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25 Jul 2011
Hey Everybody, Ive been looking around alot but I cant seem to find any female berserker sprites. Does anyone happen to know where I can find a slim female berserker?
24 Jul 2011
Does anyone know if they are going to make a Radiance of Elibe wiki like the RL wiki, because I know nothing about it?
24 Jul 2011
This club is for those who want to keep Tellius alive and maybe come up with some Ideas for a new Tellius RP. Do not post if this is not what you want,
ABSOLUTLY NO FLAMING or rude comments. Do not post anything that is not about Saving Tellius, Tellius RPing etc. Tellius Lovers unite and Save Tellius.
19 Jul 2011
Name: Strawberry Otoko

Nation: Gallia

Age: 15 years old

Race: Laguz

Gender: Male (Raised as a girl)

Class and Level: Cat (Level 1)

Weapon level: Strike: E

Affinity: Fire


Appearance: He has strait pink hair, that is usually kept in a ponytail. His ears and tail are both pink as well. He has cute round eyes, his right eye is pink, and his left eye is gold. He has a cute feminine cat like face. His skin is a smooth creamy white with no birth marks or blemishes. He has a very small feminine bust. He has long smooth legs and a round feminine butt. He wears a black bikini top and black shorty shorts. He wears a large navy blue hoodie over his bikini and it is usually left unzipped.

Personality: He is a generally nice laguz, he doesn't discriminate between other laguz no matter the tribe. He acts as if a girl and you think he was a girl if he doesn't tell you otherwise. He can be very touchy feely to almost anyone who is nice to him or he likes. He doesn't like it when people ignore him or make fun of him, especially if it about him being girly. He doesn't like it when people talk about him as a guy. He really likes it when people think he is a girl. He tends to not get angry but instead he gets sad and pouty. He has a very bad memory and doesn't really hold grudges very often. He likes both guys and girls, but prefers laguz and branded.

Biography: Strawberry was born in Gallia, in the trade city of Susa. He was born into a wealthy and powerful family of Susa. They hired the best tutors, combat instructors, political debate teachers, and etiquette trainers for him. They tried to educate and sophisticate him to as much as possible, but all he wanted was to be a girl. His parents didn't take to kindly to that, even though there are no defined gender roles or even sexes in Gallia. They forced him to stay inside their property at all times until he was fifteen. When he turned fifteen he decided to run away and explore the world. When he escaped he fled to the Cervida villages just to the north of Susa. He had taken money with him, there he bought himself new clothes, which where the bikini, shorts, and hoodie. He dressed as a girl and even wore makeup, he started going by the name Strawberry. Everyone who saw him thought he was just a skimpily dress girl. He then started to make his way to Zarzi the capital of Gallia, that's where he is now.

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