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21 May 2012
Name: Travesty Duval
Age: 19
Homecountry: Araducia
Gender: Female
Height: Five foot eleven
Build: Thin

Class: Troubadour
Level: 10

Weapons: Mend, Silence, Atrophy
Weapon Levels: C

Travesty often comes off as a shy, subdued, quiet individual. Not really one of those people who like to to speak up and voice her mind about anything. And really, she is one of those people. She prefers to speak quietly, move around swiftly, and generally stay out of people’s attention.

Being the, to use a cliche term, bundle of loose nerves that she is, Travesty is the sort of person who will apologize profusely about the smallest of mistakes and very rarely try to make eye contact with others. And when she disagrees with someone about something? She finds it best to stay silent and submissive. That way, later on, when it turns out she was actually right all along, well... A fleeting smile.

Revenge is an enjoyable thing for Young Miss Travesty and there are few occasions where she won’t try to take it.

Travesty is a young woman with the traditional lavender hair of her household. Fairly wavy, she tends to wear it up in some sort of circlet or something similar. Allowed to fall loose, it hangs down to around just below her shoulders. Travesty’s eyes are blue and the rest of her face, while often marred with an expression of distress, is fairly pretty, if thin. She can often be seen with dark circles under her eyes.

Heading down the body, Travesty is a slim individual with no real apparent curves. Her general style of clothing is fairly simple: loose dresses of somewhat simple design, gloves, boots, the essentials. And, as mentioned previously, often a circlet.

Travesty’s mount is a small, brown horse with no real distinguishing marks. Named Juilius, he is a simple horse. Not really very aggressive, but also not the sort to shy away from combat.

The young miss Travesty Duval was born to the House of Duval some nineteen years ago. Her parents, Morality and Hostility, were most displeased when it became evident that they had born yet another daughter. As they had already been graced with two, the lovely Parody and Mockery, hopes had been high for a son. Instead, another girl.

Unlike many children who are the youngest in their families, Travesty was never really babied. More the opposite, really. Both of her parents were rather cold and distant - her mother only ever seemed to comment on her failures or whatever disappointment Travesty was causing her, and her father only seemed to have time for Parody.

Travesty soon learned to carefully tiptoe around the place - making her presence known was often really just a way of asking for trouble. Especially if both Mockery and her mother were both present.

Despite the lack of affection, her parents still provided for some of her needs. Education was seen as important, to make sure that she would be able to provide for her husband in a reasonable manner, as was horsemanship. They were Duvals, after all. Not commoners.

Her private tutor, an elderly staff wielding man named Wilfred Masterson slowly but surely began to fill the void Travesty had been experiencing for quite some time. To please him, this father figure, Travesty threw herself into her studies. She even convinced him to start educating her in the arts of stave based magic.

And so several years of her life were spent. Travesty became quite adept at horseback riding, staff wielding, and even manners, and history and the like. Oh, as well as sneaking around the castle, doing her best to be unnoticed, that sort of thing.

Then, at the end of her eighteenth year, a nasty rumor came about. Supposedly, Travesty and Wilfred were having an incredibly sordid affair. She quietly protested any and all accusations, but her mother jumped to the worst of conclusions (Travesty suspected that Mockery may have had something to do with the origin of the tale).

Wilfred was sent away (or so she was told - Travesty had suspicions of other, worse things) and Travesty was locked away, up in a tower. She was told that her parents had sent for someone to come and check upon the status of her maidenhood, so she waited. And waited.

And, around a week later, the woman came and proved her to still be intact. But by then, it was apparently too late. Her parents supposedly had no idea where Wilfred had gone or what he was doing.

So, when the family decided to travel to Quail Peak, the ancestral home of the house Duval, Travesty decided enough was enough. During one night at an inn, Travesty escaped her innroom through a window, after casting Silence on both of her lovely sisters. She was sure they would enjoy that, come morning.

Later on, when she was quite a distance away from the inn, Travesty found herself beginning to doubt her decision. But she couldn’t go back now. She just couldn’t return to a family that had sent Wilfred away like that. It, just... no.

Somewhere else. That’s where she had to go.

Additional Notes/Comments:
13 May 2012
The reasoning behind this proposal is simple; rather than introduce a completely new system to Skylessia, this is a system that takes the idea of the original class layout and changes it for the better.

More options for classes are provided, including, melee and magical mixes upon reaching second tier, as well as the ability to have a mount and use just about any weapon while upon it. A Wyvern Rider could, potentially, use Ring magic, in the system.

The New Idea (Rough) Draft: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Note - Names with question marks next to them are subject to change, especially if a better name is suggested for that particular class.

