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27 years old
Wisconsin, US
Born Nov-24-1992
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11 Jun 2008
Name: Daniel Avery
Age: 24
Homecountry: Marcellus
Affinity: Wind
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 172

Personality: Daniel has a laid-back personality. Often found resting or other things for his leisure, he is very lazy. Even though he is lazy he always does his share of work because he wants to finish everything that he starts. Thanks to his laziness Daniel has become a great tactician thanks to his observing skills. Hard labor is one of his greatest enemies so he often finds something easy to do. He is very nice and easy to talk too. He loves the company of others, especially women.

Appearance: Daniel has blonde hair with peircing bright blue eyes. He have a very soft and beautiful face, with a fine chin. Daniel has a slim yet muscular body from his old habits of exercising. His outfit is very plain and ordinary, he wears a white undershirt with a charcoal blue over coat that go past his wrist but he rolls them up slightly past his elbow. He has onyx colored leathered boots. His hair is very messy and out grown but he doesn't care. His blonde bangs go down almost past his chin. It gets in the way of his sight but somehow it's always brushed to the side.

Bio: Daniel was born into a busy working family, in the merchant country Marcellus. In his family there are his mother and father who are both merchants. In Daniel's family he also has three siblings. Two sisters, one about one year older and the other about two younger. He also has a brother who is about six years older.

Ever since he was born his life as been about money. Money this and money that, money is everything. His childhood was a very fast paced one. Both parents were always busy with work and that left him and his sibilings at home. Daniel was a very naughty kid and got into a lot of trouble. Once he got into enough trouble that his father actully hit him. That changed his mind about him ever since.

As he evolved into a teenager his troublesome ways became less, and more calm. As he became more knowlageable about the arts of trade, he started to work at his mothers shop while his father and older siblings traveled gathering more items to sell. At the age of fourteen Daniel started to pick up on combat fighting. He trained everyday till he was decent in every weapon. Soon he decided on the axe as his main weapon.

At the age of seventeen he told his sister that he was going to leave. She was the only one in his family who knows that he is traveling, honing his skills with his axe. Daniel soon found a village he really liked and decided to stay, working as a carpenter working on projects here and there. As the years came by Daniel found that he was twenty.

Daniel soon left the little village he found and went on another journey. Picking up his axe again he left not telling anyone. Now the free spirit is wandering the different countries finding newer ways of using his axe. Daniel has a new passion since he started his whole journey, history of the world.

Class: Brawler
Level: Level 1

Weapons: Iron Axe
Weapon Levels: Axes: E

Additional Notes/Comments:
- Loves to study about the History of Skylessia
- Has a great interest in politics and news
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