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15 Aug 2012

It is the distant future, the era of humanity's conquest over the distant stars. The powerful Han Engineering corporation won the decade-long Corporate Wars, and planted her claws across a number of star systems and their numerous colonies. With their latest weapons, the Battle Shell powered armor and the heavier Battle Walker combat mech, HanCorp reinforced itself a great military and political power in its own right. Not even the Earth Alliance could do much when HanCorp reorganized its holdings into the Han Dominion, an independent monarchy ruled by President Liu and his dynasty.

For the most part, the colonists of the Dominion took this in stride - they were always corporate citizens, after all. As generations passed though, the individual planetary governors grew overly comfortable and greedy from their power and distance from the capital. When the rule of the dynasty passed on early to a young heir, one governor concocted a more ambitious plan and usurped the capital. Though this rule was violent and short-lived, it showed the cluster that the dynasty is no longer able to protect its people. The power of the Dominion has fractured.

Now, in between the myriad governors that have declared rebelled, three major powers have emerged. Those that seek to preserve the dynasty, believing it as the only authority that can maintain order and protect the cluster from the vengeful Earth Alliance. Those that seek to champion a new monarch, ending the reign of terror of the corrupt dynasty at the cost. And there are those that seek to band together to a new federation, independent of the dynasty and willing to fight for that right. Even if it must gather support from Earth itself.

The Dominion stands on the brink of civil war. Who will survive the coming battle? And what part will you take in it?

What is this?
Mobile Suit Gundam meets Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Smaller-scale battlesuits ala Appleseed are the main draw, with giant mechs relegated to vehicle support and artillery. The concept is that the PCs will be military-oriented characters (belonging to a Space Cao Cao's army or a mercenary group or whatever they like), suiting up in Battle Shell powered armor and perhaps a Battle Walker or two in various theaters of the war. Of course, I'm good for some space opera-ish adventure and plenty of roleplaying. Like with my last game, expect politicking.

Aside from the overall premise I set up above, I want to take a more collaborative approach to building the actual setting. Everyone will take part in creating the various star systems that make up the Han Dominion, using a variation of Diaspora's cluster generation system where we make dice rolls and interpret the results. Not because I'm lazy or anything (I could rip off a sourcebook in that case!), but I feel it's more rewarding for those involved to put their hand in building the worlds to visit. And then maybe invade/burn to the ground. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

So another play by post? What system?
If I don't keep trying, how can I succeed? The system is going to be a sort of a hack, mostly Savage Worlds with elements from FATE including aspects and zone movement, and my own system for building Shells since they're a significant part of the game. What that basically means for most of you is that you don't need to sweat the mechanics, since I'll be teaching them as we go. Those familiar with either/both can probably see where I'm going with this.

Dice rolls will be posted, don't really care how as long they're done as long as it's honest.

Who are you looking for?
Three to four players. Anyone who likes the idea of collaborative setting creation, along with the whole Gundam angle, is very much welcome to join. Any concept that fit a military-themed game (or whatever group concept you guys agree with) is viable, whether it's a scrappy kid who just jumped inside a suit or aging veteran who is a few days from retirement. However, I don't really want to accommodate any character who won't be a team player. Camaraderie with your fellow PCs at the start is very much encouraged.

I have the subsystems mostly done, but this is going to be an interest check for now. If I do get an idea on how many people are interested, we can start with the cluster generation stuff quick. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)
24 May 2012
Outskirts of Temple Ward
Late Night

The note was pinned on the door frame of the Rowdy Rum Tavern, one of the secret hideaways of Ansel's Crows. It was one of those secret messages in ridiculously childish "invisible ink", which one of your thieves burned over a fire to uncover the words. Words that carried a certain deal more gravity that you could have expected. There was a time, a meeting place, and a threat listed.

Someone's caught one of your own.

At this hour, the Deus Grand Cathedral looked every bit the prime estate for acts of secret meetings and daring duels under the moonlight. No one's fessed up yet on which party started that big fire years ago - Duke (now King) Edmur's troops that went out to protect the peace, or the old king's die hard loyalists that holed up in there as a final stand.

