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2 Mar 2009
QUOTE(Letter From Mosen Kurai, Intercepted En Route to Yeshua Kurai)
Yeshua, my son.

Time does not well communicate how hard it is for a man to part ways with any child he has raise, nor truly does history. You cannot recreate experiences with your mind, you can only reflect upon them, and ultimately distort them by bringing out only those qualities which you choose to remember. This letter can in no way do justice in communicating my memories, nor can it do justice in communicating my voice.

Life is more difficult without having my son around to help me in my newly old age. Vhiliu did well to give me such a helpful son in my youth, but alas time has the cruelty of taking him away to experience his own life. Anima is kind to allow me such influence upon nature, as to make my life easier, but no magic can take away the pain of lacking that which is gone. But alas, my selfishness leads me closer to Asphyra than you or I should like me to be, and I must stop being so selfish.

So how are you, my son? What have you experienced? Are you helping people as you always thought you would?

May the Elders and Father Vhiliu keep you safe from the horrid parts of Asphyra, and may time soon bring you back to me.

Your Father

Some nights are cooler than the others, and for some that may have been tolerable. But on a truly frigid night such as this in northern Erimate, one would have to be insane or a masochist to willingly trek out in the blistering cold. But Yeshua Kurai truly thought himself to be neither, as he came over the peak of a small hill, looking down into a large valley. Inside the valley he could spy atleast three villages, with smokestacks pluming into the air from fires built to keep mothers and children warm. The young adept let out a sigh as he set out on his way down from this peak and into the valley.

And so begins another chapter of his life...
Staring Into Midnight

No one, especially not me, should have to deal with this kind of cold. Yeshua thought to himself as he pulled his cloak tighter around his body. Haven't you tested me enough, father Vhiliu? Why must you continue to allow Asphyra's demons such influence upon these lands?

He continued to drudge down the slope through the winds and uneven terrain continually trying to reach just one of the smokestacks he saw below. If only I had a fire tome here... I could rely on myself instead of those tribalistic savages. It does me nothing but grief to rely on those who have yet to realize the need to have Vhiliu allow them to join with him in the starry sky. And even as he thought this, he knew one thing. He had to reach them so that they could all mutually benefit from his presence there. One cannot follow those teachings which are not imparted to him.

Yeshua did eventually reach the closest village, and he made his way to the largest building from which he had seen a truly great smokestack. It was a building with a joint purpose, an inn and a citadel at the same time. Yeshua walked in and eventually found the counter from which he could get a room. His face had become feverish from the biting wind, and the warmth of the fire made his cheeks tingle thoroughly.

"Hello, My name is Yeshua Kurai, and if you could be so kind as to allow me to stay in a room, I'd be very appreciative."
28 Feb 2009
With my second character I'm beginning to plan an RP, and as such will need other people with which to RP. At this point I'm basically thinking of a short to mid-range campaign in Erimate with some sort of main villain or some such, that Yeshua feels compelled to overthrow/whatever. As I have more details I'll post them, and I'm very much open to ideas as to how this first RP should progress. Ordinarily my RP's have started just in secluded areas where characters stumble upon each other and then discover something of a travesty to have occurred, and larger stories develop henceforth.

So basic details: Erimate. Bad Group. RP with Jinno.

If you're interested I think a small group of probably 4 should be manageable, but may be coaxed into a 5th or 6th if the case is a good one.

1. Yeshua Kurai - Jinno
2. Cian McDermott - IrishBarbarian
3. Jacky Vipond - Nexus
4. Alfred Miller - Siro
5. Maybe.
6. Maybe.

27 Feb 2009
Name: Yeshua Kurai
Age: 28
Homecountry: Azgarth
Affinity: Thunder
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 186

Class: Adept
Level: 5

Weapons: Thunder, Knife/Dagger.
Weapon Levels: Anima - D

Appearance: Yeshua stands tall for his people, among the tallest in the land of Azgarth at more than six feet high. Despite this, he is built to be little more than gangly, without much muscle to be shown on his elongated body parts. To hide this bit of weakness Yeshua is draped from head to toe in red robes, his narrow shoulders hidden by thick shoulder pads colored orange. His brown hair is long, and held out of his eyes with a headband to match his robes.

