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My one word used to display all of my negative emotions and thoughts: Blargagh.
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I didn't think anyone could SMELL like SKITTLES.
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30 Jan 2010
Name: Chloe Edwards
Age: 20
Creation Points: 10

Appearance: Chloe stands at a cool, slim 5'7", with a confident, laid-back posture. Her shoulder-length hair is dyed mostly orange, the roots a more faded color, almost yellow, while the tips are a bright red color. Her skin is fair in color and complexion. Her face is fairly attractive, with a slightly pointed chin, two largish light brown eyes, thin arched eyebrows, and a smallish nose. Each of her ears is pierced twice, once at the lobe and once at the helix; each of the piercings is occupied by a simple, unadorned silver ring. Two simple silver bars occupy her two other piercings, through her tongue and her navel. Her outfit generally consists of an undersized t-shirt with either a random abstract design or a band logo and a tight pair of jeans, both faded and, in many cases, somewhat tattered or torn. On the outside her left arm, just below her shoulder, is a small tattoo of a black and red star. She also wears a simple pair of black sneakers or boots, in some cases a leather jacket, and a thick steel chain which she has fashioned into a belt with several decorative spikes at one end. The belt is very old, yet still in good condition, and is her favorite part of any outfit.

Background: Chloe's parents were both middle-class hardworking people, living in the suburbs of a big city. From a young age, Chloe was always getting into various kinds of trouble, usually as a result of curiosity. She was always getting into things she'd been told not to touch and disobeying just to see what would happen if she did. As she grew up she only grew more rebellious, experimenting with all the things parents told their kids to stay away from, just to see what it was all about, though such things rarely ever interested her beyond the first time. She began dyeing her hair, too, just to look different, and a few piercings marked her for most people as the kind of girl you didn't really want to mess around with because she wasn't "normal".

She coasted through school without any effort or difficulty, and was bored throughout. Her performance in school was never stellar as she never really tried, She never really thought much about the future. Up until then, her life had been fairly directionless, and her goal had simply been to do as many different things as she could. She spent a bit of time continuing that way, using money she'd saved up from a couple short-lived part-time jobs to keep herself up for a few months. Her wandering brought her to a small, cheap apartment in Arlington West, in the town of Bethany, with a part-time job at a counterculture retail chain outlet at Jefferson Plaza. At her next opportunity, she enrolled in Bethany Community College. She's been attending college for a year, still working at that store and living in that apartment.

Statline: 0/3/3/3; Wk: Wind, Mystic

Weapon: Spiked chain (Pierce)


  • Chaos Bolt: Single (+0) Normal power (+0) Almighty (+3)
    A simple, small bolt of pure, unharnessed energy appears in the palm of Chloe's hand and flies at the enemy.
  • Light Wave: Group (+3) Cooldown (-2) Normal power (+0) Light (+2): Damage Shift (+0)
    Several waves of light energy cascade from Chloe's fingertips and fly through an entire group of enemy units, weakening them. Chloe is fatigued for a short time afterward.
  • Chaos Orb: Single (+0) Cooldown (-2) High Power (+4) Almighty (+3): Conditional (-1) [Foe is knocked down]
    A large orb of energy appears above Chloe's head, jumps through the air at its target, and slams into the ground, causing a small explosion upward back into the target.
  • Tough Mind [Mana Bonus] (2)
  • Quick Thinking [Mana Aid] (4)
  • Leaf on the Wind [Dodge Wind] (4)
Manifestation: Phone, a slightly outdated model purchased from a secondhand shop.

Other Notes:
18 Jun 2008
These first three things I'm talking about are almost definitely glitches.

First, occasionally, when using version 2 beta, when I click on a character then click on a square within their movement range, nothing happens. I don't know how to describe it in any more detail than that. Switching back to version 1 and then to version 2 again seems to fix this, so it's not much of a problem.

Second, I have seen this type of thing several times (Bandage staff and a heal staff), showing that I was able to heal units that I shouldn't be able to. There doesn't seem to be any correlation to anything, and it was a while ago, so I don't really remember much, but it only seems to happen when a unit is standing next to a unit I can heal or a unit it thinks I can heal. It's just a display glitch, though, so it doesn't seem to be a big problem.
Like that, and I remember once a situation like that except something was standing to the right of the "glitched" unit too and it was displaying that I could heal that unit. As stated, not a big problem because even though the map tells me I can heal these units, there's no way to.

Third, I'll just describe the situation. I click a character and the movement box pops up. I click a square within range and don't move there because of lag or some such reason. I click there again and move there, then move again in the same pattern as the path from the character's original position to its new position (moving twice in the same pattern.)

The next is a question about FETO gameplay features. This will likely be a bit difficult to word... I'll try to include some diagrams. Let's start with this.
2 needs to attack (maybe kill) E across uncrossable terrain X, and then 1 needs to reach the square 2 was in. This has always been impossible in FE as far as I know, but is possible in FETO-- should it be?
1 moves out of the way; 2 runs in and attacks E.
3 rescues 2. 1 undoes move.
1 makes final move.
15 Jun 2008
Alright, so here's the deal. I had, at some point, a level 14 or so character, and I haven't RPed here since. I think my character was from the period of time when the RP and the main site were separated and the RP was on some invisionfree board. I remember, when this (I think this one, I'm pretty sure it wasn't Wardea) RP started, we were allowed to transfer 10 levels from old characters from Wardea and/or the old Elibe RP, to make the people that wanted everything reset and the people that wanted all their levels back, or something.

All of this is just memory, any amount of it could be wrong.

Now for the important part:
Having had a level 14 character on the old invisionfree RP, how many levels (if any) can transfer to a FIRST EVER character created for Skylessia? I never did get around to joining. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif)
6 May 2008
Manga classic Ghost in the Shell will receive a 3-D, live-action makeover from Steven Spielberg.

Shirow Masamune's 1989 graphic novel, which inspired the Wachowski Brothers to create The Matrix, also spawned TV series and movies including DreamWorks' 2004 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (pictured). Bullish on both anime and 3-D, DreamWorks beat out Universal and Sony to secure the rights from former Marvel Comics mastermind Avi Arad.

No details yet on how Spielberg will re-imagine the eyeball-melting visuals of anime auteur Mamoru Oshii, who directed the previous Ghost films.

Describing his Innocence sequel, inhabited by a weary cyborg detective, his sad-eyed basset hound, a memory-implanting Alpha doll villain and her prostitution ring of Geisha-like sex toys, Oshii told Underwire, "I wanted to think more about, 'What are humans, exactly?' Those kinds of movies tend to be either about a love story, or about God. But I thought, 'Maybe there is another way of explaining what humans really are?' I finally came to the realization that I could write about humans by using technology and animals."

13 Apr 2008
Well, with school on its downfall of sorts, I get to have a lot more free time than I did when I was writing research papers, drawing floor plans and perspective drawings, solving differential equations, and other such malarkey.

What better to do with it than come back here (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/smile.gif)
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the character is sydney savage from the old danger girl comics. great series, if you like western comics. campy and actiony.
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You can't tell me what to do!
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snrk, ure ground'd!
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now i'm officially chained to the roleplay section. XP
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Higan Retour
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Higan Retour
oooooooh. I was wondering who this Maya Fay nub was.
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you speak espanish
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