people to term him "mysterious" or "secretive". Still, being as cunning as he is, he uses these titles to his advantage, winning hearts, winning battles, winning friends. Chaotic in nature, Atul rarely stays in one place for long, and this could be attributed to his nomadic homeland. He doesn't enjoy strict rules and tends to try to analyze to find loopholes in whatever might be established for him, bending the law to get what he wants as long as there's "no harm done" in his eyes.

Atul was born in Erimate to commonfolk parentage (low on the economic standard for anybody). Raised as a hunter, his father and mother often took him out fishing or hunting or simply hiking, embedding an adventurous nature deep within his soul from childhood. While they camped for the night he helped his father keep watch and they told tales about the stars, and how each one of them came to be. Atul loved these stories and the time spent with his father, cherishing them more than the scare food they could find or the warm fires that kept them alive.

As time progressed, Atul still told the stories of the stars (as it didn't seem like he was going to run out of stars anytime soon) to, not only his father, but the rest of his tribe as they gathered about in community. He became known as the tribe's storyteller, a clever and cunning man who could think of about anything in any situation under the stars whose stories he wove.

As he became a man, he enlisted in the "army" his tribe assembled within themselves and picked up an axe to use in combat for the first time against a warring neighbour tribe. His first taste of combat was one of victory, and in truth he felt little sympathy for his enemies. They were enemies after all, and if he didn't kill them, they were bound to kill him, right?

More battles came and went, sometimes victory, sometimes bitter defeat, but always never solving a thing. Eventually Atul grew tired of the repeating customs of war and withdrew from the force, bidding his parents a kind goodbye as he had decided to leave for the wealthy nation of Alacia. Promising to return rich, famous, and glorious, to bring honour to his tribe and land, he left Erimate to the south.

Knowing a bit of basic geography, Atul decided to pass through the Dragon Boneyard of Sterngratz. Everything around him left him completely on edge. His people had once brutally murdered these dragons whose bones he now saw, and he recalled sightings of the creatures still flying around these parts. What kept them from exacting a long-boiling revenge upon his kind by adding him to the boneyard's census?

He was attacked a few times along the way, through the mountains, by brigands who somehow had the stones to be there in the first place, but his quick thinking outdid their numbers and he was able to retreat relatively unharmed.

Upon reaching Alacia, Atul began working as a mercenary, telling tales of his journey through the Boneyard (perhaps slightly exaggerated?) and his days in war in Erimate. Taken as an experienced warrior, he was often put with much stronger, far more experienced men, who didn't enjoy having a smooth-talking but somewhat incompetent fighter among them, but he was paid, and he survived, and he was happy. Often he acted as the group's tactician (which caused much grumbling amongst the aforementioned veterans) and assured his personal victory and payday, which, of course, was best in everyone's standards, so they put up with it.

Now he continues in these pursuits of riches, fame, and glory, spreading about the name of the Bhadrak tribe.

Additional Notes/Comments: Atul has an acute fear of dragons, which spreads out into a lesser--but still present--fear of wyverns. Thinking of the skeletons in the Boneyard and his skeleton amongst them makes him more than a bit shaken.
21 Jan 2010
Name: Naida Xantho
Age: 16 years
Homecountry: Alacia
Affinity: Light
Gender: Male, but raised female and thus referred to as "she"
Height: 5'8"
Build: 125 lbs

Class: Pegasus Knight
Level: 3

Weapons: Slim Lance, Javelin
Weapon Levels: Lances - E (2/4)

Naida typically wears a fair light blue armor and skirt uniform of the Pegasus Knights as a proud member. Her deep indigo hair is soft and straight and falls neatly down to her shoulder blades. She holds the face of a church girl, the deep blue hue the sky only a reflection of her large, innocent eyes. A cheerfully optimistic smile marks her place as an angel among men.

She carries her lance with her only while on her missions, as her self-conscious thoughts persuade her that people will think of her as violent if she were to remain armed at times of rest, however her loved pegasus, Alvin, is rarely seen absent from her side.

Most of the time Naida shines brightly as an optimist, becoming the very silver lining on the dark steel clouds of war. Her close friends often note her innocence (a euphemism for naiveté) and charmingly childish outlook on the vile abominations of man's corrupt heart such as war and violence and hate. Still, however, she is a very self-conscious and sensitive person, especially when it comes to her "secret", which she does everything in her power to hide.

Naida was born and raised in Alacia to a merchant father and a lower-class mother who were blessed with a daughter as their first child. She excelled in everything she tried, even at her young age, baffling her peers and mentors alike with her genius abilities. One day, however, she went to hike and was killed in one of the dangerous rockslides that sometimes plague the villages of Alacia. Her parents were devestated, but so decided to have another child (though not spoken so, in their hearts to replace her) and were silently dismayed at the result of a son. The couple agreed to raise him as their daughter, naming him Naida.

As Naida grew, she became accustomed to her role, which seemed relatively normal to her since it was tagged onto her since her birth, but of course have times where she felt internally different, alone, and secluded. As she grew (or, rather, her friends grew around her) she began to feel like she didn't belong and fell into a depression which was only worsened when her best friend found out her secret.

To Naida's astonishment, her friend didn't reject her, instead embracing her, and told her she should become stronger in heart to become less self-conscious. Naida took this advice to heart and immediately began training as a pegasus knight--the unit she idolized as the strength of Alacia--and became somewhat of a mercenary devoted to helping those in need. To this day she still fights and still learns and still looks forward to her future, setting her eyes on her goal and never the obstacle.

Additional Notes/Comments: I will refer to "her" as "she" in all RPs and RP discussions despite the truth of her gender, if that's all right.
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