Personality: Yeshua is most easily described as a person with a God complex. He is more than willing to point out the faults in another human being, but is unwilling to accept the sheer notion that anything he does can be wrong. He believes himself to be the true perfection of man, the single child among thousands that Vhiliu would have been most proud. As such he feels compelled to place himself on that seat, and to lecture to the people what he believes is the celestial father's true convictions for his children. Lessons taught to the people by the truest son.
Because of Yeshua's religious conviction, he believes that the natural magic of Anima is the truest magic of Vhiliu, and his ability to control the fates. Light magic is magic of the Elder Gods, with the power to repair the wrongs of the world, and to bring people together. Dark, is that of the evil mother Asphyra, and is to be condemned for its use allows one to be susceptible to the will of the demons. The children that allow themselves to fall in with Asphyra's line of existence need be condemned with their mother to the outer ends of the universe. Yeshua is as such exceedingly hostile to those whom he sees as following this immoral path, who align themselves with she who fell to the demons' spell.

Bio: Yeshua's past is largely responsible for the arrogance and drive that he has with his convictions. He was born to a woman in a larger city in Azgarth. A woman who was also pronounced in the arts of the Darker Magic. The woman initially had a husband, but abandoned him very early on in Yeshua's existence, for she had gotten what she wanted. A son to love her unconditionally, forgiving of any and all of her faults.
For however brief a time that Yeshua had spent time with his mother, he can remember nothing but misery. The two of them traveled throughout the lands, and Yeshua had not been blessed with a very competent immune system, and the travels through the vast portions ravaged the child with various diseases that a more seasoned immune system could've handled with ease. His mother eventually got fed up with dealing with the sickly child, and cast him aside in a small village, caring not of the poor lad's fate.
For all intents and purposes, the child should have died of the harsh bronchial infection he had at the time his mother left him. He lay on the side of the road in a blanket coughing and struggling to breathe. He recalls a time when he thought for sure he actually was dying, and he blacked out, only to awake days later in an inn, with a Sage sitting in a chair beside him clinching a staff and chanting. The man's name was Mosen Kurai, and it was this man that would give Yeshua his name, and that Yeshua would accept as his father and mentor.
Mosen raised Yeshua without intent of pushing anything upon the child, but was pleasantly surprised when the child seemed to thrist for any and all knowledge that the man could impart to him. As Mosen explained the religion of Vhiliu, Yeshua listened intently, and really took time to try and understand the implications that the religion held, and soon held the texts and stories as the religion he himself truly believed in. Mosen taught the child that he could do anything his heart desired. He taught the child how to hunt, how to build things, and how to make clothing. But it wasn't until he taught the child how to do basic anima magic, that the child began to change for the worst.
As the Yeshua grew into the adult he would become, he grew out of the sickly, pathetic child that he had been, and into a tall and perceivably powerful mage. He covered himself in the same robes that his father, Mosen, wore in his practice. But as he became more and more adept in the magic of nature, the power began to corrupt his view of the world. He became more arrogant, more selfish, and more committed to his religion. He saw the events of his past not as weaknesses, but as proof that even in the darkest of hours, it was the decision of Vhiliu himself for his favored son to overcome those hardships.
It was soon time that Yeshua became of age to go into the world on his own, and so he grudgingly left the man who had saved him not only from death, but from the possibility of being attracted to the ways of Asphyra as his evil mother had been. And in venturing out on his own he was no checked into reality by his father figure, and had nothing stopping him from the wild aspirations that he had. He thought himself directly imbued by the celestial energy of Vhiliu himself, and as such was to be the key prophet in the revitalization of the religion in Skylessia. He wrote down the new tenets as they became obvious to him, and began his missionary stint throughout the continent.
Throughout his early missions he received much hostility, and had to defend himself using the magic of Anima that his father had taught him. With each battle his view of people became more and more corrupt. More and more people fell onto the path laid by the demon tempted mother that he could possibly have thought. It did not fall in line with the path he had set for himself. He expected to be treated as a king, instead he was attacked like a town drunk. Benevolence is a sign of any good god, he thought, but now it seemed malevolence toward those who would not accept the benevolence of their savior seemed in order. In his teachings he moved for less lenience to those who did not accept the path of he and his celestial father Vhiliu, instead that life must be taken from those who would not accept the gracious gift that it is.
Yeshua began using the iconic lightning arts to strengthen his view as a god, the symbolism of power in the ancient age.

