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Knil = Filipina + Graphic Designer + Artist + Math Nerd + Roleplayer + Videogamer + Student + Pixelist/Spriter + Awesome.

Without ME it's just AWESO.

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15 Jun 2008
Name: Artemis
Nation: Hatari
Age: 80 (appears to be approx. 27)
Race: Laguz, Wolf

Appearance: As a wolf, Artemis is an odd color for a wolf. She is predominantly white, but she has a few areas of black on her to make her look mildly striped. Her paws and her muzzle are also black furred, as are the areas around her eyes, but not like a raccoon. Against the black fur of her eyes, jade gems are seemingly placed, full of a hidden ferocity despite her somewhat-quiet nature. Other than that, she is built like a typical wolf, though perhaps leaning a bit more on her agility. Nevertheless, she has enough bite to back up any bark, or howl for that matter.

As a human, Artemis is in her late twenties. She's around five feet and a half, with a somewhat tan complexion, despite her fur color. Her body, like her wolf form, is slender-yet-formed. Her eyes are the same shining green color, only to be contrasted with her dark gray locks of hair. The length of her hair goes halfway down her back, but it is tied in a low ponytail, then wrapped tightly in a black cloth. (It is almost like a paintbrush coming from her hair, the end of her ponytail escaping like a brush head.)

Artemis dresses like a simple warrior with very little accessories. She adorns a black tunic with quarter sleeves, meaning they reach only past her elbow. Underneath is a simple white undershirt. Her pants are loose and flair out at the end, and are also black. Artemis decides not to wear any shoes; instead she has a canvas cloth wrapped around the majority of her foot and ankles, leaving her toes open (it allows for better hiking when in her beorc form). The same wraps are around her wrists and her palms, albeit not as thick as her foot-wrappings.

Artemis will typically keep to her wolf form unless her companion asks, if she is with important company that decides to be in beorc form, or if she is simply idle (she will sleep as a wolf, though).

Personality: After being ostracized from her pack, Artemis has become a quiet warrior. She will speak when spoken to, voice her opinion only when it seems appropriate, shout when anger overcomes her, or converse with her companion, and only him. However, should one threaten her life or her allies, she will become a powerful force. When agitated, Artemis can, and will be aggressive, and sometimes become the instigator of a fight. Although she thinks some things through, anger will take over and cloud her judgment. It is rare that someone else other than Benoît could ease the angered wolf.

Artemis is sometimes seems skeptical or paranoid, but after her travels alone, she has learned to be weary when it comes to putting her trust in others. She will respect others, and until it is proven (and it takes much, sometimes) to her they are loyal and trustworthy, Artemis will not stop being cautious. Such qualities, though, make her a very qualified protector and companion; once you have earned her trust, you have gained, perhaps, a lifelong friend, assuming you do not break such trust.

Biography: Artemis was once a cocky, arrogant, aggressive wolf pup. She was the typical bully, always itching for a fight; however, on days when she decided to behave, this aggression turned for a thirst for adventure. When the pack would rest, Artemis would go out, climbing mountains and such with the friends that weren't afraid of her aggressive behavior. Nevertheless, she was a promising part of the pack, despite her odd fur patterns.

Perhaps her downfall was not entirely her fault. This promise the elder wolves of the pack had perhaps fueled Artemis's ego. It was one day during her adolescence that she barked on and on about being the alpha wolf of the pack. It got to a point where she challenged the leader of the pack, a strong, well-experienced wolf, as most alphas are.

It was the typical fight, and Artemis lost... A humiliating loss. She was easily taken down, and injured severely. Perhaps a bit much for her age, but many of the other elders frowned upon Artemis's ego, the alpha the most annoyed with her. Typically, she would have become the omega, the bottom of the social ladder of the tribe.

Instead, they simply left a broken wolf behind. It was not all bad, of course. Artemis herself perhaps did not realize the instantaneous change that had happened, but she had become humbled; she learned when to be aggressive... At least, for the most part. Her temper was still intact, even just a day after being left alone, she was howling about, attacking trees, and growling at other forest creatures because of her solitude.

Artemis eventually let herself rest and heal. But, during this time, she felt true sorrow and longed for reconciliation. It was somewhat harsh punishment, but it became a reward after her many travels to survive and find some sort of amusement or someone to be her companion.

It was one day in the middle of the wood, perhaps around sunset, when Artemis found herself following a stream to a waterfall. She was in her wolf form, sniffing the trail of something... It smelt like the usual game, but only slightly; there was something different about this scent. Curiosity didn't just kill the cat, but it lured the wolf as well.

In a small clearing where water cascaded some rocks, there was a nobly-clad young... beorc? No, Artemis knew this smell, at least somewhat. He was a laguz, but she was not quite sure. The scent instinctually seemed rare. Artemis wanted to find out, and thus approached the sitting laguz-in-beorc-form. It took him a moment to notice her stalking up to him slowly, but the two eventually engaged in a inferred staring contest: her as a wolf, and he as a white-haired beorc.

