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22 Apr 2013
Hello and welcome to the Celestial Alliance! We are a feto clan that also integrates role-playing. The purpose of this particular thread is to discuss strategies, builds, and whatnot in feto. It's also for character creation and sign-ups, role-play planning, potential teams, and events!

Our RP is up! Check it out here

Who are we?
As mentioned above, we are the Celestial Alliance, a feto clan that integrates role-playing with our battles. Outside of role-playing, we also differ from other clans by having two factions within the Alliance. They are the Sol and Luna divisions. Although these two groups are part of the same Alliance, they are also in direct competition with one another.

This clan is open to anyone, whether they are new to feto or rping, or veterans of both. I am happy to answer questions of any kind. This is essentially a game within a game, and the goal is for everyone to have fun!

Current Ranks: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Ranks will be given out on a first come, first serve basis for the first 5 ranks. After that, newbies will be placed in the lowest rank possible. Anyone can challenge other members to increase their rank. This is explained further in the 'What are ranks?' section.

Luna division
Clock (CSW)*
Sora (Tsumiki Miniwa)*

Sol division


Special Ops*

So how does this work?: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

This thread is used to discuss the RP or aspects of FETO. The exact RP location can be found (here). Members who join create their own character to rp with. This character owns their own squad (feto units) which are used to complete missions (don't worry, you only have to rp your one char).

What are the Sol and Luna Divisions? What are ranks?: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Both are part of the same clan: Celestial Alliance. However, they were originally two separate clans, albeit born from the same territory of Ragnarok. The Luna division was originally formed by remnants of the old Ragnarok clan. Most are previous soldiers of Ragnarok, or have experience with the old government. The Sol division was originally formed by Ragnarok's civilians. They formed in response to the people's needs, and work to complete community tasks. Although Sol and Luna have banded together, as their cause is the same, they still allow some separation among their ranks.

When joining the Celestial Alliance, players will choose to join the Sol or Luna division. Both factions have their own separate ranks. Players can rank-up by challenging FETO members in the same class, in either Sol or Luna.

Here are the ranks for Luna:


Here are the ranks for Sol:


So, to acquire a greater rank, players must challenge and defeat others in their same rank. However, players can also challenge the opposing Sol or Luna division's higher rank for the same reward. For example, a Sol Fighter wishes to rank up. This can be done by defeating another Sol Fighter, or by defeating Luna's higher rank class, in this case Sergeant. This system exists to give players a variety of challenge options.

You may pick Sol or Luna unless the sides are uneven by 2 or more players. In such a scenario, you will automatically be placed in the division of less players.

Thanks to Fredmir with help in creating the ranks!

Special Ops: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Outside of proving skill, those of higher ranks may receive difficult missions. In addition, there is one class that works in conjunction with Luna's and Sol's ranks, called Special Ops. Special ops members will receive exclusive missions unavailable to the rest of clan members. To become a member of Special ops, all you need to do is be active! Conversely, if your activity declines dramatically, I will remove you from Special Ops. If you feel that you have been active for a while and yet are not added to the list, feel free to contact me. Also as a bonus to those who were active in the Elyssia campaign, and wish to join this clan, I will immediately place you in Special Ops.

There is no limit to how many players that can be placed in Special Ops.

Events: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

From time to time this clan will have special events, such as bounty hunts, unique missions, among others! At the moment there is no current event, but they will be posted here.

General Setting: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

The roleplay takes place in a Medieval Fantasy world called Terca. Forty years ago, the world was ravaged by a terrible war, which destroyed most major clans. One of these clans was called Ragnarok. Although the territory and some of the people remain, the territory has fallen into local rule of the Celestial Alliance. Players will be part of the Celestial Alliance, and choose between the Luna and Sol divisions. Both sides will work together in order to complete missions, roleplay, and feto matches.

Full Setting: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

In a world called Terca, humans fought with magic and weapons to make the land a hospitable place to live. Settlements were formed, and the beasts of the land were pushed back into the outskirts. Ruling families soon took over different territories, and were governed by organizations known as clans. However, humans were not the only race upon Terca. The humans constantly clashed with a native race, which they called Exodites.

Although the Exodites were similar in appearance to humans, the Exodites claimed to hear the voice of the planet. Despite attempts of peace and assimilation, their differences eventually lead to war. The Exodites inevitably lost, forcing them into hiding.

Exodites were nearly at the point of extinction, when the planet itself rebelled against the humans' rule. The sky was blanketed in a night which never lifted, which became known as the Eternal Night. Certain individuals 'awoke' as Exodites, and found their abilities to be frighteningly stronger than that of a normal human. A small group of Exodites, lead by the twins Ronin and Elminsc, banded together and waged war against all the human clans.

The major clans of Terca were Ragnarok, Sigil, Gaia, Libra, Suzaku, Gael, Resurrection, and Nexus. By the time the Exodites were finally stopped, only half of the clans remained. The Eternal Night had finally ended, along with the fighting. Nexus took the reigns of reconstruction, but even with newly formed alliances, there were too many people in need of supplies and homes. Forty years have since passed...

Local clans began to form in response to the people's needs. These clans act similar to guilds, in that they take people's requests and fulfill jobs. However, unlike guilds, the clans also have the authority on local laws and punishment.