First Tier Classes

Swords: Mercenary, Myrmidon, Thief
Lances: Soldier, Lancer
Axes: Fighter, Brigand
Bows: Archer
Anima: Mage
Light: Monk
Dark: Shaman
Staves: Cleric, Priest
Bardic: Dancer, Bard
Armor Knight: (lance/axe/sword)
Horse: Troubadour (staves/rings), MageKnight (anima/light/dark), Cavalier (axe/sword/lance/bow)
Flying: Wyvern Knight, Pegasus Knight (Any weapon type)
Manakete: Manakete


Second Tier Classes


Swords: - Swordmaster (Mymridon/Mercenary)
Swords/Lances - Champion (Lancer/Mercenary)
Swords/Axes - Hero (Mercenary/Fighter)
Swords/Bows - Assassin (Thief/Archer/Mymridon)
Lances - Halberdier (Soldier/Lancer)
Lances/Axes - Champion (Soldier/Fighter)
Lances/Bows - Bahadur (Lancer/Archer)
Axes - Berserker (Fighter/Brigand)
Axes/Bows - Warrior (Fighter/Brigand/Archer)

Bows - Sniper (archer)
Armor - General (Knight, option to choose a second weapon type - swords/lances/axes)
Mounted (NonMagical) - Wyvern Lord (Wyvern Knight, choose second weapon type lances/Sword/Axes), Falcon Knight (Pegasus Knight, choose second weapon type Lances/Swords or Axes), Paladin (Cavalier, choose second weapon type - axes/swords/lances)



Anima - Elementalist (Mage)
Light - Cardinal? (Monk)
Dark - Necromancer (Shaman)

Anima/Dark - Sage (Mage/Shaman)
Anima/Light - Sage (Mage/Monk)
Dark/Light - Advent (Monk/Shaman)

Anima/Staves - Sorcerer? (Mage/Cleric/Priest)
Dark/Staves - Druid (Shaman/Cleric/Priest)
Light/Staves - Bishop (Monk/Cleric/Priest)


Valkyrie - (Troubladour, Pegasus Rider, Wyvern Knight, Mage Knight, Cavalier, choose new magic or weapon type, or two magic types - Anima/Dark/Light/Staves/Rings or Swords/Axes/Lances/Bows)
Performer - Ring users reaching second tier, picking up second weapon type, melee or magic
Magister? - People who pick up rings at second tier
Adept - uses Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow, picks up Anima/Dark/Light/Staves
Warlock - Uses Anima/Dark/Light/Staves, picks up Sword/Lance/Axe/Bow



Become better Manaketes

It would be structured, yes, but also offer more options than what Skylessia currently supports. Also, to go along with this new and different system, we'd implement a skill list of sorts. Two examples of what skills would/could look like are in the spoiler below. Players would be able to pick one skill for their character at first tier, two skills at second tier, and perhaps three skills at third tier (we have yet to work our way so high up). We would also open the development of skills to player creation. Encourage it, even.

For the second tier, characters that stick with a single weapon type ("Weapon Mastery"), such as the Swordmaster or Sniper, can use both of their skills on skills from the skill list, while classes that pick up a second weapon type, such as the Hero or Sage, must use one of their skill points on acquiring the second weapon for that class.

Skill Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
____ Bane: The character is particularly skilled at hurting _____ (Demons, Fliers, Horses, Armors, a weapon type, etc.) - essentially, it'd be akin to automatically having a "Slayer" type on all of that character's weapons.

____ Guard: Works the same way as Bane, but in a defensive manner.


Example Character With System: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

First Tier - Sword User - Mercenary
First Character Skill: Demon Bane - Having focused on fighting Demons all his life, this mercenary knows just where to strike, ect.
Mercenary reaches level 20, promotes to Hero. Uses a skill point to acquire the second weapon type, Axes, and uses other skill point to pick up Demon Guard - Same basic idea as the above, but having to do with defending himself.


For those of you concerned about the lack of summoning expressed as its own weapon type (with own classes), the idea here would be that a mage (for example), starting at first level, would have access to both 'E rank' spells and summons, of the Anima type. They would work off of the same weapon skill rank.


Please vote and express yourselves below.
9 May 2012
The ship creaked as it sailed through the air. Skanzel leaned against railing and grinned in the darkness. Sure, they were flying over a warzone, in the middle of the night. And sure, they were just about to start what was supposed to be an incredibly difficult mission to save some inventor. But Skanzel had never experienced the pleasure of riding an airship. It had, he decided as the wind whipped his ponytail back and forth, fulfilled all his expectations and more.

Oh, if only the experience was under less harrowing circumstances. Skanzel knew he really shouldn't have been placed on this mission, especially in charge, of all things. His real life combat experience wasn't really all that much, especially when compared to some of the other people who were coming along on the mission. But, for some reason, he had been recommended him for the job. So, he was determined to do his very best to lead the group.