The moment lingered for an unnoted amount of time when suddenly he jumped up from his seat and threw his hands up, shouting, "Boo!"

Such a tactic effectively scared the young wolf. Her ears became pulled back and her eyes narrowed: the look of canine suspicion. She warned him with a soft growl...

But the two eventually became close friends. Artemis' longing for a friend made her follow the traveler, which she soon found out was a white stag. Had he been any other normal animal of the species, she might've eaten him to survive. Such thoughts of eating, perhaps, her only friend were soon non-existent after this first epiphany.

Artemis continued to travel with Benoît. They both held a curiosity and thirst for adventure, though it was a bit slower than she liked. In this way, the wolf laguz learned to observe the world and take in the details. She was a bit skeptical when going to reside in Gallila, but decided to give in. Artemis came off as shy to most people she came in contact with, but she knew should trust be broken, she would feel the same hurt she did in the past.

Class and Level Wolf Level 12
Weapon Levels: Bite {D}
  • Blind Rage
    A fit of rage, lasting until she has been knocked out or calmed down; can only be used when agitated and angered.
    Random (-1) + Killer (+1) + Cruel Curve (+1) + Crunch/Rending (+2) + Bite
  • Shadow Strike
    A devastating attack that comes with a boost of speed for a quick strike.
    Lightweight (+2) + Cruel Curve (+1) + Bite
  • Hunting Strike
    A typical bite attack.
    Crunch/Rending (+2) + Rigid (+1) + Bite
((Not going to lie, I felt like I was making Pokemon attacks. xD))
9 Jun 2008
Name: Knil Ise Yosha
Age: 18
Homecountry: Born in Devlan close to the Yllspyre border; moved to Yllspyre.
Affinity: Ice
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 125 lbs.

Personality: To see this particular archer with a frown without a true reason is like rain when there is sun - particular and illogical, but it happens. She may not be smiling all the time for no reason, but Knil is, generally, a happy, optimistic being; positive energy is her fuel. However, she is somewhat intimate and sensitive, easily getting close to people. She is smart, but sometimes easily assumes things leading to her trust being easily placed or guarded thoroughly. Because of this aspect, she can be easily hurt or saddened; such feelings though are easily masked through a faux smile or laugh. Besides these things, she is flexible to certain situations, but when it is her opinion on the line, her stubbornness rivals that of a bull; additionally, she gets inwardly upset when she is wrong, and it may take a while for her to admit it, but Knil will come around eventually. The archer remains loyal to any friends she makes, and will do her best to protect them (though it's usually her being covered, since she is the long-range fighter, after all).

Knil also enjoys learning new things, particularly about arts and culture. She keeps a sketchbook or two of things she's seen in her travels or in her mind. In her pack is usually such a pad and drawing supplies and a small set of paint. If she could stay put, she would have her own studio to do both art and make bows (see bio), but her personal journey to attain world knowledge and travel keeps her from remaining stationary.

Appearance: Knil is short for her age, but it doesn't bother her. She uses her small build to her advantage, finding key locations to aim from or simply outrunning the bigger enemies. She has a somewhat tanned complexion from her time living in Devlan, but it has stayed a slightly darker tone after moving to the underground glacier villages of Yllspyre. Her light blue hair, which she keeps in a low ponytail most of the time, only compliments the icy scenery, along with her amethyst eyes that match the glow of the ice when the sun hits it just right.

Knil wears a dark blue tunic slightly longer for her size so that the sleeves cover her hands to her knuckles, and the bottom hem sticks out from under her vest. The vest is a leather jerkin, only a bit thicker than the norm because it is covered in a lavender cloth. For the lower-half of her body, she adorns typical traveling boots and pants, though the pants have extraneous pockets, much like modern day cargo pants.

Bio: The Yoshas resided in a small village very close to the border of Yllspyre in Devlan. It was a very rural area, still untouched by the spreading corruption and industrialism of the cities closer to the center of the country. It was a different sort of lifestyle that was based on the slowly-dying art of manual farming, but it wasn't uncommon for the people to travel for a day to the bigger cities where industrialization was starting. It was because of this village's remoteness, that Knil was born into a family as the only child that lived happily with her parents for about 7 years.

During this short childhood in the unnamed Devlan village, Knil was raised. She played outside, and even did some of the menial chores of the house when she was old enough and able to. However, such a peaceful life was not going to last long. At the time, the little blue-haired girl heard words that she did not understand from neighbors when they talked to her parents: industrialization, corruption, equality rights, propaganda, expansion.

