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What's Once Lost
post Nov 1 2012, 10:12 PM
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PSInfo headquarters. Most likely, none of the students had ever heard of PSInfo, since it was nothing more than a start-up, fairly small time operation dedicated to gathering, aggregating and selling information on the state's public sector. The building itself was...unique and, more than that, it was unusual for such a small scale business to even have an entire building rather than just a simple office downtown. Given its location in relation to the city proper and the general nature of its business, it was rare that anybody other than PSInfo employees would find their way onto its lot.

And yet, at least two different groups, not an employee among them, would find themselves drawn toward these headquarters they had no logical reason to visit.

Group: Anthony, Carmine, Layla

Called out to the location by fairies, little information on it given, the building itself was likely a surprise. Surrounded by mostly overgrown blacktop stood what was once a movie theater but was now a big, boxy building in an uneven state of disrepair. The entrance, marked with the letters PSI and newer looking glass doors, and the area around it looked fine enough, but the majority of the building had ivy growing along its side, broken windows and gaps in the brick. Nothing about it seemed safe.

"Okay! Looks like you've arrived!" an obnoxiously high-pitched voice called out from the group's trinkets, "Doesn't it look like such a fun place for adventures?! You guys get to be the heroes, rushing in to save the captives from the evi—owwww! Hey, don't pull on my wiiiii—"

From there, the voice cut out.

Group: Clyde, Gail, Patricia

Called out to the location by Professor Steinhardt, all relevant information given before departure, the building should have been less than surprising. The portion of the building without broken windows and gaps in the bricks was the space marked as 'PSInfo headquarters', the rest of it left to rot, sealed off from the inside. Strings had been pulled to ensure the lot was subdivided such that it didn't matter that the majority of the building wasn't up to standards. It was rare for anybody to check or care about what went on in the unmaintained portion.

"We don't know whether or not the demons we're after have infiltrated the company itself, but they are somewhere within that building, according to our oracles. As we went over before, these demons can operate through humans so it would be best to think of every person you encounter as hostile...though don't act too rashly—we can only handle so much cleanup.

"Above all else, stick together. Whether you investigate outside the company or within first, that's your call, but I've already arranged for you all to be let inside as students from Sunrise's sociology department. It's to your judgement, but please do try to recover the missing students."

That was the long and short of what the professor had said before dropping them off. In the several days since he'd 'initiated' his new students, he'd done his best to go over the basics and get them used to working with each other and with their new weapons, but in the end it would all be up to them as to how their first real test would go.

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It's hard getting back into this writing thing. Think I re-wrote this at least four times before deciding on this beginning. Basically, you're all outside the building, but not at the same time. I rolled a die and it said clyde, gail and patricia's group arrived first so I guess it might be best to wait for a round from them before the other group posts, just in case they do anything to the outside or something.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the discussion thread. Especially the professor's group...since your characters might've had questions for him that he would have answered. I'll try to post a summary of information you might have gotten from/after both threads in the discussion too, to help things along.

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post Dec 1 2012, 10:44 PM
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Oh, was that what Gail was trying to say? He figured it was some made-up... janitor thing. Wasn't this embarrassing? "If it ain't too much to ask, could ya escort us around?" Clyde tried to seem like he was interested in the business. "Heard good things about ya an' all."
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