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Emilia Grimaldi, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Squishy, Jul 3, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Squishy @ post: 15111, member: 243")
Name: Emilia Grimaldi
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Nationality: Plegian
Allegiance: Whoever offers the biggest amount of gold.

Class: Thief
Level: 10
Weapon Levels: Lightweight Swords - C [0/5]
  • One belt of throwing knives with the modifiers Piercing, Glass and Debilitating, the effect of the latter being the victims going berserk, and thus being unable to discern friend from foe.
  • An iron Katti with the modifiers Rending and Enchantment, the enchantment being a thunder one that sends sparks flying and a painful amount of electricity through the target, stunning them for a few seconds.
  • And lastly, an iron dagger with the Poison and Debilitating modifiers, which will spark a blinding flash on impact, blinding people in the immediate proximity of Emilia.
Appearance: Emilia is what people would call a femme fatale. She has a very feminine figure, with a sizeable bosom, tiny waist and nicely shaped hips, and isn't afraid to use it to get what she wants. Her skin is on the pale side, with the occasional freckles in summer, especially on her face. Her face itself is framed by her flame-coloured hair, in a shade somewhere between red and orange. Her most notable feature are her piercing, steely blue eyes.

Her outfit mainly serves to give her a great deal of freedom when moving. It consist of a short blue skirt with split sides and tight black shorts underneath, a white shirt with wide sleeves, and the lower arms covered with brown leather bracers. On top of her shirt she wears a brown leather bustier, tied with laces at the front. As for footwear, she wears tall leather boots, perfect for kicking or trampling on enemies.

In battle she may don a small set of armour, consisting of a steel pauldron on her left shoulder and a small steel chestplate.

Personality: Growing up on the streets and a life of hardships have turned Emilia into the person she is today. She is seen by many as a harsh opportunist, selfish and manipulative, and she makes no effort to deny this. She loves nothing more than pushing people's buttons until they snap, more out of a sick sort of curiosity than real malice.

She does however, have a great sense of pride, often it will get the better of her and cause her to make wrong decisions, but it also gives her a sort of code of honor (as far as that goes with ruthless thieves). If she really owes someone something, such as her life or help, she will remain loyal to them until the debt is repaid, although sometimes begrudgingly. She will still pull pranks on them and push their buttons, but won't try to seriously harm them.

Emilia likes to always be one step ahead of her enemies, and will get an extremely short temper if she isn't. Outside of battle she has a less explosive temper, though it is still wise not to anger her when things don't go her way.

No one knows where Emilia came from or who her parents where. How she came into being, whether she was an illegitimate child, an unlucky orphan or a lost child is everyone's guess. She has been living on the streets as long as she can remember, surviving by eating whatever could fill her stomach and whatever coins she got from passing townsfolk. But life as a beggar isn't easy, especially not if you're a defenseless child, and as such Emilia's early youth was filled with hardship and abuse.

Around age seven, things got a little better when she was picked up by the thieves' guild. After she had managed to pickpocket one of their thieves, they tracked her down and offered her a place to stay at the guild, seeing as anyone who could pickpocket their own thieves certainly showed talent. She gladly accepted, knowing that even a life of crime was better than life on the streets.

The next few years were spent training in the guild and living the life of a petty thief. The guild gradually became her home and family, and it is also where she was given her name, as she had spend the first seven years of her life without one. She took on every job she could, ranging from spying on nobles to smuggling forbidden goods to making sure certain people got involved in "accidents".

Loyal to the biggest sack of gold and with a total lack of morality, Emilia soon grew into one of the guilds most competent and infamous thieves, sometimes even feared by her fellow guildsmen, mostly for her violent temper when things did not go her way.

The new war between Plegia and Ylisse has proven to be quite profitable for both the guild and Emilia herself. She scavenges ruined villages and empty battlefields, looking for valuable objects, weapons and lost supplies. Occasionally she'll also take on jobs to assassinate members of the Yllisean army, though it is not uncommon for her to turn on her Plegian employers if the reward the enemy offers is bigger.
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