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16 Jul 2011
Not sure if anyone here remembers me, but it's Soren. Back from the sudden disappearance. Just...stuff came up, and I left for a while, and now I have two jobs and university, so...I guess I'll hop up again.
7 Aug 2010
Milan opened his eyes slowly. The sunlight filtered into the small room, illuminating a simple bed, table, and a floor littered with books. Milan smiled, remembering that this was the day that he was leaving again. The church had been giving Milan a lot of missions outside the church, but he never minded. He was happy for the excuse to leave, as he was able to find some new books to pick up and devour.

Milan rose and began to dress, wearing his simple priest robes, and ate a meager breakfast. A simple meal of dried berries and nuts.

"Ambition leads to downfall, so I shall avoid tempation, lust, and want. I shall only have what is needed," Milan thought has he drank some water before picking up his bag and his staff before heading out into the bright sunlight.

He walked through the streets briskly, heading for the fountain in the centre of the town. He was to wait until his contacts showed up. They were supposedly some mercenaries who were willing to travel and make sure Milan completed his quest.

Now he had to wait.
2 Aug 2010
Milan opened his eyes, slightly smiling. Today was the day that he was going to Crimea, to pick up a certain book. The Magicks of Tellius was supposedly written hundreds of years ago, and now his church wanted to see if they could get a copy of the book. Milan had already hired some people to assist him, in case the dangers of the road became too much...

So this is just a small quest where Milan tries to get a book for his church. It's assumed to be low-leveled, as we'll most likely be fighting bandits, but higher leveled characters can join if they wish.

The RP will start in Begnion, and then we'll move to Crimea, where the RP will end. Either way, I'm looking for 4-5 participants and myself.

1. Milan Dorestrov | Level 3 Priest | Soren37
2. Samson Lazarus | Level 4 Armoured Sword | Laharl
3. Zak Johannes | Level 1 Mage | Unnamed Dude
4. William Baker | Level 1 Peasant (Soldier) | Fay
5. Gareth Renalt | Level 11 Shaman | flamingphoenix
18 Jul 2010
In the Staff description in the Weapon System, it states that Staff modifiers may only be applied to staves and that weapons and magic cannot be adapted or enhanced by staff abilities.

However, do staves have the ability to use magic modifiers (or weapon modifiers if Fighting Fit)?

Example, Fire Staff. It uses the base of a Normal Powered Torch Staff (0+3), but it uses Adaptation to add on Conjuration(2+2), so the light is now a real fire, and just for fun, we'll use Artillery (+3) to throw the fire at enemies.

I know it's a high-leveled example, but it's just something I was curious about.
17 Jul 2010
Name: Milan Dorestrov
Nation: Crimea
Age: 28
Race: Beorc
Class and Level: Priest, Level 3
Weapon Levels: Staff, E

Appearance: Despite being a male, Milan looks stunningly like a female. His long pointed face has soft features, brilliantly blue eyes, pale lips and a petit nose. His dirty blonde hair is tied back in a high, tight ponytail. He rarely removes his clergy clothing, which consists of a simple white robe with a hood, and his staff. He also tends to have a small pouch strapped around his waist, which contains a few healing concoctions, herbs, and preserved foods for his to snack on. Milan will almost always be seen with a book or five.

Personality: Milan is a reserved man. He prefers not to speak unless prompted to, even in dire emergencies. Instead of the company of other people, he prefers the company of books and worlds lost within words.

Milan also believes that ambition is the root of all evil. It was through leader's ambitions that wars broke out, nobles ambition for money to abuse the peasantry, and through the Dark One's ambitions, the world was utterly destroyed. As such, Milan prefers to avoid ever wanting or desiring. He has learned to live a simple life with just the necessities and nothing more.

However, he does have an ambition, and that is knowledge. Milan's ambition for higher learning and information borders on the psychotic. He has been known to scour libraries for books, check out up to 25 at a time, read through all of them in a week, and recall almost all the information presented in the books. While he is currently able to somewhat control is addiction, it is unknown how far he will go to obtain his knowledge.

While Milan tries to obtain physical knowledge, he is also trying to obtain spiritual knowledge. Milan's prayers are more like speeches to the Goddess, and for one week on the New Year, Milan fasts, prays, and sleeps, in the hopes of receiving a divine intervention. No one is sure if he has succeeded or not yet.

Being born and raised in Crimea, Milan does not loathe or fear the laguz, but treats them mutually.

Biography: Milan was born in the village of Pala, where his father was a member of the local clergy and his mother stayed at home to care for young Milan. Milan was baptized by his father at the local clergy on the day of his birth. Milan practically lived in the church throughout his childhood, assisting his father in his duties and reading up on the history of Tellius, basic healing spells, and Ashera's Holy Scripture in the church's small library.

While Milan's parents wanted him to run around and grow strong, Milan refused and read throughout his childhood, gaining unparalleled knowledge of Tellius. It was because of this knowledge that Milan developed a slight superiority complex, believing that he was better than other children, which further drew him towards his books and studies.

When Milan was 14, the head of the church approached him and asked him to be inducted into Ashera's Church as a simple Priest. Milan studied constantly for 2 years, reading and memorizing the Scripture for the test. After scoring near perfect on the test, Milan was inducted into the Church of Ashera.

However, Milan proved to be more of an annoyance than anything to the other priests. Milan constantly corrected their mistakes, challenged them to religious debates and won, and never saw anything wrong with himself. Eventually, the other priests and priestesses had had enough, and gave him the "job" of going to Sienne to get some books for their library. Milan eagerly agreed, his lust for knowledge pulsating.

On his way to Sienne, Milan met a another man about the same age, travelling to Sienne. The man's name was Cole, a self-trained sword fighter from Crimea. Milan travelled with Cole, as it provided some fresh opportunities for discussion and insight into the world outside of the church. As it turned out, Cole was travelling to Sienne to find mercenary work or bounties, and he was hoping that he would soon one day become world-famous and fabulously rich. Milan found this approach startling, as he had always thought that a simple life suited him.

When both Cole and Milan reached Sienne, the went their separate ways, and Milan began to travel towards the Tower of Guidance. However, along the way, he took a wrong turn and ended up in one of the impoverished areas of the city. Milan saw the people, and was instantly horrified at how they were living. He asked a man what had lead him to this state of life.

"Ambition, child. I wanted too much, and couldn't keep it all."

It was after this encounter that Milan saw ambition as an evil, and the more he brooded over it, the more he agreed with himself. After finding the correct directions, he emptied his coin purse for the people, hoping they could buy some food for that night.

Although Milan frequently stops at Pala, the priests still don't want him around, and frequently give him more and more jobs to do outside of Pala.

Although he has never seen actual combat, he has been willing to heal the sick and the injured with his staff and assist them with a small helping of medicinal herbs.


Cure Staff
Normal Power (+0)
Heal (+1)
Remedy (+1)
Obvious (-1)

The Cure Staff is Milan's staff of choice. It allows him to heal the wounded and remove afflictions and diseases with ease. However, the top of the staff glows with a fairly noticeable red light, making it obvious where he is and what he is doing.
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