In the ruined territory of Ragnarok, two local clans formed almost at the same time. One was formed from remnants of the old Ragnarok army. This group called itself Luna. The other group formed from civilians, who aimed to solve their community problems together. This group called itself Sol. Realizing that their goals were similar, and that they were all inhabitants of the same land, the two groups decided to band together. They called their newly formed clan the Celestial Alliance, but kept the two factions of Sol and Luna.

Characters who join this clan/role-play will be part of the Celestial Alliance.

Detailed History: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

More soon to come. This will be a more detailed history of the world. Although not necessary for playing, it can help form familiarity with the world.

For now, know that we roleplay in the territory called Ragnarok. Ragnarok was once one of the major ruling clans of the world, but the government has collapsed. It was the first to fall in the war against the Exodites. Ragnarok is surrounded by the territories of Resurrection and Suzaku; Suzaku has also collapsed.

Distant Past

Legend has it that humans the first humans came from a faraway land, called Terca Lumines. They named the earth Terca, after their own world. Vannessa was one of the pioneers in the new world of Terca, and later gained leadership. Vannessa and her people inevitably clashed with the natives of Terca, whom would later be known as Exodites.

The Exodites were originally many different tribes. However they saw the new humans as a threat to the planet and their land. Ephraim rose through the tribal ranks, and gathered the many Exodites into a single uniform army. To this day, Ephraim was arguably the strongest warrior on all of Terca. He possessed an impenetrable magic shield which nullified spells and blades alike. He also had the gift of foresight, allowing him to see certain future paths and weapons that were dangerous to his people. Among his people, he became known as the Child of the Abyss.

Even though Vannessa and the humans possessed advanced technology, Ephraim's foresight gave him the knowledge to destroy these weapons. Not only did he destroy them, but he also eliminated their knowledge on how to reconstruct them. The war was costly on both sides, but eventually a truce was formed.

About two hundred years passed. Exodites and humans had learned how to coexist, although their existence was not exactly equal. The humans reproduced far faster than the Exodites, and their numbers soon doubled the amount of Exodites. Conflict began again when an Exodite priest prophesied the forecoming of two Exodite twins. The priest said that the twins would unite the Exodites once again, and form a clan unlike any other in the world.

Many of the humans interpreted this as a prophecy of war. In Suzaku, human priests and Exodite priests escalated their arguments, until an extreme group began indiscriminately killing Exodites. This sparked conflict all across the other clans, and many riots engulfed the land between humans and Exodites. Many Exodites went into hiding in order to avoid the Exodite witch hunts. The conflict ended when Exodites were officially ousted from the clans, with members of Suzaku and Ragnarok primarily leading the hunts.

Character Sign-Ups: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

If you wish to join, please use this sheet as a basis for a profile. If you wish to change or add anything, feel free.

Username: (your FETO username)
Division: (Sol or Luna. You may pick unless the sides are uneven by 2 or more players. In such a scenario, you will automatically be placed in the division of less players)
History: (Minimum of 3 sentences. Who is your character? Why did they join the side they're on? Ect.)

Rules for role-playing: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

1. Your post must be at least 3 sentences long. This is to give enough information for other players to respond to.
2. No godmoding or powerplaying. Powerplaying refers to when one player takes control of another player's character. You may only role-play as the character you created. Godmoding is creating an invincible character, more or less. With feto matches integrated into this system, I hope to avoid this scenario to begin with.
3. You are not allowed to kill or even hurt other players without their prior permission.
4. Have fun! (I hope xD)

Character Profiles: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Username: Akashi
Name: Orcatess
Gender: Male
Age: 65
Division: Luna
History: Orcatess was a general for the Nexus clan, who fought against the besieges of the Exodites. Sometime after his clan took on the reconstruction of Terca, an Exodite assassin poisoned him, causing a fever-induced coma. After two fortnights he awoke with no memories of who he was, and only his "unique" sense of critical thinking was intact. His two closest friends described to him who he once was -- his friend, a historian, told of his great military prowess, and how his "might does not make right" humbled their Lords. His other friend, a poet, told of his passionate idealism, how he respected the Exodite and saw them as, "heroes of another temperament", and his paradoxical views of himself. After listening to what they said, he concluded that he must rediscover who he was for himself, and promised to return if his memories came back. 40 years later he joined Ragnarok, Luna Division, where he continues to question himself and others.

Username: Clock Struck Production
Name: Bearnard Boyt
Gender: M
Age: 38
Division: Luna
History: Bearnard is much the same way he has always been, a man who takes on the problems of others while completely ignoring his own, he will even pretend to be drunk and ramble to change the subject if it's brought up. Although ever since the Branded campaign he has since given up his common tavern trips altogether, realizing it hinders himself too much. Bearnard has a son named Adelbern, although his relationship with him is quite poor, after his wife died Bearnard spent much of his focus in military affairs trying to forget but in doing so he neglected much of the child's upbringing. In fact it was Adelbern who joined the Celestial Alliance to make a name for himself, Bearnard simply followed so he could keep his son safe and perhaps also make up for lost time and strengthen their bond, but on that front it is slow going.

Username: Falaflame
Name: Artea
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Faction: Sol
History: A naive commander in the Sol clan, he often reminisces about his time in the Branded army, and all that he learned from his victories there. Although he's only had 3 years of army services, he almost gives off the impression that he's been in an army for 10 years. Still, he retains his loyalty, and with Nikolas, his best friend throughout his journey, they have been known for packing a 1-2 punch when leading an offensive force since they met. Also, he's always been open to companionship, even with people he should be considering rivals.

