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26 Sep 2007
OOC Thread

Malace Shade has just recently come out of his forest home for the first time and is starting to explore around. A small group of people are to come across Malace's path and educate him in the ways of civilized folk. It will end with a small skirmish, against a few bandits. Some examples of what to teach Malace:

-Greeting People properly

I'll start it off.

Malace Shade followed the path that the metal-men pointed out for him. He was astonished at seeing the reduced amount of trees around him, it nearly broke his heart to see the reduced amount of nature. He frowned as he looked around the strange path. It was well worn from the looks of it, many many many people travelled it before. His spikey blonde hair gently blew in the autumn breeze, his green tunic and his brown trousers waved in the wind as well. He walked towards the "town" the metal-man pointed out to him, his worn leather boots barely disturbing the flattened gravel road. He then entered the town, and was staggered to see so many buildings, not made of wood and so many people bustling around. He suddenly felt fear. A fear he had never known. He became jumpy, his eyes darting about and his hand resting on the hilt of his knife on the small of his back, concealed under his cloak of wolf's hide.
23 Sep 2007
I'm sick of waiting for an RP to be available so I will open one up myself.

This one will be Malace's first time out in the world, he'll be meeting people and seeing things he never had in his life, but this sense of learning the unknown would be cut off abruptly by a rather large group of cutthroats who are out for money or blood, possibly both. I want this one to last long so it would mostly be educating Malace in civilized ways and having the bandit attack towards the end.

-Malace Shade (Dragonis)
-Katherine Fletcher (goldenquagsire)
-Annie (Cless Alvein)
-Maxamillian Zwingley (Avalanche)
-Darmek (BobbyT)
22 Sep 2007
Name Edward "The Wall" Dragonis
Rank: Captain
Age: 27
Height: 7'
Weight: 240 lbs
Appearance: Edward is a muscle bound, giant of a man. He wears thick, steel armor and plated lower armor. Over his shoulder he carries his trusty axe he calls Mancleaver. Edward's hair is a light brown and he has almond colored eyes. On the left side of his face runs a large scar from his forehead to his chin along with various other scars all over his massive body. His size intimidates most people but he is often seen crouching down infront of children or carrying them on his shoulders with a smile on his face. Some people have taken to calling him the "Gentle Giant" behind his back.

Biography Edward Dragonis had a very short childhood that he could remember. He lived with his parents for the first eight years of his life and then they were captured by an enemy nation and executed as spies. A year later, he was conscripted into the Kirgainian army. Like all of the Dragonis lineage, he is rash, impulsive and yet charming and great with kids. He is charismatic to his friends, deadly to his enemies and despite his barbaric look, has a soft spot for helping women and children. Once he was sent on a mission to sack a village, when he saw the suffering of the women and children, he intervened and was sentenced to receive 300 lashes, leaving his back with massive scars. Due to his Dragonis heritage, he has come complete with people being superstitious towards his family with their ability to "Steal women's hearts with a glance.

Class #(level) Berserker level 1


Build: Wild
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Axe
Skills: Improved Toughness, Bastion

Weapon Levels: Axes - B


Base: Battle Axe
Material: Adamant + 5
Universal: Extremely Heavy - 2
Characteristics: Back Spike + 1
Beard + 1
22 Sep 2007
Basic Information
Name: Devaion
Location: Undu'ul - 75
Standards: The typical Deviaonese civilian is expected to be fair to those around themselves. Crime is at a low because of Devaion's amount of trade with fellow nations. They are always open to new trade routes and even underhanded deals. The more upper class of the Devaionese take pride in their governing the local counties. Some crooked polititions attempt to take over the ruling van Sagen family but are quickly silenced by the military prowess of its soldiers. The van Sagen family, only recently initiated into power, hold a firm grip on the amount of trade going through, collecting taxes from the populace and such. It's leader, Duke Nargo van Sagen, also makes sure that everyone has a job to do, attempting to minimize the amount of prostitution and poverty within his land.
Heraldic Colors: Ice Blue
Base: The whole idea of being trade central is based off of Chessedonia from Tales of the Abyss. The standards I had based off of my philosophy that everyone's life is their own to live and that even the most vexatious prostitute deserves to be treated like a person. My philosophy is inspired by Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.
Description: Devaion is a trade-based nation, but they also have a fair military as well. The military does the taking of other nations, the traders open trade routes with those who surrender to the Devaionese and the civilians have an organized militia in case of an invasion whilst the army is out.
National Characteristics

Swift Mounts - All mounted Deviaonese soldiers have the finest mares and stallions bred from a long line of racing horses. They lack a little in the defence department though

Magical Mastery - All Wizards and War Wizards can quickly master their magics when levelling up, due to intense study.

