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Well if anyone ever reads this then they wont find out that much about me...
but I will say I'm a college student at OCCC (what a wonderfully terrible school) and I am in a good rock band, I play the drums and without acting to arrogant
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29 years old
Montgomery NY
Born Sep-15-1990
I'm a good drummer and a member of a sick band. I love fire emblem especially the sacred stones (even if its easy, I love all the character development, unlike RD) and that's about it
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4 Jan 2010
How large of an object would a lower level mage be able to move, and at what level/tier could you gain the power of animation?
2 Jan 2010
Name: Caleb Thomas
Nation: Begnion
Age: 20
Race: Beorc
Class and Level: Mage level 6
Weapon Levels: Anima: D

Appearance: Caleb has a young face for a twenty year old, with a strong jaw line and striking blue eyes that act almost as portals into Caleb's inner thoughts and feelings. His smile is innocent yet masculine at the same time, he however rarely smiles and his smile is replaced with a scowl or a smirk. Caleb's blonde hair falls just short of his shoulders and is kept fairly straight with strands falling wherever they please. He keeps himself clean looking as often as he can, even when alone in the wilderness. Having grown up in the Stahlspize Mountains near the Daein border in the Duchy of Seliora he has a very fair complexion reminiscent of the Herons of the Serenes. He has a broad and toned chest from his "adventures" up the mountains in his youth. While athletic and toned his is no knight but compared to average citizens and his fellow mages he is no slouch. A striking mark is the scar that runs from the back of his neck to right under his right jaw.

His summer clothing is simple compared to others in his social class, a tight Lincoln green tunic with a white collar that is tight enough to show off his toned chest, traditional brown slacks, and leather hiking boots broken in from hours of hiking the mountain paths. In the winter he has a more fashionable grey wool overcoat, with black trim along the sleeves, the breast, the cuffs, and the collar, and brass buttons with the Holy affinity stamped on them. He dons a dark leather pointed hat with his lucky cockatrice feather pined to the brim. Despite the fairly common outfit he still portrays a sense of elegance perhaps from his appearance.

Personality: Caleb at first comes off as arrogant and is often accused of patronizing others but this comes from his sincere, usually, honesty. As people interact with him more they see him for what he really is. Caleb is a classical romantic, a devout Asherist, and a lover of the beauty of nature. He is loyal to a fault. He will devote himself to all of his loved ones, be it family, friends, or lovers. He has been taken advantage of this multiple times since going out on his own and has developed a mistrust of many people, usually based on stereotypes. He usually has cheery optimistic outlook but periodically will fall into a depression brought on by some memory. The best way for him to break out of this is to meet new people and explore their knowledge.

He is a great intellect, having knowledge in many areas of biology, physics, and magic. Always looking for new information and methods he will engage with people and listen to their stories and experiences to steal ideas to use for his own. Having fallen in love with nature at a young age he spends most of his time outdoors. Hidden from most is his large imagination and creativity. When he's not reading up on the newest spell casting techniques or bestiary, he can be seen sketching a scene from his surroundings or finding inspiration will write a spiritual love poem or just watch the clouds and listen to the birds sing. Being a romantic he is quite a flirt, not a womanizer just flirtatious, usually with one girl at a time. Knowing how devoted to, and how much he has been burned by, women he rarely enters serious relationships and will occasionally push people away who he feels are not trust worthy and will hurt him.

He has some less than amiable traits as well. Being of the upper class of Begnion he is a racist, though he is more tolerant than most. He thinks himself and his fellow beorc more intellectual than the laguz, he would never physically harm or deny a laguz their basic rights but he wouldn't deny the beorc superiority. During his travels he has become more and more knowledgeable of the truth and equity of the two races. He is a bit stubborn as well and will argue what he believes to be the truth till his opponent concedes or just leaves. He also has a mild fear of wyverns though he is too proud to ever admit to this.