Whoever did it, they sure left their mark on the place. Only the ages-old stone foundation managed to stay in place, as did the charred half of the cathedral's facade. If you looked closely, you could probably still the stained paintings of Aduro and Procella staged in a half cicle underneath above the massive doors. Fons and the rest didn't make it.

The roof was all but destroyed, which allowed the clear sky to cast moonlight within the husked structure itself. Through the smashed doors, you saw the lost glory of the cathedral, a pile of broken stones, smashed paintings of Deus, and scaffolding scattered throughout from the lengthy reconstruction efforts. The torn, dusty long carpet zigged and zagged underneath broken audience seats to the opposite end, where the surviving box-like shrine to the Five remained intact.

As did the young girl bound and tied on the top of the shrine itself. How did Celine get there?

"You can come closer." A man appeared next to their captured thief, dressed in a dock worker's rags. "But only up to that point." He gestured to the fallen pillar that indicated the very center of the cathedral, a spot with scarcely little cover from any direction. From the left and the right side, the best of you were pretty sure that you heard the clink-clink of crossbows loading...

"Don't worry, we don't really want to make a mess here." The man at the shrine said, as he pulled his pistol at Celine. "We just want to talk. Your girl tried snooping around in our territory. And on the word of my boss, we're just gonna clear up that Goldencrown is off-limits to you Crows. Got it so far?"

Please Read: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Hi, welcome to REIGN. I figured we need to start this off with some prelude to action. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

You have a few options here; go through the motions and try to negotiate for Celine's release, though you have no idea who these jokers are and how big they're really supposed to be. You can try to sneak up on them, or even attack them straight away! But the man has some help under the shadows, so be careful if you go that way. Of course, Celine can try to wriggle out of her bindings herself, and cause some merry hell.

Just make sure you roll for it, and we'll see what happens. (Here is a REIGN Dice Roller to help.) Hope this turns out well, and have fun.
9 May 2012
Oh look, I'm attempting this again. Would it help if I told you I actually have experience with this system, for once? (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif)

I have a concept for a game, not original at all, but I think it'll be something worth playing here. The scope of it is within the massive walls of a certain city-state, a few years after the last king's most untimely and convenient demise. Now, this was a particularly corrupt reign, and the various lords of the kingdom have drifted and learned to fend for themselves as the crown fell its own vices. And with the line of succession particularly murky in this sort of realm, things came off to a powder keg. What came after was the messiest civil war seen here in ages. Lots of fighting, lots of death. You probably lost a few loved ones yourself.

But that went by as quickly as it started, and now there's a new king on the throne. It's like everything's washed over again. This new monarch used to be a duke from a distant house, and he doesn't seem to understand the way things used to work around here. He came in with a new charter, a new agenda, and of course, a new stance on the Thieves Guild. Yes, your guild. He wants you stamped out. You wouldn't want that, would you?

This is a game about survival, subterfuge and of course, about power. The Thieves' Guild's been on the block for the longest time now, but after the war you lost a lot of good lives, and a lot of the old partnerships have been lost. Whether you're a fresh-faced recruit or a long time master thief, there's are many ways for you to rebuild. Will you gain back power over the city by any means, racketeering and backstabbing like the hated criminal gangs? Will you protect the poor from the zealous city guard, and steal from the nobles? How much is it really worth to steal from the vaults of the elder god cult?

Well, it's your city. Do what you want with it.


So, this is another of those "games with dice rolling and numbers", and the system I'm using this time is REIGN. I've played the system a few times myself and I think it's a good fit for the game. It runs on the One Roll Engine, which obviously, resolves challenges with a single roll of ten-sided dice. By matching sets of rolled dice, you'll be able to produce results that not only determines how effective you are on the task, but how quickly or how excellently you did it. One attack roll not only tells if it you made the attack, it also tells how much damage it did and where the blow was struck. This makes it really good for play by post.

It also has the Company rules, which lets one easily model organizations from merchant guilds to vast empires in the same mechanics. Companies all use the same stats (Territory, Might, Influence, Treasure, Sovereignty), and resolving conflicts against each other comes down to a few dice rolls. The PCs can take things to a large scale and let the Company do the heavy moving for them, or take things personally to improve the Company's stats and rolls. Want to infuse your guild's treasury with your own wealth? Want to recruit men for the kingdom, lead a raid or organize a grand heist? You can do that and a whole lot more.

