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15 Aug 2010
So I'm in the works of creating a Raidance Lost group on DeviantArt as the title would suggest. It's in the approval phases right now. So if anyone would like to add their art or the art of someone they know to it, please do so. When the group is approved it will be called RadianceLostFEP. Unfortunately just plain RadianceLost was already taken. Boo.
18 Jul 2010
Something had changed since Hatari and the burning of the Brand mansion. There were so many secrets that Lara had no intent on sharing. At least as far as Evalyn could tell. Even now it was far more difficult to speak with Lara than she remembered it being so long ago. Whatever had happened, Evalyn didn't know. She was beginning to think she'd never know. Evalyn knew Lara had been burned and battered. Whatever had happened probably wasn't physical. What had happened had caused Lara to change. At least Evalyn thought it was a change. Maybe she never knew Lara as well as she thought she did.

The swordswoman would be the first to admit that she had little skill in communicating outside of a professional and military environment. The subtleties of idle chatting with a friend were lost on her. Only one person had been able to understand and communicate throughout the changes of life and careers. It wasn't likely she'd ever have a polite conversation with that person again either... It wasn't that she didn't like to just talk; she had just become a terrible conversationalist. She was interested in the lives of others but her own life and goals were so linear that the conversation was usually terribly one sided. She swore that years ago she hadn't been like this but that was before her life as a soldier, a warrior. The life she was most comfortable with and likely the only one she'd ever know.

But it wasn't what she wanted. Despite the risks, Evalyn had begun to keep a journal again. Just in case, she never wrote anything pertaining to strategy or the resistance. Only her thoughts and fears. The reason, Evalyn thought, in this moment of introspection, it was because she didn't have anyone to confide in. So she replaced real communication with the stale pages of a book.

It didn't have to be though, did it? She remembered having friends that would tolerate her awkwardness. Lara had been a friend to her. They'd confided in each other long ago. But now they hardly spoke outside of a professional setting to discuss new targets and battle plans. Both of them needed someone though. Lara had been hurt, Evalyn knew that much. She'd been worried about the woman since Lara had arrived to join the fight. Evalyn didn't know how to approach her though. So she'd been pussy footing around the entire time. Maybe now it was time to take a step forward and see if this friendship could be salvaged. Evalyn hadn't been doing her part in being a supportive friend, she knew that much.

Which was what brought Evalyn to be standing before Lara's tent, wondering what to say. "Lara? Can we talk?" Most likely Lara would think Evalyn wanted to talk about strategy. Hopefully she'd tolerate the change in the norm.
1 Jan 2010
Late Winter, 747
Riven, Daein

It was the worst kept secret in the camp from the beginning. Everyone knew as soon as the chips started to fall into place. A child was born to the slave Axel had captured little over nine months ago.

Everyone knew what happened the night he captured Nadia from Tomis's whore. Evalyn knew what Nadia was hiding in the months following and soon it became obvious to everyone else as well. The only ones who seemed to be in denial were the guilty parties themselves. Nadia insisted it was from an indiscretion she'd committed shortly before being captured. Given the slave's exhausted physical and mental state, Evalyn didn't press the matter. But things became complicated in the weeks. Blue hair. Not just blue hair. Blue hair like hers. Like his. It deeply disturbed her what the implications were. Again Evalyn chose not to pursue the issue of the child's paternity. It could have been either one...How Axel felt Evalyn wasn't sure. She'd stayed quiet on what she knew for the most part. After all, Evalyn had her share of guilt as well.

Whatever possessed her to let Axel be the one to care for her that night she wasn't sure. But the deed was done and the consequences the resistance leader chose to be responsible for herself. While Evalyn had her suspicions of the child's paternity before its birth, she kept an open mind and didn't burden Axel with what amounted to a lot of rumours and gossip. And then with the child's hair...No, it had to Axel's. Had to be. However it became increasingly clear that Nadia could not stay with the resistance. There was no way Evalyn could assure Nadia safety and even shelter for her and her newborn. They could barely scrape enough food together to keep the camp from starving. Another worried thought crossed the swordwoman's mind as she considered what that lack of food could have done to Nadia's child... Evalyn only hoped Nadia could come to forgive her for her part in this.

A small cry came from the bundle in Nadia's arms. They had been traveling longer than usual today. It was only the two women on a mission that Evalyn had taken on impulse. Nadia could not stay with the resistance but neither could she be turned loose to her own devices. She knew too much about the workings of the resistance and how they moved. Not only that but Evalyn had the sneaking suspicion that Nadia would have no idea how to survive on her own. So they would go to Crimea where Stan lived. Stan would know how to help Nadia become self sufficient in ways that Evalyn didn't have the power to. Evalyn could teach someone to survive in the wildest terrain, how to work as a military unit, and how to kill when it came down to it. All of that Nadia didn't need right now. She needed to learn how to become a person. How to care for her child on her own...

