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22 Dec 2006
I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but are we allowed to use shields? I was thinking about it for a gen II character once I get one, but I'm not sure if we're able to use 'em.

Obviously, there'd have to be some decent judgment and reason involved when using them (Ex: A wooden shield ain't gonna defend well against an steel axe), and possibly some sort of weapon level system in terms of what you can equip to prevent unbalanced characters. But something like that wouldn't pose too much of a problem, would it?

I was thinking maybe the shield level grows with your weapon level... And that shields are made out of the same materials for weapons (Iron, steel, and silver. Wooden shields would be F rank).

So it'd kinda be something like this:

Steel Shield - A moderately heavy, yet sturdy shield that can defend against steel weapons or lower. (D rank)

Kinda like that.

So any thoughts on this, or did I just completely waste my time and yours?
13 Oct 2006
Note to mods: I got permission from Protowing to change Croix's class from Mercenary to Brawler.

Name: Croix Salora/Masendel

(Croix is pronounced, "Croy")

Age: 16

Affinity: Lightning

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 147 lbs

Home Country: Falstine

Appearance: Croix has brown eyes and dark brown hair that is around mid-length. He appears to be rather tall and rather lanky, but has a lean muscle tone hidden under his white tunic and pants. He wears a pair of blue wristbands, which match his long, blue scarf, and his traveling boots are also of the same color. His look overall gives off the feeling that he is a very rough-and-tumble kind of person that has already seen his share of travels.

Personality: Croix is a your average nice guy who's generally friendly to those who show him the same courtesy. He's often not quick to judge, and prefers a laid-back approach to matters as opposed to a hectic frenzy. However, Croix is by no means carelessly lazy, and has no problems getting serious when a job needs to get done. However, until that time comes, he's content just to wander about, with his head oftentimes in the clouds.

Bio: As a child, Croix's mother died shortly after giving birth, leaving him to be raised with his older brother and father.

Croix's father had the outlook in which no man could ever be successful in life unless he was a proud and respected warrior. Because of this, he trained both his children to be fighters from an early age. However, Croix himself had no interest in being a fighter at all, as he wanted to be a scholar. But unfortunately for his dream, Croix's family could not afford the books and materials he would need to study; they could barely afford food and clothing. And even if they could afford everything for the would-be scholar, Croix's father found his dream to be laughable at best, and said that his future could only be carved by blood, sweat, and sword.

Temporarily accepting defeat, Croix eventually turned around and had truly begun his combat practice with the intention of becoming a fighter. But even in that area, the learning process was ultimately slow, due to the fact that the family could not afford proper training equipment. The family barely had enough for one training sword, which was given to Croix's older brother, and Croix himself was stuck with a dainty knife that was mainly used for whittling. Whenever the brothers were paired up for sparring, Croix lost every time, but ultimately blamed his personal fighting skills as opposed to his faulty weapon.

It was during the following years that Croix devoted himself to fighting with the only things he had: his knife, and his own body. Even when he was hunting for food or fur, Croix would often find himself combating animals with hands and feet just as much as his now trusted knife, making for a unique fighting style. In due time, Croix was steadily overcoming his brother, in which his father slowly realized his fighting potential.

When the boys were old enough, their father pulled the family into joining a band of fighters-for-hire, in which Croix got his first taste of the real world. While the jobs were plentiful, the pay was minimal, and it took Croix almost a full year before he could finally afford to buy a cheap, one-handed axe. While Croix's fighting skills were mediocre, he was often found to be the most problematic in the group, mostly due to his refusal to kill another person.

This in turn caused the entire group's salary to dwindle, because they were unable to take on more serious jobs. It was obvious that they needed to drop the "dead weight", and the group agreed that Croix would have to be cut.

Turning to his father and brother for support, Croix found no comfort from his own family, and was in the end booted from the mercenary band. In hopes that his father and brother would stay with him, Croix pleaded and begged not be left all alone. But his father's final words rang the very depths of his heart:

"I had high ambitions for you, Croix, but you let that weakness of yours snatch your destiny away from you...

It's obvious that you're not cut out to be a fighter... Maybe you're just not cut out to be my son..."

His brother watched silently in the background.

Shattered and abandoned, Croix turned and ran from his father, his brother, and the hated mercenary band. He later changed his last name from Salora, to Masendel, in hopes of never again being associated with the people he once called his family... He condemned himself for not being strong enough, and lived his life with a heavy heart.

But with more and more personal experiences, Croix's personal view on life gradually lightened, and he developed a more easy-going lifestyle that was to the beat of his own drum. While the heavy words of the past still constantly plagued him, he in turn forgave his father, and agreed with himself to leave the whole issue in the behind him.

Nowadays, he can be found about the land chasing the wind, in search what it means to be successful. Knowing that his father had a shallow dream, Croix plans to become a better person, and fighter that his old man could ever dream of. More so than his family, it is something that he needs to prove to himself.

Class: Brawler

Weapon: Iron Axe, Knife

Other: - Croix is usually not the type to run into a battle flailing his weapons, and likes to think things out ahead of time.

-While he can handle heavier blades, Croix is mostly a "speed over power" type of person, and prefers weapons that won't dramatically slow him down.

-While Croix's last name was originally Salora, he has yet to reveal it to anybody. He will also not respond to it if addressed as such.
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