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Member Joined Group Total Posts Total Time Online
Hystrix 9-March 06 +Advisors 6725 553d 10h 15m 48s
Foe 13-June 07 Members 6904 499d 9h 40m 46s
Gazetteer 6-July 07 Veterans 4381 412d 16h 32m 8s
Viceman B. 22-May 06 Veterans 6153 406d 3h 34m 22s
Swift_Assassin 4-March 06 Veterans 3002 384d 2h 23m 26s
Satori 4-July 08 Veterans 1129 337d 12h 39m 43s
Ced of Silesse 8-April 07 Members 1037 295d 12h 12m 36s
Blonde Panther 8-April 09 Members 2324 288d 14h 52m 52s
Sanakitty 18-November 07 Members 1882 262d 9h 22m 30s
TBE 31-May 08 Members 516 253d 19h 9m 23s
IrishBarbarian 13-July 06 Veterans 2550 245d 16h 56m 48s
Kei 3-November 08 Members 1955 244d 7h 27m 36s
Crimea River 11-March 06 Root Admin 17407 237d 14h 22m 6s
Donny 24-May 08 Administrators 1274 221d 5h 34m 56s
Darth_Slaverus 9-March 09 Veterans 995 208d 13h 45m 54s
Higan Retour 18-June 08 Veterans 2198 208d 8h 36m 1s
SereneFlight 11-June 09 Members 3303 204d 6h 46m 41s
Nohrian Lord S-IX 6-January 10 Administrators 1232 176d 6h 32m 5s
.:Falkyn:. 15-October 06 Veterans 4639 167d 1h 15m 51s
Al the Killer 7-March 06 Members 600 160d 16h 31m 59s
Ellis 12-March 06 Members 667 148d 20h 18m 43s
Nexus 7-January 08 Veterans 2229 145d 9h 11m 35s
Konata Izumi 11-September 08 Members 862 144d 20h 29m 51s
Commander Wymsy 27-December 06 Veterans 2377 144d 13h 41m 51s
Sui-kun 6-March 06 Administrators 2776 142d 3h 0m 45s
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