If I get replies of general interest, that'll be good cause for me to flesh out everything else and show how to work out your characters. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/happy.gif) This game will use the REIGN Enchiridion, which has basically all the rules save for the default setting. If you're interested but don't have the book, just contact me on AIM or here and I'll be glad to help work things out. For other questions, feel free to ask here.
27 Jan 2012

2F Hallway, Mangekyou High School
School District, Outer Metrocity

There was no one else in the hallway. It was long past class hours, made apparent by the fading sunlight that filtered through the windows. You still heard a fair bit of shouting and noise echo in, all the extracurricular clubs downstairs at work and the sports teams out at the field for practice. Not too hard to tune them all out, though. Especially since you all came in here for your own reasons. An after-school activity of your own, that is.

Somehow, you got the note that your familiar wanted to meet you. Literal notes, scribbled in perfectly square sheets of paper, each dropped to your faces right in the middle of some important activity. Probably accounted to a bruise or two for some of you. The notes all gave the same details: the time of day, and the place to meet.

It was remarkably vague after that. This would likely end up as your third meeting with the familiar. The first time led to your contract, the second time led you to meet your fellow "contractees"; there was quite a reaction when most of you realized you belonged in the same class. You're not sure why it wanted you all to meet in the Music Room this time. Maybe it's finally discovered a portal?

The school building was supposed to be locked at this time, though none of you found trouble getting in. In fact, none of the doors on the way to the Music Room were locked, even if appeared to be at first. Sometimes you just needed to twist the doorknob a bit, though after a moment, it just clicked and opened by itself. All the way to the Music Room, which simply swung open before any of you reached for it.

A plush lion head peeked out of the doorway. "Took y'all long enough!" It squeaked in a boyish voice. One that pretended to sound like a lion. It turned its head around a few times, and looked up. "Is everyone here?"

Optional Activity: Describe your impression of each your companions in one or two sentences. First or third person works.
18 Jan 2012
Well, some people wanted to do a villainous magical girl game. And I (finally) found a system that works okay enough for it, so...

How It Started

"What if I gave you the power to fulfill your wishes?"

If you heard these words over a month ago, you probably wouldn't believed it. Well, not that you believed them even now. Not when it came from the mouth (?) of some strange stuffed animal that appeared to you one night. But you already heard the rumors, or maybe you saw them yourself. Like something straight out of a frilly-laced cartoon - gorgeously dressed women that wielded amazing powers against monsters and villains from another dimension. Self-proclaimed arbiters of justice and love and every emotion they cared for. Magical girls.

It didn't make sense, then. You didn't really care for any of that. You had a lot of issues, but in the end, you're the type that was angry, frustrated, and carried nothing but apathy to the world. Even if this nonsense turned out to be true, you weren't really the type to become a magical girl. But the stuffed animal picked you, anyway. And it didn't even care what you did with whatever powers you acquired from the agreement. The only clause was that it bounded your for life. There was no backing out from being a magical girl.

There was something behind this. Maybe some dark ploy, or a weird way to bring cosmic balance in the universe. In the end, you didn't care. Neither did the other girls you banded with, an alliance you created against any force of love, courage and whatever else that stood in your way. You gained the power to do whatever you wanted to the city. The stuffed toy asked again,
What are you going to do with it?

What Your World Is Like

Metrocity is where you live, a large industrialized area in the coast of Japan. On the surface, it looks like the city of the future. Tall, shining skyscrapers tower the sky, and the concrete streets are filled in the cusp of technological marvel. Sliding doors, television phones, electric automobiles, you name it. The fashions haven't kept up just yet, though; your school uniform and street clothes are still quite modern.

You've heard a lot of nasty rumors about the city though, that it used to be the site of strange phenomena and mass burial sites from centuries ago. The government tried to cover as much of that up as possible by plowing over the cursed land and placing really, really shiny buildings on top of it. Even its original name is rubbed out from the maps; everyone just calls it Metrocity these days. Despite these efforts, a lot of urban legends from the past persist, all the more magnified with the appearance of "real monsters" in the news.

