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All: ... mmmmno.
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23 Mar 2008
Name: Casey Calanthe Hollins
Age: 23
Homecountry: Arad'uun
Affinity: Anima
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 154lbs

Personality: Casey is confident and outgoing, bold to a fault, on the outside. Though she is not entirely different on the inside, in truth she is far more resolute, dedicated, affectionate than she likes to let people think. Having been raised to look after herself at all costs, it is not surprising survival has overridden her natural-born personality.

She is thick-skinned - she won't let insults bring her down - and moderately clever - quick enough to fight back when it comes to words - though she is not an intellectual. Sometimes she can be patronising, though usually unintentionally, of people who are younger or smaller than her; that's most women, and some men too (she's very tall). She is almost always both stubborn and fiercely proud: she hates not getting her way and loves to win. She is a woman who feels very strongly. When Casey is happy, she is ecstatically happy; when she is angry, her blood boils.

Her clothing is traditional of her tribal people, and as such reflects her personality. She is both tough and clever, with a great will to survive. It is immediately obvious, with the combination of her clothing, weapon and horse, which class she belongs to.

Casey has a peculiar case of mental androgyny - she identifies herself as female, but has always believed that men get farther in this world, so she strives to be more masculine. Sometimes she even refers to herself with masculine pronouns by accident. She believes in love, but not at first sight, and does not believe in life-after-death.

Appearance: Casey is roughly five foot ten and has a casual athlete's build; that is, slender, but not muscled. She has tanned skin and so-dark-as-to-appear-black hair to match, short and maintained in a messy wolf cut, with a long fringe. Her eyes are small and curious, pale blue, with narrow pupils serving to make her seem constantly suspicious. Her jaw is cut sharp, and she has sallow cheeks and a pointed chin. She is virtually flat-chested. She also looks a good deal older than she is, mainly due to the dark bags under her eyes.

She is not classically pretty, but her length of limb and bold features give her a boyish charm, and, to some, she may be considered almost handsome. Casey is aware she is attractive, but doesn't flirt with people for fear of completely forgetting which gender group she belongs to.

She is most often seen wearing a long, sleeveless slate-blue robe with bold green and orange patterns along the neck, waist and hem. She also wears tight green sleeves from her elbows to her wrists, a tough slate wrist-guard on her left wrist, a scarf of translucent green material and knee-long white leggings. For shoes, she has a pair of stout brown boots, and she wears a beaten quiver across her back. She is notable for usually choosing men's robes, or anything that squares out her shoulders, and also for a minor obsession with scarves.

Bio: Insofar as a nomad can have an unremarkable life, Casey has, indeed, had an unremarkable life. She is the eldest of two sisters. Ever since she was very small, she was made to help out around the house and to make clothes and prepare meals. She never complained, despite maybe wanting to sometimes, and was always a hard worker. As she got older, her father began to take her out with him when he went hunting, and taught her to use a bow and set snares. Everything in Casey's life was geared towards teaching her self-sufficiency. At thirteen, she received her first bow. Soon after, her father fell ill, and, having no elder brothers or sisters, Casey spent the rest of her teenage years training and hunting for the family. Because of this she was unable to maintain close ties with anyone outside of said family, and fell out of contact with old friends. At fifteen, she was tattooed with a wild cat to show she was an adult, and she learned to ride a horse. The same year, her father died. Casey decided to train harder than she ever had before, to show she was worthy of her father's name. She became a Nomad, raising herself to one day be a Ranger - protector of Arad'uun.

Eight years on, and she has calmed down quite a bit. She no longer trains quite as extensively, which isn't to say she slacks, and she is competent still. She has grown used to life as a Nomad, almost bored. Unaware of the threat from Devlan, Casey relentlessly seeks higher life and a kind of adventure. She wishes very much to better herself with her bow, and to see the rest of the expansive world of Skylessia - secretly, she also hungers for friendships. But, for now at least, she is stuck where she is, protecting her settlement from the dangers of the forest, waiting for news of Devlan to hit.

Class: Nomad
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Bow
Weapon Levels: Bow - E

Additional Notes/Comments:
  • Her horse, Rosie, is a palomino. She is a very good horseman, and treats Rosie well.
  • She is quite a good shot.
  • She has some experience with tribal languages, though not much.
  • There is an abstract tattoo representing a wild cat on her upper left arm.
  • Predominantly right-handed.
  • Prefers rabbit over all other meats, and apple over all fruits - can often be seen chewing on an apple.
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