Username: Kirkfur (Fredmir)
Name: Nikolas
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Division: Sol
History: (Hm.. don't know if I'll make 3 sentences... I'll try!)

Nikolas has a shady past, he killed people that were believed to be his friends, broke out of jail and fought for some rebel army in another land. Even though he matured and now joined in Sol, he still hates authority and has difficulties following orders.
Nikolas doesn't care about other's safety when fighting, or whenever actually, he would even kill his friend Artea, if it gave him any kind of profits.
His reasons for joining the clan remains a mystery, he doesn't seems really interrested in helping the community.

Username: JacRipper
Name: Jac
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Division: Luna
History: A young man who knows not his place in this world as of yet. He lived with his mother until he was thirteen, when she took ill and died. Before her death, she taught Jac how to wield a blade and told him he was destined for greatness. Now, in order to find out what fate has in store for him, he has joined the Celestial alliance. He is now in the Luna faction, for the moon itself instills peace, and for the time being, that is what he wishes to do.

Username: kryptonite
Name: Nolan Kryptonite
Gender: M
Age: 22
Division: Sol
History: A character with no memory of his past. Works as a mercenary to make ends meet. Someone with a kind heart and a weakness for sob stories.

Username: Tsumiki Miniwa
Name: Kale
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Faction: Luna
History: A year past since his service in the TSK army. Kale still retained his happy-go-lucky nature and his trademark ahoge, yet, a certain melancholy is exuded when asked about his time in the army. Don't get him wrong, he loved his time there, and he made lots of friends; however, he couldn't win in his battle with Esric. He felt like he let Esric, Proteus, and Agatha down, and that kills him. He wished he had a chance to redeem himself, but alas, there would be no second chance. Through means, some illegal (hey, money doesn't come easy), Kale finally reached the land of Terca. He stumbled upon a community: the Luna clan. The people seem to be a little uptight, but they seem like good people. Hopefully he can mingle with them... along with bringing them some anime knowledge

Username: Ququqachoo
Name: Eddy the Vortex
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Division: (Sol )
History: As the son of a traveling mercenary, Eddy had known since his childhood that he would be a sell-sword. Although his mother had mastered sword and tome, Eddy excelled in his magical studies alone, sucking terribly with a weapon. At the age of 14, Eddy had completely mastered his magical studies and began taking jobs, to help pay for his collection of miniaturized steam-powered automatons. By the age of 22, Eddy had gathered the necessary funds to create a set of enchanted armor, to help make the sword hits hurt not so much. Now at age 25, Eddy is ready to join a guild, and make some allies in the process.
23 Apr 2012
You can still join at anytime, just post in this thread if you'd like to play! =)
This is the thread for: Branded RP
This is the thread for: TSK RP

The Elysia Campaign

(temporary banner)

Pre-Campaign Information (How to Play): Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
The following 'campaign' is what I call an 'interactive role-play (RP)', and here's how it works. All players will be doing a combination of RPing (playing/writing as a character), and playing matches on FETO. The campaign mode cannot work if players only participate in one or the other; if you join, you must do both (although you can do more of FETO or RPing if you want, that's fine).

This campaign is open only to members of the Silver Knights or the Branded - this is an integral part of the storyline, and plus, it helps the two clans' activity. You can join either clan by simply posting a request on their respective thread. New members are accepted immediately, and as such, you can join this campaign immediately after joining a clan too.

This campaign is Fire Emblem-esque in that players will fight their opposing clan through maps with special conditions. The result of these FETO matches will determine what happens in the roleplay. Before, after, and between matches, players will also RP the role of 'Captains,' further explained in the Special Rankings section.

Story Overview: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
The Silver Knights and the Branded were originally one nation; the nation Elysia. The previous leader, Galahad, had a twelve-year old nephew (Proteus) and a long-lost half-daughter (Lyssa). Both have equal claims to the throne. Now, a civil war has erupted between the two: The Silver Knights under Proteus's banner, and the Branded under Lyssa's flag.

Both sides rally their Captains (the player characters), and prepare for combat...

Story Full: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Once, in a faraway land,

the entire continent in the world of Lorelei was covered with inhospitable sands and craggy rocks. Monsters claimed the wilderness, ruling it with unbiased ferociousness. The people of this land struggled to maintain a living. Whenever they tried to cultivate the land, the monsters would come and ruin their hard work.

One day, a hero arose from these people. The hero Lexicon traveled far and wide, gathering able-bodied men, to form an alliance which became known as The Silver Knights. The Silver Knights fought against the monsters, and cleared a path for their people to exist in harmony. It was thanks to their efforts that the people could cultivate the land and live in peace.

The people loved The Silver Knights. So it was no surprise when they asked The Silver Knights to rule over them, and they became the country of Elysia. Elysia's ruling rights were passed down through the hero's descendants.

Two centuries passed, and the people forgot the original reason why The Silver Knights were formed. The previous leader Galahad died very abruptly, under some shady circumstances. His closest relative was his nephew, Proteus. Until Proteus turned 15, all ruling rights would pass on to The Silver Knights' advisor. This meant that the adviser would actually hold the most power.

