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...But still srs bsns.
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14 Dec 2012
The previous thread, or its maker if you must, has become inactive. I've requested and have been granted permission to overtake it, so...Here it is.

This thread will be used for both claiming anime (and whenever I say anime here, I mean anime as well as manga) characters and for any discussion, questions, arts, whatever-floats-our-boat, long as it's related to anime.

There'll be (once again) a change to the claiming process...

Considering the overall activity of the forums, the great number of anime there is, and my preference for not limiting people to only one character...This'll work like the Claim a Fire Emblem Character thread; with numerical changes.

The rules for claiming are as follows.
Rules: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
1. You may claim up to 3 "primary" characters. They will not be able to be claimed as primaries by anyone else. All must be from different animes. A "!" must be placed just after their name, to indicate they are a primary.
2. You may then claim up to 12 "secondary" characters. They will not be exclusive to you, and each may be claimed by 4 other members simultaneously. They can be claimed regardless of their status as primaries. You can not have more than 3 characters from the same anime.
3. If you want to change your current claim list you have to wait at least 2 months, unless there are empty slots due to either not filling them all previously OR having characters stolen--please state which is your case. If you changed your display name you must mention it in your post.
4. If you have been inactive for 2 months you will not necessarily lose your claim, however your characters may be "stolen" by another member. This includes your Primary and your Secondary characters; the latter cannot be stolen unless they have been already claimed 5 times.
5. You may remove your claim(s) any time, but that will not allow you to immediately fill the emptied slot.
6. You may trade (a) character(s) as long as all members involved agree to it, and they post here specifying which character(s) has/have been traded. All members involved must have made no changes to their list in 2 months.
7. You must have a minimum of 5 posts to claim a character.
8. To claim, change your claim, and trade your claim, you must use the template provided below.

The claims and the template will be registered in the next post. If that's not allowed, then I'll just put 'em up here too.

Claims are already open, by the way.
2 Dec 2012
Let me start by saying that I have no RP experience whatsoever. Now that that is established...let's see...

I don't know if anyone else's played The Walking Dead: The Game, but it's gotten real good ratings around has received (more than?) 70 "Game of the Year Awards". It was pretty much what made my interest in zombie apocalypse stuff return.
If you haven't played it yet, then I highly recommend it; it's available for PC from Steam, some mobiles and consoles too. If that doesn't sound so good, then you could at least watch Let's Plays of it, but you'd be missing the "tailored" factor, which is one of the main goals.

But I'm sure that even without having played/watched it, everyone's aware of what a zombie apocalypse is, so basically I was wondering if there would be any interest in an RP with that scenario.
The rough idea was to have it take place in a modern setting, not necessarily in the real world.
If there's enough people up for something like that, we could hash out the details and the like.

14 Jun 2009
All right, when I played this chapter on Easy and Normal I enjoyed it, but on hard it's giving me problems.
Micaiah's group is: Micaiah Lvl 20/6 Light Sage, Tauroneo got some 3 levels, Sothe 13 Rogue, Aran 20/3 Halberdier, Volug 25?, Nolan 12/1 (Yeahh) Warrior, Fiona, Meg and Edward got no levels. Yes, Jill, Zihark, Laura and Leo died. Since they all died on part 3, I could use the handy save file I have from Part 3 Prologue, but this would be a last resort and let's ignore I can do this. I gave Nolan Beastfoe so he can kill any laguz in one hit with Taksh, but his other stats suck, so he dies in one attack from everything. Aran's speed is 15 so he gets doubled and can dodge shit, and his nice defense allows him to survive 2 Tigers, 3 Cats and 4 Hawks approximately, but normally that's not enough. Tauroneo's good, he has ~2 points in defense over Aran AND can double Tigers and don't get doubled by cats and hawks. Sothe's speed sucks, though I don't remember how much. At least he can double tigers. And since he's got Beast Killer he can one round tigers and hurt cats badly. He can survive one Tiger and 2~3 cats. His avoid is good but not enough for him to dodge frequently. Volug can double some tigers and can survive ~2 tigers and ~3 cats and hawks.

Now, once the chapter starts, I've tried two main "strategies":

Told Yellow units to "Target" the last ledge so they can "theoretically" block them there.
Told Yellow units to "Target" first ledge to "theoretically" get all laguz stuck there.
Said "F! U" to all yellow units, specifically to the Bishops with Mend >_>

I also have Fiona and Volug carry Mages and Bishops to where people are fighting. But since the bishops with mend rarely move they don't really help.

Ok, so up to now everything looks tidy, but then sometime some idiot yellow unit opens a gap where laguz start to storm in and kill Nolan, the Mages, healers and Archers. That pretty much makes me fail the chapter, since they either end up killing Sothe or Tauroneo or breaching the "Line".
Micaiah has a Physic with 7 uses left, but I tend to have her attack than heal.
And uh, the armor knights die on the first turn, lol.

So, anyone has any advice to help me?
15 Mar 2009
Wow, that took some time.
And here you have yet another poll of mine.
This time only one vote per question, friend.
I can still add one more question, though, so if you'd like to suggest it...but please, make it make sense and all that; also, they have to be =/= Gheb.

You can choose your own criteria for most of the questions regarding "Favorites", not necessarily number-wise or look-wise and stuff.

Eternal Bond
The Devoted
Wheeling Corby
Part 2

Have fun, people; I'm outta here.
14 Jan 2009
Vote on!
Consider only beauty while voting, not stats, personality, etc.
Note that by beauty I mean both their face and cloth/armor...heheh.

If you don't remember how someone looks, look at the sprites archive.

My votes:

Lucia (Short)

EDIT: You can vote on more than one, you know.
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Well, I meant you, as a member. I knew I saw a Roy Mustang on a different forum, but perhaps not you. Oh well, thanks for answering.
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You seem familiar. Do I know you from elsewhere?
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Your avatar reminds me of Sirius. :P
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happy bday
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