Her son's name was Evan. Named after Evalyn. She didn't deserve the honor of having a child named after her. Many had told her the same thing when she was a Rider. They'd name their first born child after her for her bravery in defending Daein! They never did. And honestly Evalyn didn't care that much. But Nadia had made good on her promise. The former general was touched by the woman's generosity. She didn't deserve the honor though. She took what little solace she could from the fact that she was now going to give them a new life. One without the fear of being punished for running away.

Lara had come through for Evalyn once again in getting her plans off the ground. In her time on the run Lara was introduced to the workings of an underground tunnel system near Riven that refugees were using to escape Daein into Crimea. It was absolutely perfect for what they needed. It would bring them out into northern Crimea, well on their way to Aerodde and Stan's clinic. They were close to Riven now and had managed to avoid detection from her brother's forces. In the dead of winter the heavy travelling cloaks weren't out of place or the scarves that covered their features.

For now though they needed a place to stay for the night and recover their strength for the foray into the tunnels in the morning. All three of them were in need of a hot meal and a warm bed. But Evalyn was wary. Most would call her overly paranoid. She was terrified that she would be discovered...and what would follow after. But she was likely right to be so cautious. In an increasingly policed and militant Daein, there was much she had to worry about. She was public enemy number one after all.

A small inn on the edge of town was what Evalyn finally decided on. It was close enough to town to be safe but far enough away that they could make a quick escape if needed. With the sun dropping lower on the horizon it was as good a time as any to stop.

"We'll stop here for the night," Evalyn told Nadia, gesturing to the little building. "Sound good?"
6 Nov 2009
Rumours have flown about the newest addition to the illustrious Riders of Daein, Haku Shinmori. The Sword Demon of Palmeni has attracted many admirers but his affections have not been won. At least until the recent scoop has alleged that the young Rider has become involved with the rising Daein opera star, Ashelia Vendelin.

Tabloids are looking for proof of this supposed relationship and will be paying a hefty sum for interviews, quick sketches, or anything that can be seen as reliable proof. Who will be the one to expose the rumour as truth or another wild tale?

-This is a SRP taking place in Early Winter, 746 in Nevassa.

-This is a lighthearted thread. Meaning this is for fun! Try to have a ball.

-You're welcome to use an NPC if you'd like to join but have no characters that apply. Just please PM the idea you have to either Shia or me (Celes) for approval before joining. We don't need any Jack the Ripper NPCs, thank you.

Character List
Haku Shinmori (Swordvet) - Shia
Ashelia Vendelin (Troubador) - Celes
Chester Magomire (Mage Knight Level 20/6 NPC)- Solowing-SomePlaceThing
This could be you!
25 Oct 2009
The stars sure were bright tonight...all twinkling and stuff. Along with the dark clouds. So pretty...Maybe if he flew high enough he could...wait, what he thinking? Never mind... Maybe Eryne liked stars...But Eryne wasn't here...Or maybe she was. Or a cleric. A cleric would be nice to make that pain stop...

Those were the jumbled thoughts of a young hawk named Tarsus as he wandered the streets of New Phoenix. His wings were drooped as he didn't have the energy to keep his feather from dragging in the dust. One wing was bandaged and plaster clung to the feathers, indicating a healing break. Somehow the young hawk had escaped an infirmary in Phoenicis proper and made it to New Phoenix. Why? Well not even he knew at this point. It was likely that painkillers were involved in his deranged state of mind...The only question left was this: What in the world had they given him back at the infirmary?

Hmm... Well, this was unusual. It wasn't often that another hawk wound up out here. Least of all another male hawk. It made him wonder what all was going on to make the world as crazy as it was.

With a determined gate, Terrage stepped out from the window and dropped to the street below, his wings billowed in his wake. He came up behind the younger hawk and frowned. If this was another Warhawk...

"You lost, son?"

Son? Tarsus leveled his gaze at the hawk in front him. No, that was definitely not his father. So why was he calling him son? Crazy man...

"No," the younger hawk managed to slur out. "I'm gonna find my friend." He was in new Phoenix and Eryne was from New Phoenix. She was probably around here somewhere... "Or a cleric." That's right, a staff user. But not a staff user like Julian. Julian was useless... "But not a man cleric. Especially..." He paused, feeling a bit light headed. "Especially not ones named Julian." Maybe he should sit down...

Great. Just what he needed. If it wasn't a Warhawk, it was a hawk that had been drugged up. Dratted nurses... They should know better than this...

"I think I know where your friend is. Follow me." Terrage made certain to keep his voice calm and friendly. There was no telling how violent this one could get.

