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Lawrence Everett, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Blonde Panther, Jun 25, 20
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Blonde Panther @ post: 14961, member: 146")
Name: Lawrence Virgil Everett.
Age: 25.
Birthday: January 12th.
Gender: Male.
Nationality: Ylissean.
Social Status: Noble.
Occupation: Ruling Lord of Everett.
Allegiance: House Ylisse.
Religion: Naganite.
Affinity: Light.
Handedness: Right-handed.
Literate: Yes.

Class: Lord.
Level: 10.
Weapon Levels: Mediumweight Swords {C 2/5}
  • Armourslayer: Iron Piercing Broadsword
    Lawrence's primary weapon is a sword with a simple crossguard, grip and pommel. Its blade seems slightly broader than average, pulsing on occasion when it comes into contact with armor. The magic inside it allows it to negate the protection that enemy armor should provide.
  • Dress Sword: Iron Sabre
    More fragile and a lot less dangerous a weapon than his broadsword, as he only carries it with him to formal occasions where it is all the protection he will need. Its hilt and scabbard are plated in gold and decorated with gilding, the pommel bearing a ruby.
  • Flamebrand: Unusable until A-rank
    An ornate broadsword with a dark grey blade and a blood red hilt. It has been possessed by House Everett for many generations, but only wielded by its finest swordsmen in hours of the greatest need. Lawrence is incapable of wielding it at present due to his lack of experience, and due to this tradition forbidding it.

Lawrence’s well-off birth shows itself in every aspect of the young lord’s appearance. He stands relatively tall at five feet and ten inches, but while his body is well-toned due to his many hours of training, he is far from bulky. He sports a rather fair complexion and features that betray his seriousness, example being his brown, strict eyes. Lawrence’s dark blue hair is on the long side, reaching a point between his earlobes and his shoulders in the back.

Regardless of his function at the moment at hand, Lawrence proudly displays the colors and livery of House Everett in his clothes and armor. During formal occasions, he holds off on armor and instead appears in a closed scarlet longcoat, embroidered with gold and worn over black pants and shin-height boots. Over the coat, he drapes a narrow black sash -some theorize this is in continued respect for his fallen parents- and the sheath in which he carries his dress sword at his waist, on his left-hand side.

Should he leave Everett, however, Lawrence dons an extremely dark red, shorter tunic over his black lower garments, as well as slightly sturdier boots and a black undershirt. Additionally, he wears torso and shoulder armor in the red and gold of his house, as well as a long, red cape. On the back of this cape, in lighter gold thread, is meticulously embroidered the sitting, winged dragon that is the livery of House Everett. The sheath of his broadsword, although in the same place as that of his dress sword, is notably less decorated and more sturdy.

Having served as a lord of the Halidom of Ylisse for over ten years, Lawrence has grown, some say too early, into a responsible and just ruler. He works hard for the people that he governs and protects, but expects the same of them and of the men he commands. As a knight of Ylisse he has a strongly developed sense of honor and pride, and has long since overcome his childhood fear of blood and death.

To outsiders and commoners, Lawrence may seem an ideal lord, but those who deal with him personally will see that he is not the perfect man by far. In part due to the young age at which he became head of House Everett, Lawrence’s sense of responsibility has gone too far and he has become a very controlling person. If he cannot know of and change any aspect of a situation when he feels it is needed, he will become a very unpleasant person.

While he is normally pleasant in his dealings with the weaker gender, Lawrence feels that women hold no place on the frontlines of a battlefield. The only women he has allowed to enroll in Everett’s military are archers, healers and magic users, ensuring that he will only have to take responsibility for men dying on the frontlines. He claims he simply has no desire to see a woman die because he put them in danger, and he does in fact acknowledge that women can be just as valuable in combat as men can.

There is a significant difference in his dealings with the public, with outsiders, and with his siblings. Raymond and Leanne are the only people who commonly see Lawrence’s softer side, and know that he is mostly tired by the sheer amount of work that has been piled onto him from an early age. To them, Lawrence shows kindness and understanding, and allows a lot less formality, than he does from his subordinates or even his equals.

Due to Lawrence’s own inexperience, he cannot ride Guinevere into battle at present.
Lawrence rides an Arabic mare who listens to the name Guinevere. She’s twenty years old, but still fit and capable of working hard. She was part of his father’s inheritance, and has a lot of experience in battle. She was, however, not present in the battle that ended her former master’s life, as he had instead taken a younger stallion. Guinevere is a dark bay, with four black legs, standing at roughly five feet and seven inches of withers-height.