According to your stuffed animal companion, it's because of this (weakened dimensional border or something) that otherworldly monsters found it quite easy to slip through worlds with Megacity as the entry point. Any time a monster crosses over, it leaves dimensional distortions at its wake. Any mundane door or window becomes a portal between worlds to those powerful enough to open it (like magical girls).

The alternate dimension is both fascinating and bizarre. Each portal will almost always lead to a different world, with its own laws of reality and its own strange denizens. Sealing these portals (by destroying the portal's master) is one of the main objectives of the "good" magical girls, as it keeps reality from destablizing or some such. Of course, nothing should keep you from seizing one of these alternate worlds as your own.

Your companion isn't willing to tell you where it came from, though. Stupid toy.

How Our Game Works

This is a game for Savage Worlds, using the Super Powers companion. Settings rules are as follows: Baseline Environment, Inherent Power (Natural Growth), Knockback, Super Teams, and Unarmed Defenders. The RP will be open-ended, and hopefully PC-driven as they decide how they are going to use their powers for their own ends.

Standard character creation rules apply here: just follow the Super Powers Companion rules where applicable. You get Arcane Background (Super Powers) Edge for free with 15 power points to spend. As a trade off to that, PCs also have to take Gimmick (Magical Girl) as a Major Hindrance, requiring you to switch into your costumed magical girl form before you can use any of your powers. In-game, I'll say it takes a full action for this to work.

And yeah, there's a lot of influence to Madoka. Look at the first picture. That said, the tone of the game is expected to be follow closer to a Magical Girl formula. Not exactly light-hearted, but not overly violent or bloody either (doesn't mean it can't get pretty dark in tone, though). The PCs are self-regarded villains, though none of them are expected (or encouraged) to be morally reprehensible. So as long as everyone's cool with each other's approach to things.

That all clear? I have a few people already interested and working on sheets, but if anyone else wants to join, just let me know and we'll work it out. Here we go, then.

Character Sheet Template: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

[u][b]Character Information[/b][/u]


[b]Wounds[/b]: [ ] [ ] [ ]
[b]Bennies[/b]: 3
[b]Fatigue Level[/b]: -

[b]Parry[/b]: 2 + (1/2 of Fighting's die value)
[b]Toughness[/b]: 2 + 1/2 vigor's die value + armor
[b]Charisma[/b]: 0

[b]Strength[/b]: (d4, or what you raise it to)

[b]Skill Name[/b] (Attribute): (The skills you don't have are d4-2)
[b]Skill Name[/b] (Attribute):

[b]Gimmick[/b] (Magical Girl)
[b]Hindrance Name[/b]

[b]Arcane Background[/b] (Super Powers)
[b]Edge Name[/b]

[b]A list of things[/b]

[u][b]Powers[/b][/u] (15 Power Points)
[b]Power Name[/b] (Cost): Effect, modifiers and (Trapping)

The People We Know

Gaomaru: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


Gaomaru is a magical familiar, clearly from the other dimension though refuses to say more on that. He takes the form a lion cub with a halo, bearing a plushy exterior with ticking clockwork parts underneath. Despite appearances, he seems remarkably resistance to all physical force, and his spellcasting abilities are nothing to take lightly. He likes to eat, well, anything, and seems to take personal pride in getting bunch of odd girls and getting them to work together, even if their cause is ambiguously malevolent.

Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Tracking d8, Notice d8, Stealth d4, Knowledge (Magic World) d10, Persuasion d8, Spellcasting d8
Charisma: -4; Pace: 6; Parry: 2; Toughness: 14
Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Headquarters, Power Points
Hindrances: Alien Form (Familiar from Another Dimension?), Distinctive Appearance (Sentient Lion Cub Doll), Small, Vow (Minor: Take Care of Contracted Magical Girls)
Gear: n/a
Powers: (25 Points)
  • Super Sorcery (15): Level 5 (dimensional magic).
  • Heightened Senses (2): Tracking. +2 to Notice and Tracking rolls (lion senses).
  • Armor (8): Heavy Armor. Adds 9 points to Toughness (magical plush).
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