Biography: Caleb was born into a well-to-do upper class family, the son of the magic advisor to Duke Seliora and a beautiful Daein mother. He was raised under the teachings of the Church of Ashera and is a devout follower of the Goddess' teachings. He studied magic under the guidance of his father till his father tragically died of an unknown disease on the eve of his seventeenth birthday. His training consisted of more than just memorizing spells, but also knowledge on the intricacies of magic and how it works along side with nature. Often the pair would leave the libraries and enter the woods and discover how spells work in person. After his father's death he left his mother under the care of his older sister and her husband and left home to further his skills as a mage, and to find solace over the loss of his beloved father.

In his youth Caleb would hike the mountain paths with his father, his friends, or alone to think and open his mind to the wonders of Tellius. He has become a skilled outdoorsman, once having to fight off a fully grown wyvern without the aid of any spells, the scar on his neck forever a reminder of the power of the beasts, and has survived days alone in the mountains. These skills had come in use when traveling south having to fight off bandits and the beasts of the land. Caleb would stop in small villages and stay in the local inn for about a week aid the village or join a local mercenary group and leave again.

In his second winter on his own he stayed in a rather large church for the area for almost four months. The Priests would not accept payment for his board and so Caleb being a good Asherist became a vassal to the church and the small village doing odd jobs and eventually guarding the church. It was here that he met Sophie, a beautiful brunette girl with eyes so beautiful he couldn't help but fall in love with her beauty. She was the assistant to the priest who ran the only orphanage in the area. After a week of flirting and admiring Caleb kissed her and confessed his love to her. She had accepted and the pair became inseparable they were seen all over the village together. That was when everything seemed to fall apart. Sophie seemed to have become a completely different person over night. The once light hearted girl had become a mean scornful witch. She began to ridicule and lie to Caleb and eventually accused him of rape and then kicked him out of the Church. Caleb was left heartbroken and scared. Gone was his innocent smile, replaced with a scowl.

Caleb became depressed, leaving the village he entered the nearby forest, isolating himself form contact. Eventually loosing many pounds and gaining an almost sickly appearance. Unknowing to him he traveled into the Serenes Forest where he found an old ruin temple. Where he found am odd book with strange writings. He was unable to read the book but felt his sprits being reborn and restored. Being rejuvenated he took the small book and returned to Begnion, and headed back north, looking forward to the adventures he will find on his journey.

Aquila's Might "the true eagle" - Fire D Prf, Normal Power, Adaption (Light) +2, After Effect (burn) +2, Beastslayer +1, Flierslayer +1, Mercy -1, Obvious -1
It is Caleb's father's personal spell inscribed on a garnet ring, given to Caleb by his father on his death bed. A magical eagle of fire "flies" out of the caster's palm soars into the air and dives at the target, engulfing the target in an intense fire. The eagle itself has the essence of the Goddess Ashera and will never kill the target, instead it will inflict severe trauma, both physical in the form of burns, and mental spiritual anguish of intense inner suffering. The spell grows with the user and will become stronger as long as the mage has faith.

Boreas "the northern wind" - Wind D, Normal Power, Amalgamation (Water) +1, Pulsate +2
A simple spell created by Caleb himself when studying with his father in the Stahlspize Mountains, written in his sketchbook as part of a drawing of the classical Northern Wind. Its first blast of cold wind stuns the target with a sudden chill, doing little damage. Then the second wind carries with it particles of ice and snow and that do the majority of the damage. Caleb has such mastery of the spell all he needs is the book in his hand.

Étincelle "spark"- Fire E, Normal power +0, Beastslayer +1, After-Effect (burn) + 2, Close Ranged -2
The first spell Caleb was able to master. It is a simple spell fire spell with a very short range that can cause a severe burn. It is effective at keeping the beasts of Gallia at bay but to target must be at the most four or five feet from the user putting them in danger. Caleb only uses the spell when he as a last resort and to finish off an opponent that is suffering after Aquila's Might.

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