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24 May 2013
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QUOTE(Fezzes Are Cool @ May 17 2013, 08:08 AM) *
Name: Perspicacity "Kassi" Duval


High Concept: For better or for worse, Duval heir to the core

Kassi is proud of her heritage, pretty much. She'll defend her family and make use of their resources, even if that means taking its issues with its benefits.

Trouble: But enough about me. What do you think of me?

Kassi doesn't like not being in the limelight. She can tolerate it. What she really can't take is people who are dismissive or who ignore her. She'll go to all sorts of absurd lengths to get some recognition. Positive or negative.

Free Aspect: Book Learning

As the Duval heir, it's always been Kassi's lot to learn all sorts of information about the world. Little of it has been applied, but much of it has been retained. She's quite well educated, but not very hands-on.

Free Aspect: Master of Miraculous Magic

Kassi's magic is quite impressive, especially her signature spell, "Star Maelstrom". However, while she is quite adept, nothing she regularly carries is exactly subtle, and she occasionally overreaches herself.

Free Aspect:

Anything to gain attention, whether that's done with loud words, weird outfits, or dramatic light magic

Clever: +2
Careful: +1
Flashy: +3
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Sneaky: +0


Stunt: Obsession with the Present World
Because I am Kassi Duval, once per game session I can draw all eyes to me, regardless of all other normal distractions
Stunt: Illusional Misdirection
Because I exude innocence, I gain a +2 in conversations when I cleverly overcome people who take me at face value
Stunt: Star Maelstrom
Because I possess blinding magical panache, when I succeed with style on a Flashy attack, both my target and another sensible enemy can be subjected to the Boost "Dazzled".
Stunt: Boundary of Life and Death
Because I carry a healing staff, once per game session I can drop the severity of a moderate or severe consequence by one step for a companion.

Refresh: 2

QUOTE(Hystrix @ May 17 2013, 09:05 AM) *
Melancholy Duval

High Concept: Charming Snake Caller of House Duval

Melancholy has a simple role in House Duval. With her unholy summoning powers, she wrenches away snakes of all of sizes and colors from the darkest planes of the universe, and tosses them at House problems to make them go away. If the House needs people dead, she throws snakes at them. If they need to move politics and events to their favor, she throws snakes at them. Sometimes she even gets creative, starts to talk sly to her victims, maybe show a little skin, lead them to a false sense of security before she hurls a tub of venomous vipers at them. She's really good at her job.

Trouble: Her Business is Her Pleasure

Duty is life, and vice versa. Melancholy happens to quite enjoy what she does for a living, intertwining her life with her victims, coiling slowly around them until she sinks in her fangs for the kill. She is never detached, or cold-hearted or even cruel (sometimes). She throws her heart all in her work, unbridled passion to the pain she suffers and inflicts. And she never leaves a job half-done, no matter how complicated things turn out for her.

Free Aspect: Mummer of Masks and Shadows

Just as a snake constantly sheds its skin to renew itself, Melancholy goes through many faces to make it through her job. She studies in the old Duval tradition of mummery and acting, the art of persuasion and deception. They used to do this with a lot of make up and a whole closet full of costumes, though it turns out that illusion magic does about the same thing with half the effort. She just needs to watch out for anything that can dispel such illusions.

Free Aspect: Manasa, The Snake Sword

First among favorites, Manasa is a death adder summoned as Melancholy's personal pet and guardian. Created with unique magical properties, Manasa's poison-filled body can also transform on command into a deadly whip sword when fangs don't quite sink as deep. The snake in either form is a fierce defender and a loyal pet, though she also comes with a ferocious appetite her master needs to satisfy every so often.

Free Aspect: I'll Look After Kassi

Melancholy pledged to protect Lord Emory's granddaughter at all times, with her own life if needed. Call it a family obligation, if you must. But she takes this one as seriously and as passionately as any other. Maybe too much.