Additional Notes/Comments: I have every intention of not god-modding this character, but instead portraying him with the intent of him rising to enough power for his brand of religion to have an effect on Skylessia as a world. His truest intent is to be a prophet, and my truest intent as a roleplayer is to be true to the actual nature of his existence.
22 Feb 2009
Name: Brandon Waldron
Age: 22
Homecountry: Olivan
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs.

Class: Huntsman
Level: 10

Weapons: Katti, Killing Edge
Weapon Levels: C

Appearance: Brandon Waldron has unkempt mahogany colored hair. He wears loose clothing, all of a midnight blue color. He has bright blue eyes, and is often seen with a emerald cape draped over his left side. On his back, over the cape is the sheath for his sword - a short version of what is commonly known as a katana. When in battle, Brandon will generally hold the sword blade upward on his shoulder as he readies for an attack.

Personality: Brandon is a happy go lucky sort of fella. Even in battle he finds things to enjoy, and few things can bring him to be serious. Even still, he cares forever about his comrades and would jump in to defend them even if it were to mean his death. It is not uncommon for Waldron to be caught doing entirely juvenile things, like pulling pranks and going out drinking anytime he has spare cash. He's yet to discover a reason to call his purpose in life, and is intent to deny it until he absolutely has to.

Bio: When Brandon's parents finally were blessed with his presence in their lives, they were traveling with a small tribe in northern Arad'uun, something of an escape from the life they had been living mere years before. The Waldrons were originally from Alacia, where Brandon's father served in the King's Army. But Cardarovo Waldron's superior gave him an order that he couldn't abide by, and the act of insubordination had him discharged. Feeling lucky to have his life spared Cardarovo saw fit to up root and get out of the country, and he and his wife descended into Arad'uun and started life with the first tribe they came across.

The day to day life of a hermitage tribesman worked well for the couple for a short time. They refined the skills necessary to their most basic survival; skills they later passed on to their son and daughter. Hunting, gathering, swordplay, fire building, make-shift homes, clothes-fashioning, etc. The tribe focused on all of these things, and each member of the tribe was responsible for being self sufficient, but willing to help when needed. This worked for the Waldrons, that is, until the birth of Cardarovo's son, Brandon.

The instability of a hermitage tribe was not something Caradarovo was interested in, and so he and his wife uprooted away from the tribe and headed north, not back to Alacia, but to Olivan. With gold he had left over from his days in the Alacian forces, he purchased a small plot of land with some animals and established a farm. It was about four years into Brandon's life that his sister, Ellen was born.

Cardarovo and his wife raised their children very much in the way they had been taught to live tribally. Both children were taught how to hunt with a bow, fight off an enemy with the sword, how to till the land, treat the animals, and the basic skills necessary to be self sufficient. Cardarovo saw fit that his children were given a sense of duty to morality, and would do anything to uphold the morals they held dear, even if it risked their life and status. It was this sense of duty, and these skills passed on to him by his father that encouraged him to enlist with a local mercenary troupe when he came of age. It was a duty to protect the citizens of the territory from any outside offenders, and more importantly to finance the life he wanted to start independent of his family.

In his career so far, a solid 5 years, Brandon has proven himself to move up from the peon entry ranks of the troupe. He's participated in many situations with the troupe. He's fought bandit marauder tribes coming up from Arad'uun, he's evacuated villages burned by arsonists, and he's helped stop drug traffickers that the Count didn't approve of. He's participated in the quelling of civil uprisings, and he's helped elderly citizens cut their firewood.

For now, at least, Brandon seems to intend on staying with the Mercenary troop, but as the numbers in the troop dwindle, leaving to join those rising against the feudal counts implementing their new farming tools, the collapse of the troop seems imminent.

Additional Notes/Comments:

Transfer of Levels was approved by Falkyn, as well as the weapons.
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