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What do you want me to say? Huh? HUH?! Yeah, I'm French! Yeah, I'm absolutely insane! So what?! *runs away sobbing*
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Sugar addiction, anyone?
30 years old
Somewhere bright and warm. Am I dead...?
Born Sep-11-1989
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22 Apr 2007
Okay, okay, guess who I am!

Yeah, it's easy enough. It's me, Billeh! With a new name!

I'm not sure whether I'll really be staying on that much - I'm very busy these days. I'll do my best though!


16 Jul 2006
Yup, Billeh here...Hizaki's RP died and so I need to join a new one.

Does anyone want a narcissic and beautiful monk who can change his eye and hair color in their RP? He's pretty... =3

Oh, and I'd rather join a fresh RP, not one with 3 pages. Thankies.

In your face Pooky! I'm joining an RP whether you want it or not! ;_;
19 Jun 2006
Name: Ananké Syrell
Age: 18
Homecountry: Artonia
Affinity: Water
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs

Personality: Ananké is a rather pompous, eccentric person. He enjoys doing little tricks and things to attract attention to himself, and this has led to selfishness and narcissism. He tremendously enjoys getting attention and being stared at, and is always trying to be graceful and good-looking. He usually refuses to do difficult things that require physical strength, but his eccentricity can lead to reckless decisions. Despite all these faults, he can be serious when needed, and is usually quite nice to everyone, unless he judges specific men as his rivals because of good looks or a similar attention-attracting personality like his.

Appearance: Ananké's clothing is both simple and elaborate: a white long-sleeved tunic over matching pants and boots, accompanied by a large flowing cape that matches with rest of his clothes. Most of his clothing has beautiful and intricate designs all over it. His natural skills in magic and rather eccentric personality compel him to magically modify his hair style and color, as well as eye color, rather often. That way, he will sometimes be seen with very long blond hair and deep blue eyes- a look that fits his personality quite well - or sometimes with spiky red hair and matching eyes, if he is angry, or bright pink hair and similarly flashy eye and hair colors when he feels like violently attracting attention to himself. He is currently experimenting to try and modify his clothes magically, but hasn't succeeded yet. Of course, his skill at modifying his hair and eyes leads to great abilities concerning stealth, although Ananké generally refuses to stoop that low.

Bio: Ananké was born the only child of a wealthy couple, in a noble, reputed and religious family native of a town in Artonia. His family was quite large, though there weren't any other family members the same age as him. This resulted in the young boy becoming lonely quite early on in his life, as he was home-schooled and thus rarely had any contact with children his age. In addition, his parents and most of his family were very strict people, and often disapproved what he did.

To try and drown his loneliness, he started experimenting with multiple types of magic, as it was common for members of his family to be magically powerful. He almost instantly expressed a strong dislike towards Dark magic, but was rather skilled at Holy magic, despite not being too religious. He also developed physical modification skills - he enjoyed modyifing his hair and eye color, things that weren't very easy to do, but that he managed quite well. His parents, as expected, disapproved, and scolded him so he wouldn't do it again, though he always did. He started living a life of sin, being an insult to the magic he practiced and not caring about the St. Elamiz religion his family was so fond of.

But one day, when Ananké was about sixteen years old, his father, being a bishop, decided he no longer wished to have him as a son - his blasphemous actions were revolting and tainted his fame. Ananké first took this as a joke, but when his father threatened to set the town upon him and chase him by force, the boy understood. Not uttering a word, he quickly turned and walked out of his house, deciding never to come back again. His father had put his parent's role aside to preserve his reputation, and despite being somewhat prideful himself, Ananké could never forgive this action.

Deciding he'd use this opportunity to travel around Wardea, he left Artonia for the first time and, thanks to his theoretic knowledge of the lands, managed to find his way around the continent. He has now been traveling the main land of Wardea for two years, in search of the friends he could not get during his childhood. He uses his magical talents as entertainment in pubs so that he can get enough money to survive. He has not yet returned to his village in Artonia.

Class: Monk
Level: 1

Weapons: Lightning
Weapon Levels: Light - E

Additional Notes/Comments: -Ananké loves beauty and thus dislikes ugly people.
-He also dislikes physical weapons, and thinks they are an insult to his beauty.
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Happy birthday Billeh :DDDD *throws cake*
11 Sep 2007 - 11:58
But you never post. D:
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YOU WERE ON FEP *pokes to come back to life* D:<<
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Yes it is! *gives moogle plushie* Free plushies for all!
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OMG ;_; teh moogle ish so cyute!! *huggles it*
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