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I was happy and I know'd it,
so I clapped my hands!
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17 years old
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Video games, reading, Fire emblem, FEP, spriting and L'arachel! (Not an interest really... But my favorite character!)
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10 Jun 2013
The last like, week I've been foaming at the mouth ready to get this game... But I have a student bank account and my Dad has to get my money out to buy it, so I haven't gotten it yet... =(

Anyone else got this game/thinking of getting it? I wanna have some friends on it XD (NO Gamers around where I live..)
9 Nov 2012
(Before reading, please consider this is my first time getting sassed by a 12 year-old on the internet. RO is my first MMORPG. I've only been playing it for less than a month, and until this guy I had only met nice people. That is all.)

SO. I was minding my own business, doing an Eden quest. I was in the Orc village. The Orcs were tough, so I would run from them a lot. I saw a building and an NPC. SO I went over there. I thought the guy was the Kafra gal I needed. Turns out he was a weird professor. ANYWAYS. I came over there with like 3 Orcs on my tail. Mot that many. Easy to kill. 2/3 shots each. SO, I kill them. A guy is sitting over there. When I come, he stands. I kill the Orcs, one of them drops an Axe. AND THE BRAT TAKES THE AXE.
So I quietly opened a chat box and said,
Me: "Can I have my Axe back?"
Him: "No. u led the dam orcs over here in the first place. Trying to use me as a meatshield."
At that time... I was just kinda shocked. Nobody had ever been that rude to me before. At least not online. In my mind I'm like, OKAY NOOB GIMME THE AXE. Because it's very rare that one comes across another player in the same map on my server. So I'm thinking, "Why on Earth would I be running from Orcs looking for a meatshield?!? Maybe I was looking for a flipping building!"
Back to the ACTUAL conversation.
Me: "No... I came for the Npc."
Him: "Ya right."
He walks away... With my Axe. I already felt bad for not letting a novice pick up after me once. So if the guy had asked me, I would've said, "Okay, you can keep it." But the guy was even higher level than me! I seriously turned red I was so indignant.

Then, there turned up a huge mob of Zombies. Me and this guy were in the same area, and the Zombies attack us. Like 50 of them. I was in front of the guy so I said to myself, "Let him get away, be nice." SO I started shooting them with my bow... He runs away... I die. So I finally felt like revenge, because once I died I had to walk over like 4-5 maps to get back to the place, plus face some stupid Orcs. So I said, "Who's the meatshield now, huh?" I gotta admit. It felt good. But I was still pretty pissed... ANother friend on there helped me not to troll him by swarming him with Zombies as revenge... Which I seriously wanted to do...
And after that, I formed a group and had a TON of Chaotic fun destroying the whole map-full of Zombies. It was awesome. Then they had to leave, and eventually I did too. But I think just playing with them helped me feel better. Posting this did too. Thanks FEP for being my diary...
26 Oct 2012
Anybody played this? (Besides you, Ianaandru XD)
I just started 2 days ago, it was a HUGE pain to download, but it's really fun if you join a party. I have like, a five member party on my archer game. Although there aren't just loads of people wandering around, and I got rejected a few times.
Yeah, just wondering if anybody has an account... Or still plays or anything. <.< It's a 2002 game.
They're having the video game equivalent of writers block on the 2 game, so I've heard, it's got 3D graphics rather than 2D sprites of RO.
It looks fun, I think by now they are beta testing somewhere (Most likely Korea) in Asia.
23 Sep 2012
(IMG:style_emoticons/blue/wave.gif) Hi guys. I've been spriting for a little while now, and Zerofox tried to convince me to make a sprite topic. :/ Never got around to that one. So I decided to make one now, on a rather boring sunday morning.
Anyways, I have a fair sized collection at the moment. And I might post some of my newer sprites as they come. Please don't steal my mediocre works of art. I am nice though, so if you ask I'll probably let you use some of my sprites. (Not all of 'em though!) (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/wink.gif)
Welp here goes!
My most recent creation, I edited one of the Valiant sprites and gave her a staff. I just edited this, true credit goes to the maker of the original sprite.
This was for Neko. I did this yesterday. I edited the cape to cover the big black spot where her shield was. I took of her helmet and made hair there. The face is a bit small, but I like the sprite still.
L'arachel's shirt, and a generic girl's head. Recolored. I also stole Priscilla's feather.
I edited one of the current marksman sprites to fit my RP character Catrin. Feel free to take, recolour, and edit. But please don't use this exact sprite.
(IMG:http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l610/TR_Delilah/CMK/NEWARCHY_zps4f4cd733.png) <3 Enter Arch! I used another sprite, recoloured, and spliced some armor on. Don't use this!
A very MEH splice comp entry.
(IMG:http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l610/TR_Delilah/CMK/Arch.png) Arch's original peggy sprite. Feel free to recolour and use.
(IMG:http://i1126.photobucket.com/albums/l610/TR_Delilah/CMK/Catrinandfestivalbow.png) An edited archer sprite. I think I used some myrmidon legs... Please don't use!
A wyvern warrior. Feel free to separate the sprites and use them if you like. If I get around to it I intend to edit the axe sprite.
My female agent sprite! A rouge & mercenary combo! I edited the hair.
My crusader... It's pretty bad. Use if you like.
One of my heaven knights. Feel free to use! The right wing is kinda clipped off and I didn't edit it. Sorry!
My other heaven knight. Use if you want.
My cardinal sprites. Use if you like!

Provide credit if you use one of the sprites I said you could use.
PM me if you DO use one of my sprites.
And comment!

17 Sep 2012
I'm just wondering, cuz I'm bored and have benn handing out happy birthdays today, how do you get banned?
I have wished four banned people happy birthday today lol.
Plus, all of them had between 1 and 2 star ratings. Why's that? Do they do something that upsets a whole bunch of people or what?
Just wondering... Not planning on getting banned myself. ^^
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