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31 Jul 2012
Wandered back after a long hiatus from the series and find things pretty quiet looking. o.o Not that I was a super-active poster myself or anything, but things look slow. Here's to it picking back up sometime...?

And 'ello again!
30 Mar 2011
As big as this community is, a few people at least have to know of this show, and several probably (hopefully) are also really big fans. <.<

Anyone else watch it here, despite the connotations of being a little girl's show, and all that stuff that used to be a staple of the franchise? The show, under Lauren Faust's direction, has become wonderfully animated, wittily written, and entertaining to all demographics, with a shockingly huge number of fans in their 20s and 30s.

Are any of those fans lurking around here? <.<>.> Speak up and discuss!
18 Aug 2008
Has anyone else here read any of these books? Just for easy reference, the books in the series thus far are:
  • The Clan of the Cave Bear
  • The Valley of Horses
  • The Mammoth Hunters
  • The Plains of Passage
  • The Shelters of Stone

They all take place thousands and thousands of years ago, and focus mostly on the cro-magnon (one step above neanderthal) girl Ayla, and her adventures as she grows and matures, going from one culture to the next as she tries to fit in and find where she belongs in a world that's literally changing in every way all the time, as the earth is still evolving. Out of all of them, the first book is my favorite by far, and I think a definite staple of anyone's reading library. They're also very educational and a many-times-over praised look into the world of ages long past.

Has anyone else at all read these? I always seem to get a negative response when I bring them up...

And as a random point of interest, it was supposedly this Ayla that the idea for Chrono Trigger's Ayla came from. Physically they're a lot alike, so that's sort of a neat connection if you're a Chrono fan.
11 Jun 2008
I just noticed these on the Character page, and I think it's fairly new. Or I'm just really not observant. What are these, and how do we manage them? I didn't see anything where I could create/arrange squads or some such...
11 Jun 2008
Name: Arnora
Nation: Begnion
Age: 19
Race: Beorc

Appearance: Not being a particularly tall young woman, Arnora would describe herself as being perfectly fit for riding a Pegasus, as had been her initial desire in life. By the time the usual growth spurts had come to a halt, she had reached a grand five feet and some odd inches. She liked to claim seven, but the truth of it was nearer to five or six, a fact that was often corrected by those that knew her well enough. Her hair, a prized possession with few peers, was nearly so long, brushing the backs of her knees and making a general nuisance of itself in the best of situations. It was, in itself, nothing particularly special, being of a simple brown in color and lacking any sort of special curl to it, or bounce or some such. Still, she kept it long and tied back in a single ponytail bound by dark green ribbon, bringing the tail end of it up to the backs of her thighs at best.

Her face is neither particularly round nor angular, rather being somewhere in between. She despises her eyes, wishing they were something a little more striking than brown with the occasional speck of something that was trying to be green and generally failing. Only in the right light, at that, even.

In imitation of the uniform of the Pegasus Knights, Arnora's general form of dress included a one-piece white dress, reaching near enough to her knees to be considered decent for generally running about, but not so short as to get whispers behind her back about less-than-acceptable exploits in the darker alleys of Sienne. A leather belt, slightly cracked from age and hard use, compliments the dress and holds the general trinkets and necessities of daily life. Also in imitation of the Pegasus riders, her usual choice of footwear tends towards knee-high boots, not as long as the real thing, but close enough to make her feel better about her failure during basic training. Even if she's not cast for the role she believes to be her proper part to play, she can still the part, or as near it as possible.

Personality: Fairly upbeat most of the time, Arnora does have a short-tempered sarcastic streak with a tendency to arise when she finds herself annoyed or angry, generally with a person. Her tongue is sharp and has earned her a near-beating by random passersby who've managed to tick her off more than the occasional random bad chance.

At heart, though, she is a positive, passionate young woman who tends to live by the moment, never planning ahead and believing wholeheartedly that things will work out, one way or another. It is this passionate heart that drives her, continuously pushes her to expand her horizons and settle for no less than exactly what she desires.

Perhaps due to this self-same strength, her general dislike for the governance of Begnion has repeatedly been stoked. One of her life's greatest desires had been, for the longest of times, to be a Pegasus Knight. Perhaps a Lance Captain, or even a Commander of a full Flight. Much of her childhood had been spent working towards those ends when she wasn't working to provide for the food she needed or the rent for that week's room, wherever she had found one for cheap. She takes failure hard for a short period of time, generally, before either overcoming it or pushing it to the back of her thoughts to be dealt with, hopefully, at a later date.

In regards to her personal life, Arnora is a romantic through and through. Being something of a tomboy due to her errant early life, she is loathe to admit such, but it is true nonetheless. Daydreaming is a popular past-time of hers, one that occasionally sneaks up on her and catches her when she doesn't realize it, often resulting in a lapse of whatever job it was that she was working at previously. After the loss of the one most precious to her, the very fabric by which her dreams were spun, however, her dreams have become but bitter memories of a future she had once lived and hoped for one, one put to wood and fletching.

Biography: Arnora knows not who her parents were, and she cares little enough to bother finding out. Nor does she remember who raised her, at least in the traditional sense. She remembers some familiar faces who were repeatedly present throughout her very young childhood, but they have faded with time and she has no particular feeling of gratitude or love towards them. They are a part of her deep past that has no relevance to today, and her origins are, to her mind, just fine left where they are.

She made her living by dubious means, particularly in a place so like Begnion's capitol, without resorting to anything too illegal or outright destructive in order to pay her way. Despite her own oft-unlawful conduct, it was to the epitome of Begnion law and might to which she aspired, and her eyes were almost constantly trained to the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse of a squadron of Pegasus Knights making their rounds, or returning to the capitol from patrol.