Who he really hadn't had much of a chance to chat with yet. They'd just sort of been shuttled on up to the ship and, pun intended (Skanzel chucked as he thought of it), shipped out. He knew their names, and the fact that two of them were wonderfully attractive women, another was a man, and the last was a morph. A morph he'd even heard of. Oh, and one of the women had a Pegasus. Something that would doubtlessly prove to be incredibly useful in the mountains.

They'd hopefully be arriving soon, up on the main observation deck where he, for the moment, was. That way, they could get introductions out of the way, he could re-explain the mission if desired him to, or answer any questions anyone might have. And hopefully have time to spare. Skanzel wasn't entirely sure how soon they'd be arriving in the 'dropzone,' the ship's captain had not quite yet arrived either, but the airship seemed to be traveling fairly fast.

It couldn't be too terribly much longer.
9 May 2012
From The Soon To Be Updated Alimond Sheet...: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Meerel Region - Before the war, Meerel was the center of Alimond's mining and industry. Every day, young men and women would go deep into the mountains and find the steel that helped to make Alimond such an incredible world power. Since the war, much has changed. The brave people of Meerel have found a different use for their picks and shovels - defending their homeland against a terrible undead horde. And while things have not been going the best for them, there are still human holdouts, deep in the mountains and mines.

When the Meerel region was overrun, Alimond lost much more than its steel production headquarters. One of the leading minds, leading innovators in the nation (Ryan Klemlar) was thought to be lost, along with his [REDACTED].

Several days ago, a reputable survivor managed to escape from the Meerel region to the Pirkuss region, with some rather surprising news. Deep, deep in the mountains, Robert Klemlar survives. As his mind would be a terrible thing to waste and the longer he stays behind enemy lines, the less likely he is to survive, a task force has been commissioned to rescue him. ASAP, as it were.

This task force, composed of four to five individuals, will be dropped into the mountains via airship. The last known location of the inventor is estimated to be a two hour walk from the planned drop zone. The airship is scheduled to return the dropzone every eight hours, till an entire day has passed.

At that point, the mission will be declared to be a lost cause. Any survivors are expected to either assist the remaining hardy mountainfolk in the defense of their homeland, or to attempt to return to human held territory by land.


The Cast:
1. Skanzel Montro, level 8 Archer (me)
2. Clarice Callis, Level 4 Gladiator (foe)
3. Cynthia, Level 10 Peggy (Gazzettear)
4. Dorian Thommas, Level 10 Paladin (Bro)
5. Aleph Zorech, level 14 Druid (Rock)

As the Alimond military does not wish to expend too many of their valuable resources (professionally trained soldiers) on this risky venture, the use of mercenary assistance has been authorized. Due to the dangerous nature of this mission, rather high wages are obviously in order.

As are people who seem competent at their professions.


So! ACTION RP. This will be pretty combat heavy, so yeah. Be prepared for struggle, strife, and other words that start with s.

I'm not really planning to take people first come, first serve, unless I don't really get that many people wanting to join this. Which would be sad.

If you're interested in this RP, but not quite sure how you'd fit in, please, feel free to message me on AIM or PM me here on FEP. We could probably work something out. Like, say, a friend/family member of said hypothetical character also happened to be in Mereel at the time of the invasion/overrunning. Something along those lines, perhaps!

Also, uhhhhh, unless we mess up badly and such, your characters won't be stuck in the mountains. Probably. I'll give it a seventy five percent chance of not happening at all.
16 Apr 2012
When Brook had come across the small town of Prentice, she had been lost. Listless. Awkward. Afterwards? She'd thrown herself into the defense of the town.

It hadn't taken her very long to find out that the town elders were worried about bandits from the mountains. That, since there seemed to be no one around to protect them (knights and such) and their militia was rather lackluster, it was really only a matter of time till the bandits decided to descend upon them.

Brook expressed her shock, dismay, and then determination. She may not have been able to save her hometown of Araphen from the Sacaen army, but she'd be damned if she was going to let Prentice be overrun. So, she volunteered her services as a Knight of Araphen (despite not knowing if there really were Knights of Araphen anymore) to help train the militia, assist in the defense, and help sort out any mercenaries the town may hire. Which, they did.

Some of those mercenaries were supposed to be showing up this very day, as it happened. Brook was leaning against an outdoor wall of the local inn, The Spruce, checking the fletching on her arrows. The mercenaries were supposed to come to the inn after arriving in town, to meet her and receive instruction.

She glanced up at the sky, noting that it was nearly noon. Hopefully they'd show up soon. She didn't want to waste too much time standing around, waiting for them.

((ooc: a rather lackluster post - your characters are likely the mercenaries or somehow related))
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