...However, an heir to the throne appeared after Elysia had already worked out the ruling details between Proteus and the adviser. Her name was Lyssa, and she claimed to be the half-daughter of Galahad. She had in her possession Caladbolg, a sword that was used for ceremonial ascension in previous generations, but had thought to be lost. The same design on Caladbolg was also branded onto her hand. Many people of Elysia believed that Lyssa was the true heir, but the nation was torn in two.

Lyssa rallied an army, in order to fight and take her birthright as their ruler. She, and the other rebels with her, became known as the Branded, due to the Caladbolg's insignia. Meanwhile, at the capital, those loyal to Proteus and his adviser gathered The Silver Knights. Both sides called their finest Captains and soldiers, preparing to fight over the throne...

Note: The starting point and capital of the Branded is Aulis, while the capital for The Silver Knights is Iliad.

Player Character Details: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Players will assume the role of 'Captain' on their respective team. As a Captain, you will mainly receive orders from the Advisor. However some orders may come from Proteus or Lyssa directly. There will be separate threads (one for TSK; another for Branded) for the RP's clarity. Your Captain does not need to be 'You'. In fact, I encourage players to create a new character with a different name, rather than using your FETO name.

~FETO Matches~
Members of the TSK and Branded will face off against each other. The exact map and teams will depend on the roleplay.

~My role as the dungeon master/game wizard/whatever title you want to call it~
I thought very heavily upon how this RP was going to work, because I wanted to be able to guide the RP, but neither did I want to be the 'boss' for each side either per se. Hence, I will be roleplaying Proteus from TSK and Lyssa from Branded. Although they 'officially' the leaders of their respective sides, both are equally inept at their jobs. Instead, the 'advisers', which are special roles for the PCs, will control much of the battles and tactical maneuvers.

Lyssa of the Branded will have her own personal force, which I will be using in FETO combat. However, I will not be participating in TSK's side for battles. In short: the advisers hold most of the real power here.

Player Character Special Roles: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Players have the opportunity to hold a special role beyond just 'Captain' in this campaign. These roles can give benefits to either the RP or FETO matches. These roles will be distributed randomly and secretly upon the start of the roleplay. If you are picked to be one of the below roles, please do NOT tell anyone what your role is!! Secrecy will really help make this more fun for all players.

Some roles may be public knowledge or might be discovered as we continue to RP. All known roles will have the player and their character listed next to it after it's been discovered. You can opt out of being selected for one or all roles by PMing me. If you are randomly selected, and decide that you don't want that role, you can also PM me back and I will select someone else.


...Since most of the roles are secret, I don't want people narrowing it down via elimination.

Here are the available roles:
This color means the role is only for the Branded.
This color means the role is only for The Silver Knights (TSK).
Default white means the role is for any side.

Adviser: Clock Struck War (Bearnard) , thateclipse (Agatha)
This role means you will be leading TSK or the Branded. You will be instructing Proteus or Lyssa on which course they should take (and they will generally take it). You will decide how to divide the Captains into teams, and in some cases, select the choice of battlefields.

Miracle Maker: 2 PCs
You have the unique, one-time ability to make one of your losses count as a win. You must have participated in the battle when you use this skill. Role-playing wise, the other side will have an 'act of God' suddenly change the flow of battle, which will let your respective side take the win.

Traitor: 1 PC
Everyone in TSK is probably annoyed by Proteus, but no one is irked by him as much as you. He treats the war like it's one of his make-believe games, and his adviser isn't good enough for you to place your trust in him. On top of that, you might have family that's sided with the Branded, or some other reason. But one day, you will have enough of TSK, and turn on your allies.

Spy: 1 PC
You're one of TSK's loyalist members, and that's why they've entrusted you to act as a spy upon Lyssa and her Branded. You've won a few battles and earned enough glory to be promoted as one of the Captains. But all of your work in the Branded is just to observe your enemies' moves, and report it to TSK.

Instigator: 1 PC
This is a secret role, but you will be the start of something big; much bigger than what those in this war could fathom.

More roles may be added as needed...

Events and Handicaps: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
FETO matches will be divided into different rounds. One round may consist multiple battles, depending on the amount of participants and story. For example, a 2v1, a 1v1, and a 3v2 may all be considered one round. The win will go to the team which wins the majority of the matches. For example, using the same matches from the previous example, let's say the Branded win the 2v1 and 1v1, but TSK wins the 3v2. Even though TSK won one match, the set win will go to the Branded, since they won two. The roleplay will be carried out with Branded winning the set; the individual win will not count for anything. There may be exceptions to this, where a single battle will determine an outcome, but this will be clearly and stated prior within the roleplay.

Special events will occur dependent upon the total amount of rounds, or when one side wins or loses a certain amount of times. Most of these events relate to the secret roles for the Captains, explained above. However there are also other events.

If a team manages to win consecutively, they will have some sort of handicap in the next round. This is to mainly ensure that events are triggered at a later, rather than earlier, time. Below is listed all handicaps and how many wins are necessary to receive a handicap. Note that they are in terms of round/set, not individual matches. Also, handicaps do not stack; they are only different.

3 Wins - No more Bows
If a team manages to win 3 consecutive rounds, the next round they will be unable to use any bows. In promo, units that can use bows and another weapon are permitted, as long as they don't have any bows in their inventory.