Keeping few personal ties of any sort for the greater portion of her life, it wasn't until the last five or so years that Arnora began to associate herself close enough with people to term them friend. At the first chance given, upon turning the required sixteen years, Arnora signed up for a position in the next round of training to be a Pegasus Knight. She was accepted without hesitation, as all applicants were, for it was during training that the undesirables were weeded from the group. It was in her training group that she met Eirny, the young woman who would become her best friend, and eventually a catalyst to the greatest changes in her life.

She and Eirny were assigned to the same group of six trainee Riders, with Eirny given the position as 'Captain' of their little team, for the sake of imitation of the real thing. Eirny seemed to get along well enough with everyone on her team, but the friendship she struck up with Arnora was, even noted by the rest of the team, somewhat different than that which she had with the rest. Suspicious at first, Arnora eventually dropped the caution with which she had approached such an obvious attempt at friendship and accepted the possibility with open arms. Open arms that, within the course of nigh on a year, held Eirny for long nights throughout the cold Begnion winter as their friendship grew and deepened.

Arnora performed well enough in her training, perhaps better than most others, barring Eirny, and received high marks from the instructors. Her attitude, and occasionally blatant lack of respect for the country itself, however, earned her nothing but stern looks and mutterings among the instructors. Eirny, fearing the worst, cautioned her against it, but what few changes Arnora made to her habits were not enough to prevent the inevitable.

Four months prior to the graduation of the trainees, Arnora was expelled from the training course for an improper level of respect for her superiors, being suspect of heresy, and various minor charges that amounted to little more than having miffed those in power. Within that time period, though, Arnora and Eirny had grown close enough that such a parting would be too painful to bear. Taking a page from Crimean tradition, Eirny invoked a rarely used right to request a squire to assist in the care of her, as a Pegasus Knight's, armor, weapons, and Pegasus. The request was granted, and Eirny, of course, chose Arnora. The choice considerably lessened her before the eyes of the instructors, and she was later removed from the tentative rank of junior Troop Leader, to be replaced with another of their classmates.

Eirny didn't lament the loss, however, as it allowed her and Arnora to remain together.

Nearly two years passed with Eirny as a Pegasus Knight, and Arnora as her squire, and saw the further deepening of their relationship from that of friends, to lovers. It was a relationship begun only tentatively, and with much fear of the persecution of the Begnion Church. For a time, life was all-but perfect for the two of them, and Arnora was satisfied to be merely a squire so long as it was Eirny. But such perfection is fated to be finite, and one evening, late into the night, one of Eirny's subordinates rushed into her quarters to issue orders that had been given to her to relay for an immediate assembly and take-off in order to quell a problem with a few of the Bird Tribe to the south. The young woman happened upon Arnora and Eirny at the worst possible time, in the course of an act giving undeniable proof to the sacrilegious relationship in which they both had entered.

Within an hour, the both of them stood before a minor court to be tried for heresy and improper conduct befitting a Pegasus Knight. With their once-friend's eye-witness testimony, and an unwillingness on either girl's part to deny it, they were sentenced to an indeterminate period of incarceration, expulsion from the ranks, and the possibility of being put to death. They were allowed an hour to gather the necessities before being escorted to prison.

In that hour, an escape plan was hatched, one that would manage to get them past their land-bound guard at the very least. Under guise of retrieving belongings from the stables, Arnora unlocked several of the Pegasi cages on their way to Eirny's own, without the notice of the retinue of guards who followed near behind them to be sure they didn't escape, precisely as they planned.

At a shrill whistle from Eirny, one that had been drilled into the Pegasi of her unit during training as a command for a sudden charge, the released Pegasi burst into activity, kicking open the doors of their stalls and scrambling towards the exit, their wings a flutter within the tight confines of the stables. The guards were caught unawares by the stampede of some four or five Pegasi, and in the ensuing confusion, both Eirny and Arnora mounted Eirny's Pegasus and fled with the crowd of proud animals into the night.

An alarm was raised immediately, not merely for the escaped Pegasi but for the escaped 'criminals,' and a group of archers were issued orders to be allowed deadly force in bringing them back to earth. Despite training all Pegasus Knights undergo in order to help them in dodging arrows, deadly as they are to the flying units, in the darkness it was a significantly more difficult task, and one that would see the eventual death of Eirny. One bolt, fletched with Pegasi feathers, sunk deep into the Knight's back, unbeknown to Arnora. Shielded by Eirny's body, she herself was free of injury, and despite her own fatal wounds, Eirny steered her Pegasi into the shelter of a mountain range ringed by forests and landed shortly before dawn.

Upon landing, Eirny possessed not the strength to dismount, and so simply fell from her steed's back, the first sign that Arnora had had that she was wounded at all. The back of her tunic was soaked through with blood, and her armor was slick with it as well. Already her skin was cold and her breathing shallow, and Arnora had time, but only barely, to speak with her beloved before unconsciousness, and soon after death, overtook the young woman. She passed the remainder of the night in the cold final embrace, and awoke the next morning with eyes cried dry.

Her day was spent first in denial, then in more sobbing near her lover's body, and finally in acceptance as night neared. She made her decisions that evening, and acted upon them the following morning. Wearing a separate change of clothes from one of Eirny's packs, and the armor, cleaned of blood, Arnora looked the part of a Pegasus Knight as she buried her friend and lover at the edge of the forest and adorned the grave with the wild flowers running so rampant in the area. With her lover's clothes, armor, lance, and Pegasi, Arnora escaped that night into the air, tears falling nearly like rain behind her, her destination somewhere, anywhere, other than Begnion.

Class and Level Pegasus Knight Level 6

Weapon Levels: Lances {D}
Weapons: Iron Lance

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