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Just your average nerdy dude living over in Louisiana. I love a good videogame challenge, and even more, I love manga and anime. My dream is to someday become the world's greatest manga artist.
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29 years old
Jonesboro, LA
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15 Jul 2010

Desired Map: "Soulful Bridge"
Level Range: 1-20
Rules: "LV 20"
Style of grinding: Take Turns Winning
Unit useage: Full Ranks

For the sake of maximum gold gain, full ranks are requested on both sides. Attack with who you wanna build levels with to earn levels with them quickly.

Anyone up for a few rounds?
13 Jul 2010
Well guys, I'm sure that most of you remember me... I got really annoyed and ticked off that I couldn't win any battles n' stuff, and left on a "possibly-permanant vacation".

I've been playing the actual Fire Emblem games for quite a while now since I left, and greatly enjoyed them--perhaps a little too much, as they eventually spurred me to give FETO another shot, despite my suckage at the games. (Anything prior to 7 was nightmarish for me) XD

So here I am, giving FETO another attempt. I'm probably going to try and raise up my main party to promote again, and from there I'll be trying to maximize my strategies and levels alike.

(By the way... I also find it both amusing and annoying to see that Ellis has STILL not yet passed the torch. At this point I daresay it's that he just doesn't care, as it should only take an hour tops to either send somebody your password or promote their account to a Founder's status. :| )
19 May 2010
Well guys, I'm taking a (possibly permanant) vacation from FETO.

No matter what I try, or what I do, I'm always trumped. I've looked for Unit Build advice. I've tried making balanced teams. I've analyzed class specialties and weaknesses; I've done everything I can do except for copy other peoples' character and team builds.

I've done lots of crap that was just a bunch of wastes of time.

I might, maybe, pop in every few days. Maybe every couple of weeks, just to see how things are shakin'. Maybe every now and then, if there's a battle that's taking place by minutes rather than hours or days when I pop in, I might drop by and watch. MAYBE, if ever the time comes that I can actually get an account reset, then I MIGHT come back for a fresh start. But for now... No. Just no.

Take care everybody. Best of wishes to Hitsugaya, to Neji, to Konata, Kryptonite, MegaX99, and pretty much anybody else that I've become familiar with in here. Keep on doin' great.

'Till next time, guys.
16 May 2010
Does Insight work on Status staves like Sleep or Silence?
9 May 2010
If there's any kind of unit I like, it's a unit that can tank like a mo'fo. The best ones are the ever-rare-to-see Dual Tanks, which also happen to be EXTREMELY hard to kill if done right.

Shaman Lords are probably the EASIEST Dual-Tanks to make, and yet there are so few of them. D: With 28 DEF, 29 RES, and 60 HP, as well as really high POW (Or, if you wanted, you could increase SKL instead and make them Anti-wrath with Nihil) upon promotion, such a nigh-unkillable Lord just seems to me like it'd be broken as hell. D:

I wonder what's up with this?
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