Grace - Magical units are able to draw a Grace in the ground in order to execute more complicated, but powerful spells.

Devaion Timeline

OW 02 - Nargo van Sagen is born. Undu'ul is conquered by local tribes.

OW 10 - The government deviates away from its tribal heritage, abolishing all belief in the pagan gods and goddesses.

OW 11 - The Sisters of The Light are formed and spread the word of the Creator.

OW 12 - The Sisters of The Light begin taking away young boys and girls with the Gift to teach them how to be wizards and sorceresses. Nargo begins his training to be a Wizard.

NW 25 - Tensions arise in the upper class, rumors spread of civil war.

NW 30 - Civil war breaks out in the Undu'ul region.

NW 32 - The Civil war is quelled by a truce between the three warring factions.

NW 35 - Sisters of The Dark are formed in secret, posing as the Sisters of the Light. They take away young wizards and bleed them for their male magic to stay young.

NW 43 - Nargo becomes the first War Wizard in a millenium.

NW 46 - Nargo begins his building of the Devaionese nation

NW 48 - Devaion is created. Crime and poverty rates plummet.

NW 50 - Devaion's military is created, 52,000 strong.

  • Duke - Nargo van Sagen (Level 3 War Wizard)
  • Officers
  • The Ranks

First Tier

Build: Balanced
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Sword
Skills: Extra Weapon

Build: Light
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Sword
Skills: Speed Demon

Build: Light
Movement: Horseman
Weapons: Sword
Skills: Speed Boost

Build: Heavy
Movement: Horseman
Weapons: Lance
Skills: Dragoon

Sky Raider
Build: Wild
Movement: Wyvern
Weapons: Axe
Skills: Improved Toughness

Build: Light
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Anima
Skills: Skill Boost

Build: Balanced
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Bow
Skills: Skill Boost

Second Tier

Build: Balanced
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Swords, Axes
Skills: Extra Weapon, Null

Death Wind
Build: Light
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Swords
Skills: Speed Demon, Silencer

Build: Balanced
Movement: Horseman
Weapons: Swords, Lances
Skills: Speed Boost, Extra weapon

Royal Guard
Build: Heavy
Movement: Horseman
Weapons: Lances
Skills: Dragoon, Improved Toughness

War Wizard
Build: Light
Movement: Footman
Weapons: Anima, Dark
Skills: Skill Boost, Extra Weapon

Third Tier (Duke rank only)

Build: Balanced
Movement: Horseman
Weapons: Anima, Dark, Light
Skills: Extra Weapon, Extra Weapon, Summoner

Promotion Chart

Footsoldier > Captain
Assassin > Death Wind
Scout > Cavalier or Royal Guard
Knight > Royal Guard
Sky Raider (Does not Promote)
Wizard > War Wizard x>* Duke
Archer (Does not promote)

x>* Only one allowed


Officers: 5,000
Captains: 1,000
Death Winds: 1,000
Cavaliers: 2,000
Royal Guards: 500
War Wizards: 500
The Ranks: 52,000
Footsoldiers: 30,000
Assassins: 2,000
Scouts: 10,000
Knights: 5,000
Wizards: 500
Archers: 2,500
Sky Raiders: 3,000

Total Fighting Strength: 57,000


Undu'ul (75)
Undu'ul is a landscape consisting mostly of dirt and grass, the land is fertile in some areas and desolate in little pockets. It was first run by thirteen tribes of barbarians, and the three strongest tribes won over the other ten and they formed unified tribe called the Selk. The Selkish tribe ruled for a brief time of eight years and dissolved their old pagan beliefs to take up a more civilized form of government. Devaion was formed around forty years later by Nargo van Sagen, a wealthy trader.


Devaion - The nation's capital. It is a bustling hub of activity and trade, and has many trade routes with the neighbouring countries. Ruled by the van Sagen dukedom, it has lived a life of peace and prosperity even in its infant stages.

Stonehewn - A large city run by the Eladrin family. The whole city is made from the purest white marble stone, and is home of some of the most beutiful stone carvings in the world. It makes up a third of Devaion's military.

Selkish Shrine - A small village on the outskirts of Undu'ul, where the original capital was. It is a quiet village that keeps itself independant from the Devaionese government

Tanimura - A larger city near the outskirts of Undu'ul. The Sisters of The Light reside here and train young wizards and Sorceresses. Rumour has it that the Palace of the Prophets, where they teach, is soon to be under a spell that slows down aging so that the residents can learn over the course of centuries.