When she was about six years old, going onto seven, her mother told her to pack a small bag she was handed. Knil did not know what to make of it, but did as told. Around the house her parents seemed to be gathering different things in as little time and space as possible. She looked outside, and no one else was doing anything. Of course, Knil would only figure out later her parents were smart for all the hustle. At the time she couldn't ask. That day the house and land they owned were sold, a horse was bought, and that day's sunset, they were on the road going further north.

It was, unfortunately, a poor time to travel. It was the first week of the Bitter Chill, and Knil's parents knew this when they left, but they had no choice. They ended up stopping at a village right on the border between Devlan and Yllspyre when they got word that government officials were heading to some of the smaller villages in the area they had left. They only stayed a night, stocked up on supplies and put on more layers; it would be a miracle if they could find a Yllspyrean village before it got close to the severe days of the Bitter Chill.

The family was lucky to be accustomed to the cold weather, though the climate they were used to was not as severe as in Yllspyre. It was around Knil's seventh birthday, either before or after, that they stayed in an abandoned, carved-out cave, where Knil's mother died of fever gotten from the climate. The girl was not able to mourn for long; her father took his wife's winter coat and clothes she had packed, put some on Knil and himself, and buried his wife there. It would be another week of traveling before they found one of the underground villages that Yllspyreans were known for.

Knil and her father learned true Bitter Chill hospitality from the locals of this village; of course, they did not let anyone know they were from Devlan. They got temporary jobs at the inn they were welcomed in to pay off their stay during the remainder of the Bitter Chill days, and even a bit after so her father could get some money before buying their own ice and stone home where her father "re-opened" his bow-making shop that doubled as their home.

It was from her father that Knil started learning how to make, repair, and shoot bows. She had watched her father countless times during their pilgrimage from Devlan hunt for food using his archery skills. She was eager to learn, but knew that travel was not the appropriate time to ask. By eleven she easily out-aimed her father, who was getting older. For another six years, she worked at the shop and gave lessons to others, and that particular village's hunting increased; Bitter Chill days were not as harsh anymore. During those months though, when everyone would typically stay indoors, Knil spent her time reading, drawing, or spending time with her father. She absorbed is world-knowledge and wisdom, though it was after the end of the Bitter Chill after she turned 17 that her father died. He had left her with the words, "To reach for the stars, you must see what stars see."

With that, Knil spent one more year in the village, selling the remaining stock of products, finishing lessons, and selling her home. She packed some necessary belongings and got directions to a village on the shore, traveling there as the weather got a bit warmer (though still cold for Yllspyre) so any merchant ships sailing out wouldn't have problems on the icy ocean waters. Knil decided to travel; after all, she couldn't fly, so how else would she see what stars saw?

Class: Archer
Level: 10
((Brought over old levels from my old charrie; bug me if this is a no-no.))

Weapons: Quill Bow [C], Steel Bow [D], Knife, Sling
Weapon Levels: Bows: C (0/5)
5 Jun 2008
Alright, so, I haven't forum roleplayed since I last left FEP (astonishing, isn't it?), and I'm at a lack of character ideas, really. Well, not a lack of, to be honest: I just can't decide. So, my attempt at coming back into roleplaying is being stifled by my indecision. ;__;

So, here's what we got:

My old charrie, Ahrrami "Armie" Machir from my last leave:
(Click here if you're interested in the profile). Level 10 Wyvern Rider form Olivan, I believe. She has some character references that I believe are by Jamie because we kinda planned something out, but that's something easily remedied by not making many later references to or simply just changing it slightly.
Pros: Recently created and not really used yet, so she has a lot of development potential
Cons: Basically the same thing as pro; too new, and I have no other ideas for her. I'd have to RP her a ton.

New Character 1: Khale Gaiane
To-be a mage that focuses on earth magic. Unlike my usual outgoing-somewhat characters, she's shy, reluctant, and let's her fear get the best of her - sometimes what she's feeling takes over her magic and mayhem can ensue. She'll gradually grow to control her powers, but there will always be that random spire that could burst from nowhere if she gets frightened, or rocks might shake when she's nervous. Short white hair, except for two long locks on either side of her head; jade colored eyes, generally pale and wears earthy colors.
Pros: Something different from my usual go-get'em characters.
Cons: I'd have to make up some sort of back story for her, and I can't really decide on anything fitting that goes with the Skylessa setting. She's not really a "new" character, but one of my original ones that I'm attempting to "convert" into Skylessa-form.

New Character 2: Anastasia Golind
I'm not sure what class I'd make her, but probably an oracle-like cleric. Another quiet character; just more shy, talks cryptically most of the time, but has control of her skills. I guess you could say it's kinda like autism, but that's a serious issue, and I don't know if I can properly compare it. Anyway: Teal hair that's short and curled in, golden eyes but her eyes remain "closed" typically (think Brock from Pokemon). You can get her to open them however if she's really happy or interested, which I think is cute. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)
Pros: Another character different from my usual ones, has a lot more flexibility since she's one of my less developed original characters that's easily convertible to Skylessa.
Cons: I can barely decide on a class for her, let alone other aspects of the world of Skylessa.