5 Wins - No more Mounted Units
If a team manages to win 5 consecutive rounds, the next round they will be unable to use any mounted units. This means pegasi, wyverns, and horses are not permitted.

7 Wins - No more Healers
If a team manages to win 7 consecutive rounds, the next round they will be unable to use any Healers. This means no staffs or staff-usage whatsoever, including buffs. If you're playing promo, units that can use staffs are permitted, as long as they have no staffs in their inventory. Upon winning the round with this handicap in place, a very special event will occur.

Rules of Engagement: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Rules of Engagement
*Lvl **/20 mode or Lvl 20 mode may be played. Players can decide this on an individual basis
*6 unit matches
*24-32 hour turn limits, or shorter if both players agree
*So as to grant equal combat advantage to all players, certain weapons are banned. All weapons found in treasure chests are banned, with the following exceptions:
horsekillers (weapons with "effective vs. horses")
armorkillers (weapons with "effective vs. armors")
Fortune staffs
Parity weapons
Twin weapons

Players have 3 days (72 hours) to ready make a match and ready up after the match has been decided. If players have not begun, I will PM those who have yet to ready (or both, if the match has not been made). After 24 hours from that, if one player has readied and the other has not, the win will go to the readied side. Team substitutes may be made depending on the situation, but will generally not be allowed.

*Note: The below maps are in a messy format mainly because they're in a way that mainly makes sense to me, >.> I'll get around to fixing them to a more readable fashion. Eventually.
Map Types

Normal Battle
Castle Defense
Castle Vaye
Marth's Journey Begins
Opposing Dynasties
Port Badon
Prison Break
Snowy Castle
Soulful Bridge
Final Destination
First Destination

Limited Fliers
Bean Island (limit fliers)
Fort Setarconex (limit fliers)
Lava Field (limit fliers)
Tale of Two Castles (limit fliers)
That Damn Bridge (limit fliers)
The Abyss (limit fliers)

No Fliers
Marauders (limit no fliers)
Naval Warfare (no fliers)
One Survives (limit/no fliers)

Double Attack
Geoffrey's Charge
Sinistrals' Lair

Kinship's Bond
Ruins of Entartica
Sacred Stone
Sands of Time
The Hero of the West (limit fliers)
The Night Shift (limit fliers. Ambush)
Ye Olden ECW (limit fliers)

Castle Assualt
GHEB'S Domain
The Heavenly Light (limit fliers)

Castle Dungeons
Father & Son

Participating Player List: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Matches & Round Results: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Profile List: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

All characters are listed alphabetically by their user's name (not character name)

Username: Bacon (Fredmir)
Name: Nikolas
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Team: Branded
Raised in Ilyad, Elysia's capital, Nikolas was always under TSK's laws, but his independent nature gave him a hard life. He learned both swordmanship and archery because his parents wanted him to be one of the strongest Silver Knight so they could have a better life.

At 15, he was enrolled by his father in the Silver Knights, but he couldn't bear authority. He tried numerous times to get away, refused to do all the training needed to reach the lower ranks of TSK. His roommates laughed at him and his stupidity, saying that being a Silver Knight was an honor and to serve the country was everyone's duty. As the discussion went on, Nikolas brought up the subject of killing a fellow soldier for the sake of victory, which one of them replied that killing an ally could bring you to jail or even to execution, even if it meant victory. The other roommate turned down the
discussion and closed the light, hiding Nikolas's smile, he had an idea to get out of TSK.

During the next few years, he followed the rules, being awfully calm and spent all his time in the library, studying the prisons map. When asked, he said that he learned the lesson and wanted to be a jailer to be sure that the outlaws stays there.

Then all happened this one night, his older roommate was talking about how he was proud of being a Silver Knight after he finished his training, showing up his new armor, he drew out his sword, saying he wanted to hear the sound of the blade on the steel plate. With a swift movement, he slashed his arms, then took out a dagger and he decapitated the new knight, his other roommate tried to run away, but Nikolas took out his bow and shot him in the neck, he died during the next seconds, tears flowing of his eyes, Nikolas had a smile and sat down on his bed, waiting for someone to come in, the young man's scream should've been heard somewhere.

He was sent to jail, the execution being scheduled a week later. But it never happened, 4 days after his imprisonment, the Lyssa's saga started. He took out a small knife hidden in his clothes and broke out of jail, having studied all the map and knowing where to go so he wouldn't be arrested again, he fled the city.

Months later, it was reported that he had joined the Branded and to fight for Lyssa.

Username: bladescape
Name: Sevsirin
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Team: The Silver Knights
A dark mage, the enigmatic and obviously malicious Sevsirin would not often be found in the ranks of a group such as the Silver Knights. How it happened, is an interesting story.

Sevsirin was first noticed before this conflict started, or even began to brew. A young mage with a talent for magic, especially eldritch, he was brought under tutition by elder mages who were loyal to the king, training, and learning magic, underneath them, he quickly grew to, despite the dark nature of his magic, believe strongly in the ethics of the Silver Knights.

But, while still young, idealistic and impressionable, the king died. Gallahad's death did something to the quiet lad, and though he watched the heir apparant more and more, he seemed less and less interested in the ideals that formerly motivated him.