"You know my friend?" Tarsus managed to get out before he tripped over his own feet trying to get a closer look at the other hawk. Fortunately he managed to catch himself before he face planted. If he weren't so drugged up he would have been mortified at his behavior.

"Yeah. I know your friend." It wasn't quite the friend this one had in mind, but Terrage wasn't above bending the truth. He grasped the hawk by his uninjured shoulder and started supporting him down the street. "This way. It's not too far."

Teetering on his unsteady feet, Tarsus was suddenly righted by the hawk's hand. The pain was starting to ebb back into his wing... "Where are we going?"

"To see your friend." Terrage replied easily enough. "Just right around this corner..."

True to his words, Terrage led the injured hawk around the corner of a nearby building. Then, without mercy or warning, his hand shot up to grip the back of the hawk's neck, and with one well-practiced motion, he slam-dunked the hawk's head into a conveniently placed bathing tub of water. That was the easy part; the hard part was keeping him there.

Despite his very, very numbed mind his more basic instincts told him that this guy was going to kill him! All of his limbs went wild as he tried to pull his head out from the cold, wet tub of death. This quickly stopped as a shooting pain from his wing nearly paralyzed in on the spot.

Well, that was probably enough. Maybe that would shock some sense into the fledgling. A quick pull hauled the hawk out of the water. It would be best to let him catch his breath.

Feel better now?" Terrage's voice and features were nothing but polite.

Taking a hand to his face to push his now wet hair out of his eyes he sputtered and coughed while trying to get a better look at the hawk who'd just abused him. Now he was thinking more clearly but he was also dizzy from the sudden lack of oxygen and suddenly restoration of the life giving stuff. "No," He coughed out finally.

"Ordinarily, I'd dunk you again for that." Terrage leaned backwards, arms folded over his massive chest and back against the building's corner. "But since it wasn't your fault you got stoned, I'll let you off this time."

Tarsus while having a clearer head still had the fog of the pain killers obscuring his thoughts and could not think of a witty retort to the man so instead ruffled his wings and sighed. "You New Phoenix police or something?" he managed to get out. Why else would he be taking care of miscreants on the street?

A spit left Terrage's lips at the suggestion of him being on the government's payroll. He frowned and sized this hawk up again.

"No. I just take care of this town and prevent any violent breakouts... mainly between flatlanders and drugged up young hawks. If I were you, I wouldn't trust the nurses around here. Some don't think anything of taking advantage of a medicated male." Almost as an afterthought, he added. "Name's Terrage."

Terrage...Where had he heard that name before? Again, the fog wouldn't clear from his thoughts. He'd have to figure it out when the drugs cleared from his system. "Tarsus..." the younger hawk replied."And I didn't ask for something that strong..."

"But they gave it to you anyway." A raised eyebrow came over Terrage's face. Was this? Interesting. "If you don't mind my asking, who was the friend you were looking for?"

"Her name's Eryne...I don't remember how I got here but I guess with how out of it I am I thought she would have gone back to New Phoenix..." Tarsus explained slowly, obviously having to take a few seconds to find the right words.

Yeah, it was. Terrage's gaze turned into scrutiny as he looked the other hawk over again. Kinda scrawny, but the kid had some potential... It was probably a good thing he'd found him first.

"Eryne the Queen's Eyes, right?"

"Yeah...Or was. Or something. She left...I don't know where she is now..." How long had it been since she left? Time didn't make much sense to him right now..."I hope she comes back..."

... Well, that was kind of sweet in a drugged senseless kind of way. It didn't really get to the heart of the issue, though. Terrage forced himself to remain impassive. He couldn't be friendly just yet.

"And what do you want with her, son?"

"She's my friend...and," Tarsus would have never admitted the last part if he'd been in possession of all his senses. Especially not to a stranger. "I think a like her...a lot more than a Laguz is supposed to like a Branded..." He hoped she'd come back...

"Careful who you tell that to." Terrage's voice went dead, conveying nothing about his thoughts. "They may not like it."

"Yeah...She'd probably freak out if she knew...But I still want to be her friend at least..." Tarsus continued, starting to feel a bit dizzy again as the adrenaline from dunking started to clear.

"... Maybe." Alright, so he was drugged senseless and spilling his guts. Terrage could cut him a bit of slack for that. How did he feel about this? He wasn't entirely sure. "Or maybe not. Why do you like her?"

Tarsus had to think about that one a second until he looked up to meet Terrage's eyes. "She's herself. She's spunky...brave...selfless...Even if she doesn't like me, I just want to her to be happy...Even if that means she'd want me to go away..." After that thought his face fell. "Maybe that's why she left...maybe she wanted to get away from me..."

