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Elsyon Svanhildur, Seeker of Knowledge
post Feb 13 2012, 03:04 PM
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Skylessia Characters
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Name: Elsyon "Elsy" Svanhildur
Age: 23
Homecountry: Northern Territories
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"
Build: Slender
Affinity: Light

Class+Level: Lv. 15 Shaman
Weapon Levels: Dark {B 0/5}
Spell Repertoire: Flux, Wrack, Luna, Death Ray, Demon Surge, Sumere, Repulse, Shadow Snare, Nosferatu, Sever, Eclipse, Fenrir, Novo, Shadowshot, Maph

Elsyon can easily be described as a serene bookworm. Her calm demeanor masks a woman who gets easily angered at the mention of demons or brigands. She would go out of the way to assist those in trouble.

On subjects she likes to read and discuss, she prefers herbal lore, history, and cultural studies. She can often use her knowledge in a pinch, but only does so when needed. She often is scared of the unknown, but desires to venture forth and learn as much as she can. She has always been eagerly drawn to the enticing power of elder magics, but likes the idea of mingling the power of darkness with the divinity of light.

Elsyon bears the typical appearance of one would imagine when they hear the term "maiden." Her pale complexion is intensified by the midnight colored, long sleeved dress she wears beneath a blue-trimmed, sleeveless, white coat. Her coat bears the swan crest of her family on the upper back.

She possesses wavy, powder blue hair that extends to her shoulder blades, along with light violet eyes. Her gentle lips and pristine smile give anyone the sense of calm when looking at her. Her seemingly innocent facial expressions can sometimes disturb enemies, leaving her an opening to attack.

Often times, she wears a light breastplate between her dress and cloak, as well as padded white gloves and armored boots. She wears a double clasped belt can hold her tome and a few vials of medication and a pouch of herbs at her sides.

Elsyon was born to a female war mage and a male priest, both of whom were descendants of the North's Saint Zelena. Her parents constantly argued over her future while she was but a babe, who could do nothing to voice her own possible thoughts into their heated debates.

When she reached the age of nine, she began studying the magical arts from her parents. As much as her father wanted her to study the sacred light magic, Elsy followed in her mother's footsteps and pursued the study of the elder arts. There was something about it, an allure that charmed her more than the sparkles and flashes of light magic. Whether it was the power or mystery of this branch of magic, she could not tell you today. She merely felt called to the various runes, script, and tomes that filled her mother's library.

By the time she was fourteen, she was rather well versed, able to recite the incantations for the most basic elder spells, flux and wrack, from memory. Many were surprised at her rapid growth in power and knowledge, deeming her a prodigy. But that wasn't it at all, she was merely effective at studying and memorizing words and information. She even applied this to her other subjects of fascination: herbal lore, history, and cultural studies.

She saw demons for the first time at the age of fifteen, when she accompanied her parents to Yngvildr to acquire some necessities for a festival. A group of Baels invaded the mountain path they were taking. The spiders were quickly defeated by the trio's powerful magics, only to leave Elsy unnerved that such creatures could exist in such a harsh geographical domain.

They reached the city after another day's, as well as another skirmish's, occurrence. There, she saw several knights who she later learned belonged to the Order of the Cross. The group interested her, and she began studying their history as well.

Four years later, she was walking along the outer grounds when a wounded soldier bearing the Order's crest could be seen defending himself from a small quartet of mauthedoogs. The fiendish hounds circled the man, who was wielding a simple lance and buckler to defend himself with. In her sight one of the hounds attacked him, but was slain without a second though. The second and third hound attacked his then exposed legs, which took him to the ground.

The shamaness could not let that go unattended, so she used her elder magics to both remove and dispatch the remaining trio of feral demons. The knight stood in awe of the young woman who stood before him as his graceful angel of salvation. He followed her to the temple, who found one of the healers who quickly healed his wounds and made sure there were no traces of demonic presence in his system.

He stated that he had to get to know Elsyon better, and so the two started to spend their afternoons together, questioning each other about their lives, homelands' histories, and cultures. Elsy found a fondness that she hadn't experience before in any relationship except for this man, Alton. Their feelings for one another bloomed, and after seven months together, they became engaged.

Four months later, before they had a chance to attend there wedding, a group was sent out to deal with an approaching group of demons. Alton decided to accompany the squad, saying that he would return in time for their wedding.

Unfortunately, what they didn't expect ended up destroying the couple's dreams.

Among the demons was a powerful female vampire who decided to take a feeding frenzy of the men in the group, before slaying the women.

It took two weeks to find the decaying bodies up in a cave. The news broke Elsy, so she decided to leave her lifetime home and live as a hermit among the people of Azgarth. What she didn't expect was the encounter with the vast amount of magical knowledge there, which lured her into studying every book and manuscript she could get her hands on.

Now she plans on traveling across Skylessia, until she deemed herself worthy enough to protect her loved ones and return to her home.

Additional Notes/Comments:
Started at Level 7, with an additional 8 levels* & WLv {B 0/5} transferred from Ishal Arkaid

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A: Atrum, Neiche, Malevolence
S: Gespent
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