Clever: +1
Careful: +2
Flashy: +0
Forceful: +1
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +3

Mummer's Art: Because I know the mummer's art, I get a +2 to Sneakily create advantages when I'm creating or stealing an identity.
Serpent's Swarm: Because I can call the Serpent's Swarm, once per session I can summon a mass of poisonous snakes who can assist me.
One with the Shadow: Because I am one with the shadow, I get a +2 to Quickly overcome when I must elude someone immediately.

Refresh: 3

QUOTE(Velyoukai @ May 19 2013, 01:11 PM) *
Name: Medebenne



High Concept: Head of the Duval Staff
Among the various servants that serve the Duval line, the Medebenne line is among those with the highest clout, command, and responsibility. For their generations of service, sacrifice and loyalty, they are able to command lesser staff to follow their directions, and are known by the other Araducian houses for being a respectable, enviable line of servants.

Trouble: Appearances Must be Upheld
Almost obsessively, Medebenne cannot stand for her Melancholy to be seen in a bad light, which includes herself, Melancholy, and anyone else around the Lady Duval. If someone is of ill-suited clothing, she will fetch them proper clothes with which to adorn themselves; if someone is behaving in a manner that behooves Melancholy, or the Duval line, Medebenne will have a Sneaky chop to the throat or back of the head at the ready.

Better to Have Loved and Lost Than Never Loved at All:
In her youth, the Medebenne daughter once fell infatuated with a young alchemist in Duval employ, and became enamoured with her beau's romantic notions. When the alchemist brewed a poisoned drink to free the two women from the Duvals, however, Medebenne's upbringing of resisting poisons left her alive with her beau dead. To remember the alchemist, Medebenne carries her romanticism in her heart, and her poisons in her pockets.
Servant of the Snake Princess:
When Medebenne reached her graduation age, she succeeded in her assassination test and was assigned to Melancholy Duval as the Lady's personal servant and agent. Though Medebenne's heart is full of devotion and loyalty to all of the Duval line, it is to Melancholy's sake that Medebenne strives the hardest, and by Melancholy's orders that she dedicates her life towards fulfilling. It is a pleasant partnership.
Always Greet Them With a Smile:
Medebenne children are taught early on that never is a polite, respectful smile to leave their face, especially in the presence of a Duval. The Medebenne line exists to serve and be constantly dependably for the Duvals, and to ever show fear or uncertainty in the face of their masters is to shame their entire family.

Clever: +1
Careful: +2
Flashy: +1
Forceful: +0
Quick: +2
Sneaky: +3

Agent of Clean Shadows: As a masterful servant, Medebenne is adept at sneaking up behind a person without them being disturbed by her presence. +2 to Sneaking up on someone to Create an Advantage on them .
Anything for Mistress Duval: Ever faithful and devoted, Medebenne is used to patiently convincing others to see the light of reasons when it comes to the actions of the Duvals. +2 to Carefully Overcome someone who is reacting to a Duval
Never Leave Her Side!: Years of training keep the Medebenne line prepared to react at a moment's notice and get a Duval out of danger in a hurry. Once per session, no matter the obstacles between them, Medebenne can reach a Duval's side, or move a Duval out of danger.

Refresh: 3

(When you make your posts, it would be great if you could include how much stress and Fate points you have at the top to make it easier to keep track)

Quail Peak: Chief Stronghold of the Duval Warlord
Central Araducia
250 years after the Thing


The castle is old and sturdy, its design practical rather than ornate. The blocky structure squats on mountain that gives it its name, looming down over the valley below with a grim, staring manner. A single winding road makes its way down to the town at the base of the modest peak.

It's summer, and the sun is still warm and bright over the ancient Alacian mountains. Even on a pleasant day like this one, inside the castle there always seemed to be a draft. Sadly, a defensible position does not always mean a pleasant one. It is nearly midday, and the various members of the household have long since gotten to work on their various tasks.

