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post May 3 2009, 11:31 PM
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All updates from before this forum was used can be found here:

May 2nd
- All future announcements and updates will be posted on the forums, right here.
April 23rd
- My Characters page now indicates which characters have items that are close to breaking.
April 13th
- Added item combining. This allows you to combine multiple items that have been used into one item with the total uses.
April 7th
- Added a handful of new maps. New maps will be identified by an asterisk (*) following their name.
April 5th
- The price of Master Seals has been lowered.
March 22nd
- You may now assign death quotes to your characters. These are displayed whenever the character is defeated in battle.
March 16th
- The amount of base characters has been increase from five to six. Anyone having only five will need to make a sixth to continue playing.
March 3rd
- User ratings added. These will be used to assist in determining battle and village rewards. More information will be available on the battle and game mechanics page.
February 4th
- Defence Swap mode added.
January 27th
- RNG Fairness mode added.
January 23rd
- All characters, from this point onwards, will be able to have their stats changed as many time as their owner likes for their first week of existence.
January 17th
- All siege weapons (Hand Onager, Hand Ballista, Purge, Eclipse, Bolting) had their crit rates reduced.
January 13th
- Two changes were made to team battles. First of all, players with more units than the others (such as Orange on The Heavenly Light) will have proportionally increased turn time limites. Secondly, the gold rewards formula has been adjusted so that gold is split among teammates.
January 6th
- Added shopping cart functionality to the items shop.
December 18th
- A number of new maps have been added.
November 25th
- Fixed (Full) and Fixed (Semi) modes unveiled.
- Two more team maps, Sands of Time and Sacred Stone were added.
November 23rd
- Many new four-player maps have been added.
November 6th
- You can now play FETO with traps.
October 30th
- Added a page for mass-editing character squads.
October 29th
- Added several display settings, most of which aim to make the game play a bit better on weaker computers. Post on the forums if any one of the settings seems to not be working properly, I rushed through them and may have overlooked something.
October 28th
- Lords may now be assigned custom class names using the Master Namer item.
October 23rd
- Mage Armours have become Battle Mages. Consult this thread for more information.
- New maps added (Green Hill Zone, Rugged Terrain, Three-Pronged Attack, Castle Assault and Marauders).
- Some item costs altered (Twin weapons, Arc tomes, Reavers, Quicken, Haste). Siege tomes and Hand Onagers/Ballistae effects altered.
October 17th
- Multiple classes (Wyverns, Armours, Warders) have had their stats redone. A thread will be posted shortly detailing the changes.
October 10th-16th
- Several minor improvements, bug fixes.
October 9th
- The Fimbulvetr anima tome's effect has been changed to the Freeze status ailment. More info in the battle mechanics page. Note that this only affects the new version.
October 8th
- Advantage attacks have been implemented in the new version of the game. Check the Battle Mechanics page for more information.
October 6th
- The new version of FETO is open for playing! View this thread for more information, or follow the new battle starting link to begin playing!
October 1st
- The two types of Mystery Items have been revealed! They are Master Scroll, allowing you to change your character's stats outside the once/week limit, and Master Crown, allowing you to promote your characters to lords!
- The battle listing format has been redesigned; pagination added to some battle listing pages.
September 24th
- Four mysterious items have appeared for auction.
- Top 25 Win Percentage page added.
- Users who are friends with me page added.
- Main index design enhanced.
September 23st
- A new battle type, Defense, has been added.
September 21st
- New Item Auctions have been posted, which will be ending on Wednesday the 24th.
September 18th
- New Item Auctions have been posted, which will be ending on Sunday the 21st.
September 14th
- Item auctions have begun! There will be several items (oftentimes rare items) up for auction each week, on which players can bid.
- Added richest players page.
- Fixed a minor issue with item storage sorting.
- FETO is now (mostly) HTML standards compliant.
- Battle missed turn limits added.
September 11th
- Several new weapons added (Lancereaver, Lanceslayer, Axereaver, Axeslayer, Swordreaver, Swordslayer, Darkreaver, Darkslayer, Animareaver, Animaslayer, Lightreaver, Lightslayer, Hand Onager, Hand Ballista, Quicken, Haste, Shield, Ward, Dispel, Seal).
- Battle mechanics page updated with effects of the new items.
- Global staff EXP and WEXP decrease.
- Several minor bug fixes.
August 27th
- Friends list feature added; friends may be challenged to battles. More functionality will be added in the future.
August 25th
- Level 20 battles added
- Several bug fixes and minor improvements to battles.
August 21st
- Shoutbox logs added
July 31st
- Character search added
July 25th
- User search added
July 23rd
- Map viewer online
- Users' battles may now be viewed from their profile page.
- Battle filtering added to current battles listing.
July 1st-16th
- Tournaments have started!
- Several bug fixes
- Dates added to battle logs
- Movements added to battle logs
June 26-27th
- Many new maps added (bringing the total to 31). Thanks to all contributors!
June 20th
- Many new battle sprites added. Thanks to all contributors!
June 19th
- Many new maps added (bringing the total to 20). Thanks to all contributors!
June 18th
- Several bug fixes in FETO2
June 12th
- Stats in stat calculator can now be copied directly to the clipboard
- Squads may now be selected for unit placement
- BBCode added to battle selection screen shoutbox
June 11th
- All armours and magic armours have had their statistics and growth rates revamped. Check class stats page for more information.
June 10th
- Character squads have been implemented to better organize your units.
June 9th
- FETO2 testing has begun! More information on the forums, here.
- Stat calculator compatibility issues fixed - works in Internet Exploder and Safari as well now.
June 2nd
- Added two new maps - The Heavenly Light and The Abyss
- Leftenant promotion bonuses fixed (one speed ended up being moved to defense by accident)
- Physical armour unit stat caps altered - +5 DEF/-5 RES at both first and second tier.
May 29th
- System statistics added to main page
- Character stat calculator online - note that this page presently only works correctly in Firefox and Opera.
May 27th
- Luck added to promotion bonuses.
- Several other layout tweaks, namely users' battles listed at top of pages (in dropdowns).
- Battle/game mechanics page updated - status effect information added.
May 25-26th
- Character filtering added on user pages.
- Character creation page enhanced.
- Game layout altered.
- Class usage page now tracks gender splits as well.
May 20th
- Assailant and Pikeman (and promotions) stats altered - +2 SPD to Assailant, and -1 HP/DEF; -1 LCK to Pikeman and +1 SPD.
- Many new battle sprites added; credits page updated.
May 14th-15th
- Two new maps added - Bean Island and Spann Island
- Several new character statistics pages added.
May 13th
- New character classes added - Myrmidon (**NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH IN-GAME MYRMIDONS**), Pikeman, Mystic, Assailant, and promotions.
- Magic MT globally decreased.
- Armoured mage stats altered.
May 8th-12th
- Battle turn limits can now be done in minutes or days, not just hours.
- Master Seal cost decreased to 6 000 gold.
- Battle rewards formula adjusted - amount increases slightly as unit levels increase.
- In roughly 1/30th the lifespan of the original FEO, FETO has gained over one half the total players (presently approaching 600), and over one third the total characters (presently around 3 500)!
May 7th
- "Chest/Village abuse" prevention implemented.
- Added battles where it is your turn to main page.
- Added active users page.
- Added Final Destination 2 map.
May 6th
- 1 000th character is created.
- Highest level characters page added.
- Fixed countdown timer issues.
- Updated battle mechanics page with village and chest information.
May 5th
- Fixed some IE compatability issues.
- Added shoutbox on battle joining page.
- FETO is officially open for playing!
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