Revive Knil Ise Yosha:
My first character here; a number of vets probably would know what she was like (from one of the original, first FEP RPs): energetic, friendly, yet intelligent enough to make her unlike a bimbo - which she is not! Blue hair, amethyst eyes. I think I managed to get her to third tier (Bowlancer; kick-ass class I made), but didn't really use her. If you couldn't guess, she was originally an archer. Signature move was being able to shoot either a slew of arrows at incredible speed, or two-three arrows at one time. This would probably be my comfort-zone character.
Pros: Already developed and can be remixed to fit Skylessa.
Cons: Been there done that.

Revive Lylix Fyre:
I believe she was a mage/sage in the first Generation 2, if I'm not mistaken. Bad-ass chick that could kick ass with fire magic and a quarterstaff. She was a bit more physically adept than the mage/sage back then, so adept would be her new class, I think. Oh. And she was a drinker (or alcoholic for all you negative people).
Pros: Already developed and can be remixed to fit Skylessa.
Cons: Been there done that.

Revive Lylix Dresden'bane:
From the first DoN. She was a wyvern knight/rider something, second tier, and already powerful. But those were the subcommander perks. Same persona as Lylix Fyre (actually, they are the same character, but I changed the last name, and Dresden'bane is a bit more classy than the street-attitude of Fyre).
Pros: A newer, already-developed character that can be molded to Sky.
Cons: Been there, done that, again, not to mention some of the environment from the original DoN affected her persona, I'd have to do more thinking about it for Sky. (Yes, I'm lazy.)

Or I can think of something completely different.

Vote and reply with opinions and suggestions, please! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)
3 Jun 2008
Hai guys.

Yes, that's right. Knil's here.

School and senior year have taken a toll on my internet social life, if you can even call it that, but I'm graduating in three days, and I have no classes this week. I've been bored at home, and Phyrro decided to poke me today about two things: his current Rukia sig and coming back to FEP.

So I decided:

Whai the hellz not, yo?
31 Aug 2007
QUOTE(Knil @ Aug 29 2007, 09:28 PM) *
Until DM is ready, I can help, uh "lead". I dunno how, how being what exactly needs leading aside from fixing admin-able-doing-stuff things - which SaS doesn't seem to be getting on since you PM'd him.

Mind you all, I don't know why anyone thinks a leader is completely necessary with this RP, seeing as how - for a long time now - has been deemed a "bureaucracy" - people come together to make a decision, and once it's decided, go go go! Everyone (meaning some) complains about not wanting a leader, and when nothing is going on, nothing happens because no one wants to come together as a group and discuss and would rather have someone lead and bitch to when something goes wrong - after all, this is what this forum is for, right? Discussion? Especially with all these tiny cliques I start seeing, I dunno how anyone gets anything done when everything is being predetermined on the side or OoC 'planning'. I dunno, that's just what I see happening.

Let me add to this now: Half of the problem is the fact we don't have an admin that's really doing anything for us, since apparently people were notified and such, but nothing has happened. So, I dunno, I'll ask admins as well, but since Phyrro has left us, it might help if someone who wants to lead become an admin specifically for DoN, or... As I will address, the new name, whatever the fuck it is.

Alright, this pissed me off right now. It's not aimed at anyone, but the recently revived DoN's name thread has apparently come to no finalization about what the heck the name for this thing is. First of all, half of the topic was complete, utter - for lack of a better word - bullshit. I know this is a "bureaucracy" mostly amongst the mods, but that doesn't mean user input isn't frowned upon; someone should've started a poll or something. As such, one is right here, in this thread. I sifted through and picked out the most popular of names/the most appropriate of names. There were a lot of good ones, but I can't put all of them. As such, the choices are as such:

Dawn of Empires
Rise of Empires
Dawn of Nations
Rise of Nations
Rise of Conquest
Dreams of an Empire
War of the Kingdoms

Secondly, I know I'm not the most avid RPer in this, and seeing as how my nation's leader is gone (which is another issue; who wants to lead Arazue; if not, I guess I'll step in if everyone's desperate), and I have no interest in RPing as a national leader, I may not be the best "leader" - why we have this and say there's a census on everything, I have no idea - and since DM's busy for now, I'm volunteering my help to get things started.

As such, now is the time to fill me in - I've been on and off with activity, but I haven't started school yet (next week, Sept. 6th, I believe or around that), so I have the time (around tennis, but whatever).

So. How about everyone get off their ass, stop poking at other people to get things started, and do something. Help comes to those who help themselves. (And sorry if I sound like a bitch, but it's not my best week.)

EDIT: New poll added. Self explanatory.
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