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Valdis Ragnheiđur, of the city of Yngvildr
post Mar 29 2011, 04:17 PM
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Skylessia Characters

Name: Valdis Ragnheiđur
Age: 17
Homecountry: Yngvildr, Frostrun Heights, Northern Territories
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Build: Tall

Class: Brawler
Level: 1

Weapons: Axes - Iron Axe and Smith's Hammer
Weapon Levels: E 0/4


Most people tend to take notice of a few, particular details about Valdis upon first meeting her. First of all, she's a rather tall, well built woman who doesn't always come off as the friendliest person. Very forthright and self-righteous, Valdis has a clear set of morals and is incredibly stubborn. She's also a bit uncomfortable about her height.

Having felt like she's been terribly repressed for nearly all of her life, Valdis has decided to enjoy her momentary chance at freedom. This doesn't mean she's willing to do scandalous things like drink and gamble and such, but she wants to live a little before heading back to her family and city (and that horrible boy, she supposes...).


Valdis' strawberry blonde hair is kept in a tightly woven braid that extends to the base of her neck. She has green eyes and a nice facial structure. The family isn't quite sure where the green eyes came from, most of the line bearing blue ones, but she has them. She'd likely be considered to be pretty if she would smile more often.

Years of training and practice have blessed Valdis with a fit, athletic body. Surprisingly tall for a woman in the Frostrun Heights, more than a few people have been heard to remark on this.

Her formal armor is made from a mix of demonic scales, bones, and metal. It is extremely showy and covered in emblems and such, and Valdis almost never wears it. Instead, she has a much plainer (and possibly more combat worthy) set of bone and demonic scale armor. It's a surprisingly light set for being fairly strong. Various leathers and furs can be and are often worn under and around it.

(Terrible bio, I apologize.)

Ever since she was a young girl, Valdis' life has been very regimented. Born as the daughter of the famous Ragnheiđur line, she was hailed as the 'princess' of the city of Yngvildr. Her parents, Arvid and Hildur Ragnheiđur, ruled the small city state as King and Queen. Unfortunately, their marriage was one of politics rather than love and that fact wasn't kept very secret from young Valdis.

They even saw fit to set up an arranged marriage between Valdis and the heir of another family, a boy named Hjalmar. Many 'play-dates' were set up between the two children and Valdis quickly grew to dislike Hjal. Sadly, her parents were never one to listen to her moans and groans of disdain. Instead, her father had her trained in the art of warfare by tutors, old soldiers, and various demon slayers. It was something nearly all children in Yngvildr went through and Valdis took to it well.

The visits with Hjal started to be less frequent as time went on, but other restrictions were slowly pressed upon Valids. She could only practice her fighting with trainers and extremely tame demons. She wasn't allowed to wear anything in public less than a full dress, winter gear or sometimes armor. There were other, similarly ridiculous things and Valdis grew to be extremely resentful of both her parents and her position.

And then the worst came. Hjal had just arrived back into the city from a several month long demon slaying expedition. The wedding was to be held within the next three months. Valdis locked herself in her room, refusing to eat, drink, or even bathe until her parents listened to her demands. Her first one, of not having to marry or even look at Hjal ever again was denied. Her second request, being able to go on a demon slaying expedition of her own, was also denied.

Her last request, however, of being able to at least leave Yngvildr for once in her life was granted, but with heavy stipulations. She had to travel at all times with an armed bodyguard force of at least four men and she had to be back to Yngvildr within two months, at the very latest. Valdis agreed to these reluctantly but surprised they had actually agreed to any of it.

Within three days, she was fully packed and on a merchant's ship, destined for Marcellus. The captain had assured her parents and her bodyguards that he knew how to best get around Ianthe's pirates safely and it seemed as through he was right, soon passing the Wilds and Alimond by. However, as they rounded Vrapi, a storm came blowing out of what seemed like nowhere.

Valdis isn't sure how she survived the shipwreck, especially since she was wearing her armor at the time, where in the world she's landed, or how she's supposed to get home. But... She's finally away from Yngvildr, her parents, and their rules. She'll make her way back... eventually.

Additional Notes/Comments:
Her hair and eyes have led some to cast some rather disparaging rumors about her mother's family line and possible infidelity.
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