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7 Oct 2012
I'm requesting a generic Soldier mugshot from FE8 with cat ears to use as my avatar on FEP.
16 Sep 2012
I was wanting to request a sprite for my Mage Knight. I'd like the Mage Knight to be like the ones from the actual Fire Emblem games, except with a Paladin-like horse, and long brown hair.
28 Aug 2012
Name: Noah
Title: N/A
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Bern
Nation/Group of Allegiance: Bern

Class: Wyvern Rider
Level: 5
Weapon Levels: Sword: D[0/5]
Weapons: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Horsebane: Iron Sword, Horseslayer
A sword enchanted to deal slightly increased damage to cavalry

Height: 5'8"\1.75 meters
Build: Athletic
Appearance: A man of average height and broad shoulders, Noah doesn't really stand out from anyone else from Bern. When he removes his helmet, all that is revealed about his appearance is that he has short dark red hair, brown eyes and a slightly pale if plain face, with a little bit of stubble on his chin. Though his clothing seems to be simple, they are quite sturdy as they would need to be for someone that flies on the back of a Wyvern and his armor is simple and without decoration, except for the fact that its colored red.

Overview: Noah is a dedicated Wyvern Rider in the service of Loholt, king of Bern. He takes pride in being a Wyvern Rider just like his father was before him and his grandfather who had faithfully served both the Former King Zephiel and the Former Queen Guenevere.

A rather quiet man, Noah doesn't really like to converse with others, but will be more than willing to speak if someone else starts a conversation with him. Though he doesn't speak often, he is known to be very respectful of others, whether they be nobility or peasantry, and will occasionally use his own pay to help them buy supplies.

Noah is also quite loyal to his king, and because of this, he will follow almost any order his king gives him, even if it was just to deliver medicine to a neighboring nation. However, he has a strong sense of justice and will deviate from his orders to defend people from Pirates and Bandits.

Biography: Noah is the youngest son born to a Noble Bern family. The family, consisting of his Father, his mother, two older brothers and his younger sister was largely supported by the pay that his father received from being part of Bern's Military. Though it wasn't exactly the best paying job, his father nonetheless was loyal to Queen Guenevere, and King Loholt after that.

Growing up, Noah would always enjoy taking a ride over the countryside on his Father's Wyvern. He was never afraid of being so far above the ground, unlike his brothers and his sister, and his father suggested that when he became old enough, he should try to become a Wyvern Rider like him. Noah enjoyed the idea of becoming a Wyvern Rider. All Noah wanted was for his father to be proud of him.

And so, at the age of 15, Noah applied to become one of Bern's Wyvern Riders, vowing that he would be loyal to King Loholt, like his father did before him. Training started immediately as he was instructed in the use of a sword, and how to tame and ride a wyvern. It was far different than he had imagined it being, but he didn't give up, instead being determined to finish his training so that he could serve his nation, like his parents did before him.

The first few years were rather uneventful, as he was in training at the time, and wasn't considered to be ready to be deployed to protect the countryside against bandits. Usually he was sent to deal with petty thieves, or the ocassional lone bandit as was the standard for Wyvern Rider trainees. Although he remained diligent in his training and service to the King, he saw nothing in the way of a battle for years.

However this changed as his home village was attacked by small group of bandits. Noah was on his way back from capturing a thief, and wanted to stop by to visit his mother. However what he saw would change his life forever, his village destroyed and people having been killed, he fell to his knees and cried, realizing the danger that bandits posed to his nation. However when he finally returned to the castle, his Father had told him that he was going to join him in fighting the bandits that attacked their village.

Upon reaching the bandit hideout, they were forced to dismount their Wyverns and proceed on foot. They were ambushed by the bandits, made up of former Bern army soldiers and eventually, the Wyvern Riders emerged victorious, but not without losing three of their number and four of them being wounded, Noah amongst them. Although he was able to recover from his wounds, the event left a lasting impact on his life. He realized that most Bandits in Bern weren't just random brigands, but were from the Bern Army, and he had taken someone's life, which shook him to his very core.

Having served as a Wyvern Rider for five years now, Noah is confident that he is experienced and capable enough to be able to defend Bern from its enemies and from the bandits. However little does he know is that there are events on the horizon that will test his resolve as a member of Bern's Wyvern Riders...

Approved by Darth
27 Aug 2012
I respectfully request that my account be validated.
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