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29 years old
Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania
Born Aug-25-1990
Football, music, basketball, swimming, TV, movies, and the computer.
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30 Dec 2010
Five minutes ago, I decided I wanted to come back and at the very least try to get involved here, seeing as it's definitely the best of the remaining not-dead FE-based sites left. For those of you who remember me, <3u. For those of you who don't, allow me to introduce myself. I started playing FE with FE7 (like 95% of the people on these forums) and that game remains my favorite. I recently re-sparked my interest in the FE series and got FE7 and FE8 and begun playing FE7 (I'm on ch7x) again; loving the nostalgia. I did buy both FE9 and FE10 when they came out but imo they both sucked pretty hard and I never managed to really get into 'em. I own FE11 and plan on playing through it once I finish 7 and 8 again. I'm a mathematical minded guy so I've always loved stat-based FE RPGs, basically meaning I'm most likely going to get into FETO pretty quickly. A few of you might remember me exclusively from Fire Emblem Wars; that was my first (and main) FE-based forum and damn, do I miss that place when it was active. A lot of the main driving forces behind FEW are completely inactive or have much busier lives outside of the computer so it doesn't really stand much of a chance at revival. Regardless, I've been around FEP since the beginning, since the original feplanet.net site which was originally known mostly for being the best goddamned FE Sprite source on all of the intrawebs. I got into spriting pretty hard and made some cool stuff but ended up becoming more of a hardcore GFXer than Spriter. As of right now I don't have access to a Photoshop so I'll probably be getting back into spriting assuming the spriting community here is just as massive as it was like 6 years ago.

Now that everybody who didn't already knows my general backstory, you can accept me like I never left. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/love.gif)
25 Jun 2008

Check it out. it's an American Football based MMO, where you create a player, set up their stats, sign to teams, get better, sign to better teams, play games, etc.

I love it. I currently have a level 16 Tackle who hasn't ever given up a single sack and a level 7 QB who has never thrown an interception. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/smile.gif)
14 Jun 2008
Yep, I'm back. I would say that "I'm sticking around for good this time!" and all that stuff, but with all of the times that I've already said that stuff, I'd be willing to guess that approximately 0.000 people would believe me. Hell, I wouldn't even believe me. So, let me rephrase. I'm planning on sticking around here until I get bored, at which point I'll check back less and less often, eventually stopping. Then, in a few months, if not a year or two, I'll get bored again, make another one of these topics, and start the cycle over again. Until then, let's enjoy the times, no?

By the way, I LOVE the FETO idea, although I hate how balanced each character is. The whole limiting of how much you can increase each stat at character creation to 2 points per stat is kind of bogus, and then limiting growth rates too. Also, having the exact same caps for promoted characters sucks D. Like I said; I love the idea. Not necessarily the execution, but the idea, definitely. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/tongue.gif)

Speaking of FETO, I've got a game started and ready for an entrant. Lv. 1-3, 3 minute time limit, 5 characters.
9 Dec 2007
FEW has been dead'd for a good while now. I've been pretty FE-Forum-Less during that amount of time. Will FEP re-accept me into their community? (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/oh.gif)
16 Mar 2007
Why don't we have a GFX Club(team)?

Well, now we do.

I have to see your 5 best GFX works, and if they're good enough, or if I see potential, you're in. If not, then I'll be like "Ew, they suck, GTFO".

Just kidding.

GFXer-In-Training is a person that will get certain assignments from either Myself or my Sub-Leader to improve their works. This will generally be a sig request, or just something that we think that you should work on. GFXer-In-Trainings can work their way up to Experienced GFXer by improving their work, completing all assignments, and just being an asset to the club. Perhaps even filling out requests very well.

The only member limits we have is that we'll only train 3 GFXers at a time. If one of our current three GFXers-In-Training moves up to Experienced GFXer, then we can accept a new GFXer-In-Training.

Complete Newbs are even below GFXers-In-Training, and their only assignment is to work, work, and work more. They will have the responsibility of improving to the point that we can work with them, and at this time they will be upgraded to GFXer-In-Training. We use the term Complete Newb very loosely, and mean nothing offensive, just that you need a lot of work in GFX, and that a good idea would be to find and follow a lot of tutorials to help yourself get better.

If I tell you that you can be in, but only as a Complete Newb or GFXer-In-Training, then you have to accept the responsibility of working on your GFX. I'm doing this to help you, but I can't help you unless you both help yourself and help me to help you.

We use a fairly simple ranking system, in a hierarchy.
GFXer-In-Training is considered Moderate and below; if they reach Experienced, they're taken out of the Training group. Complete Newb is always beginner, and if they go up to Moderate, they're considered GFXer-In-Training.

People have to volunteer to be in the GFXer-In-Training or Complete Newb categories. Don't be afraid to call yourself a Complete Newb if you've been rated as a Beginner, as it will ultimately make people think higher of you and be easier on you come rating time.

I will give you your initial ranking; it's just my opinion on how good your GFX are, and I grade them on blending, text, background, flow, etc.

After your initial ranking, just post GFX in a seperate thread to be ranked. Your ranking can go up, but remember, your ranking can also drop. You must post a GFX at least once per week or your ranking drops by 1 stage.

Anybody with a higher ranking than you is allowed to rank you, and the first 5 people that fall into that category's rankings will be averaged.

For example, you're in the GIT(GFXer-In-Training) category, and you post a GFX that you want ranked. 5 people post, Me, 2 Experts, an Experienced, and a Beginner. You would still need one more person above your ranking to rank you because the beginner's ranking wouldn't be official. Then, say that you get 3 Experienced and 2 Moderates, you'd receive 13 points from this chart:

Master: 5 Points
Expert: 4 Points
Experienced: 3 Points
Moderate: 2 Points
Beginner: 1 Point

Master Range: 4.5+
Expert Range: 3.5-4.4
Experienced: 2.5-3.4
Moderate: 1.5-2.4
Beginner: 1.4 and Under

...which is, averaged out, 2.6 points, and 2.6, just barely, falls into the Experienced Range. Your Ranking would up to "Low" Experienced, which just basically means that your next GFX better be better if you want to stay in the Experienced range, because if you fall back into Moderate, there might not be any positions left in GIT.

Your points will stay with you, so don't just post something because you were "messing around with photoshop" unless you don't mind a dent in your ranking. If the previous person posts a graphic, they still have 2.6 points, so if they get an average of 2.4 points, they'd still have 2.5 points, which is still Experienced. This is a vital part of the GFX Club's Ranking System.

With that, here is our current member list:

Leader: ~Kayoh~
Master GFXer 1:
Expert GFXer 1: Ewan01
Expert GFXer 2: Ket
Expert GFXer 3:
Experienced GFXer 1: Sephiroth666
Experienced GFXer 2: MCRrock3r
Experienced GFXer 3: Scar
GFXer-In-Training 1: Saralynn
GFXer-In-Training 2: Protowing
GFXer-In-Training 3:
Complete Newb 1:
Complete Newb 2:
Complete Newb 3:
Complete Newb 4:

P.S: If you make, or at least can make tutorials, would be willing to do so, and are ranked Expert GFXer or above, tell me if you'd be interested in being Sub-Leader.
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