To join: PM me, with a profile

List of Members::

Name Nargo van Sagen
Rank: Duke
Age: 54
Height: 6'
Weight: 164 lbs
Appearance: Nargo is tall and wears the outfit of a war wizard. His hair is long, tied back into a short queue and is colored brown with flecks of gray. His chin sports a graying goatee but his face was gifted to not show the effects of aging just yet. He has strong features that accent his position as a Duke. His War Wizard outfit consists of a black, sleeveless shirt, a gold open chested vest ontop of that, black trousers and boots, a gold cape and bracers made of silver.

Biography: Nargo van Sagen is the first of the van Sagen family to Lord over Devaion. He founded the nation as being one of trade and a smaller military but no less potent than most. He was born in an upper class family that franchized trade routes, he took over the family business eventually and then earned enough money to buy status as a Duke. From there, he started a hefty tax on the people of Devaion, but since the land was pretty prosperous it didn't cut to the bone. He then raised up a military, hiring civilians to join the ranks and trained them rigorously.

When he was young, Nargo was trained by Wizards because he was born with the Gift. The Gift represents the two sides of magic: Additive and Subtractive. Additive takes what already is and modifies it, such as turning wood into gold. This is the basis of Anima and Light magics. Subtractive takes from the void and creates a powerful force, which is what the Dark magic consists of. He is adept in Anima and becoming adept at Dark magic.

Even now, in his middle age, most women find him to be quite handsome despite the graying hair. They claim that it makes him look all the more wise. Nargo is often in the company of different women each day, courting them but unable to hold onto a relationship for long. He wants to have a child before he becomes too old to do so.

Class: War Wizard level 3

Weapon Levels: Anima - B, Dark - C


Wizard's Fire
Element: Anima
Trait: Fire
Characteristic: Ignite + 2
Universal: Area of Effect + 2
Permanence + 3

Black Plague
Element: Dark
Trait: Affliction
Characteristic: Pestialent + 1
Universal: Short Range - 1

Name Saj Nagak
Rank: Officer
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 121
Appearance: Saj has never opened her eyes since she was 10, prefering to use her hearing instead of her sight (And other reasons). Due to this she has made herself into an incredible fighter. She has shoulder length, purplish hair. She wears an open chested, red cloth shirt and black cloth pants most times.

Biography Saj was always having bad luck as a child, but on her tenth birthday she had her worst luck ever. On her the night of her tenth birthday, her whole family was slaughtered by a single man. She killed the man, but the sights of her family's corpses, brutalized, stuck with her, she saw them everywhere. So after a few days she finally just stopped opening her eyes so she wouldn't have to see them. She trained herself, every second of every day, for five years to get used to not seeing anything and using her other senses to help her along. After the first five years of training she trained for six years learning how to fight without using her eyes. Due to her skill she has been recruited into the Royal Guard for Duke Nargo.

Class #(level) Royal Guard (1)

Weapon Levels: Lance-B Sword-D

Weapons: Akad - Lance Sedi - Sword
22 Sep 2007
Name: Malace Shade
Age: 21
Homecountry: Arad'uun
Affinity: Lightning
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Malace, having lived a sheltered life in his forest, had not seen or heard of much of the world. He is curious and often comments women unorthodoxially, often leading him to be slapped or shunned. He can be charming at times, creative and calculative, accurate and observant all at once. His life living as a tracker has enabled him to see signs in the ground that others would normally miss.

Appearance: Malace has a handsome, angular face with spiked up blonde hair and his eyes are a piercing green. He wears a light tunic, and carries his weapon at his left hip. He uses a standard issue katana in a leather scabbard with no adornments, gilding or anything except a steel base to prevent the sword from cutting through. He wears brown trousers, his tunic is a dark green and his boots are a dark brown, and well worn from his hiking through the woods.

Bio: Malace Shade grew up in a secluded woods in Arad'uun. His parents died when he was very young but not before his father taught him about tracking and hunting. He lived for a half decade by himself without any knowledge of the outside world but knew only his woods. One day, he heard a foreign sound that he later learned to be trumpets. There he saw thousands of metal-clad men and women marching along a road just outside of his forest. When he inquired as to who they are, the leader pointed towards a nearby town, telling him to register there. Now here he is, wandering around the land, learning new things every day, and he never did register for the army.

Class: Huntsman
Level: 1

Weapons: Iron Sword
Weapon Levels: E

Additional Notes/Comments:
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