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18 Oct 2009
An Alacian Viscount by the name of Duncan had recently died. Before he passed, he signed away his title to his youngest son Nathan. The former heir, Roa, was put in charge of delivering the document. Reading ahead of time, he felt cheated and planned out how to change this. Political assassination to kill Nathan would be both messy and unnecessary. He switched out the past viscount's will and created a fake that said that he was next in line.

If only he could get rid of the actual will. Like all his letters, Duncan had a mage charm the papers, and if anyone destroyed it they would both be alarmed. Eventually it would wear off, but Roa couldn't wait that long. Luckily (for him) the old magician wasn't around for the signing, which meant only one living person knew what was supposed to happen. He hired several messengers to go hide the real will. They decided to bury it in an area know to inhabit monsters. Nathan found out what these horsemen are hiding and wanted to see what the viscount really wanted. He asked a family friend to help him arrange a group to get the real will back.

1.Blink Nossmac level 2 Cavalier
2.Wynn Telum level 1 Archer
5.Karyn Applegate level 9 Shaman
4 Jul 2009
Name: Blink Nossmac
Age: 21
Homecountry: Val Mae
Affinity: Light
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 200

Class: Cavalier
Level: 1

Weapons:Iron Greatlance, Iron Sword
Weapon Levels: Sword: E Lance: E

Appearance: Blink is fit but does not pay as much attention to his hygiene as he should. Being around his horse all the time he forgets. Blink keeps his equipment emaculate though. He keeps his dark black hair long and his skin is dark from being outdoors. Blink's eyes are brown and revealing. You can definitely tell his mood by the look in his eyes. Blink dresses casually and hates to wear formal clothes. He looks awkward when forced to dress up. He is always in some type of blue outfit. Blue is a symbolic of his teacher and mentor Musashi.

Personality: Blink is a planner. He likes everything to be on time and as planned. He hates surprises but can deal with it if he must. In battle he is a natural leader and prefers to be in charge. He takes order from those he respects well and so so from others. His serious nature comes off as stand offish at times but to those that get to know him he is really a caring soul.

Bio: At least a paragraph. Blink was born in Sylmar. He is the oldest of seven children. Blink was the only male in the family and was responsible for watching over his sisters as he grew up. His father was a mercenary and was away for most of Blink's childhood. Blink tried hard to please his father but never felt as if he could. Blink set off to prove himself at the age of 15. Blink.

Blink was beaten and robbed on his first adventure and was save by an old man named Musashi. Musashi was the royal horse trainer in Corraine. Musashi could see the potential in Blink and taught Blink how to ride and fight on a horse. Blink lived and trained with Musashi for 5 years. At the age of twenty Blink left after hearing his father was capture by an evil General. Blink vowed to find and save his father.

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