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10 Jun 2007
Yep, I'm getting blamed for most of this today, even though the whole club idea wasn't even my idea, I just went along with it. So, outside of this topic and RPing, I will be silencing myself unless I find it absolutely necissary I say something.
10 Jun 2007
*Gasp* John is making a club...well, er. It's actually more of a petition thing....yeah. I'm not good at fancy speeches so lets get to business.

Four-Score and seven minutes ago, our fore-admins created a democracy. This democracy was known as Fire Emblem Planet. It was led by the best through good times and bad, and always came out on top with a group decision that saved the site. But that was quite a while ago. As you all know, this site has been going through hard times, and to top it all off...we get a new admin that is using his power to change FEP however he wants. Disgusting. So I am here for people that would like to petition for Phyrro/Hyde/Beau, or as I like to refer to him, "Little guy", to lose his spot as admin on this site. Hell, we still have three other admins, we have no need for Beau to be in control.

So onward to everthing. I get to do this shit because I am already hated so yeah...the mod team isn't really on my side. I am going to make it a point and point out that this isn't against the rules in anyway shape or form, so me being punished, would just be bullshit. I know that even if a lot of you believe the way I do, you probably won't join in fear of getting in trouble, but thats what you got to do. Take a stand and uh, do what you believe.

Heres the list of members I guess, or this petition/club thing.

1. TD
2. Xero

w00t, go us staff people that are overlooked.

3. Scar
4. Valreki
5. Ket

Complete smex people. Keep the members coming.
5 Jun 2007
Oh really? Jamie is bound to win at least a few of these. At LEAST a few because of how popular she is. You, I don't exactly know why you keep on getting nominated but you seem to also be in the hearts of the members. I remember before you took control, how many people liked you and stole fads from you, I honestly don't find you all that special. And technically, Evandele should win at least one of these categories because she actually deserves it. She is popular, yes, but she also is hard working, a good rper, and other things too.

So if you are going to vote for somebody, vote for somebody that really fits the category and don't just vote for them because you think their cool. It's lame being a fanboy, you have a voice of your own too.
4 Jun 2007
Yay for mindless fanboyism. This happens every year and its kind of annoying if you ask me, just a good way to boost someones ego and whatnot. Who the fuck knows, maybe I'll do a vote later or something, maybe for categories that don't have many fanboys or something.

((Asvel says: You better come back and edit this or it'll be a warn for spamming. This topic is for nominations only, plznthx. All other things go in Discussion.))
1 Jun 2007
Name: John Madigan
Age: 19
Homecountry: Alacia
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Personality: John is a very happy and joyful person. Enjoys drinking which is normally the best time to talk to him, and his love for the female body has made him sort of famous in a way. John is a carefree person, but when he needs to get a job done, he can become stern and keen on completing his mission.

Appearance: John wears a black sneaking outfit with an orange shoulderpad. He is normally seen in his big boots and with a tiny napsack at his side. He has bright blonde hair that he lets flutter everywhere, and some stubble on his chin.

Bio: John was born in the mountain to a family of merchants. Seeing as paths were bad in Alacia, John's family didn't make much money and they were pretty poor. He originally started his life of crime as a pickpocket and thief of other merchants that tried to brave his mountains. After he became more accomplished and he started making enough money for his parents to live on, he became a full time mercenary and assassin. John now roams the continent in search for another job, another loaf of bread, and another broad to end up with.

Class: Thief
Level: 1

Weapons: Slim Sword
Weapon Levels: Swords [E]

Additional Notes/Comments:
- British Accent
- Enjoys drinking, a lot.
- Loves animals
- And women
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w00t. No more idiotization. Win. And are you and Ket cool again?
29 May 2007 - 10:48


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