Alright, that tore it. With a single step, Terrage moved in, grabbed Tarsus by his shoulder, and hefted him aloft. A gentle slap got the hawk's attention; it was just too bad that Terrage's definition of "gentle" didn't match that of the rest of the world.

"Hey, what was that for?!" Tarsus just couldn't catch a break here could he? "If I'm annoying you that much just let me go find a cleric so I can get my wing healed up and this drug out of my system!"

"Look, punk." A quick jerk brought Tarsus down eye-to-eye with Terrage. "I don't know what I feel about you loving my baby girl, but I won't have you minimizing my girl's suffering. Eryne leaving had nothing to do with your sorry love life and you know it."

That was it. That's where he'd heard the name Terrage before...Eryne's foster father. He felt the blood drain from his face at the realization and that this man could probably snuff him out in an instant. How pathetic he was in the end... "S-sorry," Tarsus managed to force out.

"Good." Terrage lowered his arms, and by extension, Tarsus. He studied Tarsus for a long moment, and then nodded slowly. "I'll chalk that one up to the drugs."

Tarsus remained silent for a long while, his humiliation started to seep in. All he could do now was pray that what they said about first impressions wasn't true. But yet his mouth seemed not to obey his brain as he finally opened it to say something before he could think. "I promise that I'll take care of her if she comes back. I can still be her friend."

For a long moment, Tarsus just stood there staring at Tarsus with his arms folded. His mind was running a mile a minute; there were too many ways for this discussion to go.

"She'll need you." That was the best he could do right now. "But not as a lover. Not while she's torn up inside. Don't ask for my blessing there, I won't give it."

"I wasn't expecting it," Tarsus admitted truthfully. "I just want to see her happy. That's all." He could be happy with that. He'd have to be happy with that.

"... Then I'll keep my mind open about you." Terrage admitted slowly. The fact that Tarsus was chasing a branded on an island of females... said something. "... Although if you want her happy, you'd best pray she doesn't come back."

Tarsus nodded slowly, taking in what Terrage had said. She might not come back. Maybe she would be happy if she didn't. Terrage would know best. "I'll do that then...I'll pray for her happiness. And let her go if I have to."

Terrage shook his head. He really wasn't explaining himself very well.

"Pray she doesn't come back. But that you go to her. She needs a friend."

Well that was more than Tarsus had expected. Especially after the way he'd acted. Maybe Terrage could forgive him for being a complete idiot. "I'll do that then."

"... This place has changed." Now he was going to spill his guts. And to a druggie no less. Go figure. "It's not fit for anyone to live here. The Hawk Tribe used to be something to be proud of. Now it's a joke. You and Eryne need to get off this rock."

"Where should I take her?" Tarsus asked, figuring if he was going to get advice from his elders now was a stellar opportunity.

"Use your head a bit. There's only one nation that'll tolerate her. Crimea." kids these days. "... I should have just taken her there after Doc tried to slit her throat... But I got selfish."

Things couldn't be left like that. He continued after a pause. "... But I couldn't leave Val. She's buried here."

"I think I understand..." Tarsus offered his mind slowly starting to peek through the fog of the pain killers...except the pain in his wing was also growing stronger. "As soon as I can fly, I'll take her."

"... She'll fight you. She'll fight you every wing beat of the way." Terrage put out the warning. Tarsus deserved to know what he was getting himself into. "She might even hate you for it... but it's what she needs."

"I know she'll fight...That's one reason why I like her. I can take it if it'll make her life better though," Tarsus replied, his confidence creeping back after his humiliation.

"... Then take care of her, Tarsus. I'm trusting her to you." Terrage's arms finally unwound themselves and moved to hang from his sides. The hostility was over.

Well Tarsus couldn't help but be slightly surprised by that. Tarsus thought the aftermath of this encounter would tarnish his reputation to Terrage forever. But now he was trusting Eryne's safety to him... "I promise I'll do my best to live up to that trust."

"Good." Terrage stepped forward and placed a gentle hand on Tarsus' shoulder. "Eryne's judgment was right. You're the last honorable hawk we've got."

"...Eryne said that?" Tarsus questioned quietly. "Heh. Guess I better live up to that too."

"She tells her old man a lot." There was a twinkle, of mysterious origin, in the older hawk's eye. "And I can read between the lines."

A half grin crossed Tarsus's face at Terrage's last comment. He couldn't just stand around here looking pathetic then. "Can you do me one favor first?" Tarsus asked hopefully.

"Depends. I don't commit to things lightly."

"I just need you to find me a cleric so I don't get drugged up again. I can't take care of Eryne with a broken wing," Tarsus replied, his tone lighter than before.

A hearty laugh left Terrage's lips. He liked this kid already. A quick, yet much gentler clap, on Tarsus' back sealed the deal.

"You rest at my place. You'll have one by morning."
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