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30 Nov 2008
I sort of stopped coming to forums since school was taking away all my free time. DX

So since I have some more time on my hands, I'm back to FEP. I might be a bit lurky for awhile though. lol

Hopefully I'll get back into RPing. I havn't done anything in a long time and I miss it.

28 Apr 2008
The Gyfckan Federation's system of government is rather different from the rest of Valadora. Governed by a council of five members, the council represents the democratic ideals held by the citizens. Meeting at the end of every month, the Council discusses the state of affairs in the Gyfckan Central Court where they will vote on every legislative decision based on majority rule. Each Councilmen is elected from one of the five states that composes the Federation and the Commander-in-Chief is the council member with complete control of the army as well as head of the Council. Members of council are elected every five years while the Commander-in-Chief maintains his power as long as s/he is re-elected. In addition, the government funds the education system, health care, libraries, museums, and the military. Despite its constant presence, the Gyfckan system of government is not seen as overly powerful, rather the people cherish the system that has kept the flourishing nation powerful as it emerges on the global scene.
10 Apr 2008
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10 Apr 2008
  • Flightoria
Named after the founder of Gyfcka, Fligh Courstan, the capital state of the Confederation is the epitome of military might and diverse culture as well as endless economic liberties. Flightoria is home to the Council Delegation where the councilmen elected from each state represents the ideals of their people. Also home to the military headquarters where the Commander-in-Chief handles military affairs, Flightoria has a national cathedral of the widely practiced [insert name of BdV's religion here], a monument to Fligh Courstan, and is abundant with a plethora of merchant shops and bazaars. The cities are densely populated with traders from around the world and include embassies of all the other nations. Unique to Flightorian, and Gyfckan culture in general is the absolute devotion to the military. At the ripe age of 10 children, either male or female, enlist in pre-military training programs or choose to enter an apprenticeship. With their career decided at an early age, many individuals spend their teenage lives preparing for their jobs in adulthood. The emphasis on military portrays them in a positive light to the people and soldiers are seen as the epitome of honor and heroism. The first day of every season (The first day of three months IE. Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1 or however the calendar is going to work) is a holiday within Gyfcka. Called The Pilgramage, citizens travel to the capital where they celebrate good fortune and tidings. Most people independently celebrate various religious holidays that Gyfcka generously allows them days off. Additionally, Flightoria has a river called the Lysaterre combined with grassy plains. Although there are plains throughout the state, the capital city is surrounded by hills and flat, lightly forrested grounds.
  • Ebysius
The region of Ebysius is a region mostly consisting of plains. Because of this, Ebysius is the agricultural heartland of Gyfckan, producing more wheat and other crops than the other regions combined. The plains of Ebysius also allow for the breeding and raising of horses, making Ebysius the capital of cavalry in Gyfckan. In Ebysius your birth determines your life in most cases. Those born to farming families will be farmers all their lives while those born to military families and others follow suit. The major celebrations/feasts in Ebysius occur a week before the beginning of spring planting and a week after the fall harvest. This second feast is known throughout Gyfckan as the largest feast of the year, as many people throughout Gyfckan come to help prepare the food and to eat. During the winter months the farmers of Ebysius prepare for the next growing season and focus on other trades and skills. In the northern are of the Ebysius region area mountains that contain minerals used for weapon forging and trade, though they are not found as often as in the [insert northern territory name here] region.
  • Vindelius
A state of the Gyfckan Federation that lies in the most South-Eastern part of the Federation. Unlike the other areas of Gyfcka, Vindelius is of a more urban population with more cities and is a great hub of knowledge and magic within the Federation. In every city, on every street and in every district there seems to be libraries, universities, and general schools for all types of magic. From youth, the Vindelians are shaped to uphold high scholaristic values, hence why they are often sent to academies or to study under the various sages, elders, and magisters of Vindelius. This studying and mage training begins at a fairly early age to ensure an intelligent future populace, many of which will become advisors to high officials and the superb mage troops that Vindelius is hailed for. With that being said, there are a certain few young Videlians that are especially gifted, whether that be an exceptionally intelligent child or one with a natural affinity for a school of magic, that are gathered from around Vindelius and sent to Vindelium, Vindelius' largest city and namesake. Vindelium contains the countries best magic schools and academies, as well as the pride and joy of Vindelius, the Gyfckan National Library. The library is staggeringly large, spanning the innermost parts of the city, containing an even larger amount of tomes and scrolls than its already immense size would let on. The books found in the library range widely in age, topic, and origin. Though most of the material portains to magic the scholars of the library work to bring in every little amount of information they can inhopes of archiving it for the next generation of scholars. The whole of Vindelius is represented in Gyfcka's ruling council by the Grand Magister, a revered mage or scholar that had been chosen from the best of the prodigal students that apprenticed under the previous Magister. Overall, Vindelius is the intellectual capital of the Gyfckan Federation, producing many of the best scholars, tacticians, and mages.
12 Mar 2008
Gyfckan Federation

The Gyfckan Federation, Free and Equal Trade
Heraldic Colors: Navy Blue
Leader: Commander-in-Chief Marcus Apollo Winter
Population: TBA
Major Imports: Fresh fruits and vegetables, manufactured goods, metals
Major Exports: Worldwide goods, cattle, meat, horses
Leader: The Grand Council
Located in the northeast corner of the main continent, this large nation was undeveloped for an extremely long time. Explorers from Basion del Venis in the south thought little of it; the territory's plains seemed to roll on forever, a desolate, flat, miserable place. However, less than fifty years ago, the area was bought by a merchant, Fligh Courstan. Though not particularly rich or noteworthy, he had the dream of making a place of completely free citizenship, where any fugitive, refugee, or curious adventurer could settle down and live their lives unbothered by the outside world. He funded this project the only way he could: by erecting a free trade commission, also allowing any traders to roam through the territory and peddle their wares—although not without a proper tax. Soon enough, the country was bustling.

However, Fligh was a bit on the eccentric side, and had little experience in politics or domestic affairs. His territory was nearly devoid of natural resources, relying on the tax on free trade for income; raising the tax, though, would be sure to drive potential citizens away. For this he hired a small group of advisors who came to be known as the Merchant's Guild. They basically ran the country for Fligh, supporting his dreams with realistic laws, a budget, and everything a proper nation would need.

Fligh's eccentricity inhibited his country upon his death, though. So wrapped up in his aspirations and his rule, he never made a will, and when he suddenly died at the age of thirty-seven, his nation was left without a ruler and much of a plan. Sensibility was found in Fligh's former advisors, who took the reins and created a council that would run the nation. They carried on Fligh's dream, although much stricter and organized. Now fifteen years after Fligh's death, the Merchant's Guild has successfully turned a lofty vision of free and equal trade into a concrete reality.

The country itself is known as Gyfcka, but on a political or nation standpoint, it is called the Gyfckan Federation. It is broken up into a group of states, each with its own councilman. The councilmen meet as often as necessary to discuss trade, internal and external affairs, and any conflicts that they have seen.

The Gyfckan Federation has few natural resources. The land itself is a flat, dry plain, snowy and cold towards the north and mild down south. However, the massive amount of imports and exports has truly saved them economically. Basically any worldwide good can be found here, although the trade tax makes the prices slightly higher. Besides that, the Federation is the world's supplier of mercenaries. Most neutral mercenary groups are based here for hire and employers from around the continent come to the nation to find the best. To protect the country, an army of horsemen are employed by the Merchant's Guild, most wielding swords and bows. The Gyckan Federation's constant neutrality in most subject matters has proven useful in the past, but with relations strained around them and the possibility of war, they may need to pick sides to survive.
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