Cutting his apprenticeship short with the words 'Death is final to all, regardless. I have answers to find that you cannot provide.' Vanishing for the next period, Sevsirin wasn't seen again until the Branded first appeared. And then he appeared, in the capital with no warning.

On the oath of his learning, he swore to the young heir that he would aid him to protect his throne. But all who knew the former student knew that he was different now. Where violence formerly disgusted him, it seemed he either didn't care, or was intruiged by it.

Before, he insisted that ideals were what made prosperity truly viable. Now he either ignored or just sat silently when people talked of ideals. There was nothing overt, but darkness now seemed to exude from the man.

And the grin of delight when he hears how the young renegade girl's forces are gathering strength shows the eagerness of the now Mage-General for the clashing of arms and the sounds of battle in the air....

Username: Chandelure
Name: Frost
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Team: The Silver Knights
History: For most people; he is usually a boy of diminutive figure; hence he isn't as tall as his comrades, but shockingly he happens to be one of the scholars within the guild, being a specialist in Anima spells. Also, behind his rather short height; belies a lover of art, fiction and science, often bearing a serene, joyous yet quiet soul; who becomes loud when aroused in a conversation he finds interests in. He bears a liking to the mounted units he is often given company to.

Behind that joyous mask however belies a rather grim image of his personality; despite of his rather magnificent aspects, he is also extremely reclusive to the point that he becomes completely cruel; he also implants so much grudges; as a result of being insulted and belittled during his childhood and early teenage-hood, also in terms of support at school, only a few or nobody supports him and gets mocked by fellow students back then at his academy days hence he also took fascination in studying elder magics and employing ominous curses when the moment arises. As a result of planting so much grudges; his elder magics are said to be more ominous and mentally scarring when they are cast.

Now, towards his fellow comrades; he is a rather unstable see-saw; At the finest mood, he is seen happily discussing the world of art and literature to them; exposing them to the wide world of knowledge that he has been to, and is said to be seen teaching artistry after the training periods. But when at the worst mood; he either avoids them or yells at them furiously; being the worst bit is the lash of a magical whip made out of Dark energies that leaves a burn on the unfortunate victim when he is not left alone.

People and soldiers alike said that the scholar truly bears a good heart; although his mind is corrupted by the grudges of the past. Only time will tell, when he will be released from the sorrowful thoughts that imprison his mind to reach its full potential.

Username: Clock Struck War
Name: Bearnard Boyt the Bear with Hands
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Team: Branded
History: Bearnard had never really cared about royalty or anything along those lines, yet he was far too manly not to fight things. Thankfully his parents instilled with him a great sense of honor so blah blah blah not really Bearnard gets drunk a lot and talks about how strong he is but being as drunk as he is he often calls himself the Bear with hands instead of saying his arms are as strong as a bears, and now he is know by all at local taverns as the bear with hands. He drinks to get rid of the pain of knowing others aren't as manly as he is and have to live such a sad existence, it was either that or some cliche thing were his wife died somehow maybe it was complications during birth he doesn't really talk about it, too busy talking about bears being able to wield axes if they had hands like he does.

Username: Chris Brown
Name: Brennen
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Team: The Silver Knights

Background: Brennen was born and raised by his mother in a secluded village following the Great War in Lorelei. His father had died fighting for the continent and was a legendary warrior. At a young age Brennen was sent to train under the Silver Knights in Illiad. Despite his age, it could be seen that he was a great military mind, and his swordsmanship had virtually no peer. He was a child prodigy. His skills and tactics in battle were second to none, rivaling even the greatest warriors in Silver Knight history. At the age of 19 he was a General with countless experiences under his belt. When the war between the Branded and Silver Knight's arose he was ready to lead his men to victory. However, due to pressing circumstances at his village home, he was forced to return home and tend to his family. Although upon hearing the string of stinging defeats suffered by the Branded, Brennen returned to the Silver Knights in order to demoralize and quash the weak rebel uprising. The blood of the Hero Aless, flows in Brennen's veins. He wields the Demon Sword, Mysteltainn and is a terror on the battlefield. He returns to lead the Silver Knight's to Honor...To Valor... and to Victory!!

Characteristic, Personality: He is a well-dressed Knight. He is a perfectionist, leader, and extremely confident in his skills on the battlefield. However, he is a peaceful person who serves his nation due to a sense of loyalty and compassion for others.

Username: Fala
Name: Artea
Gender: M
Age: 20
Team: Branded
History: Artea was an archer naturally, and yearned to be the best sniper ever. He lived in the village of El'din, and had his life saved by a few people in a village pillage he wasn't able to overcome. Owing his debt to the 3 people, he later found the next month that the 3 men were veteran members of The Branded clan, a clan full of skilled fighters who get paid for their work, whatever they're asked for. So within a week, he had a chance to catch up with one of his saviors, Nikolas, and asked if he could help in any way. Without long, he was enlisted in the clan, and within another month, he shot through the rankings and earned his spot as a respected member of the clan, on par with the very one who took him under his wing.

Username: HerrJon
Name: Sabel
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Team: Branded
History: From a young age, Sabel was taught the ways of The Silver Knights at the military academy in Iliad. Throughout his childhood he was a well mannered boy who loved his family and truly believe his country was the greatest country to ever exist. Before Sabel was to be official enlisted as a Silver Knight however, he had a chance to travel across the country, to learn more about his country and of the world as a whole. He was shocked a what he had learned. Countless stories of Silver Knights going from town to town unfairly taxing villagers a "protection" tax, injuring and pillaging anyone who would not give them what the want.

