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20 Jan 2008
Name: Eleanora "Elle" Rheyalo
Age: 20
Homecountry: Marcellus
Affinity: Light
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 123 lbs

Personality: Elle is silent and proud. She hates when people assume she is weak and feminine simply because she is a girl. Her reputation means more to her than any of her material possessions (of which there are many) except perhaps her emerald earring, which belonged to her late mother. However, her privileged childhood did establish in her a love of comfort. She is an excellent actress and can take on whatever personality she feels would help her in a given situation. She is quick to act, sometimes rashly so, and very introspective. She is also silently judgmental of herself and others. Despite all of the successes she has seen, she is still inwardly insecure and self-conscious, although she does not show this outwardly. She is chameleon and likes to keep her emotions within her, but if she is especially happy or angry, she will let it show.

Appearance: Elle has short, straight ruddy-brown hair. Her long bangs are swept from her face by a deep black headband. Her piercing eyes are a brown very similar to her hair. Elle dresses herself in expensive and comfortable traveling clothes which she keeps hidden under a black cloak. The traveling clothes consist of a short forest green dress, black leggings, and tall brown boots, but only the boots are visible from beneath the cloak. She also has two daggers sheathed and hidden from view on her belt within her cloak, and she keeps a third dagger strapped to her ankle. Also strapped to her belt is a satchel which she uses to carry food, supplies, and money, although she also stores cash in her boots. She wears a pair of priceless emerald pendant earrings. Whenever Elle wishes to be seen as a "normal citizen" as opposed to a "thief," she simply has to remove her cloak.

Bio: Elle is the daughter Claude and Eona Rheyalo, who founded a successful and prominent vineyard. She had a very secluded and privileged childhood, in which her incredibly wealthy parents spared no expense to please her. They provided her with the finest tutors ad educators that money could buy. However, her home, an extravagant mansion on the premises of the vineyard, felt more like a prison to her than a sanctuary. She constantly fought with her doting parents about there overprotective nature and longed to move out on her own, to seek her own life. She had no wish to remain on the plantation and marry one of her father's wealthy selected prospects. Despite this, though, she loved her parents dearly and appreciated all they did for her.

It is no wonder then that their murder shocked her to the core. One summer night when she was seventeen, a thief broke in to her home and stole her mother's priceless emerald earrings. However, as he was fleeing, he accidentally shattered a vase, which woke the entire household. Claude and Eona pursued the thief and put up a fight, but the thief cut them down and made off with the jewelry into the night. Elle watched her parents' murders from the shadows balcony above, feeling powerless and worthless, afraid to call out. However, her despair soon turned to fury, and she sought revenge. She dressed herself poorly, armed herself with a pair of daggers, and abandoned the mansion. She spent the next year on the streets, searching for the thief who killed her parents. When she finally managed to track down the thief's lair, she cut him down ruthlessly from behind and reclaimed her mother's earrings. Since that day, she has not taken them off.

Elle, suddenly the very wealthy owner of a prosperous vineyard, loved the rush and freedom which she had experience during her year of espionage. She allowed her aunt and uncle to run the vineyard in her stead, and set out on her own to make a life of her own and a name for herself, as well as revenge. The combat and practical skills which she had learned made her a successful thief. Financial security is not a worry of hers, so she seeks to perfect her craft and become a powerful and deadly force to be reckoned with.

Class: Theif
Level: 1

Weapons: Combat Dirk, Knife
Weapon Levels: Swords-E

Additional Notes/Comments:

Elle has a beautiful voice, and loves to sing.
This vase which the thief smashed the night of her parents' murders was filled with white roses. She always carries dried white roses with her and places them in the hands of her victims as a sign of conquest.
As a result of that tragic night, Elle still remains slightly fearful of the dark and sleeps as little as possible.
Elle eats a ton but cannot gain weight due to her amazingly high metabolism.
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