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Anime, Listening to various types of rock music, Manga, Playing DnD and other games.
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12 Nov 2011
Hi guys and girls

Sorry I disappeared. How's life?

I will probably be around a bit, but not lots. I'm a trainee teacher now. Yay. It's hard work though.
6 Aug 2011
Hi. My name is Nexus, and this is an RP.

Rhys Fralsk, prominent "businessman" is trying to "persuade" some of the other "businessmen" to stop encroaching on his patch. So, he hires some mercenaries to help in this "persuasion." It will end violently.

9 May 2011
Delaney has decided that she needs entertaining. As such, she has organised a battle royale of sorts.

Since there is a vast amount of land empty in her surrounding areas, she has arranged for a large amount to be taken up for a massive battle royale.

There are numerous participants, and only one prize.

She has also forced Adarc to take part. So, if you want to stay alive, you'd best start buddying up with him.

Anyone interested? It's basically going to be an allout slugfest.
11 Feb 2011
Cast List:

Laila Pirkuss - Nexus
Haylen Taalar - Rock
Lyra Tawny - Shuuda
Troy Cholass - Unnamed Dude

Pirkuss Region, Alimond.

Stamping her feet to dissapate the pins and needles that were growing, Laila Pirkuss again looked up at the sky. The sun was beginning to set, and still her contact hadn't arrived. She wasn't impressed. She was a Pirkuss. Her time wasn't worth wasting. She chewed her lip again as she waited.

Thirty minutes later, the contact arrived. Laila fixed him with a stony glare. He was lucky that he was so close to the family, otherwise she would've caused more of a fuss. Still, she was glad to be given her assignment. She was to go to an encampment close to a small village, which had been attacked by demons earlier that day. The village was about three hours away, and if she set off now, she'd arrive as the mercenary crew would be beginning to leave to clear out the village. Laila gave the contact one more evil glare, before setting off.


Arriving at the encampment around the same time as she had estimated, Laila was pleased to note that everyone was almost ready. They were clearly all awaiting her arrival, the fact that they had a Pirkuss coming down to assist meant that everyone would be taking orders from her. She was kind of nervous, considering this was her first contract, and she hadn't really led a team before, but no matter. She was used to pretending to be confident. It was simply a matter of talking like you knew what you were doing.

"Right. Sorry I'm late, there was an issue. It's sorted now, and we've got a good few hours before day breaks. I want us in and out there before the sun comes up. It'll make life a lot easier for us. Before we go, though, quick introductions so as we don't waste time whilst marching. I'm Laila Pirkuss. Address me however you want, provided it's with respect. I'm not here to order you around, simply assist and make sure that my family's region, and the country of Alimond is again safe from the wretched demons. Now, the rest of you, introduce yourselves. Then we can get going."

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Standard opening. Post to introduce yourselves. You've all found out about the contract one way or another and found yourself at the encampment.
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Nexus, have yourself a happy birthday.
16 Aug 2011 - 3:00
Happy Birthday!!! :D
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Happy 21st birthday! :) Sorry it's a little late I didn't see your birthday...
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Happy 21st Birthday.
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Crimea River
I think it was because you were in pain at the time or something
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