Sabel did not want to believe what he had heard. It couldn't be true, could it? He wanted to talk it over with his father Rovert, a long time Silver Knight veteran, as soon as he returned home. Unfortunately, while Sabel was traveling, the events of King Galahad's death and the power struggle between Proteus and Lyssa had already begun. Rovert had always known of the misdeeds of The Silver Knights under Galahad's rule, and knew that things would only worsen under young Proteus's rule. So he had decided to secretly aid the Branded uprising in the form of intel in hopes of creating a better future. Proteus had caught wind of this and decided to make an example of Rovert, in the form of a public execution.

Sabel had just ridden into Iliad on the day of the execution. He was too late. All he could do was stand in the crowd and watch as his father was brutally murdered in front of him. He did not even have a final chance to speak with him. This turned Sabel's confusion into rage. He must make The Silver Knights pay for what they have done, and continue his father's dream of a brighter future. That night, he packed up all that he had, grabbed his trusty lance, said his goodbyes to his mother, and rode out in the dead of night of to Aulis to join the Branded, vowing to never return to Iliad unless it was to conquer it in the name of the true heir.

Username: Leaf
Name: Karin
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Team: Branded
History: Karin grew up alone, forced to fend for herself from a very young age. She witnessed countless atrocities while merely trying to get by, and developed keen survival skills as a result. An extremely proficient thief, she first met Lyssa during a pickpocketing attempt gone awry; she was caught when one of Lyssa's servants literally tripped and fell over her. Instead of turning Karin into the authorities, Lyssa took a liking to her, and the two became well acquainted. However, their friendship was a short one, as the little thief gained the ire of the town as its citizens slowly caught on to what was happening to their goods. Afraid of finally being caught for real, she skipped town when she turned 13 and joined a mercenary's guild shortly thereafter.

Her agility on the battlefield and complete utter lack of emotion while fighting gained her the respect of her comrades. Her complete awareness of the situation on the battlefield borderlined on unnatural, such that she would eventually be recognized both as one of the guild's top combatants and top tacticians. When the war broke out, Karin heeded her old friend's call and enlisted in The Branded. With her accumulated experience both on her own and with the guild, she quickly rose to the rank of Captain, gaining the title of youngest Captain in The Branded's forces.

Username: Meneil
Name: Lyssa
Gender: female
Age: 16
Team: the Branded
History: Lyssa is the illegitimate heir to the throne. She originally spent most of her life in Aulis, unaware of her royal ties, and instead brought up as a normal noblewoman. Her adviser was the first to approach her of her lineage, and together they found the sword Caladbolg. As of recently, Lyssa has been trying to assert her power by giving out more orders. But she doesn't quite trust herself to make the right decision alone, and instead relies on the adviser who helped her retrieve the Caladbolg.

Username: Meneil
Name: Proteus
Gender: male
Age: 12
Team: The Silver Knights
History: Proteus is the nephew of the previous leader, Galahad. Technically Proteus is still too young to officially take over the throne, so he co-rules with his adviser. Proteus has lived a lavish life among the royal family, and is used to getting his way. His father died when he was younger, and his mother is ill, meaning he has almost no contact with the rest of his family.

Username: Nolan Kryptonite (I'm going to change it)
Name: Nolan ???
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Team: TSK
History: Unbeknownst to him, Nolan was born into an ordinary family but with special powers to use light and dark magic without magic tomes. A group of insurgents found about about this and asked that his parents turn him over to them. When they adamantly refused, they were executed in front of him. Witnessing this act caused his psyche to split into three parts, each with their own body. This part of the original has no memory of his past nor knowledge of his future. He lives in the here and now. He is unable to use any magic and can only use swords and axes. He fights for money to live day-to-day. TSK took notice of his skills in combat and strategy and decided to hire him to command a small army.

Appearance: He has black hair and eyes. He grabs whatever is on the bed-side table to wear underneath the armor assigned to him.

Personality: He gets the job done, no matter what the cost. The only feelings he has are those of pity and desolation.

Username: Shadow_Zenith
Name: Raijen
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Team: The Branded
Ever since he was a boy, Raijen has been shy. For this reason, many are surprised to learn that he is a tactician and even a leader of his own group of fighters.

There are not many things that can drive a shy and quiet boy to take up arms and become a leader. For Raijen, hatred is his motivation. When his family was killed by a group of rouge knights bearing the emblem of The Silver Knights, Raijen swore that he would have his revenge. Ever since then, he has been training himself and gaining followers.

Even through his hatred of The Silver Knights, Raijen has never lost his perspective. He is kind and helpful towards civilians, regardless of their side and has even been known to go out of his way to help those caught in the middle of the fighting. He is also known for being very good at analyzing situations and people. Because of this, Raijen is considered by all who follow him to be a master tactician. When he is not leading his troops, Raijen is usually reading a book or training his magic.

As soon as the news of the battle for the throne reached him, he set out with his troops to join the Branded so that he could finally get his revenge.

