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Maggie Markin, Discussion in 'Profiles' started by Donowitz, Sep 12, 2013.
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Skylessia Characters

QUOTE("Donowitz @ post: 16643, member: 117")
Name: Maggie (Margaret) Markin
Age: 17
Gender/Sex: Female
Nationality: Ylisse
Allegiance: Ylisse

Class: Archer
Level: 1
Weapon Levels: E 0/5

Maggie’s Bow - Bronze, Barbed Arrows

Maggie’s bow is of simple composition - the string is made of animal sinew, while the wooden components are made from, well, the wood of an elm. The arrows themselves have shafts made from a number of different kinds of trees, while the tips are are bronze with spikes.


Maggie is taller than the average Ylissian woman and of slender build, much like the bow that she uses in battle. She has dark brown, nearly black hair, and far too many freckles dot Maggie’s skin for her personal comfort. Her eyes also happen to be brown.

Clothing wise, Maggie reflects her roots. She dresses plainly - she wears a simple dark green vest overtop of a brown blouse. It buttons down the front. Her pants are of the same general shade as her blouse - Maggie forgoes the usual skirt as a skirt is rather annoying in the woods. A quiver hangs at her belt during combat. Her boots and gloves are both leather - pretty much the only items of slight extravagance Maggie owns.

She also has a thick cloak in case of bad weather!


Maggie is a quiet, discerning woman. Not one to waste words, but not so quiet as to be unfriendly. She’s more the type of person who thinks before speaking, who carefully considers her words. She has a very dry sense of humor.

Her sense of morality is fairly black and white, but there is some grey area. Raised as she was, Maggie understands that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do or disagree with because, well, you just have to.


Young Maggie was born to a poor peasant family along the eastern coast of the Halidom. Life wasn’t terribly easy. Not only were they, well, peasants, but they were peasants in a particularly poor village. Hunting was the main source of sustenance. Early in life, Maggie was instructed in the way of the bow and arrow, so that she could contribute to the family.

Never receiving anything even approaching a formal education, Maggie grew up living a hard life but a simple one. Rather than learning her letters, Maggie learned which herbs and mushrooms could heal, and which ones to avoid. Practical skills, perhaps, but not ones that would pay out in the city so much.

Fortunately, until her seventeenth year, that wasn’t much of an issue. Upon her that birthday, however, her father took her aside to explain the way of the world. The way he saw it, Maggie had two real paths ahead of her. She could either stay in the village, marry some boy and have a family of her own, or, she could go out into the world and try to make something of herself. She chose the second.

Her father was able to get her a contract with a small mercenary company that he himself had worked for in the past. A company that happened to be heading west, towards the Plegian border. He spoke fondly of how it had been an incredible learning experience during which he had made money, seen the world, and learned how to defend himself. Plus, he had met Maggie’s mother.

And so Maggie left the village with the company. It soon became apparent that things had changed in the company since Maggie’s father’s day, however. The current leader was much less concerned with fostering a sense of companionship. Instead? He cared much more about making as much money as possible. While Maggie never had to do anything she personally took issue with, there were some fairly... questionable jobs.

By the time they reached the border of Plegia (they’d been heading that way because of rumors of a war brewing and war always meant work for people in their line of business), Maggie was ready to move on. Not quite ready to return home just yet, but ready for a change of some sort.

When the word came in that the war seemed to be no longer happening, the company decided to make cuts to the roster. As Maggie was one of the newer members, she was first to go. She didn’t have many misgivings, aside from the fact that she was abandoned on a forest road. A forest which likely had risen roaming about. Now what was she to do?

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