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4 Jan 2009
Name: Braxlin Dalani
Nation: Daein
Age: 19
Race/Affinity: Beorc/Thunder

Appearance: Braxlin is a fairly tall man when compared to most people, about six foot tall to be exact. He has a an average body build, with more muscle concentrated in his torso and legs. For the most part, he is in his armor (handed down to him by his father) which is a white full plated armor with red and gold trim or his military uniform since they are the most comfortable pieces of clothing he has. Rarely does he wear civilian clothing and he only does that when out shopping and maybe while at a party of some sorts. He has messy medium-length hair which runs towards the back of his head though he runs a comb through it daily. His face is cleanly shaven and doesn't require much attention. His eyes are dark brown and his skin has a normal peach-tan tone to it. Braxlin has a rather unique confident aura that surrounds him, giving him a number of interested looks from many people.

Personality: Braxlin is a rather private person, even though he enjoys the company of other people he knows or encounters. He values his relationship with close friends and associates, but never really interacts with other people in town unless it's nessecary for him to do so. The public sees Braxlin as another nameless soldier but his friends know there's more to him than that. Optimistic, confident, strategic, and one to never willingly abandon his men, he enjoys life as a soldier and his friends know he's dedicated to the Daein Empire. As a new officer in the army Braxlin is trying his best to be more outspoken and seem more confident in order to give direction and orders to his troops as well as gain the respect of his own commanders in the hopes that one day he can become a high ranking officer like his father. He gives his best when trying to do anything that requires it and expects his troops and friends to do the same for him. Although he doesn't believe too strongly in King Tomislav and the future that the King has promised Daein, he does believe that the King's sister, Evalyn, is wrong for starting the civil war ravaging the nation and believes that it needs to end.

Even though he's devoted himself to fighting for Daein, Braxlin has never agreed with the racism of the Laguz and finds himself a little uncomfortable when around people who talk badly about the Laguz. He also hates people that he sees as simpleminded idiots, who talk and condemn things that they do not understand. Because of these simpleminded idiots, Braxlin has no real connection to the church and does not believe in what is preached there, in turn isolating himself from the public even further.

Biography: Braxlin was born outside of Daein in the border town of Riven while his parents, Justin (a military officer) and Remara (a simple book store owner), were traveling back into Daein. His first ten years of life in Kratz, the town he would call home, were enjoyable for him. His parents loved him and he was often seen with either his parents laughing happily. At the age of eleven he began to start taking swordsmanship and spearmanship lessons from his father after witnessing his father in combat. He enjoyed every minute of it and talked excitedly about his training with his friends and his mother. Worried that her son may begin to put off his studies for training, Remara decided to start teaching Braxlin some lessons in strategy and the history of wars in order to keep him interested in his studies.

Busy yet happy at the same time, Braxlin watched as the years flew by and he became a teenager. On his fifteenth birthday Braxlin was given his very own spear and short sword. Eager to test them out for himself, he decided to go out for his own training session later on that evening. Later on that evening, as he had promised himself, Braxlin went to his favorite training spot in a nearby park and began his training on empty barrels he had "collected" earlier that day. During his training he heard a large commotion nearby, something like a mob. Then out of a bush stumbled out a person who looked badly beaten and tired. Braxlin dropped his spear and rushed over to help the small wounded woman. The woman was conscious and the noise was getting closer. Out of pure instinct Braxlin told the woman to get into one of the barrels he was training on. She did with no complaints, although he could have sworn he heard an animal growling. No sooner after he placed the top on the barrel a mob had shown up to his training area. Looking at him suspiciously a man walked forward from the mob and revealed himself as his father's friend Evan. Braxlin calmly picked up his spear and asked Evan what was going on. Evan tells Braxlin that he and the mob were looking for a Laguz that they were chasing. Braxlin then lied and told Evan and the mob that he saw something moving towards one of the main gates, and that he thought he heard a growl from that direction as well. Evan looked him up and down and seemed to not believe what Braxlin said.

Then through some miracle Evan turned to the mob and lead them into the direction Braxlin said he heard the noise. The mob left Braxlin and the barrels holding the woman. When the coast was completely clear Braxlin let the small woman out of the barrel and trying to help her with her injuries. The woman unexpectedly shoved Braxlin to the ground and demanded to know why he helped her. Braxlin was stunned by this and after finding his voice he replied, "Because it was the right thing to do." The woman looked down on Braxlin and hissed a silent "thank you" before disappearing into the night. Braxlin got his things together and went home with a new profound experience. The next day Braxlin went into his mother's book shop and began to secretly study the history of the Laguz. He didn't find any answers to his questions and from that day began to question racism against Laguz.

Just four years later Braxlin decided to join the Daein military forces and joined within the first week after applying and became an officer within the next six months. As a present to him for making it into the Daein army, Braxlin's father gave him his own armor. With nothing but his bag of clothing and books, a brand new spear, and his new armor, Braxlin left the town of Kratz and went off to the capital...

Soldier Level 5

Weapon Levels: Lances {C}

Iron Weapon Rank D

Cross Spear Rank C
Side Hook +1, Langets +1, Guard +

Approved by Jamie!

Note: I suggest using the actual profile format for it, and also, separating those huge chunks of paragraph into smaller one. When there are larger ones, it makes it harder to read. The personality and biography impressed me, hence the good grade.
4 Jan 2009
Umm hello there. I just wanted some basic help with the Radiance Lost roleplay. I've been reading through the forums and I have the basic idea of how to play, but I'm not sure how to actually play. You see, I understand how to roleplay and everything (I write a few short stories in my free time) but i still haven't found answers to some of my questions; how to fight, how to calculate my character's stats, how to get started on creating my characters, how to post my characters' information up, and how to interact with the environments I will more than likely be facing while roleplaying. I've tried my best to actually read through these forums but... (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/walloftext.gif) My brain won't allow that much random information to be processed. If anyone could tell me how to do all of these things it would be greatly appreciated. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/awesome.gif)
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