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Fairy tales live in me~
Fables coming from a memory~
Fantasy is not a crime~
Find your castle in the sky~
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27 years old
Born June-7-1993
RPG games, wolves, anime, Japanese culture, celestial things, the moon, cherry blossoms
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10 Mar 2008
Name: Lihael Sorlyn
Age: 22
Home Country: Erimate, but she will deny the fact.
Affinity: Water
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Lihael, though at a first glance seems to be a simple, cheerful person, has a bad habit of negatively judging someone before getting to know them. Despite this, she can often be very naive and vain. She lives to entertain; she loves to show off her acrobatics and dance, and of course she has wormed it into her fighting style. She is not experienced in fighting, but she can fend for herself when the odds are in her favor. When angered or saddened, she has a habit of trying to keep it hidden, or to slip away without being noticed. She does not like it when others try to pry into her private life, and would rather converse of less personal things.

Appearance: Lihael has a small build, but she is very flexible, swift, and agile. Atop her head is sandy coloured hair that falls in curls and waves down to mid-back. She prefers to keep it up in a ponytail, as to not interfere with her performances. She has green-blue eyes, somewhat like the colour of the seashore. For clothing, she often wears a loose fitting sleeveless emerald shirt for allowed mobility, and a skirt of the same colour, but a tad darker, ending mid-thigh. Short, slightly transparent blue-green ribbons hang from her waist, but can be easily torn off in emergency. Under her outer layer of clothes are a set of leather pads for protection; and upon her feet are a pair of flexible sandals. When she is not in combat or performing, she wears a dirtied, worn out cloak.

Bio: Born into the poverty of Erimate, Lihael lived a difficult life(and detested it the whole time) until the age of three, where a band of traveling performers adopted her, promising food, shelter, and money if she would, in return, perform with them. Her parents (who were desperately sacrificing much of their food and money for Lihael) had no objections, and for the next fifteen years, she was raised to perform, and discovered it was her life's calling. She adored the cheers of the small crowd they would attract, and the people would tip generously in other countries. This continued, and she saw many places. Slowly, she began to forget her true birthplace. Her home and family, in her mind, was with these wonderful people, she completely forgot of Erimate. At eighteen, Lihael and her traveling group were trekking through the sandy deserts of Nagaräth, on their way to its capital. During a sudden sandstorm, she had lost her way and wandered away from the group. She has never since seen the traveling performers that had given her life so much spice. She continues to travel to this date, searching for both employment and the family she loved so much.

Class: Dancer
Level: 1

Weapons: Quarterstaff (Dubbed "baton"), Bast's Laughter
Weapon Levels: Quarterstaff - F. Bast's Laughter - E
1 Mar 2008
I don't think I am a terrible writer, nor do I think I am a good one. Either way, I would really like to start forum roleplaying once again, for IRC roleplaying almost killed my amateur skills ten times over. The problem is not only does the battle system for such a roleplay confuse me, but I cannot remember much of how to roleplay like this anymore.

Here is my request. I would like someone to take me under their wing and show me the basics of roleplaying, character design, the battle system, ect. Essentially, all I want is a tutor. As I said before, I do not think I am a terrible writer, I am not a "n00b" at this stuff, I would just like to know how to roleplay here so I feel like I fit in, and some advice from a more experienced roleplayer couldn't hurt.
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