Something unusual has happened, though -- a letter arrived in the early hours of the morning, the pegasus and rider who delivered it both exhausted. The Warlord Emory was still bedridden after barely surviving the sickness that nearly killed him nearly a year before, and his children rarely trouble him with the day to day drudgery of maintaining the territory. Nonetheless, Alimony and Equity, his first and second born, have retreated to the ailing lord's bedchamber to discuss the matter with him in private.

They have yet to emerge.

You are all about to receive urgent summons. Where in the castle are you? What are you doing?
16 May 2013
Araducia Map: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Araducia is a troubled land -- besieged by demons and split by conflict, the mountainous country is a powder keg waiting to erupt into civil war. The once unified Araducia is now divided into the Eastern, Western and Central territories, each led by one of the late emperor's three children, none willing to recognise the authority of the others.

You are the young scions and loyal retainers of one of the ancient houses of Central Araducia -- a region dominated by old noble bloodlines stretching back to before the Demon Wars. You may have known danger in your lifetime, but it has always been relatively safe. That is about to change; one of the emperor's heirs prepares to make their move, even as the demonic hordes on the eastern border prepare to make their next and final push.

Your country stands ready to crumble into chaos; can you stop it?

Yeah, this is a Skylessia play by post campaign, powered by the nifty little FATE: Accelerated Edition system that's been designed recently. I've already talked to people who are interested in this -- I just need you guys to post your character sheets in this topic, and after that's all done we can actually get started.



[b]High Concept:[/b]
[b]Free Aspect:[/b]
[b]Free Aspect:[/b]
[b]Free Aspect:[/b]





[u][b]Refresh:[/b][/u] 3

You have one approach at Good (+3), two at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1) and one at Mediocre (+0). If you want to leave a couple of those free aspects blank at first, that's fine. Remember that you get those three stunts for free, and by default you start with 3 refresh. If you want to make more stunts than that, you can give up one refresh for each additional stunt. Everyone has 3 stress boxes by default.

A couple house rules:

In addition to what you can normally use FATE points for, here you will be able to spend one in battle in order to win an NPC over to your cause. It might be an enemy, a temporary ally or an unaligned element -- in true FE fashion, you will be able to discover an aspect giving them a reason for why they want to join you. I trust you people not to do something too ridiculous with this ability ("I convince the final boss to come be my friend by giving him a friendship speech!").

Organisations that characters are part of, such as Araducian warlord houses, will be given an aspect that communally applies to everyone within them. This will represent the house's overall reputation.

I think that's about it; hit me up on AIM or through PM if you have any questions.
18 Jul 2012
Candelabra, Northern Bern

Tangle liked a good challenge. And, no mistake about it: This was a challenge. She was working on a very limited timeframe, with who-knew what sort of obstacles or opponents in her way. It was up to her to bring a dangerous fugitive to justice -- and snatch him right out from under the nose of the Order of Seals!

The posting of bounties was one of the principle ways that Knight Commander Clara Lux kept order in the north. Rather than trying to run down every small time bandit, thief and conman with her own knights, she would simply put a price on their head. The order usually had the money for it; although the sums that Clara had taken with her when she'd left her family had been exhausted years ago, many of the towns and villages effectively under the Order's protection were more than willing to chip in a modest amount for their continued operations.

Accordingly, a rather large bounty had recently been placed on the head of a man going by the unlikely name of Banehallow -- not that Tangle was in much of a position to criticise others for having unlikely names. Evidently, the infamous old scoundrel had undertaken a job or two that had seriously raised the Knight Commander's ire, judging by the truly impressive sum of money listed next to his name. 5000 gold. 6000 if he was brought in alive. For whatever reason, she sure wanted that man taken out of commission.

Tangle was not there for that bounty. No, in fact, she was there to beat it; her client was quite desperate to have the man brought in without the Order of Seals getting their hands on him. Maybe Tangle wasn't being offered as much money as she would have gotten from the Knight Commander, but sometimes there were more important things than money. Like bragging rights. If she could have lived off of bragging rights alone, she would have happily done so.