Username: Sir_Kay
Name: Lycaon
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Team: Branded
As a child, watching the other boys brawl and imitate the soldiers they saw, Lycaon thought little of physical ability, preferring to hide out of the way and spend his time thoroughly contemplating nearly everything he saw. Everyone who knew him was shocked when the reclusive weakling took up the sword after having gone missing for several days. After that point he trained himself mercilessly to be stronger, truly making it a way of life. He never spoke of what happened, except to say that he had gotten lost in the forest. His shyness vanished as well. He remained somewhat quiet, but was no longer afraid to say things others would deem unsafe or even reckless. He openly spoke out against Proteus's advisor when a nearby village was left to starve when bandits ruined their crops, and soon had to flee to avoid imprisonment. Months later, he reappeared as one of Lyssa's most determined supporters.

Username: Soulslayer/Commander of Vegas
Name: Howard Phillips
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Team: TSK
History: Once during the middle of a day, Howard would wake up in a trash can in some place that was completely unfamiliar to him. Without any idea of who he was, he decided to just go and do something in the world. Whatever he found himself doing, people would look at him odd because of one so young off on his own despite them not knowing his background. Normally laid back, if he get around to feel like doing something, then it is accomplished to the best of his ability. One night, a local lord found him laying in a trash can sleeping, he decided to wake Howard up and take him into his home because he felt sorry for the kid being stranded on his own. While in his new home, Howard learned the aspects of a soldier in addition to military tactics from the man who adopted him out of the garbage can. Soon enough, people caught on that he had much potential and soon enough, he had started to show it. One of the problems that lingers with him still is that he sometimes will sleep in the occasional trash can to remind him of his former life in this new world.

Username: Speedchain
Name: Stefan
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Team: The Silver Knights
History: After losing his parents and with that his only relatives at the age of 10 Stefan wandered around Elysia and saw much of the darker side of civilisation. After the girl that he loved was murdered he wanted to get stronger so that he could protect those who are dear to him and the best way of doing that he thought would be by joining The Silver Knights.

Driven by his will to get stronger Stefan trained from dawn till dusk without sparing himself in the slightest. Even after all the other recruits had quit for the day he would continue, because of this he quickly rose in rank and thanks to his above average strategical skills he became the captain of his own squad in a relatively short amount of time.

Stefan is very open towards the soldiers under his command and in turn they trust him with their lives and don't complain when Stefan orders them to help the civilians with their many troubles after their official duty, which he does often to repay the kindness that they showed him when he went through some darker times.

Username: Speedy - IX
Name: Esric
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Team: The Silver Knights
History: At one point in time clans roamed the lands of Eysia, a young man by the name of Esric was tormented by stronger warriors because of his lack of experience on the battlefield, so he sought out to prove himself as worthy fighter by joining he Chrono Warriors clan. Esric was soon known as the head of faction known as the Chrono Warriors. While their reign quickly swept across the lands of Elysia, they found themselves in the midst of a losing battle against The Silver Knights. Nearing their defeat The Silver Knights offered to spare the remaining Chrono Warriors lives if they joined them, and from that point Esrcic and the Chrono Warriors became part of the Silver Knights faction and have been loyal members ever since.

Username: thateclipse
Name: Agatha
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Team: TSK
History: She was part of a minor noble house and named after some illustrious ancestor or another, and her parents were PROUD of it. When she was younger, she was teased about it incessantly. Things took a turn for the worse when she "accidentally" put out one of her tormentor's eyes during a weapon practice session. As the boy she'd assaulted was also a noble, she was given the choice to enlist or face imprisonment. She chose the former, and the years of pent-up anger proved to be an asset on the battlefield. Those who taunted her now backed away in fear, and she liked it. She rose through the ranks quickly enough to convince her parents that she'd earn more fame as an officer than married off to someone else.

Agatha has no problems whatsoever exerting her authority when needed. While she dislikes people, she learned very quickly that those officers who treated their underlings with contempt didn't last very long. She's learned to be professionally courteous to her troops, and makes sure they're treated fairly, but refuses to socialize with them. While some of her soldiers wish that she'd open up, most of them are grateful that they have a superior officer that doesn't treat them like trash.

Username: TJustT
Name: Cassius Wind
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Team: The Silver Knights
History: Cassius was born the bastard son of the late Lord Thiechine Rohan.He was always looked after for by his father although from a distance without any real love. At the age 16 he left his mother and joined the Silver Knights to find his own path. Since joining he has found much personal glory as one of the most feared ax-men in the entire realm and now commands his own squad of mighty warriors.

Username: Tsumiki Miniwa
Name: Kale
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Team: The Silver Knights
History: At first glance, one would think this boy would be nothin more than your average everyday adolescence male. Errr... if you can call havin messy black hair and bearing an ever present mischievous grin "normal." Perhaps due to the unkempt nature of his hair, an ahoge naturally began to form, which, sadly, is his most prized possession. His laid-back, easygoing nature, although bearing no ill intent, is more often than not mistaken for laziness. A fan of anime and manga as well as games, he will go at great lengths to support his hobbies. Due to the war between the Silver Knights and the Branded, there was talk of the summer anime season bein canceled! Wasting no time, he applies for, what he believes to be the winning side of the war, the Silver Knights.

Please fill the below form out if you plan on participating, and post it in this topic:

Character Profile: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Username: (your FETO username)
Team: (TSK or Branded)
History: (Can be as short or long as you want. Who is your character? Why did they join the side they're on? Ect. You can view examples listed in the above section as an example)
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