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My one word used to display all of my negative emotions and thoughts: Blargagh.
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Commander Wymsy
Megalomaniac out for world domination
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Deep within the darkest recesses of the Interwebal Galaxy
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Commander Wymsy


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13 Aug 2009
I'm leaving tomorrow (Friday) evening and I'll be returning on August 29th. I probably won't be coming online.
19 Mar 2009
So one of you spritesy people are going to make me one. I have more FEPoints than anybody else, so if it's FEPoints you want, I will most definitely pay a high price for some quality work. Talking about a few billion or so here. I can also pay you back in graphic work if you want a nice banner or something as well.


That is what I want a mug of. My glorious self. It must also be .gif, and make sure the colours don't get raped because of that. So yes, let's see if anybody wants to tackle this.
25 Feb 2009
Well my computer died on Saturday morning. I got a temporary computer up that I'll be using until I get my new computer. I've got all of my stuff saved so there's no worries there. I'll have my new computer on around my birthday, which is March 6th. Heh, my computer couldn't have chosen a better time to die....

But yeah, I'm back.
9 Feb 2009
New emoticons have just been uploaded. This is a pack of 100, in 8 different colours. Your colour choices are green, albino, blue, red, orange, yellow, grey, and purple. Due note that some emoticons have a set colour in every single set. I made these emoticons myself, so I hope you all enjoy them.

That is all.




24 Nov 2008
I'll be gone from Wednesday until Friday this week. May or may not pop on for a minute during that time. Just a heads up.

And during this time RnR shall serve as Corporate FEP.
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Um... Are you actually here, or not?
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LOLZ! Seeing you online, but you haven't posted in over 2 years
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Commodore Jim
15 Jan 2010 - 1:13
How do you get your avatar to display a listing of all the pictures that is stored in it? I know you posted this somewhere but I can't find it.
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Lord Garthaur
9 Jul 2009 - 23:37


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