Candelabra was a sleepy little city in the Northern reaches of Bern. She had been tracking her man for a week and a half, and wasn't entirely surprised that the trail led her there. One would think that a city would be harder to hide in than the countryside around it, but the Lord of Candelabra was quite vocal about his disapproval of the rogue knight orders in general, and the Order of Seals in particular. Here, the man wouldn't be troubled by the local guards, and there was a not-insignificant chance that any bounty hunters who made trouble would.

Candelabra was largely a thing of wood and iron nails, built into a great cleft in the earth, protected by natural stone walls on three sides. It wasn't a pretty place -- the log cabin look lost some of its homey appeal when applied on such a wide scale, Tangle decided -- but it was a relatively safe place if it were ever attacked. And it wasn't big enough that tracking down one very noticeable man would be too much trouble.

Presuming, of course, that she could find him before someone else did.
17 Jun 2012
Okay, welcome to my LP, which may or may not succeed. Ground rules:
  • I will play vanilla FE8, and post choice screencaps of my adventures therein, with allegedly witty commentary beneath each. Ground breaking, I know.
  • No save scumming whatsoever; I'll take the levelups the RNG throws me.
  • I can only restart a map if a character dies. Thought about having this as "if the lord dies", but that would just give me temptation to throw unarmed Ephraim into danger when I wanted to save someone. And that's not really fun.
  • I'll try to update once a week, at least, for those where are interested at all.

Okay, let's get started:

Prologue: Fall of Renias: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

First things first. Let's pick "difficult". Because, clearly, if I'm playing Sacred Stones, I'm here for a real challenge.


Yes, blue soldier. Do give us your news. I'm sure it isn't that the arbitrarily red army has attacked out of the blue and overwhelmed our defences, leaving the young heir to the throne to build a ragtag group of warriors and mercenaries to take the country back. We've not seen that before in this franchise.

Ephraim and all 3 of his men. Yes, such a force would certainly have turned the tides in this battle.

Yeah, I know. Otherwise I get game over. Bye, dad. I guess I'll see your personality-less puppet version if I actually make it to the Ruins.

Let's see how well that works out for you, Seth.

No. It's the other blue-haired girl decked out in armour, escorted by a royal knight. Nice insight there, Valter.

Well, I'm sure we have nothing to worry about. After all, Seth is the "best unit in the game", or so the debater crowd tells me.

Steel sword. Interesting choice. Sure you wouldn't want to go with that nice silver lance you've got? No? That's cool too, I guess.





And I'm sure he'll never suffer one of those on your behalf ever again.

Great idea! That worked out so well last time that I think maybe we'll do not that at all. Stand aside, fool.





That, Seth, is how you do it. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cool.gif)

... says the man with his intestines hanging out or whatever.

Hey, let's not fly off the rails, here. You had one decent levelup; not going to call you "broken" just yet.

Next time: Seth sits around and watches Eirika kill more stuff without him.
27 May 2012
"So, this is what happened to the last people who tried what we're going to try," Connie said. They were standing amid the ruins of a farmhouse; it didn't appear to have been inhabited in years. All around, plantlife was starting to grow back in, overtaking the now roofless house. Except for the place that the Ilian pointed to.

In front of the farmhouse, cutting a wide, ugly swathe through the green, was a wedge of scorched black earth. The low stone wall that encircled the property ran straight through the middle of it -- or rather, it had. It had crumbled away under intense heat, the blackened, cracked stones now lying in shattered pieces amid the barren land. Another patch like it stood out bold and ugly on a hillside a short ways off.

"The Mage General has a lot of flaws," Connie explained. "One of them is that she's predictable; everyday, she used to come out here almost by herself and just sit and think for an hour. Someone decided to take advantage of that. Seven assassins confronted her here -- heavily armed, well trained, experience. And they all died." She turned to look at the three people she was talking to. The little ragtag team of rebels and mercenaries she would be taking on one of the most dangerous missions of her life. Introductions had already been made; they all knew roughly what one another could do. They were out here to talk hard specifics about the job ahead.

"So, the thing about the plan is, well, not to confront her. You all follow so far?"
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