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28 Jul 2011

The FEXP toolkit has been BwdYeti's pet project for almost three years, the product of countless hours of research, trial and error. Numerous resources were utilised in its creation, and a great many hands are to be credited for making it possible.

However, in light of recent and repeated adversities, it has become evident that maintaining the security of these consolidated efforts is impossible under the current system. As such, the FEXP project will cease development immediately and the FE7x project will continue development in XNA.

What this means for you, the end-user, is that the incomplete FEXP package is now available! Under the new FEXP forum, you will find tutorials, scripts and packages as they are uploaded - and of course, the engine itself.

I look forward to seeing what you do with the package!

So yeah. Work on FEXP as my primary focus has stopped, I'm taking FE7x in a new direction. But you can use FEXP as it is now yourself, and hopefully the community can still make something great from this
Obviously RPG Maker XP is required
5 May 2010
(copypasta from FEU lol)

As far as I know there isn't a program that turns FE maps, or images of them, into files Mappy can use, so I made one. (with RMXP lol)


This takes an image of a map and a tileset and creates a Mappy file from it. Useful if you use standardized tilesets to map and want to edit a map from FE, I guess. Also good to convert maps from one FE to another one.
Seems useful to me at least.

FE6 Chapter 4: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
FE6 Chapter 4 with Standard Green tileset. Top one is the reproduced map.

FE8 Chapter 16: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
FE8 Chapter 16 - After running through the program with FE7's Blue Castle - After about 10 minutes of fixing

FE6 Chapter 22: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
FE6 Chapter 22, using most similar FE8 tileset:
Normal - mode1 - Original map

Should probably check the guide for it, since user aided mode is a bit confusing at first.

Keep focus on the window while it's running, it pauses when you change windows.

Might require right click => Run as Administrator in Vista/7. Should work with no trouble in XP.
Make sure to report any errors with it and I'll see if I can fix them.

UPDATE 5-06: Overhauled it some, it's a lot faster and allows the user to select tiles now
UPDATE 5-25: Added indexed terrain mode
23 Jul 2009
So I was finishing getting the in battle level up animation from FE7 for FE7x and thought doing weapon level up, weapon breaking, and item pickup would be good things to do next. I wanted to compare the timing when WLvl increases and a weapon breaks, but apparently if your weapon breaks you get no WExp. I never knew this. :O

So I was just wondering if it's like this in every FE, or just GBA ones (or just 7 even)? Also wondering if everyone else knew this and I just don't pay attention. :I

(FE7x research yay)
25 Sep 2008
So I saw this board and though to myself hey rom hacks sound fun and I can put my spriting to use.
Then I realized rom hacking is lame when you can program it yourself.
So with the help of RPG Maker XP I am.

Fire Emblem
Immortal Sword

Also called FE7x.

QUOTE(Nice summary thing Myke made when he mentioned this post didn't mention the setting)
Elibe has been rife with disaster and conflict for many years, from the ancient conflict of the Scouring to the repeat of the Dark Dragon's enslavement. Some tales are epic battles that scar the land itself, some go quietly, without even a bard's song to tell of them. Twenty years before the Black Fang incident, one such tale went unwritten.

FE7x is a prequel to Blazing Sword, showcasing a number of characters from FE6 and 7 in their youth, including Uther and Hassar, as well as a host of new additions to the story.

Basically I'm recreating the entire GBA style FE system in RMXP. Fully as in not some lame wtf is effort thing, this will play like FE. This also allows more customization, including adding a fuller class tree including trainees and Skills.

This project is just getting up to speed, with map movement almost perfect, map combat, and enemy AI recently added. I'll need beta testers soon at this rate.

-Some planned features or something-
Full FE map/battle/stat system
Numerous new classes added (like 20ish?)
Master Skills for each tier 2 class
New full custom sprites for added classes
Redone spriting for some classes

Demo video:
Prologue Battle

Project Head, Spriter, Scripter: BwdYeti
Creative Director: Myke
Halfbody/Face Spriters: The Merc, Dei Enyt, Aeorys, Nayr, Vampire Elf, ShinyCharmander, NoetherianRing
Battle Spriter: Ragnarok
Map Designer: Feaw
Webmaster: Chrislee
Graphic Designer: Magewolf01
Musician: Rewjeo

FE7x Demos
Current version: 0.29 (Apr 1, '11)
21 Aug 2008
Dunno why this hasn't been addressed since it's been an error for a while...


The top of the wing is clipped off in all the ones in the archive.


Also, Fiora's has some 30 colors. I can hope recoloring errors like that are limited, but I think I've seen them before in other sprites. Not much to do about it without specific messed up ones though.

And whenever this get's fixed it might be worthwhile to add the javelin throw sprites to all of them (only on Fiora and Vanessa atm)
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Hey BwdYeti.
If you still need help with FF7x, I'm always willing to help.
24 Oct 2008 - 4:20
Hey wait a second, I know you. You used to be an FKP member or something like that.
5 Jul 2008 - 0:17
d'aww, Yeti's profile is lonely. Here, have a mudkip.
30 May 2008 - 17:28
Nice stuff, man... You inspire me to work on my sprites... I'll have to improve a bit to beat you for the title of Best Spriter next time around. :P
2 Feb 2008 - 1:15


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