Guinevere is eager to work and not very aggressive, although she has been trained to deliver kicks and bites to enemies that come too close for comfort. Like most of her breed she’s been bred for swiftness rather than strength, but she’s pretty clever for a horse. She also has a curious streak, although she will never let said curiosity lead her too far from her master’s side.

Lawrence was born as the first of three children, to Lord Virgil and Lady Caroline of House Everett. As the firstborn son in a traditional noble house, it was a given fact that he would inherit his father’s lands, people, and army when he became of age, but no one could have anticipated just how soon that would be. At an early age, the lord developed an interest in fencing, starting what would eventually turn into serious sword training with his father, supervised by a soldier by the name of Leonard.

When the Exalt declared war on the heretic Plegians, shortly after Lawrence had turned five, Lord Virgil sent the petitioned troops but remained behind to better train his son. It was around this time that Lawrence started training seriously, with the purpose of one day commanding the troops, and first learnt to ride a horse from Leonard. While no prodigy, Lawrence proved himself to be a swift learner on horseback, and showed good progress with the sword.

It was around this same time that Lady Caroline started offering him lessons in the finer arts. While visually untalented, Lawrence showed an interest in the musical arts which he still practices to this day. He divided his time between horseback riding, fencing, music practice, and the more academic part of his education evenly, although he was granted breaks whenever he had to accompany his parents to the court of other nobles.

Lord Virgil was allowed to stay in Everett to raise his child, and two years after the start of the war, Lawrence got a younger brother, Raymond. With Raymond’s birth, Lawrence saw his father less, and moreso as he started to grow and as he developed an interest in hunting, something Lawrence had no patience for.

Four years into the war, Lord Virgil was finally called to arms personally, leaving his sons and his pregnant wife behind under the watchful eye of the cavalier Leonard. Under Leonard’s guidance and despite his young age, Lawrence took over many of his father’s tasks that didn’t require a completed education. Which wasn’t much, but Lady Caroline assured him that she could handle everything else on her own.

A few months after Lord Virgil’s departure, Lady Caroline gave birth to her first daughter, Leanne. She allowed herself little time to recover from the delivery, however, having Everett to worry about. As such, much of the care for Raymond and Leah fell to Lawrence.

Fortunately for House Everett, not long after Leah's birth the Exalt passed away and his daughter Emmeryn took his throne. It was too late for Lord Virgil, however. Word reached Everett that less than a week before Exalt Emmeryn ordered a retreat of Ylissean troops, Lord Virgil had been assassinated by a Plegian Dark Mage.

Lady Caroline took this hard, but she never once let it interfere with her rule of her late husband's lands. In doing so, she gave her sons the chance to be children, although Lawrence realized long before Raymond did that it wasn't doing her health any good.

With Lawrence only fifteen years old, Lady Caroline finally succumbed to illness, leaving her eldest son in control of Everett. Despite his young age, Lawrence told himself that Exalt Emmeryn had governed the entire Halidom since her ninth year, so he should be able to handle a small portion of it from his fifteenth onwards.

The Exalt personally took his vows as a lord of Ylisse, knighting him in her service and formally naming him Lord of Everett in a small, enclosed ceremony at Ylisstol.

Lawrence has since then continued his training under the watchful eye and with the help of Leonard, who was quickly named captain of Everett's cavalry and Lawrence's second-in-command, but the time he has to put into his lands and into raising his siblings is taking its toll on his social contacts and skills.

When the new war with Plegia started, Lawrence was initially hesitant, if not averse, to the idea of sending his men to a battle he felt would only lead to more death, more children who’d have to grow up as he had. Still, he followed his orders and sent his men.

Now that word has reached Everett that Prince Chrom has failed to secure the Exalt and has been forced to retreat, Lawrence has started to mobilize more forces to reinforce the border defense and plans to set out for Ylisstol, expecting the prince will hold a meeting with all of his subordinate nobles to decide their next course of action.

RP History:
- Ylissean Lottery #2 - 1/5 Swords EXP.
- Ylissean Lottery #3 - 1/5 Swords EXP.

Notes: If wished, the characters Raymond and Leanne are open to be played as PCs. Contact me if interested.

Major NPCs: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Captain Leonard
Class: Great Knight.
Weapons: Silver Rending Broadsword (Main), Silver Throwing Spear (Ranged), Iron Crushing Axe (Secondary).
Lawrence's old teacher and current advisor and bodyguard. He's descended from a family that has served House Everett for many generations and is a highly disciplined and usually calm individual. When not serving directly at Lawrence's side, he commands a squad of Everett's finest.

Profile Approved by Squishy and Darth_Slaverus.
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